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Forget the purpose of your visit?404 mini games you can enjoy on the "5" page of the site + α

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Game over

Game over (British: game over) Is mainlyComputer gamesIndicates that the game ends at that point.


"Game over" depends on the dictionaryJapanglishAlthough the explanation is divided that it is not so English, "GAME OVER" is used in American arcade games in the 1950s and 60s, and it is sometimes said that Japanese AC is Japanese AC. It may have looked like Japanese English as an abbreviation, such as something unknown in, software (software), character (character), time up (time is up).[1]..Introduced in 1973 for computers101 BASIC Computer Games"YOU WON !!!" and "I WON !!!" are often used in a very small number of examples including "GAME IS OVER". The reason is that in arcades, scores and game overs are on the game board or scoreboard. The display part of was individually incorporated and the situation could be confirmed in real time, but BASIC does not assume real-time input output, and the situation change can only be understood by the response after the player's input is confirmed, and the game is what where because there is no screen is displayed only about a horizontal position, important at the end of the game is the score or results, seen that it was good or may not be a message indicating the end only[1].

It is used when it means the end of the game rather than the negative meaning, especially in arcade games, when the story reaches the ending from the income side of the store, the difficulty is increased and it starts from the beginning or ends automatically Because the game is over[1]..In Japan, "game over" has come to be used negatively, especially as a meaning of defeat.Space invadersIn the same work, the computer of the arcade used to prevent the player from scoring, while the invader interfered with the end of the game, and the thrill caused a boom. It was a sensation, but it became "defeat = game over".[1]..Also, in past arcade games, the game over display was used to indicate that the machine was running but not being played, but invaders have adopted a small effect that is slowly displayed character by character at the end of the game. Amplifies the player's regret and motivates them to continue playing[1].

In the arcade, since 1990, with the introduction of recording cards and networks, the time of one play does not change much regardless of the player skill, the game is established, there is no effect on the play time due to mistakes, and the reward to the skillful player is also the play time There is a view that the reason why this word is displayed is not so much as a negative image such as "game over = defeat" because it has become a different form from the extension, but Tiny P has many times. Revival masterpieceRetro gamesAnd retro-style new games are alive and well, and are not yet dead languages.[1].

Game over meaning

The word "game over" simply means "the game is over" in its original meaning.Achieve the purpose in the original sense,ending,stuffed rollIt is also called "game over" when it reaches.

The following are the main conditions for game over by genre.Depending on the game, the conditions for game over may change significantly even in the same genre, and even in the same game, additional game over conditions are often set in specific situations.Basic example.

shooting game-Action games
When all of your ship is shot down by the enemy, or you lose all the main character due to a mistake.In the case of the life system, when all the life is exhausted ("Yakuza series], [Genpei Tomaden], [Seikima II Akuma's Counterattack"Such).
Competitive fighting game
When you are defeated by your opponent.
Adventure games
When the main character is killed or the incident fails to achieve the purpose, such as entering a labyrinth, by making the wrong choice or action.
Role playing games
When the main character or all party members die due to enemy attacks or traps, or when they become incapacitated due to abnormal conditions such as paralysis or petrification.
Management simulation game(Training simulation gameThere is something that also applies to
When an asset becomes negative (bankruptcy).
When a certain grade (quota) cannot be achieved.
Sports games
When you lose the match.mainly"Winning ElevenThe cup mode of "series" is applicable.
War simulation game
When your unit is wiped out, when a specific unit such as a commander is defeated, when an enemy character advances to a designated area, when your base is occupied, or when the battle cannot be completed within the specified number of turns ..
Love games
When you are touched by the opposite sex or have not been confessed to anyone and have not been connected to a specific person.
puzzle game
If you cannot solve the puzzle by the specified time, or if you get stuck.
Music games
When the song ends without satisfying the clearing conditions (gauge)[Note 1] If does not reach the specified amount).Many games mainly use the following three patterns.
  1. At the end of the performance"If the gauge is not above a certain amount, the game is over"If
    Even if the gauge runs out in the middle of the performance, the game will not be over immediately.
    Example:beatmania"series,"pop'n music"series,"Taiko no Tatsujin] Series etc.
  2. In the middle of the performance"The game is over when the gauge runs out"If
    It will be cleared if any gauge remains at the end of the performance.
    Example in an arcade consumer game: "beatmania" series hard mode, "Dance Dance Revolution"series,"GUITAR FREAKS"series,"drummania"series,"Great ensemble! Band Brothers] (The first recording mode) etc.Also, the work in 1. may be applicable depending on the mode.
    Example in smartphone app game: "Love Live! School Idol Festival], [The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage], [AKB48 Group It was finally the official sound game.], [Girlfriend (♪)"Such.
  3. Both of the above are mixedIf you do.
    Example:KEYBOARDMANIA"series,"Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-"[Note 2] Such.
Racing game
If you cannot cross the checkpoint or goal line by the specified time.
Or, if you cannot cross the checkpoint or goal line in a higher order than the specified order.
Quiz game
When you answer incorrectly the specified number of times.
Or, when the score at the end of all questions does not exceed the specified ranking.
テ ー ブ ル ゲ ー ム
When you lose in a one-on-one game.
When you reach the bottom.
Or if you lose all the points you have been given.
Medal game
When no dividend is paid.
Or, when all the dividends generated have been paid out.
TV program
mainlyEntertainment showsGame corner andQuiz showIt is often used when the presented conditions cannot be achieved.

