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🌐 | Tsuyoshi Kusanagi "Steady" Three and a half years of achievements ... After the second underlay to the taiga


Tsuyoshi Kusanagi "Steady" Three and a half years of achievements ... After the second underlay to the taiga

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Kusanagi himself seems to be responsive to his activities on the "new map."

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (46) appeared in the taiga drama "Seiten wo Tsuketsu" (NHK General TV) broadcast on February 2.In the drama ... → Continue reading

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CULEN Co., Ltd.(Karen,English: CULEN Inc.) IsJapan OfEntertainment production.

"CULTURE &ENTERTAINMENT (CultureとEntertainment) ”Is the origin of the company name[Annotation 1].


On December 2016, 7,Johnny's OfficeI left the company and was freeSMAPSource ofchief-managerMetSatoshi IijimaWas founded by

The official website was released on September 2017, 9, and the former SMAPInagaki Goro,Takeshi Kusagi,Shingo KatoriThe affiliations of the three members have been announced.At the same time, the three official fan sites "New mapWas also opened[1][2].

From 2017,YouTubeso,YouTuberTakeshi KusagiIn addition to the opening of the channel, the Inagaki channel was also opened in 2019. All three have a policy of making full use of SNS as Twitter, Instagram, and amoeba bloggers.Also internet radioradikoHowever, when he belonged to Johnny's office, he did not support the area-free function and the time-free function due to the policy of the office, but since October 3 after the three people transferred to CULEN,bayfmProductionShinTsuyo POWER SPLASH"as well asNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.ProductionEditor-in-chief Goro Inagaki], Now supports area-free function and time-free function.


Antitrust law

In July 2019, Johnny & Associates, which he belonged to in the past, suspected that he had pressured the TV station not to appear over the three TV appearances.Fair Trade Commission TheAntitrust lawIt turns out that he was paying attention to Johnny's office as there was a risk of violation[3][4][5]..The three of them had appeared on regular TV programs even after leaving Johnny's office, but they had all finished by March 3.

New map

New map(Atarashi Ichizu)Inagaki Goro-Takeshi Kusagi-Shingo KatoriOf the threeFan club, And in the name of the activity.The site is available in 5 languages, and recruits members for the paid fan clubs "New Map NAKAMA" (for Japan) and "New Map NAKAMA WORLD MEMBER" (for outside Japan) and disseminates information about 3 people. There is.At the same time as the launch of the site, eachSocial MediaAlso advanced toFacebook,Instagram,LINE,Twitter,Weibo(Weibo),YouTubeOfficial account was also opened[6]..Site management is a consignment management destinationArumIs doing[7][8].

July 2018, 7, distribution limited single "Steps after the rainDonated about 2300 million yen in sales,International Paralympic CommitteeUseful for disseminating the official children's teaching material "I'm Possible" to countries around the world and supporting domestic competition groups[9].

From December 2018, 12, the name of the music activity will be "New Map join Music"[10].

On April 2020, 4, we will establish a fund to support women, children, and the elderly who have difficulty living, and as the first step, we will start supporting medical professionals working on the new coronavirus. The "new map" has contributed 27 million yen to the project.[11]


Service started on September 2017, 9.Same dayAsahi Shimbun,Tokyo NewspaperA 30-page spread full-page advertisement is posted on the two papers.The advertisement includes the URL of the fan site, the names of Inagaki, Kusanagi, and Katori, and the art director.Kenjiro SanoThe logo mark handwritten by three people designed by was printed. The original movie was played when the URL was accessed.[12]Advertising is a hot topicADC Member Award[13],TCC Award[14],ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS[15], Received the 66th Asahi Advertising Award Grand Prix, etc.Became the most award-winning ad in 2018.[16]

There were 3 members in 10 days from the start of the service[17].

On November 10, the same year, the movie "Shit and the beautiful worldWas announced and was broadcast live from November 11nd to November 2th of the same year.72 hours real TVThere was a scene where I talked about the "new map" logo and the back side of movie production.He also talked about the idea that the "new map" is just a fan site, and that he basically works as an individual.However, although it is not an official unit name as mentioned above, the credit of the artist name of the provided song is set as "new map" for convenience when singing with Inagaki, Kusanagi, Katori, and as the unit name of the three people. Is beginning to be used[Annotation 2].

With the three people announced on September 2018, 9Warner Music GroupIn the alliance with, according to the executive of the agency, "There can be (music) activities not only by three people but also by units and individuals."[19].



  • As of December 2019, all the songs released are limited to distribution and are not released on CD ("Join!" Is the only CD form, but this is only for new map members. What was distributed).
 Delivery datetitleArtistsLabel
1Bonus CD for membersJoin!New mapNew map
32018/3/19Steps after the rainWarner Music Japan
4Delivery undecidedWhat's 72 Nani?
52018/4/30KISS is my life.SingTuyo
62018/12/12#SINGINGNew map join music
72018/12/21SUZUNARIInagaki Goro
82019/5/27Hoshi no FanfareNew map join music
92019/10/110%Shingo Katori
112019/11/22Prologue (feat. TeddyLoid&Tanaka)
122019/12/24FUTURE WORLD (feat. BiSH)
132021/2/1ANONYMOUS (feat.WONK)Shingo Katori


