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📦 | Rakuten transfer Yokoo greets Nine Shogun Yaji laughs at Masahiro Tanaka's Tsukkomi

Yokoo greeted Rakuten Nine

Yokoo of Rakuten transfer greets Nine Shogun Yaji "Shogun Tanaka laughs at Tsukkomi

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When a team member who responded after his nickname "Onigiri-kun" introduced "What is his favorite rice ball ingredient ...", he told "General Yaji" Masahiro Tanaka (32) "I'm slipping!

Former Nippon-Ham Fighter Toshitake Yokoo infielder (XNUMX ...) who was transferred to Rakuten in exchange trade with pitcher Takahide Ikeda (XNUMX) on the XNUMXth the day before. → Continue reading

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