In addition, in action shooting games until the mid-1980s, there were many methods in which the player had no clear purpose and the game continued until the game was over after losing all of his own machine and the main character (so-called).Permanent patternIs called, especiallyNESOften seen in games). "Fire hawkIn the previous work "Thexder』Take advantage of that, and the story begins when the main character of the previous work destroys his own machine.

In arcade games from the 1980s to the 1990s, waiting for participation in the center of the screen to indicate that demo play is in progress, or in a game that can be played by multiple players at the same time.[Note 3] In the state, there were many works in which "GAME OVER" was displayed on the score display part of the person who was not playing, but it is said that it does not make the original meaning of game over, so the work as of the 2000s Then some[Note 4]Except for, the former has been replaced with expressions such as "DEMONSTRATION" and "DEMO PLAY", and the latter with expressions such as "INSERT COIN (S)" and "PLEASE WAIT".

Aside from this"Doraemon Giga Zombie Counterattack], There is rarely a game over as a kind of gag that Doraemon can be tampered with if he keeps refusing Doraemon's request that appeared in the main character's room after the opening.It is also a rare example where the same message is not repeated when "No" is selected as an option for the request for cooperation from the main character.In the same way,Takeshi no Chōsen』There is an option that the game is over even though the game has not started.Furthermore, the game you are playingCopy softwareIn some cases, the game is forcibly over when it senses that.

In addition, there are works that capture the meaning of game over in a form close to the original meaning of "simply the end of the game" (eg ""Banjo-Kazooie's Great Adventure"series,"Donkey Kong 64"Such)[Note 5].

In some games, even if you clear it, the ending screen will display game over and telop (eg "Mississippi Murder Case''Goonies 2 Flattery Last Challenge''GO by train!''Daytona USA"Such[Note 6][Note 7]).As mentioned above, it is not a mistake to say "game over" in the original sense that the goal has been achieved.By the way, in most games, a message indicating "CONGRATULATION" is often displayed.On the other hand, there are some works that are displayed as "THE END" even when the player becomes "game over", which is not the goal (in the early 1980s).SNKarcade game,"Mach rider""Karateka""Argos Warrior"Such).

Some works, such as music games, that have a thin story element are displayed as "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING" regardless of the result of the game.

In some games, "immediate death" is adopted, in which the remaining player stock and life disappear in an instant and the game is over immediately when certain conditions are met.


There are many games in which the "Continue" function can be used even if the game is over.This function allows the game to continue again immediately before the point where the game is over, or from the point where the game is over.

However, in some games, using Continue will reset your previous score as a penalty ("Star fox''Rockman''Sonic the hedgehog, Etc.), the score decreases, and the score of the first digit increases by 1 each time it continues so that you can see that you have continued ("Street fighter ii], Etc.), and in some cases, the true last boss and ending will not appear, or you will not be able to go to the backstage.

However, even if there are the above disadvantages, depending on the game, there are some games that have the advantage of lowering bonus items and difficulty by continuing.In this way, some have the aspect of relieving players who normally cannot reach the previous stage or ending.

