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📦 | "Amazon" Bezos ranked first in the world's billionaire for four consecutive years


"Amazon" Bezos ranked first in the world's billionaire for four consecutive years

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Tadashi Yanai of FAST RETAILING, which operates UNIQLO, was ranked 31st.

In 2021, Mr. Bezos of "Amazon" was ranked first in the world's billionaire ranking.American economic magazine "Forbes" is on the 1th ... → Continue reading

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Fast retailing

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.[1][PR 3](British: FAST RETAILING CO., LTD.[PR 3]) IsUniqlo Co., Ltd.,GU Co., Ltd.Has a clothing company such asHolding companyIs[2].registrationThe main store aboveYamaguchi Yamaguchi CityThe headquarters of Tokyo, which will be the effective headquarters, will be established in Sayama.TokyoMinato-kuAkasaka(Midtown tower).Tokyo Stock ExchangePart OneListing[2]..Sales among casual clothing companies in the worldZARATo holdInditex(スペイン),H&M(スウェーデン), The third largest, and the world's largest market capitalization.[3][PR 4]..In the mediaFast retailSometimes abbreviated as[4][5][6].


casualClothingof"UNIQLOWe have a group of companies that develop retail stores for clothing, shoes, etc.The company name is "Fast" and "Fast" which means "quickly (provide)" in English.Retail tradeIs a coined word that combines "Retailing" which means ""fast foodA retail business that can provide products quickly, that is,Fast fashionIt was named with the aim of[2]..The corporate philosophy is "Change clothes, change common sense, change the worldIs[PR 5].

Being a managerTadashi YanaiUnder the chairman and president[2],ZARA,GAPAiming to become a global clothing company represented by[7], Actively expand overseas andAnd expanding the group[2]..Currently, it boasts the world's third largest sales after Inditex (ZARA) and H & M. In the fiscal year ended August 3, the overseas division exceeded the operating income for the first time.[8].. Especially,Chugoku,Hong Kong,Taiwan"Greater China" composed of is the driving force of overseas growth[9], President Yanai has stated that he will continue to focus on Asia centered on China.

Representativebrand"UNIQLO" was originally a brand that FAST RETAILING was directly involved in.[2]In April 2005[PR 6]Sales related to clothing manufacturing and retailingCompany split (absorption-type split)And completesubsidiaryUNIQLO Co., Ltd. (formerly Sun Road)[2].Initially, the trade name was changed to "" when the holding company was transferred.FR Holdings Co., Ltd.Announced to change to, but later withdrew[Source required].

From 2010Bank of Japan Listed investment trustAs a result of continuing large-scale purchases of FAST RETAILING, FAST RETAILING shares were held through a management company to the extent that it violated the 5% rule.[10].

Tadashi Yanai, the representative director, responds to interviews with overseas media in Japanese in principle, although he is promoting in-house English translation.

Affiliated company


Uniqlo Co., Ltd.
We are developing the casual clothing brand "UNIQLO", which is the core business of FAST RETAILING.[2].
GU Co., Ltd.
We are developing a low-priced clothing brand "GU"[2].
Link Theory Japan Co., Ltd.
American affordable luxury brand "theory(Theory) ”and“ Theory luxe ”, and the contemporary brand“ HELMUT LANG ”.[2][11][12].
Pluste Co., Ltd.
Developed the select shop brand "PLST".It used to be a brand of Link Theory Japan, but it was spun off and became independent on September 2018, 9.[13].


Comptoir des Cotonniers SAS
French casual clothing company[2]..We have stores not only in our home country but also in 8 countries (UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan).[14].
Princess Tam.Tam SAS
French lingerie maker[2]..In Japan, stores have been open mainly in central Tokyo since 2012, but withdrew from Japan in 2016.[15]..After that, in March 2018, a swimwear collection in collaboration with UNIQLO was announced.[PR 7].

A subsidiary company that once existed

  • National Standard Co., Ltd. --Acquired in 2004 and made a subsidiary (84.6% stake)[16][PR 8]..However, due to business slump, it was dissolved in March 2006 and liquidation was completed in June of the same year.[PR 9].
  • Aspeji Japan Co., Ltd. --The company that was expanding the Italian clothing brand "ASPESI" in Japan.The old company name is Shield. Acquired 2005% of shares in 60 and made it a subsidiary[17].. Sold all shares held to Alberto Aspesi & C SpA (Italy Headquarters of Aspesi) in July 2008[PR 10].
  • Cabin Co., Ltd. --Developing a chain store specializing in women's clothing[Annotation 2][18].. Merged with Link Theory Japan on September 2010, 9[PR 11][19][20].


