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📦 | IOC President Reconsiders the Beijing Olympics International Human Rights Organization Boycott

Photographs At an online press conference, activists appealing against the Beijing Olympics = 12th (joint)

Boycott, an international human rights group, also appeals to the IOC president for reconsideration of the Beijing Olympics

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Human rights groups held an online meeting to coincide with the IOC Session on the 10th to 12th, appealing against the Beijing Olympics.

Members of international human rights groups opposed to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics held an online press conference on the 12th until the same day ... → Continue reading

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International Olympic Committee General Assembly

International Olympic Committee General Assembly(Kokusai Olympics is good)International Olympic CommitteeIt is a plenary session of the (IOC) and plays the role of the highest body in the committee.


  • The regular general meeting is held once a year, and the host city of the general meeting changes from year to year, but in the year of the Olympic Games, the general meeting is held in that host city.
  • The host city of the General Assembly will be decided by the Board of Directors or the General Assembly, which will take place three years before the General Assembly.
  • summer-winterOlympicThe venue will be decided at a general meeting held in a neutral country city other than the venue candidate city (country) seven years before the Olympic Games.
  • The venue will be decided by a vote of the IOC members.The city that wins the majority will be decided as the host city.However, if there is no city that wins the majority, the lowest city is rejected, and voting is repeated until there is a city that wins the majority by this procedure.In addition, when multiple lowest-ranked cities appear, voting is held only in the lowest-ranked city, and the rejected city is decided.
  • There is also an extraordinary general meeting, which is either convened by the president or convened at the written request of more than one-third of the members.

IOC Session Host City

Pink times are summer and winterOlympic, Light blue timesOlympic CongressIt was held during the period of.

