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🌐 | Mackenyu Nitta, enthusiastic love with former child actor A & insulation coverage with One Ok Taka ... For some reason, "Asagaya Sisters" ...


Mackenyu Nitta, enthusiastic love with former child actor A & insulation coverage with One Ok Taka ... For some reason, "Asagaya Sisters" ...

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Meanwhile, regarding this report, it is said that the names of popular comedy duos are flying around on the Internet, saying "That Asagaya sisters !?".

Actor Mackenyu Nitta and ONE OK ROCK vocalist Taka insulate over a woman ... → Continue reading

 Saizo Woman

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Asagaya sisters

Asagaya sisters(The morning glory)Eriko WatanabeWith (sister)Kimura MihoConsists of two (younger sister)Japan OfComedy combination.. Although the combination name is "Asagaya Shimai", Watanabe and Kimura have no blood relationship.[1].ASH & D CorporationBelongs.


Eriko Watanabe(Eriko Watanabe, (1972-07-15) 1972 May 7(49 years old) -)

  • My sister is in charge of Tsukkomi. Standing position is right.TochigiFrom (TokyoBorn), blood type is A type.Meiji University Faculty of Literaturegraduate.Possess a teacher's license for the Japanese language department of junior high school and high school.My hobbies are watching performances and playing the trumpet.Takaaki IshibashiFrom "Marathon runnersReiko TosaIs similar to." From around 2012, he also appeared on variety programs as a "singing horse performer."Hayashike-Hayashiya ParkoAlthough he revealed that he was distantly related to the couple[2], Yoshihiko Sato replies that he doesn't know his relatives at all[3].. My favorite type isShiro Ito[2]..It is customary to love bean seedlings.

Kimura Miho(Kimura Miho, (1973-11-15) 1973 May 11(48 years old) -)

  • The role is a sister and in charge of blur. The standing position is on the left.KanagawaI am from Japan and my blood type is A type. Senzoku Gakuen Junior College (current:Senzoku Children's Junior College) Music department graduation.TakashimayaHas work experience in.My hobbies are watching Buddha statues and playing the piano.What type of man do you likeSatoshi Nakajima[2].. Regular appearance in the combination "Muscat knight], he has demonstrated an amazing pompousness, and is often messed up not only by his partner Eriko, but also by his co-stars. Brush your teeth while sleeping.

Biography / Geisha

Two peopleTokyo Battery Research InstituteGet acquainted while enrolled.After the one-year training period at the institute, neither of them remained in the selection of the graduation performance of the institute, Eriko spends a while at the call center and Miho spends a while as a clerical worker.[4].. 2007, Suginami-ku, TokyoAsayaWhen the two of us visited the eel shop in Tokyo, we were given the name "Asagaya Sisters" by our husband because they looked like sisters.[4], Eriko wrote on her blog, "If you have a request for Asagaya Shimai," an offer from a comedy live came in, and she made her debut as a combination on October 10nd of the same year.at firstUmezu NorijiI belonged to the office "Office Plum".After that, after freelance, from April 2012, 4ASH & D CorporationBelongs.

Manzai and Tale together.Manzai costumes are lined up in pink dresses.In addition to her old face, her debut as an entertainer was late, so she included her aunt's self-deprecation.Talking manzaiIs the main. We specialize in singing material that makes use of high singing ability,Francis ray"men and womenSing while harmonizing the parody ofbridgeIs used.Eriko sometimes makes a tsukkomi action by tightening Miho's scarf.

2008,It was your thanks to the Tunnels] CornerDoctors and Assistants-Monomene Championship that is too detailed to conveyIn the 13thSaori Yuki-Shoko YasudaPlayed a sister impersonator and won second place, 14th and 15th finalists.In the 22nd time, he sealed his favorite song material and showed off the shoplifting site of a housewife in a supermarket that made the best use of his appearance, the fortune telling fraud at a coffee shop, the local welfare officer dispatched from the ward office, and the religious solicitation in front of the station.By the way, only Yuki and Yasuda sisters have their standing positions reversed from normal.

The 2018nd `` held in 2Female entertainer No.1 deciding match THE W』But, the game is played with a control that almost seals the song, and advances to the final. The 1st stage is a visit to hospitalRed gingerTo win. In the final decisive battle, a story about kidnapping, second placeYokosawa NatsukoA big difference and won[5][6].. In "THE W", we will advance to the final in the 2019rd held in 3, but in the 1st stageWithoutIt wasn't a consecutive win, with a close marginal loss.