  • 1946(Showa21 years)May 10 - Yanai Masao Yamaguchi CityToOgori ShojiFounded[Source required].
  • 1949(Showa 24) June- Masao Yanai's younger brother, Hitoshi Yanai, who was in charge of the textile and clothing department of Ogori ShojiUbe CityAs a private business[Source required],Men's shop Ogori ShojiFounded[1][PR 12].
  • 1963(38)May 5 --Incorporated with capital of 600 million yenOgori Shoji Co., Ltd.Established[1].
  • 1972(Showa 47) June- The eldest son of Hitoshi Yanai[Source required]Tadashi YanaiJoined the company[PR 13].
  • 1984(59)
  • 1985(Showa 60) June- ShimonosekiThe first roadside store (Mountain fieldStore) opened[PR 12].It will be the prototype of the UNIQLO store after that[Source required].
  • 1986(Showa 61) June- Yamaguchi CityOpened the first franchise store (Yamaguchi store)[Source required].
  • 1989(Heisei2 years) February --For the purpose of enhancing the development system of in-house planned productsSuita CityOpened Osaka office in[Source required].
  • 1991(3) June- Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.Company name changed to[1].
  • 1992April (4) --Changed the OS main store to UNIQLO Onda store and unified all stores to "UNIQLO"[PR 14].
  • 1994(6)
  • 1996(8) November --For the purpose of enhancing the development system of in-house planned productsShibuya WardOpened Tokyo office in[PR 12].
  • 1997(9)
  • 1998(10)
    • February-Constructed and relocated a new head office building in Yamaguchi City to enhance the functions of the headquarters in response to business expansion.[PR 14]..The Osaka office and the Tokyo office were integrated, and a new Tokyo office was opened in Shibuya Ward.
    • November-Opened the first urban store (Harajuku store) in the Greater Tokyo area[PR 14].
    • In the same year, Masao Yanai, the founder of Ogori Shoji, died.[Source required].
  • 1999(11)
    • February-Men's shop Ogori Shoji founder Hitoshi Yanai dies[Source required].
    • 2 month - Tokyo Stock ExchangeRedesignated to some[1].
    • April --Opened Shanghai office in China to enhance production management operations.
  • 2000(12)
    • April-To strengthen merchandising and marketing functionsClosed Tokyo office and integrated with its function in Yamaguchi[Source required]Opened Tokyo Headquarters in Shibuya Ward[PR 12].
    • October-Started Internet mail order sales.
  • 2001(13) September --UNIQLO overseas expansion (9 stores in London, England)[PR 14].
  • 2002(14)
    • 3 month - Hiroshima Stock ExchangeDelisted[1].
    • April --Opened UNIQLO Design Institute (currently R & D Center).
    • May 9 --Established a subsidiary, FR Foods Co., Ltd. (Fruit and Fruit Mail Order SKIP)[21].
    • 11 month - Genichi TamazukaAppointed President and Representative Director Tadashi Yanai as Chairman and Representative Director[Source required].. Started food business under the brand name SKIP.
  • 2003(15) June --Tokyo HeadquartersOta-kuMoved to[Source required].
  • 2004(16)
    • January-Capital participation in Link International Co., Ltd. (later Link Theory Holdings Co., Ltd.)[PR 14].
    • September-corporationNational standardBecame a subsidiary[PR 15].
    • March --Dissolved FR Foods.Fruit and vegetable mail order SKIP end[22].
    • October --Opened UNIQLO Shinsaibashi store, UNIQLO's first large store over 10 tsubo.
    • December --Established UNIQLO Desighn Studio, New York, Inc. (currently R & D Center) in the United States.Established FR Air Korea, a merger company with Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd., for UNIQLO business in South Korea.
  • 2005(17)
    • March --Made One Zone Co., Ltd. (formerly Shoe Marutomi Co., Ltd.), which was under restructuring, a wholly owned subsidiary[PR 6].
    • May --Made NELSON FINANCES SAS (currently COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS SAS) of Contoir des Cotonnier a subsidiary [PR 14].
    • 8 month - Nikkei Stock AverageAdopted for the constituent stocks of.
    • September-President Genichi Tamatsuka retires, Chairman Tadashi Yanai concurrently serves as president[PR 13]..Established Contoir de Cotonnier Japan Co., Ltd.Made Aspeji Japan, a sales subsidiary of the ASPESI brand in Italy, a subsidiary.Opened Korea's first UNIQLO store in Seoul.Opened the first UNIQLO store in the United States in New Jersey.Opened Hong Kong's first UNIQLO store in Tsim Sha Tsui.Opened BODY by UNIQLO, a women's innerwear specialty store, in Ginza.
      • Made Aspeji Japan Co., Ltd. a subsidiary[PR 6].
    • 10 month - Mina TenjinOpen, advance into commercial facility development and operation business[Source required]..Opened a large store in Ginza.Opened UNIQLO Kids, a store specializing in kids and babies.
    • 11 month - Company splitBecame a holding company[PR 14].
  • 2006(18)
    • February-Make Princess Tam Tam's PETIT VEHICULE SAS (currently PRINCESSE TAM TAM SAS) a subsidiary[PR 14].. Opened the first COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS store in Japan.
    • March --Established GU Co., Ltd.[PR 14]..Tokyo headquartersChiyoda WardMoved to Kudankita[PR 16].
    • April-Stocks of Cabin Co., Ltd.25.7%[Source required]Acquired a business alliance[PR 16]..Invested in a cabin that develops women's clothing.
