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📦 | "Red Cross Prefectural University" held online for the first time ・ JRCS Wakayama Medical Center (with photo)


First online holding of "Red Cross Prefectural University", JRCS Wakayama Medical Center (with photo)

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In addition, there will be talks by Nobuhiro Komiya, director of the Department of Internal Medicine, and Daisuke Naka, director of the Medical and Social Work Department, on the theme of "new coronavirus infection" and "Wakayama Prefecture." A lecture was given by Takako Nojiri, the technical supervisor of the Prefectural Health and Welfare Department, under the theme of "Health and Medical Measures in Japan".

The Japanese Red Cross Wakayama Medical Center held the "Red Cross Prefectural University" online for the first time today (XNUMXth).Oh ... → Continue reading

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