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🌐 | Tenchimu criticizes the hair removal salon PR post! Voice of "not at all" in the event immediately after "night bra refund"


Tenchimu squirts criticism of hair removal salon PR posting! Voice of "not at all" in the event immediately after "night bra refund"

If you write the contents roughly
However, at the end of August last year, YouTuber Kaneko Aya revealed that "Tenchimu is undergoing breast augmentation surgery."

The popular YouTuber "Tenchimu", Tenka Hashimoto, promoted the hair removal salon, but the content is online ... → Continue reading

 Saizo Woman

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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentationWhat is (surgery)?breastTo increase手術Point to.This name is mainly used for cosmetic surgery.Breast cancerSurgery performed after excision such asBreast reconstructionCalled.

AppearanceWhile many women undergo surgery to improve their health, there are also health hazards such as humps and pain.[1]. JapaneseMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareHas not approved any other breast implants and does not guarantee its safety.


The history of breast augmentation is largely linked to the history of breast reconstruction.The reason why breast augmentation was performed on healthy breasts for cosmetic purposes1950 eraso,パ ラ フ ィ ン,Silicon gelWas a method of injecting directly under the skin,組織 OfNecrosisな どcomplications-SequelaeOccurred a lot.afterwards,1963 To米 国-Dow CorningDeveloped a breast implant in which a silicone bag is filled with silicone gel.1965 ToFrance-ParisでPhysiological salineWith the birth of a bag containing it, breast augmentation, which is inserted into the chest for cosmetic purposes, has become widespread.

1990 eraThen, several implant manufacturers such as Dow Corning were sued, and problems such as deformation due to breakage and health damage in case of leakage surfaced.1992 ToFDAOrdered to suspend the use of silicone gel bags (permitted for clinical trial purposes only)[2]..After that, saline bags became widespread in place of silicone gel bags.1995 , A hydrogel bag made by adding a high molecular polymer to physiological saline was born.BritishIn both countries, the safety of long-term use is regarded as a problem, and its use is prohibited.

In 2000, the FDA allowed the use of saline bags in the United States.Later, with the advent of materials with high viscosity such as cohesive silicone and less risk of leakage, the use of silicone gel bags was permitted in 2006.HoweverAllerganと(English edition)Only products of.The two companies are subject to subsequent long-term follow-up studies[3]..The FDA also bans the use of saline bags under the age of 18 and silicone gel bags under the age of 22 in the United States (excluding reconstructive surgery).[4][5].

Breast augmentation is the largest number of cosmetic surgeries in the United States, making it a major industry.According to the U.S. Federal Cosmetic Surgery Society, 22 people undergo breast augmentation surgery annually in the United States, and now it has increased to 5000 people annually in the United States.BrazilThen 15 people a year (Latin America20 to 30 in total),Chugoku(10 people a year)[6]..On the other hand, fat transplantation (fat injection) into the breast1980 eraIt was done from the beginning, but the bust-up effect is insufficient andCalcificationIf you doBreast cancerIn 1992, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons denounced fat transplantation for breast augmentation because of many negative opinions, such as hindering the diagnosis of breast augmentation.However, in recent years, with the development of fat transplantation techniques and advances in breast cancer diagnostic equipment, breast augmentation by fat transplantation has been reviewed.[7].

Breast augmentation surgery for cosmetic purposes is public in JapanHealth insuranceIs not applicable, and the entire amount is regarded as self-pay free medical care.According to the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgery, about 2017 cases were performed in 1.Nearly half were gel injection methods, about 1500% were transplanting their own fat, and about 3% were inserting silicone bags.[1](See below for surgical procedures).


Bag insertion method

Make an incision in a part of the bodysiliconEmbed a made bag in your chest.There are various types of fillings.Round type (bowl type), anatomical type (large bottom)BellThere is a shape such as mold)[8]..Since it deteriorates over time and cannot be used permanently, additional surgery is required for a lifetime.There is also a risk of rupture, other complications and cosmetic problems[9]There are also merits such as expecting a larger bust.

Fat injection method

From inside the self, such as the abdomenLiposuctionThe subcutaneous fat extracted in step XNUMX is transplanted into the breast.This is effective when you do not want extreme bust-up.It does not require an incision and is a transplant of its own tissue.Large amount of fat injection does not settle and causes calcification / fat necrosis, induration, breast cancerMisdiagnosisIt causes problems such as being done.Since the site where the fat was collected may have irregularities and there are many lawsuits, the technique of transplantation and the amount of transplantation are being discussed.

Traditional fat injection

Inject the collected fat directly.Since impurities such as dead cells are also injected, there is a risk of fat necrosis and calcification.

