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🌐 | The “flaming YouTubers” who made a noise are now--Kaneko Aya “Emergency Transport” Repezen Earth “Renamed ...


The "flaming YouTubers" who made a noise are now-Kaneko Aya "Emergency Transport" Repezen Earth "Renamed ...

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Because of this past, regarding the announcement of the dissolution, "Isn't it a lie anyway?"

The YouTube area where "flaming" occurs somewhere like every week.However, some people don't know "after burning" ... → Continue reading

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Burning marketing

Burning marketingWhat is (Enjo Marketing)?BurningBy intentionally causing and attracting public attention, sales andRecognitionTo stretchMarketingIs a technique[1][2].Burning business method,HomuraAlso written as[2].


"" Caused by inappropriate statements or expressions that may be criticized on the websiteBurning"AdsPropagandaIt is a marketing method used for[1][2]..In general, "flaming" is due to a negative reputation, and people and products have bad feelings.boycottIt is not a desirable condition because it may lead to[1][2]..However, depending on the scale of "flaming"Mass mediaWill be taken up in, and may receive a lot of attention[1][2]..This marketing method uses this trend to raise name recognition without spending a lot of advertising expenses.[1][2].

Regarding the cause of this technique, the columnistTakashi OdashimaIs prone to rants on the internetaffiliatePointed out that it is easy to do because of the income of[3].

実 例

HokkaidoChomanbe Town OfImage characterMetI'm sorryHowever, it became famousTwitterPut a plunge in various directionsPoisonous tongueBecause.By making poisonous tongues in every directioncharacterThere is a lot of opposition toBurningHowever, at the same time, the number of accesses and followers increased, and the name recognition also increased, and in each mediaNews reportHe became the chief of the fire department for one day and the stationmaster for one day.But2011 May 8ToJapanSince he tweeted that he had engaged in a war of aggression, there were a series of protests against Oshamambe Town, and Oshamambe Town posted an apology on the official website under the name of the mayor, and Twitter and the website will be closed. became[4][5].

As a successful example, the official mascot character "Heijo Relocation 1300th Anniversary Festival" in Nara PrefectureSento-kun"Is mentioned.When it was first decided as the official mascot of Nara Prefecture, various criticisms were received.First of all, it was popular in the pastYuru CharaIt is an unprecedented design that makes a clear distinction, and a monk volunteer asks for the withdrawal of the design, saying that "the Buddha statue is a fool"Yahoo! JAPANbyAttitude surveyThen, about 77% of the respondents said that it would be better to change this mascot character.I'm sorryThere were many opinions that denied it as well as[6]..Also productionExpenseHas reached 1,018 million yen, which can be obtained from the workCopyrightIncluding the transfer of incomeProduction500 million yen is the creator's feeSatoshi YabuuchiWas paid to, without soliciting designs from the general publicExpertFrom the 21 proposals solicited fromAdvertising agencyThroughcompetitionIt was also criticized that it was selected in[7]..But there are a lot of turmoil over these mascot characters.News reportAs a result of this, Sento-kun's name recognition has increased significantly.Osaka Prefectural University経済学部教授の荒木長照らは2008年4月19日、このマスコットキャラクターに関する報道による宣伝効果の試算を発表し、テレビではNHKと民放キー局の28番組で計1時間52分02秒採り上げられ、広告料に換算すると1,469,590,167円、新聞では全国紙の記事段数などから13,331,019円、合計約15億円の宣伝効果があったとした[8].

Also, as an example of overseas success2010 Ofルーマニア Ofチ ョ コ レ ー トThere is an example of confectionery "ROM".This candy was made during the Communist Party administration in 1964 and was a national candy with a history of printing the Romanian flag, but sales have been sluggish for young people in recent years as a typical example of "bad candy". Was there.Therefore, the manufacturer plans to use the recognition that "American brand" is synonymous with "cool" in the recognition of young people and to fuel the patriotism of the people.As the first step, it announced that the package design was renewed from the Romanian flag to a design with the Star-Spangled Banner, which is the American flag, as a motif.As this was aimed, it touched the patriotism of the people and caused an antipathy, causing a "flaming".As an examplePrime timeIn the news program ofFacebookMany users have participated in protests above.After that, as the second step, he returned the package and announced that it was a joke, and called on everyone to rejoice in the rediscovery of the patriotism of the people.The campaign reaches 2% of the population and is worth € 67 in advertising terms.PublicityEarned,SnickersOf chocolate sweets in Japanmarket shareBecame a market leader with 20% of the total.This project is in 2011Cannes Lions International Creativity FestivalWon the Grand Prix in the Promotion & Activation category and the Direct category[1][9][10].

Hokkaido University OfYoshida Tohru The2016 United States Presidential ElectionInDonald Trump,フィリピンPresidentialRodrigo DuterteHe pointed out that they gained the support of low-income earners in attacks on the authoritative class.[3].


Yoshida says that the existing media should be careful about accurate coverage, ignoring the flames, and the timing of picking up.[3].


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