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📦 | Expanded home delivery service through Life / Amazon to Kobe and Saitama


Expanded home delivery service through Life / Amazon to Kobe and Saitama

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As a result, the service area has been expanded to 23 wards and 4 cities in Tokyo, 2 cities in Kanagawa prefecture, 1 city in Saitama prefecture, 21 wards and 3 cities in Osaka city, Osaka prefecture, and 1 city in Hyogo prefecture.

On March 3, Life Corporation will provide home delivery services for fresh foods and delicatessen items through Amazon ... → Continue reading

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21 Wards, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

service area

service areaIsJapanese highwayRoads such asbreakFacilityA kind of. "SAIs abbreviated.Installation interval is about 50KilometersEvery (km)HokkaidoIs installed approximately every 80 km)[1].. In addition,The United Kingdom,アイルランドBut a similar rest facility on the highwayMotorway service areaIs called.

Service area in Japan

Unlike ordinary roads, it is not possible to make temporary stops on expressways, so basically intervals of 50 to 150 km (about 60 km on average) are required to provide breaks and services to users who are tired from continuous driving. Facilities provided at intervals), generallyParking areaLarger than (PA)[2][3].. Rest, meals, car refueling, maintenance and inspection are the main service provision, and generallyParking Lot-WC・ Free rest area ・Green space・ In addition to playground equipment facilitiesRestaurant・ Shop ・ Information corner ・ Highway stamp ・gas stationEtc. are usually provided[2].. The facility mode varies depending on the SA in each region.Dog run・ Coin shower ・Coin laundry・ Fax service, including bathing facilities and accommodation facilitiesheliportThere are also places where[4].. From around the 2000sMcDonald's-Starbucksな どChain storeIntroduced or instead of a shopconvenience store,Drug storeThere is an SA to introduce[1][3].

Many SAs integrate restaurants and snack corners into a food court style.

Parking areaIt is usually larger than (PA), but some PAs have the same scale as SA.Umihotaru PA,Wattsu PA-Sugo PA-Hanyu PA-Miyoshi PA-Shisui PA-Kariya PA-Kusatsu PA-Kiyama PAIs an example.

Incidentally,Tokyo-Kyoto-NagasakiThere is no SA in. Also,Yamagata-Tottori-Shimane There is no SA operated by NEXCO.

Management company

Road service facility

Installation and operation

This section describes road service facilities common to SA and PA.

SA / PA is established by the road administrator as part of the road, and the road administrator first installs parking lots and toilets. And each resting place, gas station and car repair shop (these areRoad service facilityThe business operator (described later) that operates (collectively referred to as) will install and operate the system at its own discretion, paying the occupancy fee or consolidation fee. Therefore, it is correct that the road administrator directly manages parking lots and toilets, and the operator operates individual road service facilities, not the SA itself. This is why the toilet is purposely set up as an independent building separate from the road service facility.

In order to adopt such a form, there are various installation modes of road service facilities. For exampleToyosaka SAAlthough it is SA, it is not installed except for parking lots and toilets. Also,Arai PAThere is only a parking lot in the PA like, instead of setting up a road service facilityRoad StationSome areas have access roads to such areas.

business person

Long time ago,1967(Showa42 years)Ministry of ConstructionRoad Bureau DirectorNoticeTherefore, highway road service facilities collectively allow the same occupant to occupy, for example.Japan Highway Public CorporationWas opened early on the lineOtsu SAWith all facilitiesMeishin ExpresswayExcept for the fact that the above gas stations (8) were under the direct control of the public corporation,General toll roadEverything, including the ones aboveFoundationRoad Facility Association(1965May 5Established) monopolized the installation, and undertook facility sales and tenant contracts. In addition, in other road-related public corporations, it is as follows.

Naoki InoseSome critics, researchers, and journalists have gradually pointed out and criticized the harmful effects of business monopoly.As the earliest countermeasure,1997(Heisei9 years)May 10According to the notification of the Director of the Road Bureau of the Ministry of Construction, so-calledThird sectorIt has become possible for companies to occupy it. continueMay 12Was decided by the Cabinet to split the Highway Exchange Promotion Foundation and promote the entry of new private companies and local public bodies into the project.Road Service Organization(J-SaPa, succeeding the former corporate status) and foundationHighway Exchange Center(HELLO SQUARE,1998May 7Established) was divided.

