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📦 | Saga Television Spring Festival Real Event Until 28th


Saga Television Spring Festival Real Event Until 28th

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In addition, under the title of "Sakura Live Painting," Makoto Ogiso, an associate professor at Saga University and a realist writer, is drawing the scenery of the cherry blossoms on the spot, which will be broadcast live online. I am.

Saga Television's annual Spring Festival "Spring Festival" will be held online and in real life this year, and the real event will start on the 27th ... → Continue reading

 Saga tv

"Saga TV" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Saga Prefecture.

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Saga University

Saga University(University, universityEnglish: Saga University) IsSagaSaga CityHeadquarters at 1 HonjomachiJapan OfNational university.1949Was installed in.Abbreviation of universityIs Saga University and Saga University.


Whole university

The current Saga University is2003Saga University and Saga Medical University were integratedNational university.

Academic style and features

In 2005Ministry of educationEven when the standard tuition fee indicated by the above was raised, the tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate schools were left unchanged without following the policy of the ministry.In particular, only Saga University left the undergraduate tuition fee unchanged.



Saga University1920(Taisho9 years)Old system Saga High School,1943(Showa18 years)Saga Normal School,1944(Showa 19) EstablishedSaga Youth Normal SchoolInclusively1949It was installed in May (Showa 24).Also, Saga Medical University1976It was installed in (Showa 51).

Chronological Table

  • 1920(Taisho9 years) -Saga High School (old system) was established.
  • 1943(Showa18) -Saga Normal School is established.
  • 1944(Showa 19) -Established Saga Youth Normal School.
  • 1949(24) -Comprehensive Saga High School, Saga Normal School, and Saga Youth Normal SchoolNew systemEstablished by Saga University.Based on the old system SatakaFaculty of HumanitiesAnd, with Sashi and Sasei as the motherFaculty of Education2 faculties are set up.
  • 1953(Showa 28) -Established "Special Subject (Arts and Crafts) Teacher Training Course" to train high school art teachers in the Faculty of Education.
  • 1955(30) -Promoted the Department of Agriculture of the Faculty of Arts and SciencesFaculty of AgricultureInstalled. It will be a three-faculty system.
  • 1966(Showa 41) -Reorganized the Faculty of Arts and SciencesFaculty of Economics,Faculty of Science and Engineering,Liberal Arts DepartmentInstalled. It will be a three-faculty system.
  • 1970(45) -Established Graduate School of Agriculture.
  • 1972(47) -Abolished the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
  • 1974(49) -Established "National Medical Education Institution Establishment Preparation Office" in Saga University.
  • 1975(50) -Established Graduate School of Engineering.
  • 1976(51)
    • Renamed "National Medical Education Institution Foundation Preparation Office" to "Saga University Saga Medical University Foundation Preparation Office".
    • Established by Saga Medical University.
  • 1983(58) -Renamed the Graduate School of Engineering to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.
  • 1984(59) -Established Graduate School of Medicine.
  • 1988(Showa 63)- Kagoshima UniversityParticipated in the United Graduate School of Agriculture.
  • 1991(Heisei3 years) -Reorganized the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and established the Graduate School of Engineering.
  • 1992(4) -Established Graduate School of Economics.
  • 1993(5) -Established Graduate School of Education.
  • 1996(8) -Reorganized the Faculty of Liberal Arts and the Faculty of EducationFaculty of Cultural EducationInstalled. It consists of three parts: "school education" (teacher training), "international culture", "human environment", and "arts and crafts" non-teacher training (different from the "zero exemption course" placed in the faculty of teacher training). ..It was the only faculty in Japan that had roots in both the old high school / new liberal arts department and the normal school.
  • 1997(9) -Renamed the Graduate School of Medicine to the Graduate School of Medicine.
  • 2003(15) -Integrated with Saga Medical University, with the same medical university as the mother bodyFaculty of medicineInstalled. It will be a three-faculty system.
  • 2004(16) -According to the provisions of the National University Corporation LawNational University CorporationConversion.
  • 2009(21) -Takao Fobuchi became the second president as the first graduate of the medical school after the integration with Saga University of Medicine.
  • 2013(25) -Saga University Art Museum opened.
  • 2015(27) -Koji Miyazaki is appointed as the third president after the integration.
  • 2016(28)
    • With "the difference is Saga University", the Faculty of Culture and Education was reorganized to differentiate it from other universities.Faculty of EducationとFaculty of Arts and Regional DesignInstalled. (As a result, the specialized education organization for the humanities disappeared, and the history of "literature" since the old high school was cut off. Many of the humanities teachers of the Faculty of Cultural Education were reassigned to the university-wide education organization.[1][2]).
    • Stopped recruitment of so-called new courses (international culture, human environment, arts and crafts) of the Faculty of Culture and Education, specialized in training school teachers, and changed the name of the faculty to "Faculty of Education"[3].
    • Separated the arts and crafts course from the Faculty of Culture and EducationSaga Prefectural Arita Ceramics CollegeIntegrate[4], Established a new faculty "Faculty of Art and Area Design"[5].
    • The recruitment of Graduate School of Education and Graduate School of Economics has been suspended.Graduate School of Education(Teaching graduate school)WhenGraduate School of Regional DesignInstalled.