TimesHeld yearvenueRemarks
11894French flag ParisInaugural meeting,Athens Olympics-Paris olympicHolding decision[1]
21896Greek flag Athens
31897French flag Le Havre
41901French flag ParisSt. Louis OlympicsHolding decision[1]
61904[2]British flag UKLondon OlympicsHolding decision[1]
71905Belgian flag ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル
81906Greek flag Athens 
91907Dutch flag The Hague
101909German Empire Flag Berlin[2]Stockholm OlympicsHolding decision[1]
111910Luxembourg flag Luxembourg 
121911Flag of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Budapest
131912Swiss flag Basel
141912Swedish flag StockholmBerlin olympicHolding decision[1]
151913Swiss flag Lausanne 
161914French flag Paris
171919Swiss flag LausanneAntwerp olympicHolding decision[1]
181920Belgian flag Antwerp
191921Swiss flag LausanneChamonix olympic-Paris olympic-Amsterdam olympicHolding decision[1]
201922French flag Paris
211923Italian flag RomeLos Angeles OlympicsHolding decision[1]
221924French flag Paris
231925Czechoslovak flag Prague
241926Portugal flag LisbonSt. Moritz OlympicsHolding decision[1]
251927Monaco flag (I.e.
261928Dutch flag Amsterdam
271929Swiss flag LausanneLake Placid OlympicsHolding decision[1]
281930German flag Berlin
291931Spanish flag BarcelonaBerlin olympicHolding decision[1]
301932United States flag Los Angeles
311933Austrian flag ViennaGarmisch-Partenkirchen OlympicsHolding decision[1]
321934Greek flag Athens 
331935Norway flag Oslo
341936Nazi Germany flag Garmisch-Partenkirchen
35Nazi Germany flag BerlinTokyo OlympicsHolding decision[1]
361937Polish flag WarsawSapporo OlympicsHolding decision[1]
371938Egyptian flag Cairo
381939British flag UK1940 Return of venueLondon Olympics-Cortina d'Ampezzo OlympicsHolding decision[1]
391946Swiss flag LausanneLondon Olympics-St. Moritz OlympicsHolding decision
401947Swedish flag StockholmHelsinki olympic-Oslo OlympicsHolding decision
411948Swiss flag St. Moritz 
42British flag UK
431949Italian flag RomeMelbourne olympic-Cortina d'Ampezzo OlympicsHolding decision
441950Danish flag Copenhagen 
451951Austrian flag Vienna
461952Norway flag Oslo
47Finnish flag HelsinkiAvery brandageInauguration of chairman
481953Mexican flag Mexico City 
491954Greek flag Athensjudo,volleyball,archery,Roller skatesWill be considered formal competition, but all competitions will be suspended[3]
501955French flag ParisOlympic Valley Olympics-Rome olympicHolding decision
511956Italian flag Cortina d'Ampezzo 
52Australian flag Melbourne
531957Bulgarian flag Sophia 
541958Japanese flag Tokyo
551959West Germany flag MunichTokyo Olympics-Innsbruck OlympicsHolding decision
561960United States flag San Francisco 
57Italian flag RomeJudo Olympic Games decision[3]
581961Greek flag Athens 
591962Soviet Union flag Moscow
601963West Germany flag Baden-BadenMexico City OlympicsJudo Olympics exclusion decision[3]
611964Austrian flag InnsbruckGrenoble OlympicsHolding decision
62Japanese flag Tokyo
631965Spanish flag MadridJudo1972 competitionDecided to re-competition at the Olympics[3]
641966Italian flag RomeMunich Olympics-Sapporo OlympicsHolding decision
651967Iran flag Tehran
661968French flag Grenoble 
67Mexican flag Mexico City
681969Polish flag Warsaw
691970Dutch flag AmsterdamMontreal olympic・ Denver Olympics will be held →InnsbruckVenue change to
711971Luxembourg flag Luxembourg City
721972Japanese flag Sapporo
73West Germany flag MunichBaron Michael Morris KiraninInauguration of chairman
741973Bulgarian flag Varna
751974Austrian flag ViennaMoscow Olympics-Lake Placid OlympicsHeld decision,Olympic charterFrom "amateurDeleted "clause"[4]
761975Swiss flag Lausanne
771976Austrian flag Innsbruck 
78Canadian flag Montreal
791977Czechoslovak flag Prague
801978Greek flag AthensSarajevo Olympics-Los Angeles OlympicsHolding decision
811979Uruguay flag モ ン テ ビ デ オ
821980United States flag Lake Placid
83Soviet Union flag MoscowJuan Antonio SamaranchInauguration of chairman
841981West Germany flag Baden-BadenSeoul Olympics-Calgary OlympicsHolding decision
851982Italian flag Rome 
861983Indian flag New Delhi
871984Flag of the Federal Republic of Socialist Yugoslavia Sarajevo 
88United States flag Los Angeles
891984Swiss flag Lausanne 
901985East German flag East Berlin
911986Swiss flag LausanneBarcelona Olympic-Albertville OlympicsHolding decision
921987Turkish flag Istanbul
931988Canadian flag Calgary
94Republic of Korea flag SeoulLillehammer OlympicsHolding decision
951989Puerto Rico flag San Juan
961990Japanese flag TokyoAtlanta OlympicsHolding decision
971991British flag BirminghamNagano OlympicsHolding decision
981992French flag Albertville 