    • May --Withdrawal from national standard business[PR 15].
    • June --Toray Industries, Inc. and UNIQLO form a business alliance with the aim of building a "strategic partnership."
    • May 8 - Takeover bidMade the cabin a consolidated subsidiary (51.66%).
    • September --UNIQLO's "All Product Recycling Activities" started.
    • 1013 Day[Source required] --The first store of the new brand "GU", which is more price-oriented than UNIQLO,DaieiInside the Minami-Gyotoku store[Source required]Opened in.
    • November-Capital and business alliance with View Company, Co., Ltd. (ladies' shoes company)33.4%[Source required]Acquire shares[PR 16]..Opened the UNIQLO Soho New York store, the first global flagship store.
  • 2007(19)
    • March --Opened a large UNIQLO store of 3 tsubo, Kobe Harborland store.
    • April --Opened UT STORE HARAJUKU., A T-shirt specialty store.
    • May --Opened UNIQLO Setagaya Chitosedai store (Tokyo), one of the largest in eastern Japan with 5 tsubo
    • July-August-Barneys New York, Inc., which was planned to be sold by Jones Apparel Group, Inc. (Bernese New York”, But the competitor, Dubai government-affiliated investment company,IstithmarAbandoned because it raised the acquisition price significantly[Source required].
    • October-The first heat tech campaign is successful.
    • May 11 - Mina Tsudanumaopen[Source required].
    • May 7 --A second tender offer was made to Cabin Co., Ltd. with the aim of making it a wholly owned subsidiary.May 8Established (96.94%)[Source required].
    • May 12 --Acquired all remaining minority shares of Cabin Co., Ltd. and made it a wholly owned subsidiary[Source required].
  • 2008(20)
    • 2[PR 16]28 Day[Source required]- Takeover bidMade ViewCompany, Co., Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary[PR 17](98.96%).In July of the same year, it acquired all the remaining minority shares and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.[Source required].
      • March --Made ViewCompany, Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary through a tender offer.
    • May 4 - Mina Kyotoopen[Source required].
    • May-Providing clothing as emergency relief supplies to the areas affected by the Sichuan earthquake.
    • May 5 - Mina Machidaopen[Source required].
    • June-"UNIQLOCK" won the Grand Prix at the "Cannes International Advertising Festival", one of the world's three major advertising awards.
    • May 7 --Sold all shares of Aspeji Japan Co., Ltd. to Alberto Aspesi & C SpA (Alberto Aspesi Headquarters), the company withdrew from its subsidiary[PR 10].
    • August-Established a joint venture with Wing Tai Retai to expand UNIQLO business in the Republic of Singapore.GU, One Zone, and View Company were merged to establish GOV Retailing.
    • 91 Day[Source required] - Company name changed from One Zone Co., Ltd. to GOV Retailing Co., Ltd.[Source required]..Integrate the businesses of GU Co., Ltd. and ViewCompany, Co., Ltd. into GOV Retailing[PR 17].
  • 2009(21)
    • May 1[Source required] --Aiming to make Link Theory Holdings Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiaryTakeover bidImplement[PR 18].May 3Established (74.58% acquired). Acquired the remaining shares in July, making it a wholly owned subsidiary[Source required].
    • March --GU releases "3 Yen Jeans".Made Link Theory Japan a subsidiary through a tender offer.Concluded a design consulting contract for UNIQLO products with world-famous fashion designer Jil Sander.
    • April-Opened the first UNIQLO store in the Republic of Singapore in Tampa Needs One.
    • May 7 --Global Retailing Co., Ltd. and Global Investment Co., Ltd. are absorbed and merged by a simple and abbreviated merger method.[Source required].
    • August --UNIQLO signs a contract with professional wheelchair tennis player Shingo Kunieda.
    • October-Opened UNIQLO's global flagship store, the Paris Opera store.Jil Sander's collection is now on sale at UNIQLO worldwide.
    • November-Campaign to commemorate the 11th anniversary of our founding Opened at 60 am.
    • 12 --Established "Xunxiao (China) Business Co., Ltd." as an operating company for the flagship store in Shanghai, China.[Source required].
  • 2010(22)
    • May 3 --Tokyo HeadquartersChiyoda WardKudankitaFrom Akasaka, Minato-kuTokyo Midtown内 のMidtown towerMoved to[PR 19].
    • March --Established a local subsidiary "Taiwan UNIQLO Co., Ltd." in Taiwan[PR 14].
    • June 6-Link International merges with Link Theory Holdings Co., Ltd. and Link Sales Corporation Co., Ltd. and changes its trade name to "Link Theory Japan Co., Ltd.", replacing the former Link Theory Holdings Co., Ltd. Become a direct wholly owned subsidiary[23].
  • 2012(24) December --Acquired J Brand Holdings, which develops the J brand, for about 12 billion yen and made it a subsidiary (250%)[24][PR 20].
  • 2014(26)
  • 2017(29)
    • February-Ariake Headquarters goes into operation[PR 14].
  • 2021(Reiwa3 years)
    • February 2-Beyond Inditex, which operates ZARA, which has the highest market capitalization among apparel companies, the market capitalization becomes the world's largest in the apparel industry.