2005In the privatization of the public corporation in (17), it was decided that each established road company would take over the business and assets of the road service facility.According to that policy, three months after the privatization of the public corporation2006May 1In addition, the road service facility (managed by the Hanshin Expressway Association and the Hanshin Expressway Utilization Association) on the route of the former Hanshin Expressway Corporation is a management company affiliated with the Hanshin Expressway Company (managed by the Hanshin Expressway Association).Hanshin Expressway Service), 2006, six months after the privatization of the public corporationMay 4In addition, road service facilities on the routes of the former Japan Road Corporation (managed by the Road Service Organization and Highway Exchange Center), road service facilities on the routes of the former Honshu Shikoku Bridge Public Corporation (managed by the Honshu Shikoku Bridge Road Management Association), old Road service facilities (managed by the Metropolitan Expressway Association) on the routes of the Metropolitan Expressway Corporation are management companies affiliated with each expressway company for each region (managed by the Metropolitan Expressway Association).Nexeria East Japan-Central Japan Exis-West Japan Expressway Service Holdings-JB Highway Service-Metropolitan Expressway Service) Was succeeded to each. The service area and parking area for general roads owned by J-SaPa and Hello Square, which were not taken over by the road company, are foundations.Highway Exchange Promotion FoundationIt was succeeded to (formerly J-SaPa).

Legal position

Road law

Road lawThe following facilities are listed in the Law Enforcement Ordinance as facilities that require the occupancy permission of road managers (excerpt).

  1. Highway national roadOrMotorwayRest area, gas station and automobile repair station
  2. Affiliated roads of national expressways or motorways (InterchangeMeal facilities, purchasing facilities and other similar facilities

Until now, the entire site such as SA has been covered.Road areaAll road service facilities in the area were set up in accordance with this decree because they were included in. The road service facility, which is the property of the business operator, was installed on the road area, which is the property of the public corporation, based on the occupancy permit.

Changes in rights related to the privatization of the public corporation

At the time of the privatization of the public corporation, the assets such as rest facilities owned by foundations such as J-SaPa and HELLO SQUARE were taken over by each road company together with the site, and the organization did not own them. Each foundation, which is a conventional business, will transfer its business and assets to a road company and dissolve it.

In line with this scheme, the site of the road service facility was removed from the road area, and the land and buildings were to belong to the road company. This means that it will be possible to develop business independently of the Organization, without being bound by the Road Law. On the other hand, the remaining site and toilets have been taken over by the Organization as road areas. In each of the revised laws and regulations, in addition to the conventional position of road service facilities as "facilities that can occupy and install roads", the development was made assuming the position of "facilities that can be connected to roads".

PA under the elevated (egKinki ExpresswayHigashi Osaka PA), Etc., some of which remain as road areas. Also, some SA / PAs that are occupied by other organizations such as the third sector (eg)Ise Gulf ExpresswayKariya PA) Is expected to be operated in the conventional style owned by the Organization with the site as a road area.

Characteristic service content

Information corner

Most of the service areas and a small part of the parking areas have information centers called information corners.Even in facilities that do not have an information corner, information guidance from information terminals may be available in some cases.In addition, in the Central Nippon Expressway jurisdiction, "Service area concierge"Is used the name.

Here, price information between interchanges, traffic information, area information, baby room rental, free of chargeDrinking water,teaEtc. are provided.

There is also a commemorative stamp, which you can freely press on the mount to commemorate your visit. "Service area parking area stamp"It is called.

NEXCO East Japan / Central Japan / West Japan Information Corner and Service Area Concierge offer a service called Highway Medical Call. There is a dedicated telephone for medical consultations such as first aid for illness and injury while using the highway.[5].

Area guide (map)

At the time of the Road Facility Association, around the relevant expresswayMapAn area guide with information on service areas and parking areas, and a folded map (origami diagram) were distributed. Distribution will continue even after the transition to the Road Service Organization / Highway Exchange Center in 2005, but the distribution of maps will differ for each highway company.[6].

The East Nippon Expressway has abolished origami diagrams. From April 2006KADOKAWATie up with "Highway walker"issue[6].

Central Nippon ExpresswayService area guideAs a result, the origami diagram is continued. Information magazineFast familyDistribute[6].

West Nippon ExpresswayHighway guide mapAs a result, the origami diagram is continued. Information magazineYu / Yu / WestDistribute[6].

Central Nippon Exis has sold a "national highway map" (300 yen), which contains a national highway map, at service area concierges and information corners nationwide.[7].


