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📦 | Distribution of manufacturing fairs in Nagaoka City online

Photo Distribution of manufacturing fairs in Nagaoka City online

Online distribution of manufacturing fairs in Nagaoka City

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At the venue, we used hand spinners produced by each company to measure which one would continue to spin for a long time.

An event was held in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture to promote the appeal of manufacturing companies.Nagaoka Manufacturing Fair is the head of NPO ... → Continue reading

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Fidget spinner

Fidget spinnerIt is,ball bearingBuilt-intoy.. in EnglishFidget spinner Often called (fidget spinner).


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The inventorAmericaFloridaCatherine Hettinger.Myasthenia gravisHettinger, who bears the burden, devised it as a toy that can be played with his daughter.HettingerPatentHowever, the patent expired in 2005 because the patent renewal fee could not be paid.

Originally, it is simply a "toy that can be turned" for comfort.It became widespread due to the way of playing with modifications such as improving the rotation speed and rotation time.


It fits in the palm of your hand.

It is made up of a ball bearing, a plate part made of plastic or metal that extends radially from the outer ring, and a holding part that sandwiches the inner ring from the axial direction.By rotating the plate part with your hands or fingers, the plate part keeps rotating for a certain period of time.Some products claim to keep spinning for more than 5 minutes.

Basically, you can look at the spinning hand spinner between your fingers or on the desk,Gyro effectFeel and play[3]..video siteYoutubeIn such cases, videos of performances that combine "trick" are also released by individuals.


2016It started to become popular in the United States from the end.ForbesReporter James Plafke introduced the fidget spinner as "Must-Have Office Toy For 2016" in an article on December 12, 23.[4]..With the spread of the epidemic, there were accidents that injured the eyes of children who were playing, accidental ingestion of infants, and problems that hindered schooling because the children were so enthusiastic that some schools banned the use. Is also happening.

Health benefits

RiceCNN TheADHD OfcounselingIt was argued that it was useful for, but it had no scientific effect.[5].

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