The "Asagaya Sisters' Morning Routine" video uploaded to the NTV official YouTube channel on November 2019, 11Social MediaIt was spread mainly among young people, and it became a big hit with over 5 million views in just 120 days after posting. As of December 2019, 12, it has exceeded 27 million views, but has since been closed to the public.

Award race results

King of conte

年度ResultVenueDate and Time
2009 2rd round advanceTEPCO Hall2009/08/06
2011 Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ2011/08/25
2012 Lost the quarterfinalsMeiji Yasuda Life Hall2012/08/16
2013 Eliminated the second roundTheater Bratz2013/08/03
2014 2rd round advanceHarajuku Quest Hall2014/08/29
2015 2rd round advanceMeiji Yasuda Life Hall2015/08/20
2016 Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ2016/09/08
2017 Quarterfinals advanceCurian Hall2017/08/15
2018 Advance to the semi-finalsMynavi BLITZ Akasaka2018/09/06/07

M-1 Grand Prix

年度GradeVenueDate and Time
2008 3rd round advance[7]LUMINE the Yoshimoto2008/11/15
2009 2rd round advance[8]Laforet Museum Harajuku2009/11/07
2015 3rd round advance[9]LUMINE the Yoshimoto2015/10/23
2021 Quarterfinals advance[10]LUMINE the Yoshimoto2021/11/17


年度GradeVenueDate and Time
2017 Advance to the semi-finalsLUMINE the Yoshimoto2017/11/22
2018 WinNippon TV2018/12/10
2019 Advance to the final (B block 2nd game defeated)Nippon TV2019/12/09


  • Although they have no blood relationship, they have lived together in Asagaya, Suginami-ku, Tokyo since around 2011 so that they can be compared to the name of the duo. I canceled my living together at the end of 2017, but I still live next to each other in the same apartment.[11].
  • Broadcasted on December 2017, 8Tamori ClubIn TokyoAsagaya StationIn front of ErikoFood Museum Ito-YokadoAnd MihoSeiyuA "favorite match" was held with[12].
  • Makoto OtakeSon ofmanagerIs serving[13]


tv set

Current appearance program

Past appearance programs


TV drama



Music video




  • Asagaya Sisters and Daiki Late Live in E-flat major (September 2010, 9, Tokyo Theater Vitas) - In E flat majorJoint live with.
  • Asagaya Sisters and Daiki Late Live in Weird E Major 2 ~ I'll be angry tomorrow ~ (August 2011, 8 Tokyo Theater Vitas, September 28, 2011 Osaka Wach Kamigata Tei)
  • Asagaya Sisters and Daiki Late Live in E-flat major 3 ~ We wonder if we are over-fermented? ~ (July 2013, 7, Shinjuku Vitas, Tokyo)
  • Asagaya Sisters Show I "First Dinner" (December 2013-12, 1, Shinjuku Minotoru, Tokyo 3)[21]
  • Jun and Sisters 1 (September 2015-9, 5,Asahi Art Square)- Tablet netJoint live with.
  • Asagaya Sisters Solo Live 1 Birth ~ Ubugoe ~ (October 2016-10, 25, Tokyo, Za, Koenji 26, October 2, 2016, Osaka, Kintetsu Art Museum)[22]
  • Asagaya Sisters Solo Live 2 You and I (August 2017-8, 26 Musashino Public Hall, Tokyo, September 27-2017, 9 Osaka Kintetsu Art Museum) [23]
  • Asagaya Sisters' Waiwai Festa-Thank you again this year- (December 2017-12, 19, Yumemachi Theater, Asakusa, Tokyo)[24]
  • Asagaya Sisters Solo Live 3 Open Door (October 2018-10, 3 Tokyo / Tokyo Kinema Club, October 4, 2018 Aichi / Bottomline, October 10-9, 2018 Osaka / Misono Universe, October 10, 11 Hyogo / Club Moon World)
  • Asagaya Sisters Solo Live 4 Oh! Sister (July 2019-7, Tokyo, Shimokita Town Hall, July 23, 26-2019, Osaka, Daimaru Shinsaibashi Theater, August 7, 29-Aichi, Aichi Imaike Gas Hall)


Participating works



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