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📦 | Rakuten / Masahiro Tanaka returns to Japan for the first time and does not win 100 NPB games in total.

Photo Masahiro Tanaka, Rakuten, who started the game against Nippon-Ham [Image: PERSOL Pacific League TV]

Masahiro Tanaka, Rakuten, returned to Japan for the first time, did not win 100 NPB in total, 2 hits, 3 runs and dropped 5 times

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Initially, the starting lineup for the Nippon-Ham Fighter (Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd.) on March 2, the second race of the season, was scheduled, but shortly before, it was diagnosed as "right soleus muscle injury" and avoided.

2722 The official game in Japan started in Yomoya for the first time in 2, 3 hits and 3 runs in the 17nd inning ■ Nippon-Ham-Rakuten (XNUMXth, East ... → Continue reading


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Rakuten Life Insurance

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Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd.(Rakuten Seimei Hoken,British: Rakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd.) IsTokyoShinjuku wardHeadquartered in JapanLife insurance company.Rakuten Card Co., Ltd.Intermediate under the umbrellaHolding company,Rakuten Insurance HoldingsWholly owned subsidiary of.

In this section, the predecessorIrio Life Insurance Co., Ltd.(Irio Seimei Hoken) is also described.


Conversion from voluntary mutual aid to life insurance

Ariko Japan (currentlyMetLife Life Insurance) Vice PresidentAXA life insurance(Former corporation) Served as president[2] officialHiroshi NakagawaWas founded in 1996Expert Alliance Co., Ltd.[Note 1]Started a membership business in 1999 and voluntarily mutual aid as a service for members (Unlicensed mutual aid) Started the business.A method in which a member becomes an introducer and introduces a new member (so-called)Multi-stage saleAs a result of increasing the number of members by the method), as of 2007, the number of contractors reached about 30 and the number of contracts reached about 90, making it the top voluntary mutual aid company in Japan.[2][3].

But in 2006Insurance business lawWas revised, and voluntary mutual aid, which had not been regulated until now, is now subject to regulation, so in October 2007Expert Alliance Insurance Preparation Co., Ltd.Founded,Financial Services AgencyI applied for a life insurance license.Initially, when applying for a license, it was assumed that sales activities would follow the conventional multi-stage sales method, but in the end this was not done, and a new contract was also made for the mutual aid contract inherited from the Expert Alliance. It was decided to separate accounting from the life insurance contract that was made[4].

Obtained a life insurance license on August 2008, 8, and at the same time changed the trade nameIrio Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Changed to.What is Irio?愛", Which means" river "in Portuguese.リ オIs a coined word that has the meaning of "I want to grow love as big as a river."[5]..The president was Nakagawa's subordinate at Ariko and AXA Life, and was the CEO of the Expert Alliance at the time.[3]Mitsuo Yoneda took over.This was the first time that voluntary mutual aid had been transformed into a life insurance business.[5].

Rakuten's management participation

RakutenIs a group company Rakuten Strategic Partners (currentlyRakuten Securities) Was invested in Airio Life[6], Agreed to enter into a capital and business alliance with Airio Life on July 2010, 7, Rakuten undertook a third-party allotment and acquired 30% (33.8% on a voting rights basis) shares.[7][8]..On December 12, the same year, all of Rakuten's shares became Class A shares with voting rights, and the shareholding ratio on a voting rights basis was 29%, making Rakuten an equity-method affiliate.[9].. In September 2011, the three medical insurance products jointly developed by the two companies were launched on the Rakuten Insurance website. Expert Group Holdings Co., Ltd., which was the parent company in February 9[Note 2]Rakuten became the largest shareholder due to the absorption-type merger.

On September 9, the same year, Rakuten announced that it would make Airio Life a subsidiary.[10][11]In October, Rakuten's shareholding ratio reached 10% on a voting rights basis, making it a consolidated subsidiary of Rakuten.[12]..After that, on March 2013, 3, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten.[12], On April 4st of the same year, the trade nameRakuten Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Changed to[13].

As an insurance company of Rakuten Group

Started full-scale online sales of insurance products with the change of trade name[13].. In October 2014, Rakuten members who meet certain conditions[Note 3]We have started a free cancer insurance service for[14][15].

In June 2015, Mitsuo Yoneda from the Expert Alliance, who had been the president since its establishment, retired from Rakuten.Hiroshi Takazawa(Currently Managing Executive Officer, President of Investment & Incubation Company, Rakuten, Inc.) became president[16].

In November 2015, the insurance premium will be the same regardless of age or gender (11 yen per month), and a health congratulatory gift will be given.Rakuten Super PointCan be received at[Note 4]Launched comprehensive security insurance "Rakuten Life Super 2000"[17]..The industry's first service to pay health gifts in points[18].. In January 2018,Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesRakuten has been in the baseball stadium since 2014Naming rightsOwnKobo Park MiyagiThe naming right of (Miyagi Stadium) became the name of Rakuten Life,Rakuten Life Park MiyagiWas renamed to[19][20].. In January 2018,RakutenFor the purpose of developing and selling life insurance products for corporations that open stores inDai-ichi Life HoldingsFormed a business alliance with[21][22].

In July of the same year, Rakuten's insurance intermediateHolding company・ With the establishment of Rakuten Insurance Holdings, Inc., it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten Insurance Holdings, Inc. due to a stock transfer.[23][24].

Chronological Table

  • 200710 - Expert Alliance Insurance Preparation Co., Ltd.TheTokyoChiyoda WardMarunouchiEstablished in.
  • 2008
    • September-TokyoMinato-kuDaiba(Tradepia Odaiba) Moved to the headquarters.
    • August-Obtained a life insurance business license,Irio Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.Succeeded the mutual aid contract of Expert Alliance Co., Ltd.
  • 2010
    • July-Capital and business alliance with Rakuten.
    • December --Become an affiliate accounted for by Rakuten's equity method.
  • 2012
    • February --Merged with Expert Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • October-Became a consolidated subsidiary of Rakuten.
  • 2013
    • March-Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten.
    • April-Changed the trade name to the current trade name.
  • 2015July-HeadquartersRakuten Crimson HouseMoved to.
  • 2018
    • February --Business tie-up with Daiichi Seimei Holdings.
    • July-Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten Insurance Holdings, Inc.The corporate logo has been changed in line with the change in the Rakuten Group's corporate logo.
  • 2020July-HeadquartersShinjuku East Side SquareMoved to[25].

注 釈

  1. ^ The business is still ongoing.
  2. ^ Holding company of the Expert Alliance. Established in 2006.Hiromitsu Nakagawa is the chairman and president.
  3. ^ Rakuten cardFor members who own and have a membership rank of "Gold" (6 or more Rakuten Super Points and 7 or more points in 700 months) or higher.
  4. ^ You can also pick it up in cash.


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  • Jihide Kawahira --Appeared on Rakuten Life's TV commercial from 2017

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