 Order acceptance periodDVD release dateBD release datetitle
1May 2018-June 1, 312018/4-72 hours Honne TV ~ I put it together in 7.2 hours ~
2May 2018-June 8, 62018/9Fucking guy and the beautiful world THE BASTARD AND THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD


YearsSongTie-up destination
201772AbemaTV"72 hours real TV"Theme song
2018Steps after the rainParasportsCheering charity song
What's 72 Nani?AbemaTV "7.2 New new window"Theme song
KISS is my life.Canon"EOS Kiss MCM song
#SINGINGAmazon Music TV CM song
SUZUNARIAmazon Prime Video"Tokyo BTH ~ TOKYO BLOOD TYPE HOUSE ~] Theme song
2019Hoshi no FanfareSmartphone game "Star dragon quest] Support song


TV program

  • NST Niigata Sogo Television 50th Anniversary Special Commemorative Program "New Map Opening in Sports" (NST / May 2018, 9)[20]
  • Bralik for shortRKB TV/ December 2018, 12)[21]

Internet show

  • 72 hours real TV(AbemaTV / November 2017, 11-November 2, 2017)
  • 27Hun Hongno Little TV (AbemaTV / January 2018, 1)
  • 72Hun A little more TV ~ Shingo Katori Birthday Special ~ (AbemaTV / January 2018th-1st, 30)
  • 7.2 New new window(AbemaTV / April 2018, 4-)




Yearstitle形式DatesNumber of performancesRemarks
2017GQ MEN OF THE YEAR 2017Award ceremonyMay 11
2018Para Ekiden in TOKYO 2018EventsMay 31 performances at 1 locations
Komazawa Olympic Park Athletics Stadium
The first day of the movie "The Bastard and the Beautiful World"EventsMay 41 performances at 1 locations
109 Cinemas Futakotamagawa
"Lotto & Numbers" new CM character presentationPress conferenceMay 5In the regular program "3 New Another Window" in which three people appear, it was announced that they will be appointed as new CM characters, and the press conference was broadcast live on AbemaTV.
Tokyo somewhere
Parasports support charity song "Steps after the rain" donation presentation ceremonyEventsMay 7
Nippon Foundation Paralympic
Nippon Foundation Parasapo presents
Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori x Para-Athlete Special Talk
EventsMay 91 performances at 1 locations
Bandai City
ParaFes 2018EventsMay 111 performances at 1 locations
Musashino Forest General Sports Plaza Main Arena
2019NAKAMA to (and) MEETING_Vol.1Fan meeting2 July-16 September5 performances at 22 locationsThe first fan meeting with a new map.

Of course, they will also perform songs, but the content is different from previous concerts, such as interaction with fans and SNS time through the scavenger hunt.

On April 4, the final day of the performance, the announcement of the annual Plump Grand Prize, the live announcement of "17", and the last message were broadcast live on YouTube.

Musashino no Mori Comprehensive Sports Plaza
Aichi Gymnasium
(Dolphins Arena)
Osaka City Central Gymnasium
(Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka)
Zebio Arena Sendai
Fukuoka International Center
Para Ekiden in TOKYO 2019EventsMay 31 performances at 1 locations
Komazawa Olympic Park Athletics Stadium
Dragon Quest Day Producer "Giga" MeetingEventsMay 51 performances at 1 locations
Makuhari Messe
Tokyo 2020 Paralympics 1 year ago countdown event
~ Everyone's Sports x Fan Festival ~
EventsMay 81 performances at 1 locations
Yoyogi park
Shimizu Octo Presents Kishidan Banpaku 2019 ~ Boso Rock and Roll Best Bottle Story ~FestivalSeptember 9th and 14th1 performances at 1 locationsThis is the first time he has appeared in a festival event, including the SMAP era. The three appeared only on September 3th.

The pattern was broadcast exclusively on WOWOW on November 11, the same year.

Sodegaura Seaside Park
ParaFes 2019 ~ UNLOCK YOURSELF ~EventsMay 111 performances at 1 locations
Musashino Forest General Sports Plaza Main Arena
2020NO LIMITS SPECIAL 2020EventsMay 11 performances at 1 locations
NAKAMA to (and) MEETING_Vol.2Fan meeting2 July-26 September6 performances at 17 locationsIt was planned to be held at 6 performances in all 17 locations,New coronavirusIt was announced on April 4 that the event would be canceled to prevent the spread of infection.As a background to the cancellation of the event, the postponement of the Chiba / Fukuoka performance was announced on February 30, the day before the event. It was also announced that a transfer performance in Chiba will be held on April 2th and 25th.Three days later, on February 4th, the postponement of the Osaka performance was announced.Among them, it was announced that "NAKAMA to MEETING special drip coffee", which was scheduled to be distributed on the day of the performance, will be presented by lottery.
Makuhari Messe
Marine Messe Fukuoka
Osaka City Central Gymnasium
(Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka)

Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium

Shizuoka Ecopa Arena

Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena

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  • Movie "The Bastard and the Beautiful World" Official Book (March 2018, 3 / Takarajimasha)
  • "Nikkei Entertainment!』July 2019 issue (June 7, 2019 / Nikkei BP)

Food and beverage

  • FamilyMart
    • "CHI-ZU CAKE" (released in March 2019)
    • "Cheesecake Frappe" (released April 2019, 4)

All stores

  • Fucking guy and the beautiful world POP UP SHOP


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