Diversified management

Aiming to stabilize management through diversification, FAST RETAILING itself is seeking business development as well as M & A.


1997From (9)1998Until (10), the sports casual clothing store "Spokuro (Sports Closing Warehouse)" and the family casual clothing store "Famicro (Family Closing Warehouse)" were being developed.Although it was positioned as part of the expansion of the UNIQLO business, its performance as a specialty store was not good, and it withdrew in order to unify the clothing brand into UNIQLO.

On the other hand, in October 2006, the "gu" brand was launched as a new clothing brand.It is positioned as a brand that emphasizes price rather than quality compared to UNIQLO, and although it started in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kinki area and is gradually expanding nationwide, the pace of store development is considerably slower than UNIQLO.

Commercial facility "Mina" development and operation business

conventionallyCommercial facilityIt was only a business that opened brands of group companies such as UNIQLO, but since 2005 (17), it has started to develop and operate the commercial facility itself.Borrow the entire building at oncetenantAttract, "MinaWe operate a commercial facility under the name.Currently 4 projects are in operation.

Fruit and vegetable business

2002(14) Subsidiary FR Foods (President and CEO) in SeptemberOsamu Yuki[27],CurrentGuThe president[27]) Was established under the brand name of "SKIP"Nagata farming methodbycropsStarted selling.It was developed through four sales channels: website, member delivery, truck, and tent-type temporary store.[28], Higher pricing and member home delivery were not accepted by consumers, and there was no prospect of profitability, so we abandoned business continuity2004Disbanded the company in March[29]..In-house, we have decided to make a profit in 2 to 3 years.[28], It is said that a deficit of about 28 billion yen came out[29]..It is seen as a test of diversified management and is positioned as a reference for future expansion into other industries.