Continue in arcade games

全 般

arcade gameIn many cases, the same amount as or about half the amount required to play the game is required when continuing with.However, for old game discounts, quiz games, and other games where you can get two or more game usage rights (credits) when you put in one money, you can usually continue once for free in exchange for one credit. (It is also possible to start over without continuing).In addition, the continue has a time limit of about 1-2 counts (the number of seconds of 1 count varies depending on the game), and if you do not continue within the time, you cannot continue playing.When credits are inserted on the continue screen, the count often returns to the maximum value.

Also, Konami's "Mahjong Fight ClubIn the series, player information is registered in addition to the conventional credit unit.e-AMUSEMENT PASSElectronic money function attached toPASELIThere is a "smart continue" function that allows you to continue by paying the amount (points) according to the remaining points, and if you end up with points that are slightly insufficient for free continuation, it may be advantageous in terms of amount. is there. (Adopted only when playing in premium mode. You can also play in normal mode even with PASELI payment, in which case 1 credit to 3 credits (1 credit) depending on the Dongfeng, Sanma, Hanso battle, whether there is a life system and the remaining points stick The amount per credit will vary depending on the store)

In the case of arcade games, we offer racing games that have a strong storyline and take a long time to play to the end, and cards are provided for each play.Trading card gameRecruitment-type games require continuation for each play regardless of victory or defeat. Instead, more and more external media such as cards can record the progress of the game.

SegaIn some arcade games, "GP system" is introduced, and it is converted to GP by inserting and consuming credits, and it is consumed by the following actions.

  • "KanColle Arcade], GP has the concept of play time, and in addition to consuming 1 GP per second, it is also consumed by purchasing materials.In order to limit long-time play, GPs that can be converted in one play are often limited by the store.
  • "Sega NET Mahjong MJ Arcade], 300 GP to 700 GP is consumed depending on the game mode.GP consumption will be halved only for Continue in the case of 2nd place.It is also consumed in character gacha.In addition, a bonus will be added to the GP depending on the amount of play. (* It does not have to be a continuous coin)

In addition, instead of being unable to continue in a music game, there are many titles that adopt specifications that guarantee that the game will not be over in the first song regardless of the success or failure of the clear, or that if the opponent clears it, even if you cannot clear it.

The specification of "you can continue by reviving on the spot" in the arcade gameTaito OfPatentwas(1989Filed in, now expired).This was the first patent to protect game specifications[2].

About manners

As a general rule, arcade games belong to all players who come to the arcade, so if there are players in the back, do not continue, but give the game to the next player and re-arrange (first) Implicit to start overRulesIt has become.However, since it is an implicit rule, it is extremely rare for stores to specify it.

Against this background, the act of repeating continue over and over againRen coin(From inserting coins continuously.RenkoMay be abbreviated as).On the other hand, some stores call it an "unlimited stand" and have a housing that does not have a continuation limit (= you can do it easily if you have credit).In this case, some stores do not need to be replaced even if there are customers waiting for the next play.

In addition, the situation of consecutive coins outside Japan is quite different.For example, "1 coin" in the United States is generally25 cent coinIt is worth less than 100/1 of a 4-yen coin.For this reason, overseas titles are often designed to recommend or promote continuous coins (and multiplayer play) so that profits per hour can be improved.For example, even with the same title, the difficulty level may be set higher in overseas specifications, or there may be changes to "on-the-spot revival" specifications.CombatribesThere is a specification that a certain amount of player's physical strength is added at the moment of coin insertion, and it is devised so that the game play (and the player's enthusiasm) is not interrupted.

Continue in consumer games

How to resume play

  1. Resume from the stage when the game is over
    • Example: "Mega Man", fighting games, etc.
  2. Resume from the point where the game is over
  3. Resume from the restart point determined by the position where the game is over
  4. Password
    1. Set a password for each stage and display it when the game is over.You will need to enter this password when resuming.Games that use this system basically do not have a save function.For example, "Bomberman] And so on.
    2. Player name ・Hit points-level-Experience pointThe status such as parameters such as is encrypted and generated as a password. "Dragon quest"Resurrection spell" and "Momotaro Densetsu"The voice of heaven" can be said to be an example. "Metroid] Is adopted only in the North American version.

Data storage method

  1. Built-in softwareBattery backup
  2. Built-in softwareFlash memory
  3. Platform built-in battery backup
  4. Backup by external storage
  5. Backup by auxiliary storage device built into the platform
  6. Save play data on a dedicated server provided by the manufacturer
    • Example:MMORPG,ArcadeOnline battle type installed inarcade game,Medal gameEtc. (The IC card is only for authenticating the identity, and the data is not recorded on the IC card)

The above is almost in order of appearance.Old-fashioned specifications continue to be adopted.