basic data


Education and research



  • Faculty of Education[3](Installed in 2016)
    • School curriculum
      • Childhood cooperation education course
        • Childhood Development Education Major
        • Special Needs Education Major
      • Elementary and middle school collaborative education course
        • Primary Education Major
        • Secondary Education Major
  • [5](Installed in 2016)
    • Department of Arts and Regional Design
      • Art expression course
        • Arts and crafts
        • Arita Ceramic Field
      • Regional design course
        • Regional content design field
        • Curation field
        • Field design field
  • Faculty of Cultural Education(Stop recruiting)
    • School curriculum
      • Pedagogy selection
      • Educational Psychology Selection
      • Educational selection for children with disabilities
      • Subject education selection
      • Science selection
      • Mathematics selection
      • Music selection
    • International Cultural Course
      • Japan / Asian Culture Selection
      • Western culture selection
    • Human environment course
      • Life / environment / technology training
        • Regional / life culture field
        • Environmental / technical field
      • Health and welfare / sports training
        • Health and welfare field
        • ス ポ ー ツ 分野
    • Arts and crafts course
      • Arts and crafts selection
  • Faculty of Economics
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Department of Economic Law
  • Faculty of Agriculture
    • Department of Applied Biological Science
      • Bioresource Development Course (Plant Physiology, Plant Development Physiology, Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Molecular Genetics, Plant Engineering, Vegetable Gardening, Appreciation Gardening, Fruit Tree Gardening, Tropical Useful Botany, Tropical Crop Improvement, Tropical agriculture theory, animal genetic breeding, animal reproductive physiology, animal resource development, etc.)
      • Bioresource control course (plant pathology, phytopathology, applied animal entomology, nematology, entomology, systems ecology, animal behavior ecology, biostatistics, etc.)
    • Department of Bio-Environmental Science
      • Bio-Environmental Conservation Course (Contemporary Environmental Studies, Environmental Chemistry, Global Environmental Studies, Meteorological and Water Literature, Water Environmental Studies, Tidal Flat Environmental Studies, Ground Environmental Studies, Soil Environmental Sciences, Environmental Hydrophysics, Environmental Purification Biology, Environmental Pollution Chemistry, Basic environmental analysis, experimental biological environmental conservation, experimental aquatic environmental science, etc.)
      • Resource Recycling Production Science Course (Environmental Conservation Agricultural Theory, Food Action Science, Cultivation Technology Theory, Cultivation Environment Control Science, Animal Production Management Science, Biomass Utilization Science, Energy Utilization Science, Production Information Engineering, Production System Design Theory, Resource Recycling Field Science etc.)
      • Community Development Studies Course (Agricultural Business Development Theory, Food Distribution Economics, Environmental Sociology, Environmental Geography, Environmental Hygiene, Ecological Anthropology, Asian Environmental Policy, International Regional Development Theory, International Rural Health Science, NPO / NGO Theory, agricultural policy theory, etc.)
      • Biochemistry course (XNUMX fields of biochemistry, functional polymer chemistry, and applied microbiology)
      • Food Science Course (5 fields of bioresource utilization, food chemistry, food safety, food nutrition chemistry, active natural products)

