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📦 | Online presentation to solve forestry problems / Gunma Prefecture


Online presentation to solve forestry issues / Gunma Prefecture

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The 36 announced initiatives can be viewed on the Kanto Regional Forest Office website until the 24th of this month.

An online presentation was held to introduce the efforts of forestry officials from 1 prefectures in 10 metropolitan area to solve forestry issues.Gunma… → Continue reading

 Gunma TV

It is a prefectural broadcasting station in Gunma Prefecture.
We deliver news focusing on Gunma local topics.

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Kanto Forest Management Bureau

Kanto Forest Management Bureau(Kanto Shinrin Kanryoku) isGunmaMaebashiIt is inForestry Agency OfLocal branch office.Kanto regionandFukushima,Niigata,Yamanashi,ShizuokaHave jurisdiction over.


  • Kanto Forest Management Bureau
    • General Affairs Planning Department: General Affairs Division, Planning and Coordination Division, Accounting Division,Ogasawara General Office National Forest Division
    • Planning and Maintenance Department: Planning Section, Maintenance Section, Restoration Section
      • ,
    • Forest Maintenance Department: Forest Maintenance Section, Resource Utilization Section, Technology Dissemination Section
      • (Fukushima Forest Management Office, Iwaki Forest Management Office stationed)
      • Forest Technology and Support Center (Ibaraki Prefecture)Kasama CityKurusu)
      • (TokyoHachioji CityTodorimachi)
      • (Gunma PrefectureNumata CityKajimachi)

Jurisdiction Forest Management Office

Fukushima prefecture

Ibaraki prefecture

  • Ibaraki Forest Management Office (Mito)

Tochigi prefecture

  • Nikko Forest Management Office (Nikko)
  • Shiona Forest Management Office (Otawara City)

Gunma prefecture

  • Gunma Forest Management Office (Maebashi(Kanto Regional Forest Office Government Building))
  • Tone Numata Forest Management Office (Numata City)
  • Agatsuma Forest Management Office (AgatsumaNakanojo Town)

Within Tokyo / Kanagawa Prefecture

  • Tokyo Kanagawa Forest Management Office (Hiratsuka)

Niigata prefecture

Shizuoka prefecture

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