A work in which the save data is deleted without the continue itself

In some severe games, the save data played so far is forcibly deleted when the game is over, and it is necessary to start over from the beginning.A specific example will be shown below.

Jikkyo Powerful Professional Baseball Success Mode
You couldn't be promoted from the second army to the first army within the set period (in the "High School Baseball Championship", the graduation ceremony was held without being nominated at the draft meeting held in the third week of November in the third grade), or dismissed ( In "High School Baseball Edition", if the game is over due to the director declaring the baseball club to retire), the saved data that has been cultivated will be deleted.Also, if you reset it in the middle, you will be penalized for a significant decrease in ability.
Steel Battalion
If you cannot press the emergency escape button within 3 seconds after being shot down, or if you cannot purchase the aircraft due to lack of money, the game will be over and the save data will be deleted.
In hardcore mode, when the player dies, the data will be erased as it is (in the desktop version, pressing the "Close" button at the top right of the window is also invalid).This is not the case in normal survival mode.

Game without game over

Some games do not have the concept of game over.

For example, "Momotaro Electric Railway Series』, No matter how much debt you have,MonopolyAnd 'Fortune StreetBecause there is no concept of "bankruptcy" like "Bankruptcy", all players can play until the "end years" set at the start of the game without being retired from the game.

Some suspenseful adventure games ("EVE burst error], Etc.), there is also a system in which the game progresses smoothly by proceeding with the investigation appropriately according to the scenario, and there are many such games that do not have game over.

However, if you do not notice the solution to the problem that occurred in play, the situation will be close to the actual game over.

In the former, you can use a card to reduce your debt to 0 yen.Tokusei OrdinanceThere is a "card", but in most works, if you try to buy the card itself, you will be charged, so you need to devise an acquisition route.[Note 8]..In the latter case, the player may not know what action to take next.

Also, in many of the early works of computer games, even if the conditions required for clearing were not met (necessary items were wasted, flags were missed, etc.), the game could be continued without noticing it.These situations are "stalemate","Addictive, Etc., to distinguish it from game over.

RecentAction gamesInside is "Wario Land"series(1st workと2st workHas game over,4st workThen there is a game over only in the last boss battle) and "Ratchet & Clank"series,"Musou seriesThere is no system of the remaining number of players, the so-called "remaining machine", and it is possible to restart from the beginning of the stage where the checkpoint passed or the mistake was made no matter how many players died. They don't have the concept of game over[Note 9].

"Kirby of yarn] Is a rare work among works that do not have the concept of game over, and there is no penalty such as being unable to proceed, but when damaged by the enemy, beads are scattered instead of going out of the course, and the chain is 0. There is a penalty of becoming.

"Disney Epic Mickey ~ Mickey Mouse and Magic Brush ~" "Aoi Raiki Gunvolt] Is a type that restarts from a specific point when a mistake is made, but eliminates the concept of the number of remaining aircraft, and there is no concept of game over.

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel MonstersIn the card battle game represented by ”, there is no game over no matter how many times you lose, except for battles related to a specific story, and you can proceed with the game as if nothing had happened.

MMORPGOr play online against others in real timeonline gameThen there is no game over in the usual sense.This is because even if the player character dies in the middle or fails to fulfill the given mission, it will not be restarted from the beginning.Even if the mission fails, it is often given the opportunity to try again.

In addition, if the party is wiped out in a normal RPG,Dragon Quest seriesAnd 'PokemonThere is a penalty that the money you have is reduced and you are returned to the last saved place or the point you passed.[Note 10] But,"Final fantasy series] Etc. with game over[Note 11]Unlike, the experience points gained from the restart of play to the annihilation are not lost, and there is no need to redo the story, so these may not be treated as game over.

"Gran Turismo series] Is also known as a game in which the concept of game over does not exist.In this game, we aim to win the race by tuning sports cars, etc., but the virtual experience of the life of the racing driver is the purpose of the game, which is different from the composition of a typical racing game. doing.