Graduate School

  • (Teaching graduate school) (Installed in 2016)
    • Educational Practical Inquiry Major
      • Class practice inquiry course
      • Child support inquiry course
      • Educational management inquiry course
  • (Master's program) (Established in 2016)
    • Regional Design Major
      • Art design course
      • Regional management course
  • Graduate School of Education(Master's Course) (Stop recruiting)
    • School education major
    • Subject Education Major
  • Graduate School of Economics(Master's program) (Suspension of recruitment)
    • Department of Financial and Economic Policy
    • Business Management Major
  • Graduate School of Medicine
    • Nursing major (master's course)
    • Medical Science (Master's Program)
    • Functional morphology major (doctoral course)
    • Ecological Control System Major (Doctoral Course)
    • Ecosystem major (doctoral course)
  • Graduate School of Engineering
    • Department of Functional Substance Chemistry (Master's program)
    • Department of Physical Science (Master's Program)
    • Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering (Master's Program)
    • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Master's Program)
    • Energy Material Science Major (for the above 4 majors)Doctoral Program)
    • Department of Intelligent Information Systems (Master's Program)
    • Department of Mathematical Sciences (Master's Program)
    • Department of Urban Engineering (Master's Program)
    • Department of Circulating Materials Engineering (Master's Program)
    • Department of Systems Production Science (Doctoral course for the above 4 majors)
    • Department of Biofunctional System Control Engineering (Consistent doctoral course)
  • Graduate School of Agriculture(Master's Course)
    • Department of Bioproduction
    • Department of Applied Biology
  • (PhD)
    • Department of Bioproduction Science
    • Department of Biological Resource Utilization Science
    • Department of Bioenvironmental Conservation Science
    • Department of Fisheries Resources Science

Affiliated organization

Address only the affiliated facilities located outside the Honjo Campus and Nabeshima Campus.

  • Attached facility
    • Attached to the Art Area Design Department
    • Faculty of Culture and Education
      • Educational Practice Center
    • Faculty of Agriculture
      • Agri Creation Education and Research Center (former: Resource Recycling Field Science Education and Research Center) (Kuboizumimachi, Saga City)
    • Faculty of Medicine
      • hospital
      • Experimental training equipment center
      • Regional Medical Science Education and Research Center
      • Advanced Medical Research Promotion Support Center
        • Endowed lecture
        • Emergency disaster medicine
        • Community medical support studies
        • Heavy ion beam cancer treatmentLearning
        • Liver Disease Medical Support Studies ⇒ Saga University School of Medicine Liver Disease Medical Support Studies Course
  • National shared facility
  • On-campus joint education and research facility
    • Science and Technology Joint Development Center
    • Comprehensive Analytical Experiment Center
      • Honjo district
      • Nabeshima district
    • Comprehensive Information Infrastructure Center
      • Main center
      • Medical Subcenter
    • Lowland Research Center
    • Center for Higher Education Development
    • SynchrotronOptical Applied Research Center
    • Beach Plateau Biological Environment Research Center (Karatsu CityShonancho)
    • International Exchange Promotion Center
    • Venture・ Business Laboratory
    • Ariake SeaComprehensive research project
    • Regional Studies History and Culture Research Center
  • Industry-academia-government collaborationPropulsion mechanism
    • Science and Technology Joint Development Division
    • Intellectual property department
    • Technology transfer department (TLO)
  • On-campus shared facilities
  • mechanism
    • School of General Education


21st Century COE Program

"Construction of Science and Technology for Leading Use of Ocean Energy" (adopted in 2002)


Student life

Entrance and graduation ceremoniesSaga City Cultural CenterDone in.

Club activities, club activities, club activities

About 100 physical education and cultural groups are active in the Honjo Campus and Nabeshima Campus.

Physical education

な ど

Cultural system

  • Orchestra
  • Mixed chorus
  • Manga Study Group
  • Animation Study Group
  • Folk Song Study Group
  • Hawaiian Music Study Group
  • Boy shooting
  • Classical guitar harmony

• Light music, etc.

School festival

At Saga University, school festivals are held separately for each campus, and at the Honjo campus, the annual "Hagakure Festival" is held.[9][10]However, the "Mutsugoro Festival" is being held on the Nabeshima Campus.

University personnel and organizations

University related organizations

The Saga University Alumni Association is set up for each faculty in addition to the "Saga University Alumni Association" for all faculties (including the integrated Saga Medical University).