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外部 リンク

Tadashi Yanai

Tadashi Yanai(No, however1949〈Showa24 years>May 2 -) isJapan OfBusinessman,Wealthy man.

Manufacture and sale of casual clothing "UNIQLOIs a corporate group holding company centered onFast retailingChairman and President.UNIQLOChairman and President.GuChairperson of the Board[3].

Since 2001Softbank Group OfOutside directorRetired in 2019[3][4]..Japan's largest wealthy man2020 OfForbesNo. 41 in the world and No. 1 in Japan[2]..As of January 2021, the amount of assets held is US $ 1 billion (approximately ¥ 438 billion).[2].


Yamaguchi Ube CityChuo Townbirth.When I was little, I was a normal child and enjoyed time other than studying, such as physical education.[5]..Father who demobilized after the warYanai and othersIs an older brother in 1949 when Tadashi was bornYanai MasaoWas entrusted with the textile and clothing department by Ogori Shoji, which is the representative of the company, and launched the men's clothing retailer "Men's Shop Ogori Shoji", which became the predecessor of FAST RETAILING in 1963.Ogori Shoji Co., Ltd.The person who founded[6]..When Tadashi became a junior high school student, his father and others were local.YakuzaIn collaboration with the company, he expanded his reach to the management of the earth-moving building, and gradually became more widespread as the face of the city.[6]..I spent an hour walking to junior high school.He said he was fishing and playing baseball in the river on his way home.[7].

Yamaguchi Prefectural Ube High SchoolThen, it was said that it was "the fifth grade from the back in the class"[8]..I'm not good at itMathIs not in the entrance examination subjectUniversityThe most difficult of all[9]Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and EconomicsDepartment of EconomicsAdvanced to[6]..When I was in collegemovies,pachinko,MahjongIt was four years hanging out[6]..Traveled around the world for over 2 million yen with my father's financial support from the summer vacation of my second year of college[8], I met a woman who would later become my wife[10]..I received a major trading company for job hunting, but all fell[6]..He graduated from college in March 1971 without a career decision, but in May of the same year, at the recommendation of his father.Jusco(CurrentAEON retail) Joined[6][11].

Jusco Yokkaichi storeI was in charge of the household goods section, but I retired after 9 months because I didn't like to work. After staying at my friend's house for about half a year, I returned home and joined Ogori Shoji, my parents' house.At that time, the store "Men's Shop OS" developed by Ogori Shoji was handlingMen's clothingMainly clothing for men such as, but while engaged in management for 12 years,Aoyama of clothes,AokiAs suburban men's clothing stores such as these have expanded their business performance, they aimed to expand nationwide by conceiving an inexpensive, everyday casual clothing store to avoid latecomers.The reason for being casual is men's clothing (suit) Does not require customer service, and the fact that if the product is good, it sells is because it suits my personality.[12].

1984In 59, he became president of Ogori Shoji after his father, Hitoshi Yanai. In June of the same year, it was first called "Unique Clothing Warehouse" because it was called "unique clothing".Hiroshima cityOpened the first store in. Unlike now, the first store sells famous brands at low prices. (It's close to a so-called grasshopper shop.) It was said that shopping at UNIQLO was "embarrassing."Therefore, there was a situation in which customers who were ashamed to carry UNIQLO's original shopping bags around the store transferred the products to another bag.In such a situation, the loafers of BASS are mixed with fakes, and UNIQLO's reputation is further damaged and it is forced into a predicament.Taking this opportunity, we started developing original products.afterwardsChugokuWe will expand the store centering on.

UNIQLO's routes gradually began to see the sun1991(3), changed the company name to "FAST RETAILING".2002(14), Chairman and Representative DirectorChief executive officer Became (CEO).Even if I retire from the president2005In (17), he returned to the president again.In the same year, following the transition to a holding company system, he also serves as chairman of each group company.



I was introverted when I was a kid[6]..In high schoolサ ッ カ ーI was in the club, but I quit immediately because my father said, "I want you to enter a good university."[6].. HobbyGolfAnd at homeLeaveThe net is stretched[6].liqueurCan't drink[6]..There is no favorite restaurant[6]..The manager I admireWalmartFounder ofSam Walton,Daiei OfNakauchi,Japan McDonald's OfFujita[6]. CurrentlyTokyoShibuya WardMt. Ooyama TownResident[13]..Father of the second son[13].