Tomei ExpresswayAshigara SAUp lineMeishin ExpresswayTaga SAoutbound line·Kanmon ExpresswayDannoura PAoutbound line·Tohoku ExpresswaySano SAUp lineSanyo ExpresswayMiyajima SAUp lineTokushima ExpresswayYoshinogawa SAHighway Oasis includes "Rest Inn Ashigara", "Rest Inn Taga", "Family Lodge Hatagoya Tannoura PA Store", "E-NEXCO LODGE Sano SA Store (Family Lodge Hatagoya, Sano SA Store)", and "Family Lodge Hatagoya". "Ya Miyajima SA Store" and "Family Lodge Hatagoya Yoshinogawa SA Store"Highway hotel(hotel) Is installed. For details, refer to each SA / PA item.

Gas station (gas station)

highwayoutsidegas stationIt has its own pricing method, which is different from. There are also self-contained stands in some areas. Gas stations newly opened after 2000 are often self-contained. In addition, on the highwaygas stationThen, basically 3 oil types (Regular gasoline,High-octane gasoline,Light oil[8]) Only,keroseneThere is no gas station that handles.

  • Area where self-service gas stations are installed
Minamisoma Kashima SAUp and down linesJoban Expressway)・Hirugano Kogen SAUp and down linesTokai Hokuriku Road)・Minokamo SAUp and down linesTokai Kanjo Expressway)・Tsuchiyama SAUp and down linesShin-Meishin Express)・Awaji SAUp and down linesKobe Awaji Naruto Road)・Miki SAoutbound line(Sanyo road)・Ichihara SAoutbound line(Tateyama Expressway)・Takahashi SAUp and down linesOkayama Expressway)・Nanatsukahara SAUp line (Chinese road)・Mito SAUp and down linesChinese road)・Kitakumamoto SAUp line (Kyushu Expressway)・Yamae SAoutbound line(Kyushu Expressway)・Kirishima SAUp and down linesMiyazaki Expressway
Tsurusu PAUp line (Tohoku Expressway)・Iwatesan SAUp line (Tohoku Expressway)Sagae SAUp and down linesYamagata Expressway) ・ Takahashi SA Down Line (Okayama Expressway)

Incidentally,Shin Tomei ExpresswayThe gas station installed in is a large car manned and a regular car self.

Highway oasis

For some SA / PA, as a city park / regional promotion facility outside the highwayHighway oasisIs installed adjacent to the area. You can use the parks and recreational facilities outside the highway adjacent to the area without leaving the toll booth on the highway. There is also a highway oasis designated as a roadside station.