Adipose stem cell transplantation (CAL method, selution)

Adipose stem cell transplantFrom fat collected from the legs, abdomen, etc.Stem cellsIs extracted and transplanted to the chest with the remaining fat.It is said that the retention rate is higher than that of fat injection.Since half of the collected fat is not used for injection, a large amount of fat is required.Therefore, the extremely thin type is not suitable.The risk of fat necrosis and calcification has been reduced, but not entirely.

Condensed rich fat method (CRF method)

It is said that subcutaneous fat extracted from the body such as the abdomen is removed with a weight filter or a special device to remove impurities contained in the fat, and only healthy fat is transplanted to the breast.Normally, FDA-approved LIPOKIT and its accessories are required to extract Condensed Rich Fat (CRF), and whether or not you have received regular Condensed Rich Breast Augmentation is assigned to the equipment. The patient can be confirmed by the serial number.[10]

Precautions for fat injection method

Many of the problems often heard with the fat injection method are that the bust has deflated and lumps have formed over time.It is considered that all of these are caused by the fact that the fat did not firmly settle (the injected fat did not survive).

In order to fix (survive) fat, it is necessary to hold down the following three points.

① Inject fat in small particles less than 0.2 mL (about 2 mm in diameter) (do not inject in chunks).

The basis of this idea is the "Coleman technique" advocated by Sydney Coleman in the United States.[11]..This correctness is confirmed by the report of Kotaro Yoshimura (Jichi Medical University), a leading researcher in fat transplantation research in Japan.[12][13].

② Prepare fat that contains a lot of adipose stem cells

Adipose stem cells have the ability to differentiate into adipocytes and blood vessels.Therefore, injecting fat rich in adipose stem cells leads to abundant supply of oxygen and nutrients necessary for fat to survive.In fact, there are reports that the addition of stem cells to fat has increased the amount of colonization five times.[14].

③ Do not put too much fat in the bust capacity

There is a limit to the space in which fat can be injected, and if the amount of fat injected exceeds a certain amount, the retention rate drops sharply.This is also academically proven[15].

Hyaluronic acid injection (petit breast augmentation)

hyaluronic acidIs injected into the breast.The effect is temporary and is called "petit breast augmentation" because it requires reinjection once hyaluronic acid is absorbed.In addition, after injection, a film is formed, which gives a slightly firm feel.Black in breast cancer screeningCystSeems to be numerous[16].

There is an interesting report examining how and for how long hyaluronic acid injected into the bust is absorbed.According to the report, about 30% of people had a second hyaluronic acid breast augmentation 24 months later.After 17 months, the amount of hyaluronic acid remaining in the bust was 21% for a single injection and XNUMX% for a double injection.[17]..From this, it is considered that hyaluronic acid breast augmentation has almost no effect in a few years.

Breast augmentation using infusion (lactolingel, etc.) (petit breast augmentation)

Common such as lactolin gelInfusionIt is possible to increase breasts by injecting.The effect is even more temporary than hyaluronic acid, with an average time of only around 6 hours.It is suitable for simulation after breast augmentation such as confirmation of size and injection position before breast augmentation surgery, and has no semi-permanent effect.[18].

Cultured stem cell breast augmentation

Adipose-derived stem cells are extracted from a small amount of fat collected from the legs and abdomen, and the stem cells are cultured.Breast augmentation (Selcher method) in which the collected fat and stem cells are added and injected at a later date.Since this method falls under the category of "regenerative medicine" defined by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it cannot be provided without applying for and permitting the second type of safety assurance law for regenerative medicine, etc.[19].

The usefulness for breast reconstruction after breast cancer has also begun to be examined, and research is being carried out mainly at some university hospitals.[20].

Paper presentation

About the relationship between fat injection and breast cancer

In 2019, an animal model of residual breast cancer announced that breast reconstruction with fat injection was oncologically safe. Oncologic Safety of Fat Grafting for Autologous Breast Reconstruction in an Animal Model of Residual Breast Cancer.[21]

About the relationship between hyaluronic acid and cancer

A research group at the University of Tokyo's graduate school has discovered that hyaluronic acid, which is widely used in aesthetic medicine, has two opposite functions: it suppresses the canceration of cells and promotes the onset and progression of cancer.Professor Hatakeyama said, "From basic medical research, it was found that good hyaluronic acid is easily converted to bad hyaluronic acid that promotes cancer in the internal environment where many degrading enzymes are present. Rejuvenation and beauty. The administration of singing hyaluronic acid preparations may require more caution than ever before. " (May 2019, 5)[22]


Suicide rate issues

Finland,SwedenAccording to the survey results, the suicide rate of women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery (excluding breast augmentation surgery for breast reconstruction) is about three times higher than that of general women.In the United States, it was 3% more than ordinary women, and five times more than those who had undergone cosmetic surgery other than breast surgery.This survey is noteworthy, with 50 people in Finland, 5 people in Sweden, and 2166 people in the United States.Although a causal relationship with the personality tendency of women undergoing breast augmentation surgery is also suggested, the high suicide rate of those who have undergone breast augmentation surgery is common to various surveys.[23].

