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📦 | Dumb Type's masterpiece "S / N" is being distributed online for the first time until May 5th.

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Dumb Type's masterpiece "S / N" is being distributed online for the first time until May 5th.

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It is also fresh in my memory that the exhibition "Dumb Type | Action + Reflection" was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 2019.

The recorded video of Dumb Type's masterpiece "S / N" is being distributed for the first time in the world.The delivery period is from April 4th to May 26th.dam… → Continue reading

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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Dumb type

Dumb type(Damtaipu,Dumb Type, dumb type) IsKyoto City University of ArtsAn artist group formed mainly by students from Japan.1984 Was established inKyoto City University of ArtsActive activities including overseas performances while still in school.Members with different means of expression such as architecture, art, design, music, and dance will participate and explore the possibilities of artistic expression.Based in Kyoto, he is active mainly in overseas performances.1995 One of the core membersTeiji FuruhashiEven after his death, the activity continues to this day while changing members.

1980 era TheVideo art,Contemporary danceIn recent years, in a broad senseMedia artare categorized.Often referred to as the "Multimedia Art Performance Group".


1983 Until that time, he was active under the name of "Theatrical Company Karma", but from around 1984 he began to use the name Dumb Type.The members were producing works in different majors, but it was said that Dumb Type started from the point of removing the frame of the department and creating a more borderless art group.

The name dumb type is in EnglishDumb(= Lost language ability, dumb, reticent, stupid, stupid)TypeA coined word consisting of (= type, type, type)Dumb TypeAnd thenhierarchyHate,ScienceThis happened because I hate it, "the members later said.

In the production of many works, the method of collaborative production is adopted, and the expression changes with each performance.Work in progressHas the form of.The person who is positioned as a producer is completely different for each work.


The characteristic is that it does not have a fixed member and does not support a leader.Also, each personal activity is very active.Below are just a few of the people who have been involved in the production and appearance to date.

  • Teiji Furuhashi(Director, "S / N" performer, media artist)
  • Sakurako Takatani ("OR" production, company manager)
  • Shiro Takatani ("S / N" video editor, stage director, videographer, "PLEASURE LIFE" "pH" "S / N" "OR" "memorandum" "Voyage" performer)
  • Kenjiro Ishibashi ("OR" "S / N" performers)
  • Misako Yabuuchi ("OR" "S / N" performers)
  • Masato Hanaishi
  • Seiko Ouchi ("OR" performer)
  • Takashi Okamoto
  • Takayuki Fujimoto
  • Hiromasa Tomari
  • Noriko Sunayama ("OR", "S / N", "memorandum" performers)
  • Mayumi Tanaka ("S / N" performer)
  • Takao Kawaguchi ("OR" performer)
  • Ryoji Ikeda(Musician, contemporary artist)
  • Peter Golightly ("S / N" performer)
  • Eiichi Maeda ("OR" performer)
  • Satoshi Ozaki
  • Richi Owaki
  • Fujiwara Manna
  • Yuko Hirai
  • Ichiro Awazu
  • Bub de la Madeleine ("S / N" performer)
  • Tadasu Takamine("S / N" performer)
  • Toru Oyamada ("S / N" performer)
  • Toru Yamanaka
  • Yukihiro Hozumi
  • Tomohiro Ueshiba
  • Mayumi Tanaka ("OR" performer)

Main works

  • 1986  "Plan for sleep" (performance)
  • 1988  "Pleasure Life" (performance)
  • 1990 ~1993  "PH" (performance)
  • 1992 ~1996  "S / N" (performance)
  • 1997 ~2002  "OR" (performance, installation)
  • 1999 ~ "Memorandum" (performance)
  • 2001 ~ "Voyage" (performance, installation)


30th place "S / N", 32nd place "OR", 36th place "pH", 38th place "LOVERS" (Teiji Furuhashi solo, isaku)

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