99Spanish flag Barcelona
1001993Swiss flag Lausanne
101Monaco flag Monte CarloSydney OlympicsHolding decision
1021994Norway flag Lillehammer
1031994French flag Paris
1041995Hungarian flag BudapestSalt Lake City OlympicsHolding decision
1051996United States flag Atlanta
1061997Swiss flag LausanneAthens OlympicsHolding decision
1071998Japanese flag Nagano
1081999Swiss flag Lausanne
109Republic of Korea flag SeoulTurin OlympicHolding decision
110Swiss flag Lausanne
1112000Australian flag Sydney
1122001Russian flag MoscowBeijing OlympicsHolding decision ・Jack RogerInauguration of chairman
1132002United States flag Salt Lake City
1142002Mexican flag Mexico City
1152003Czech flag PragueVancouver OlympicsHolding decision
1162004Greek flag Athens
1172005Singapore flag SingaporeLondon OlympicsHolding decision ・baseballとsoft ballExcluded from the Olympic Games
1182006Italian flag Turin
1192007Guatemala flag Guatemala CitySochi OlympicsHolding decision ・Youth olympicImplementation decision
1202008Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing
1212009Danish flag CopenhagenRio de Janeiro OlympicsHolding decision ・Golfとrugby[5]Adopted for the Olympic Games
1222010Canadian flag VancouverNanjing Youth OlympicsHolding decision
1232011South African flag DurbanPyeongchang OlympicHolding decision
1242012British flag UK
2013Swiss flag LausanneExtraordinary general meetingBuenos Aires Youth OlympicsHolding decision
125Argentina flag ブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ スTokyo OlympicsHolding decision ・Thomas BachInauguration of chairmanwrestlingAdopted for the Olympic Games
1262014Russian flag Sochi
1272014Monaco flag Monte CarloReform plan by the extraordinary general meeting, Chairman Bach "Olympic Agenda 2020Adopted
1282015Malaya flag Kuala LumpurBeijing Olympics-Lausanne Youth OlympicsHolding decision
1292016Brazilian flag Rio de Janeiro5 events in 18 sports such as baseball and softball will be added at the Tokyo Olympics
1302017Swiss flag LausanneAt the extraordinary general meeting and the next Lima regular general meeting2024 Summer Olympics-2028 Summer OlympicsDiscussion on how to decide the venue
131Peru flag LimaParis olympic・ Los Angeles Olympics will be held
1322018Republic of Korea flag Ping Chang
133Argentina flag ブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ スDakar Youth OlympicsHolding decision
1342019Swiss flag Lausanne2026 Winter OlympicsThe venue isMilanとCortinaDecided[6],Paris olympicAdditional eventsBreakinVirtually decided on 4 events in 12 competitions including
1352020Gangwon Youth OlympicsHolding decision[7]
136Web conferencing
1372021Web conferencingIOC presidential election
138Japanese flag Tokyo
1392022Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing
1402023Indian flag Mumbai2030 Winter Olympics venue decided
1412024Republic of Korea flag Ping Chang2028 Winter Youth Olympic Games venue decided
142French flag Paris
1432025Greek flag Athens2032 Summer OlympicsVenue decision
1442026Italian flag Milan
145Flag of senegal Dakar2030 Summer Youth Olympic Games venue decided
1462027Venue undecided2034 Winter Olympics venue decided
1472028Venue undecided2032 Winter Youth Olympic Games venue decided
148United States flag Los Angeles

IOC and Japan

  • Approved by the Japanese National Committee at the General Assembly held in Copenhagen in 1950.The following year, in 1951, after the General Assembly held in Vienna, the IOC Secretary-General said at a press conference that "Japan was not dismissed from the IOC" and that it is not necessary to make a special decision to participate in the next Olympic Games. Give a view,Second World WarEnsured a later return to the Olympics[8].


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online(Sun: Direct connectionBritish: online courses) Is

  • Computer networkso,nodeIndicates a state in which is connected to the network and can enjoy the service.The antonym isoff-line(Offline).
  • Conversations, meetings, exchanges, etc. between people using communication equipment.

National Institute for Japanese Language The"Foreign language" paraphrase proposalAlthough it was called "line connection", it is currently withdrawn.[Source required]


A node is online when it is connected to another node and can be serviced. With the terminalhost,clientとserverThere are various types of connection such as client and client.

bank OfAccount system,JR OfMars systemIllustrated inTrainな どTransportationSeat reservation system, connected to the serveronline gameAs their ownprotocolTo connect to a network hostComputer systemIndicates a serviceable state.

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