Diana Zuckerman, chairman of the National Center for Policy Research for Women and Family, a group critical of cosmetic breast augmentation surgery, said, "Surgery improves mental hygiene. Don't. You should know that many women are always in pain and suffering from guilt after having breast implants. "[24].

Safety issues

December 2011, France(English edition)(Poly Implant Prothèse --PIPOn the 23rd, the French Ministry of Health recommended that users undergo removal surgery, saying that the breast augmentation bag manufactured by the company could be torn inside the body.The target is estimated to be about 3 in France alone, but the company's products are sold in more than 65 countries including Japan, and the number of users is 40.[25]It is expected to climb to.

PIP is a long-established company with a history of more than 30 years in the production of silicone breast augmentation materials.[6], Although it was the third largest in the world, many accidents such as explosions were reported, and it is for inexpensive mattresses that are not for medical usesiliconeIt went bankrupt in 2010 and was in the process of liquidation due to the discovery of its use.In addition, as many as 2000 complaints have been received from women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery with the company's products, and the French police have begun investigating the company.[26].

For a long time, the company's bagscarcinogenicThere are voices pointing out that eight of the women who used the bagBreast cancerSuch ascancerSince the onset was confirmed, the French Ministry of Health was investigating the safety.After that, as of the end of 2011, it was found that 20 users had developed breast cancer, etc., and in November, there were deaths from anaplastic large cell lymphoma.[27]..Health Minister Guzavier Bertrand said, "The risk of carcinogenesis is not higher than other products," he said, although it was not urgent.InflammationIt is recommended to remove it as a preventive measure because it may cause.The French government has a policy of allowing health insurance to be applied to expenses such as excision surgery.[28].

In addition, there are 4 women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery using the company's products.United KingdomThen, the government has made a policy not to make a special call, saying that there is no evidence that there is a safety problem, and the response is divided in each country as well.[29]..These in the UKFemaleMore than 250 of them operated on the company's productsMedical institutionTake the opponentClass actionPreparing for[30].. There are 2 usersCzech Republic,GermanyRecommends to have surgery[31]. NetherlandsThen, it was discovered that the company's products were sold and used under the alias "M-implants".Dutch officials recommend consulting a doctor for about 1000 users of this "M-implants"[32].

International Criminal Police Organization(ICPO) is December 2011, 12,Central AmericaCosta RicaIn response to a request from PIP, the founder of PIP, Jean-Claude Mas, was arranged internationally (72 years old).[33]..According to Reuters, Mass was in Costa Rica in June 2010.Drunk drivingIt turns out that he had fled the country after being charged.The international arrangement is about drunk driving and is not believed to be directly related to the problem of silicone materials for breast augmentation surgery.Mass's lawyer also revealed that Mass remained in France, preparing for criminal charges by the French judiciary, and said, "There is no evidence that PIP products caused health problems. Was insisting[34].

However, more than 2500 users who allegedly suffered health problems filed complaints in Southern France.MarseilleThe prosecution launched an investigation in December 2011 on suspicion of manslaughter.Mass suspect then on January 12th in Southern FrancebarDetained by security officials[25][35].

Impact in Japan

This PIP breast augmentation bag may have been imported into Japan, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfarePharmaceutical and Food AdministrationRevealed on December 12 that it provided information to related academic societies based on the content announced by the French Ministry of Health.[27].

Human non-absorbable gel fillers for breast augmentation surgery, including products other than those listed above, can be legally used in Japan in the form of personal imports and free practice by doctors.The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare does not know the amount of imports.The Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgery has stated at a press conference that "there may be problems in the long term" and "it is not an international standard treatment", and the safety has not been confirmed. " We have started to create guidelines for refraining from using the product.[1].

About gel filler breast augmentation

Breast augmentation using a gel-like filler (aquafilling, aqualift, etc.) has been reported to cause health problems such as infectious diseases.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareIs for the general public by the 28th, summarizing points to note before receiving cosmetology, including breast augmentationChecklistWas announced.[36]


After surgeryMammographyUpon examination, it is classified as Category 2 (benign tumor).


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  • Call for attention due to breast augmentation damage Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare checklist (April 2019, 4)[36]
  • Cancer suppression and promotion effect on hyaluronic acid The University of Tokyo research group "Carefully administer for cosmetic purposes" (May 2019, 5)[22]


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