  • Aritomokai (Faculty of Education / Faculty of Cultural Education)
  • Kuzuha Alumni Association (Faculty of Arts and Sciences / Faculty of Economics)
  • Ryomikai (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
  • Saga University / Saga University School of Medicine Alumni Association
  • Faculty of Agriculture Alumni Association

List of university personnel

Foreign relations

Agreements with other universities

Agreements with other universities

Agreement with domestic university
International and academic exchange partner schools
Academic exchange partner schools
  • Industry-academia-government collaboration promotion organization

Relationship with society

"University in solidarity with the community" 

Saga University attaches great importance to the relationship with Saga Prefecture, where it is located, and one of the "four goals set by Saga University" set by the university has a policy of "university in solidarity with the community." There is.In addition to being obtained at Saga University as one of the measures to embody these goals, various agreements have been concluded with Saga Prefecture.

Community contribution special support project cost

In 2002 and 2003, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) adopted the special support project cost for regional contribution to the Saga University Regional Contribution Liaison Council (project proposal body) as a subsidy for the regional contribution of national universities.Based on the project cost, Saga University is implementing the following projects as community contribution projects.

  • 2002 (partially posted)
    • Utilization of the university's comprehensive strength for the regeneration of the city center by citizens
    • Development of a futuristic educational environment system utilizing IT
    • University opening due to the establishment of Unikids Club
  • 2003/2004 (including continuation)
    • Utilization of the university's comprehensive strength for the regeneration of the city center by citizens
    • OchichoIn the Warano villageRice terracesConservation activity support project
    • Local resource recycling network support project "Hachigame Ecocomi Net" that connects villages and towns
    • Development of futuristic educational environment system using IT
    • Unikids club that connects the community
    • Barrier-freeLiving equipment supportManufacturingUniversity project
    • Saga 21st Century Prefectural Forest-Centered Outdoor Experience-based Environmental Education Program Development and Practice
    • Network Footwork Promotion Project-Establishment of Community Contribution Coordinator-

Agreement with Saga Prefecture

Agreement on high school-university collaboration business

An "Agreement on High School-University Collaboration Projects" has been concluded between Saga University and the Saga Prefectural Board of Education.To provide high school students with opportunities to experience advanced education and research at the university and information on faculty selection, to develop individual abilities and aptitudes, to deepen their understanding of the university, and to further enhance university education. I am aiming.The following are examples of the contents of the business.

  • Open class for high school students by university
  • Lecture delivery to high school by university (distance lesson), on-site lesson
  • Implementation of open campus (university briefing session) by the university
  • Discussions on high school career guidance and improvement of enrollment selection by the university and the prefectural board of education
Mutual cooperation agreement on "Hollywood concept in Asia"

"Asia's" promoted by Saga PrefectureHollywoodThe "concept" is a concept to foster digital industrial culture in fields such as movies, animation, and games.A "mutual cooperation agreement on the Hollywood concept in Asia" has been signed between Saga University and Saga Prefecture.It is an agreement on environmental improvement aimed at the industrialization of digital contents.The agreement states that it will cooperate on the following three points.

  • Matters related to promotion of industrialization such as human resource development (accumulation of technology and knowledge, human resource development)
  • Matters concerning improvement of IT ability of persons with disabilities
  • Matters concerning the establishment of content culture (collaboration between civilian, academic, and government)

Agreements with economic organizations

  • Saga Industrial Federation[12]

Ocean thermal energy conversion

At Saga University1973(Showa48 years later) also served as presidentUehara Haruo(2005(Heisei17) Retired from retirement age)Ocean thermal energy conversion Has been involved in research on (OTEC).Through research, he developed his own system and named it "".This system has been filed and patented in Japan, the United States and Europe as a Japanese state-owned patent.

In 1997IndiaSaga University has signed a cooperation agreement with the National Institute of Marine Technology of India for joint development and demonstration of ocean thermal energy conversion in India, and large-scale power generation using this system has actually started.In addition, in 2001 Saga University was a Pacific island nation.PalauConcluded an academic research exchange agreement with.Republic of Palau by 2015Diesel power generationWe are planning to switch to ocean thermal energy conversion.

Affiliated school


外部 リンク

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