View of management

As FAST RETAILING and UNIQLO expand globally, they are showing off their unique management outlook.UNIQLO's criticism that the working environment for young employees in particular is harsh (so-called)Black companiesCriticism,UNIQLO #working environmentIn response to (see), regarding his own employee education policy, which he talked about at Nikkei Business in 2013, "I repeatedly tell young employees to go abroad is to become a manager in the true sense of the word. I want it. If I can't do that, of course, the wages will be the same as for unskilled labor. " I think it should be done. (Omitted) It is normal to decide the basic idea by about 25 years old, make efforts and become an executive officer at about 25 years old, and become a CEO at about 35 years old. I think it's a figure. That's why I don't think I should be spoiled when I was young. "[14].

When FAST RETAILING unveiled the so-called "equal pay for equal work" concept, which virtually equalizes the salary system and salary level of employees in each country that is expanding worldwide, in an interview with the Asahi Shimbun, "work to do anywhere in the world The basic idea is that if they are the same, the wages will be the same. There are excellent human resources overseas. It will not work if the wages are too different to expand the business globally. " Western store managers are much higher (wages). I'm not thinking of reducing wages in Japan. On the other hand, wages in developing countries cannot suddenly be equal to those in Europe and the United States. , Considering a concrete mechanism "" ((TurnoverIs high) is the issue of globalization. I've been to employees for 10 years.In the future, the annual income will be divided into 1 million yen or 100 million yen,Middle classIs decreasing. Through workAdded valueWork at low wagesDeveloping countriesOf thewageIt is unavoidable that the annual income will be 100 million yen because it will be flattened to the black company. " I have an image, but that's a misunderstanding. ”“ I have a lot of work, but I'm telling employees to shorten their working hours so that they don't work overtime. It wasn't without problems. It is certain that the demand level has risen in an attempt to respond. Even if the store manager is trained, there is a reflection that was too urgent. "[15].

Yanai also said, "I don't want to leave the management of UNIQLO to my son. Family business is not good."[6]Regarding the future treatment of the eldest son and the second son who serve as group executive officers, "I would like to have you do something like a chairman or vice chairman."Kyodo NewsSaid in an interview such as[16].


"Forbes』Announcement2006 World's BillionaireWith estimated assets of US $ 42 billion (about 4200 billion yen), ranked 78th.2007 World's BillionaireThen, it was ranked 37th for US $ 95 billion (6th among Japanese), and in 2009 "40 millionaires in Japan"[17], US $ 61 billion (about 5700 billion yen in Japanese currency equivalent) Conversion rate 93 yen = 1 dollar)で日本人首位。2011年は推定資産76億米ドル(約6308億円)、世界ランク122位の日本富豪ランク2位(フォーブス誌による発表)。2012年は推定資産100億米ドル(約8100億円)、世界ランク88位の日本富豪ランク1位[18].. In 2013, it was ranked 133th in the world and No. 1 in Japan with estimated assets of 2369 billion US dollars (about 66 trillion yen).[19].. In 2014, it had estimated assets of US $ 179 billion and was ranked 45th in the world, and both assets and rankings increased significantly, but it became the second largest Japanese millionaire (it was the first Japanese millionaire in 2).Softbank Group OfMasayoshi SonBecame 42nd in the world and returned to 1st in the Japanese millionaire rank)[20].. Estimated assets of US $ 2015 billion in 202, ranked 41st in the world (1st in Japan)[21].. Estimated assets of US $ 2020 billion (approximately ¥ 243 trillion) in 2, ranked 5889st in the world and 41st in Japan[2]..Although it reduced its assets by 26 billion dollars (2782 billion yen) from last year, it maintained the top position among Japanese people for the second consecutive year.[22].


Woke up on January 2011, 3Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake10 billion yen from private property as a donationDonation official[23].

2019 years,Waseda University International Literature MuseumAnnounced that it will donate the entire cost of building renovation (about 12 billion yen) due to the opening of the building.[24].

In 2020, US $ 2500 million (US $ 27 million) against UCLA for the purpose of perpetuating the "Tadashi Yanai Initiative Global Japan Humanities Project", a project to work on the globalization of Japanese cultural research, which was carried out in collaboration with Waseda University and UCLA. Announced to make a donation of about 5 billion yen)[25].