"Grand Theft AutoIn the series, the character has the concept of physical strength, but even if he is exhausted and sent to the hospital (displayed as "Wasted") or arrested by the police (displayed as "Busted").[Note 12]It's not a game over, but both have the penalty of reducing your money in the name of treatment and bail (especially the latter, where body armor and ammunition are confiscated and the cost of collecting them again is higher than the cost of treatment. It can be expensive).

"Animal Forest SeriesAnd 'Friendship collectionThe series focuses on the life of the character, who is the player's alter ego, in the virtual space. In the former, even if he faints after being stabbed by a tarantula or scorpion, he is returned to his home. Healing over time[Note 13] However, since the character does not die, it can be said that the game has no game over.[Note 14] .

"Super Mario Odyssey], Unlike the previous Super Mario series, there is no clear game over.Even if you lose your strength or fall into a hole due to an enemy's attack, you can start over from the last point you passed, but as a penalty, 10 coins will be confiscated.

"Ghost of Tsushima』There is no concept of a remaining machine, and even if you are defeated by an enemy and die, you can start over from the last passing point.There is no particular penalty, but if you die at the same point about 5 times, you will have the option of canceling the mission.

Other game over

Some games display their own characters, while others display their own.For example

"Resident evil series"
The English letters "YOU DIED" and "YOU ARE DEAD" meaning "You died" are displayed, and the former is written before 3 and the latter after 4.Furthermore, even if the partner dies, the game will be over, and "Mission Failed" and "YOUR PARTNER DIED" will be displayed. 4 and 5 are written in uppercase and lowercase letters, and the others are only uppercase letters, but the works from 6 onwards have abolished the unique blood letters and became a general white font, and were unified to uppercase letters as "YOU ARE DEAD".
"Luigi Mansion"series
When Luigi's physical strength becomes 0, "Good night!" Or "Good night ..." meaning "Good night" is displayed.[Note 15].
When the game is over, "Night Over" or "NIGHT OVER" is displayed (because of the setting set in the dream world).Also, when the game is over, the background music that flows will change depending on whether you were in Nightpia (a world of good dreams) or Nightmare (a world of nightmares).
"Night of the Maidens"
If the game is over in a bad sense, the word "end" is displayed, and if the case is resolved and the story ends, the word "end" is displayed.stuffed rollIs flowing.
"Takeshi no Chōsen"
Here, the funeral of the main character is displayed in the normal game over, but if you make a certain selection while satisfying certain conditions, "Goodbye -------- Reset the button.Is displayed, and after that, the controller operation will not be accepted unless it is reset or the power is turned off.
"Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable"
In the night battle against WalpurgisAkemi HomuraIs defeated, and when certain conditions are met, Homura Akemi becomes a witch, and the witch character of "GAME OVER" is displayed under the witch character of "Homulilly".
"Nyantan series"
If you make an incorrect selection or answer, select the next item (number) to select "GameIs displayed and the game is over.To resume, move to the previous option or the specified number.
"Battle girl high school''Alternative Girls"Such
It goes without saying that the physical strength of all the sortie members will be 0, and there are also works that will be treated as game over even if the battle is interrupted from the pause menu.In this case, "Defeated" and "LOSE" are displayed.
"Toilet kids" 
"Hetaxo !!] Is displayed.Especially in the "shit" part, stool is drawn.
"Ganso Saiyuki Super Monkey Adventure"
When all the members of the bank died, he said, "Oh, I'm sorry! ] Is displayed.

Bad end

I reached the end of the story, but when I cleared itHappy endThere are some games that have a bad ending if they do not meet the conditions to become[Note 16]..The word "bad end" is sometimes used to refer to the consequences of bad content in such games (""Tokimeki Memorial Series''I "s Pure"Such).When the end of the bad end is reached, it is possible to know that the bad end has been reached by immediately returning to the title screen without the last staff roll, or by playing a dark atmosphere BGM even if there is a staff roll. Often.

Also, when the bad end (including the ending other than the highest grade in the game) is reached, there is room for re-challenge in the form of the main character's monologue in the ending, especially in mystery-solving adventure games. Some games have epilogues that include words that suggest or suggest hints for the best end.The former said, "In the end, the truth of the case remains a mystery." "If I could rewind the time until that day, I wouldn't make the same mistake." What was ○? ”“ I regret that I accidentally did ○○ at that time. ”

There are rare games where the story itself has an unfortunate ending, regardless of the conditions at which it was cleared (eg, ""The Quest of Ki], [Capcom vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000''Conker's Bad Fur DayAnd its remake "Conker: Live and Reloaded]).