Example of SA with a special form

  • SA with interchange (excluding smart interchange)
Tobu Yunomaru SA(Joshinetsu Road)・Otsu SA(Meishin Expressway)・Echigo Kawaguchi SA(Kanetsu Expressway)・Awaji SA(Kobe Awaji Naruto Road)・Tatsuno Nishi SA(Sanyo road)・Hirokawa SA(Kyushu Expressway)Such
As a type with an interchange only in one directionShiozawa Ishiuchi SA(Kanetsu Expressway)・Mt. Yoneyama SA(Hokuriku Road)Such
  • Vertical line shared type SA
Kinshuko SA(Akita)・Sagae SA(Yamagata Expressway)・Johana SA(Tokai Hokuriku Road)・Minokamo SA(Tokai Kanjo Expressway)・Lake Hamana SA(Tomei Expressway)・Tsuchiyama SA(Shin-Meishin Express)・Himeji SA(Himeji Bypass)・Hawai SA(Sanin road)・Kurushima Kaikyo SA(Nishi Seto Expressway (Setouchi Shimanami Kaido))Such
  • Up and down line facility available SA that allows you to go up and down the line without going out of the road site using the connecting passage
Sano SA(Tohoku Expressway)・Takasaka SA(Kanetsu Expressway)・Futaba SA(Chuo Expressway)・Taga SA-Suita SA(Both placesMeishin Expressway)・Akashi SA(Daini Shinmei Road)・Awaji SA(Kobe Awaji Naruto RoadHowever, traffic on the upper and lower lines is only by car) ・Ichikawa SA,Asago SA(Bantan Renraku)・Sawa River SA(Sanyo road)・Sagata SA(Nishi Hiroshima Bypass)・Beppu Bay SA(East Kyushu Road)Such
  • bus stop·Welcome gateUp and down line facilities that can be used to go up and down lines via outside the road site using
Iwamizawa SA-Sunagawa SA(Hokkaido Expressway)・Wreath SA(Tohoku Expressway)・Tobu Yunomaru SA(Joshinetsu Road)・Obasute SA(Nagano Road)・Amagozen SA-Nadachi Tanihama SA(Hokuriku Road)・Takamatsu SA(Noto toll road)・Fuji River SA-Makinohara SA-Toyota Kamigo SA(Both placesTomei Expressway)・Nishinomiya Najio SA-Kasai SA(7 am-8 pm) ・Colonel SA-Yoshiwa SA(Both placesChinese road)・Shinjiko SA(Sanin road)・Fukuyama SA-Kudamatsu SA(Both placesSanyo road)・Tsuda no Matsubara SA(Takamatsu road)・Top plate SA-Yoshinogawa SA(Tokushima Expressway)・Koga SA(7 am-10 pm) ・Hirokawa SA-Miyahara SA-Yamae SA(Both placesKyushu Expressway)・Kinryu SA(Nagasaki Expressway)Such
Ashigara SA(Tomei Expressway)・Lake Suwa SA(Chuo Expressway)・Taga SAoutbound line(Meishin Expressway)Such. Taga SA can also be used from the up line depending on the connecting route.
  • SA with coin shower
Makinohara SA(Tomei Expressway) ・Kodani SAoutbound line·Sawa River SAUp line (bothSanyo road)Such. The Kodani SA down line and Sabagawa SA up line are "shower stations," and in addition to coin showers, coin laundry and massage chair services are installed. In addition, Sabagawa SA can also be used from the down line depending on the connecting road.
Ashigara SA, Makinohara SA (all Tomei Expressway), Taga SA Down Line (Meishin Expressway), Kodani SA Down Line (Sanyo Expressway), etc.
  • RestaurantSA not attached
    Since there are no restaurants in all areas in Hokkaido, it will be omitted.
Wreath SA(Tohoku Expressway)・Hirugano Kogen SA(Tokai Hokuriku Road)・Yoshiwa SA(Chinese road)・Sawa River SA(Sanyo road)・Takahashi SA(Okayama Expressway)・Yoshinogawa SA(Tokushima Expressway)Such
However, many SA / PAs have a snack corner that serves light meals as an alternative to restaurants.
  • SA without a gas station
Obasute SA(Nagano Road)・Takamatsu SA(Noto toll road)・Iga SA-Takamine SA(Both placesMeihan National Highway)・Ichikawa SA-Asago SA(Both placesBantan Renraku)・Hawai SA(Sanin road)・Konoike SA(Seto Chuo Expressway)・Top plate SA(Tokushima Expressway) Etc. (including SA for toilet only)
Unprofitable after privatizationgas stationIs abolished. Since there are sections without gas stations for more than 100 km, on the highwayOut of gasIt is necessary to pay attention to.Initially, the abolition within the NEXCO East Japan jurisdiction was conspicuous, but later the abolition of gas stations increased within the NEXCO West Japan jurisdiction and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Example- Wreath SAoutbound line·Tsugaru SA(BothTohoku Expressway)・Nishisemboku SA(Akita)・Aganogawa SA(Ban-etsu Expressway)・Shiozawa Ishiuchi SA(Kanetsu Expressway)・Myoko SAoutbound line(Joshinetsu Road)・Otsu SA(Kusatsu PA(Because it moved to) (Meishin Expressway)・Konoike SAoutbound line(Seto Chuo Expressway)・Yoshiwa SA,Kano SA(Chinese road)・Sagata SA(Nishi Hiroshima Bypass)・Igei SA(Okinawa Expressway).
In addition, there are cases where gas stations have been suspended due to sluggish users within the NEXCO West Japan jurisdiction.Since this is premised on the resumption of business in the future, it is not abolished but is treated as a closure.