On June 2020, 6, YanaiKyoto UniversityAnnounced that it will donate a total of 100 billion yen as an individual[26].Nobel PrizeAward winnerShinya YamanakaWith a professorHonsukeDonate 50 billion yen each to the activities of the special professor[26].

Family, relative

Yanai family
  • grandfather·Zhou Ji[27] --Yoshiki District, Yamaguchi PrefectureSue Village(Currently Yamaguchi City陶) From.I ran a cow and horse dealer[27].
  • father·Wait(1919[28] --A businessman in 1999) --Graduated from high school[6]..I gave up going to school because I didn't have money at home京都でRestaurant businessRelying on my older brother who was doingPoliteIndentured[6]..After being drafted and spending about eight years in China, he returned to Ogori.[6].. In 1949, he launched the men's clothing retailer "Men's Shop Ogori Shoji" in Ube, and in 1963 he established Ogori Shoji Co., Ltd.[6]..In addition to men's clothing, as a sister storeVANHe also ran a specialized VAN SHOP[29]..Served as president of the company1984(ShowaIn September 59, became chairman[6].1999(Heisei11) Died in February at the age of 2.In addition to running Ogori Shoji, the localsGangsterI made an earthmoving building with the people of[6]..Regarding his father, Tadashi said, "I was very kind to my father-in-law, I worked from the perspective of a livelihood business, and I did not have the perspective of an entrepreneur or a manager.[6]..It was scary.I'll hit you right away[6].. "It has said.
  • mother[6] ――My mother was a person who worked at a restaurant for my father and other older brothers, and had a quiet personality.[6].
  • sister[6]
  • sister[6]
  • wife·照代 - OsakaBackground[6]..Maiden name, Nagaoka.
  • Eldest son一海 - Link Theory JapanChairman.Boston UniversityAfter graduation, at graduate schoolMBABecame a director of FAST RETAILING at the age of 44[13].
  • second son·康治 - Mitsubishi CorporationJoined FAST RETAILING in 2011 and was promoted to the company's board of directors in 2018 at the age of 41.[13].
  • Grandchild
  • Big uncleDenichi Yanai --My big uncle, Denichi YanaiNationwide companyYamaguchi Prefecture, a participant in the founding competition, who made an effort to establish himselfHorizontal companyServed as an officer of the Union Headquarters[27].. According to "Japanese Gentlemen's Record 43rd Edition", the occupation of Denichi Yanai in Taisho-cho, Ogori is "Misc & AmenitiesIs a quotient[30].
  • uncle·Yanai Masao[27](1908 - 1998,Buraku liberationActivist, businessman, politician)-As a Buraku liberation activistAll Japan DowakaiChairman,Buraku Liberation National CommitteeIn addition to serving as chairman of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Federation, he was also a businessman who founded "Ogori Shoji".[27].
  • CousinMasayuki Sawada --Masao Yanai's son[27].Yamaguchi City CouncilCongressman.Yamaguchi City Human Rights Education Promotion Committee Chairman. 2014July 7rd at a fishing tackle storefloatArrested on suspicion of shoplifting[31]. AlsoStimulantWas detected and was re-arrested on July 7th.[31]..The address is Yamaguchi CityOgorishimogo.
  • CousinHideho Senda --Senda's mother is Yanai's older sister[6]..Said to be the right arm of Hitoshi Yanai, he served as the head of Ogori Shoji.[6]..Worked at Ogori Shoji for nearly 20 years after graduating from high schoolManaging directorServed[6]..A person who knows the roots of FAST RETAILING.
Denichi Yanai
Shukichi Yanai
Yanai and others
Yanai Masao
Tadashi Yanai
Kazumi Yanai
Koji Yanai


Related books

  • Kotaro Kawashima "Unichrome, Tadashi Yanai-Hit power to set up and sell out" (2009,)ISBN 4827204942
  • Kotaro Kawashima, "Unichrome, Tadashi Yanai's Evolving Words" (2009, Paru Publishing)ISBN 4827205035
  • Osamu Katayama, Tadashi Yanai's Perspectives and Ways of Thinking (2009, XNUMX)PHP Institute)ISBN 4569772277



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