This word is often used not only in games but also in manga and dramas when the main character has an unfortunate ending. "Fantasy Zone II Opaopa's Tears], There is a bad end, which is rare in shooting games.By the way, another work "Gopher's Ambition Episode II] Is a special standing position, and the main character, Opaopa, falls into the darkness and the game is over.

dead end

One of the worst endings in the bad end.The bad end that leads to death such as the hero being killed is "dead end"(DEAD END).The literal translation of dead end is "dead end", but in this case it means "dead = death" (that is, "ends dead").The aforementioned "Resident evil seriesAnd 'SIREN』And so-calledCruel game, "Kamaitachi no Yoru" and "Scary story that was at schoolSuch asTwilight-SuspenseBesides thingsAdult games("Fate / stay night], [School Days], Etc.).

Normal end

Normal ending.In rare cases, there are exceptions such as describing a development like a bad end as a normal end ("Bomb Bomberman 2"Such[Note 17]).

Happy end

Good ending[Note 18].Good endAlso called.The happiest ending isBest endIt is sometimes said that.

True end

It gives the most information and is the true ending for the creator.Tatsuya TakahashiA coined word created by1996Released in "dropAfter being announced in 』, it became popular.

Those that do not directly declare the end

Even if the game ends in the middle without fulfilling the purpose of the game, "End" such as "THANK YOU FOR YOUR PLAYING" (Thank you for playing) is not directly declared (""beatmania IIDX"except for"BEMANI series』Current work, etc.), or there are games with soft expressions.Many games of this type have no story in the first place.In some games, this expression is displayed with the notation "GAME OVER" ("beatmania IIDX" series).[Note 19],THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH"Such).


After clearing all the contents of the game and playing the ending and staff roll, the game is over and some works return to the start screen ("Alex Kidd in Miracle World], [Metal slug"Such).


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ The name of the gauge is different for each game.
  2. ^ In Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-, in addition to "game over at the moment when the gauge runs out" during the performance, it will not be treated as clear unless the evaluation judged after the performance is "STANDARD" or higher.
  3. ^ "Salamander], Etc., "GAME OVER" may be displayed even if you cannot participate in the middle of the game.
  4. ^ Konami Amusementthe game of(Mahjong Fight ClubOn the demo screen of (etc.), "GAME OVER" and "Please touch e-amusement PASS" are displayed alternately as of 2020.
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  6. ^ However, in the case of GO by train, "GAME OVER" is displayed as a translation of "end of operation", but the color is different depending on whether it is cleared or halfway (when cleared → end of operation: green + GAME OVER: Orange, at the end of the operation → Stop operation: Red + GAME OVER: Yellow)
  7. ^ In "Miracle Ropitt 2100 Great Adventure", in addition to the game over due to the normal remaining machine, "PLAYER 1 GAME OVER" is displayed even after the staff roll has finished.
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  9. ^ In the "Musou Series", if the defeat conditions for each stage are met, the general of your army is defeated, the time limit for the stage is exhausted, or the player is killed in action, the game will be over. "Defeat" "(player warrior name) killed in action" ("1P (2P) killed in action" in the case of a self-made warrior in edit mode etc.) is displayed, and the BGM of "defeat / general general" (or "defeat / death") is After flowing ("Shin Sangoku Musou 2"When"Shin Sangoku Musou 3], The game over screen is displayed (after the replay screen is displayed).
  10. ^ As an exception, the NES version of "Dragon quest], There are scenes where the game is over depending on the options.In the remake version, it becomes a dream, and the game is not over just by restarting at the inn in Limrudar.Also, in the DS version and smartphone version of V and VI, you can see the display of "Game Over" in the mini game in the story.
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  17. ^ The normal end in this work is that it fails to defeat the final boss (in the setting in the story), and all the main characters except Bomberman and his companion Pomu are annihilated.
  18. ^ However, "Final fantasy x』, Depending on the player, a bad ending (the main character'sTidaWill disappear after defeating the last boss, Ebon-Ju).
  19. ^ 7th style or later.Initially, it was written together with "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING THIS GAME.", But after tricoro it became "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING".Also, in SPADA, "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING" is displayed after "Game Over" is displayed.In addition, in copula, which has the theme of railways, it is also written as "We are waiting for another ride."


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