Currently, Sakurajima SAoutbound line(Kyushu Expressway)・Kawato SAoutbound line(Nagasaki Expressway). In addition, there are cases where the gas station, which had been suspended before, has resumed operations. (Example- Takahashi SA(Okayama Expressway)・Yamae SADown line (Kyushu Expressway)Kirishima SA(Miyazaki Expressway) 3 places. The Takahashi SA down line gas station has been reopened after two business suspensions.
  • SA only for toilets and shops
Tarumae SA-Iwamizawa SA(BothHokkaido Expressway)・Orizume SA(Hachinohe Expressway)・Shiozawa Ishiuchi SA(Kanetsu Expressway)・Myoko SA(Joshinetsu Road)・Besshodake SA(Noetsu Expressway-Noto toll road)・Inami SA(Hanwa Expressway)・Shinjiko SA(Sanin road)・Kurushima Kaikyo SA(Nishi Seto Expressway (Setouchi Shimanami Kaido))・Tropical SAoutbound line(Kochi Expressway)・Iyonada SA(Matsuyama Expressway)・Kusu SA(Oita)・Yamanokuchi SA(Miyazaki Expressway)Such
  • SA for toilets and vending machines only
Tokachi Plain SA(Doto Expressway)・Hachiroko SA(Akita)・Toyosaka SA(Nihonkai Tohoku Road)・Sagata SA(Nishi Hiroshima Bypass)Such
There are often unopened sections nearby.
Even in the toilet aloneHighway oasisThere are also cases where the facility is used in annexed.
  • SA where the beef bowl chain is open
Ashigara SADownhill (Yoshinoya)・Ebina SADownhill (Yoshinoya) ・Hasuda SAUphill (Yoshinoya) ・Sawa River SADownhill (Yoshinoya), Sabagawa SA Uphill (Yoshinoya),Tsuda no Matsubara SAUphill (Sukiya) ・ Tsuda's Matsubara SA downhill (Sukiya) ・Nishinomiya Najio SAUphill (Matsuya
Kurosaki PAUphillNanjo SAUphillTomobe SAUp and downMoriya SAUp and downHasuda SAUphillYokokawa SAUphillKamisato SAUp and downRigging slope SAUp and downLake Suwa SAUphillEnakyo SADownhillEbina SAUphillAshigara SAUp and downFuji River SADownhillLake Hamana SAUp and downSuruga Bay Numazu SAUphillOkazaki SAUp and downTaga SAUp and downGozaisho SAUp and downMiki SAUp and downKodani SAUphillMiyajima SAGoing down
  • SA where coffee chains other than Starbucks are open
Yokokawa SA Downhill (Tully's coffee)・Toyota Kamigo SATop and bottom (Tully's coffee)Yoro SADownhill (CAFE de CRIE) ・Suruga Bay Numazu SA(Ueshima Coffee)・Shizuoka SAUp (Tully's Coffee) ・Hamamatsu SA(Ueshima Coffee) Top and bottomLake Suwa SADownhill (Ueshima Coffee), Kodani SA Downhill (Doutor coffee
  • SA without an information corner
    In HokkaidoWattsu PAOther SA / PAs do not have an information corner, so they are omitted.
Abukuma Kogen SA(Ban-etsu Expressway)・Iga SAUp lineTakamine SA(Both placesMeihan National Highway)・Kinokawa SAUp line (Hanwa Expressway)・Takahashi SA(Okayama Expressway)・Konoike SA(Seto Chuo Expressway)・Kurushima Kaikyo SA(Nishi Seto Expressway (Setouchi Shimamina Kaido))・Top plate SA-Yoshinogawa SA(Tokushima Expressway)・Yamada SA(Oita)Such
After privatization, there are cases where the information corner was abolished mainly in the NEXCO East Japan jurisdiction. Example- Kamikawachi SA-Kunimi SA-Shiwa SA-Tsugaru SAUp line (Tohoku Expressway)・Tobu Yunomaru SA(Joshinetsu Road)・Obasute SA(Nagano Road)・Mt. Yoneyama SA(Hokuriku Road)・Nanatsukahara SA-Kano SA(Chinese road) Etc. (including SA for toilets and vending machines only)
Sunagawa SA(Hokkaido Expressway)・Kinshuko SA(Akita)・Sagae SA(Yamagata Expressway)・Johana SA(Tokai Hokuriku Road)・Minokamo SA(Tokai Kanjo Expressway)・Fuji River SAUp line (Tomei Expressway)・Awaji SA(Kobe Awaji Naruto Road)・Yoshinogawa SA(Tokushima Expressway)・Ishizuchiyama SA(Matsuyama Expressway)・Kinryu SA(Nagasaki Expressway)Such
  • SA in one lane only
Seki SAUp lineNagaragawa SADown line (bothTokai Hokuriku Road)Such

Comparison with road rest facilities in the world


AmericaThere is a road rest facility called the Rest Area in[9].. The United States has a large land area and a well-developed highway network, but there are not many rest areas.[9].. In addition, most of the rest areas in the United States have only toilets and vending machines for beverages.[9].. In the United States, there are many free sections on the highway, and each exit of the highway has signs such as fast food stores, gas stations, hotels, etc., and when you need meals, toilets, refueling, etc. It is common to use after getting off the highway[9].


There are four major road rest facilities in Germany, one with a parking space, a parking lot with a restroom, a tank steer with a gas station, and a last hof with restaurants, shops, and simple accommodations. Divide into[10].



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