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📦 | Rakuten announces cancellation of contract with new foreigner Conley "Looking at the deterioration of the situation in Japan" at Corona

Photo Adam Conley announced the cancellation of the contract by Rakuten [Photo: Getty Images]

Rakuten announces cancellation of contract with new foreigner Conley "Looking at the deterioration of the situation in Japan" at Corona

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From the time I signed the contract, I was really looking forward to playing at Rakuten Eagles and living in the wonderful country of Japan.

30-year-old left arm, major total 25 wins 30 losses 5 saves Rakuten cancels contract with new foreign pitcher Adam Conley on the 6th ... → Continue reading


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Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

Rakuten Group > Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(Tohokurakuten Golden Eagles,British: Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles) IsJapan OfProfessional baseballBaseball team.Pacific LeagueBelong to.

MiyagiTheProtected areaAnd the prefectureSendai cityMiyagino WardIt is inRakuten Life Park Miyagi(Official abbreviations are "Rakuten Seimei Park" and "Rakuten Life")Private stadium(Base).

Eastern LeagueBelongingSecond armyIs based in the prefectureMiyagi-gunRifu TownIt is inRakuten Eagles Rifu StadiumAnd Sendai CityIzumi ku OfWelfame Foods Forest Dori Stadium Izumi.

Because the team name is long, the popular name isRakuten Eagles.. The team abbreviation isRakutenorTohoku Rakuten[Annotation 1], The corporate name isRakuten baseball team(Rakuten and Kyudan).

Baseball history

Established baseball team


Came to light in JuneOrix Blue WaveとOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesOriginated in the merger ofProfessional baseball reorganization problemIn September of the same yearJapan Professional Baseball OrganizationIn response to the decision to abolish the membership fee (in place of the deposit deposit system),Kobe CityorOsakaExpressed the intention to enter professional baseball[3]..At this pointcommissionerSaid, "Entry is difficult in time"[4].May 9Franchise Miyagi Prefecture (Regional protection rights)[5]And applied to join the new baseball team.

May 10, The first directorYasushi TaoWill be announced to take office[6].May 10The team name of the new teamTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(Common name:Rakuten Eagles) Announced[7].. At this timeLive door baseball(Name: Sendai Livedoor Phoenix) had also applied for membership, but in the same yearMay 11Rakuten's entry into the professional baseball owners meeting was officially approved[8](New professional baseball teams1954 OfTakahashi UnionsIt's been 50 years since then. After new entry decisionMay 11, Orix and Kintetsu players will be divided into the merged team "Orix Buffaloes" and the new team "Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles"Distribution draftWas held and 40 players were decided to join Rakuten[9].. The name of "Golden Eagles" isTohoku region Ofworld Heritage-Shirakami SanchiLive inBird of prey-Golden eagleDue to. Initially, it was just planned to be "Eagles", but due to trademark, it became "Golden Eagles"[Annotation 2].. In addition, it is a team that existed before the war ``EaglesHas nothing to do with.

May 11, The first time since new entryDraft meetingParticipate inMeiji University OfYasuhiro IchibaTheFree frameIn addition to the ones that were acquired in, he nominated six athletes who could become "immediate fighting power" from the college/working world. In addition, free trades and free contract players from other teams are acquired one after another (Takeshi Yamazaki,Koichi Sekikawa,Tetsuya Iidaetc). In addition, he was appointed by ORIX in the distribution draft but refused to joinHisashi IwakumaIs also earned through money trading. Of the players nominated at the draft conference,Tatsuya Shiokawa(Tohoku Fukushi University) Is after active retirement2018Returned to the team as a one-army coach. So-called"Matsuzaka generationOf the 6th round,Hiraishi Yosuke(Toyota), while still in the team after retiring from the active career, experienced acting as a coach of the 2019st arm after working as a XNUMXst army/training coach and XNUMXnd army coach, and became the first director of Rakuten's birth in XNUMX.

Become the new home of the teamMiyagi Stadium TheAgingBecause it was remarkable, it was decided that it will be renovated in a two-year plan so that Rakuten's investment can withstand the use as a professional headquarters. On the other hand, Miyagi Prefecture, which owns the stadium,Naming rightsI decided to sell it and started recruiting. As a result, the staffing agencyFull castWas decided to sell the naming rights under a three-year contract of 2 million yen per year.20053,Fullcast Stadium Miyagi(Abbreviation: Fulsta Miyagi)". The naming right isSecond armyHe also planned to sell his team name, but he has no contractor.

In addition, the team practice area and training camp are close to Miyagi Stadium.Miyagino WardInJT hardball baseball club(2004 rest) facility (JT StadiumEtc.) was being considered, but abandoned because negotiations were not organized. The development of training facilities in Sendai was extremely difficult. On the other hand, with regard to the headquarters of the Second Army, when the entry plan of Rakuten Livedoor emerged.AkitaとYamagataHad made a bid to attract, but Rakuten decided to base it in Yamagata Prefecture, which is close to Sendai City,YamagataSuburbsHigashimurayama-gunNakayama TownIt is inYamagata baseball field(Current: Shonai Bank, Nisshin Pharmaceutical Stadium Yamagata) will be used. After that, practice areas, training camps, etc.Tendo cityIt is inYamagata Prefectural Sports ParkAlthough a plan was made to develop it inside (as a temporary measure until the maintenance, the public accommodation in Yamagata city was used as a temporary training camp), most of the athletes lived in the suburbs of Sendai city, and at that time Since the players had to be frequently exchanged between the first and second armies, there was doubt about the need and the plan was left blank. Converted to a plan to develop a fostering facility in Sendai city (However, the base of the XNUMXnd Army will not be changed).

Immediately after the new entry was decided, the autumn camp was wearing a jersey with the Rakuten logo on a white background.Fujiidera StadiumMade in[10].

Tao era


May 2 OfOkinawaKumejimaFull-scale start at the spring camp in.May 2,Shin Oita StadiumIs the first open game as a teamYomiuri GiantsA battle broke out, winning 4 to 3. The open game was 16 wins, 7 wins, 8 losses and 1 minute[11].

May 3The official match of the Pacific League has started, and Rakuten will be the first official game of the team as a team.Chiba Marine StadiumでChiba Lotte MarinesIwakuma, who started the game, completed the match and won 3 to 1. It was the first time in the history of Japanese professional baseball that a team that had not played a single game in an official game since the foundation of the team won the first match against a team that had experience in an official game of the army since its establishment. It was

But the nextMay 3Lotte is the starting line in the second round ofShunsuke WatanabeIt was suppressed to 1 hit before, and suffered the first defeat of the 2st army official game with the maximum score difference of 0 to 26 since the start of the XNUMX league system (The match articlereference). After that, they lost four straight games, and the first game of their hometown will start on April 4.Seibu LionsThe first batter in the battleKoichi Isobe Atsushi OkamotoThe team was the second win of the season since the opening game with 16 to 5, such as hitting the first one-team official home run in the history of the team that hit the back screen directly. HoweverMay 4 OfHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersFrom the battle to the Seibu battle on the 29th, 11 wins were lost and the win rate is less than 2%.[12].. For this reason,May 4ToGM OfMarty KeenartAs a team advisor (GM's post is currently vacant) and head coachYamashita DaisukeAnd of the hitting coachTokuhiro KomadaTo the XNUMXnd army (instead of the XNUMXnd armyYusuke MatsuiOutfield defense and base run coachHideki HashigamiThe coaching staff have been changed significantly.

It started from this year on May 5Sep-pa Exchange Battle'S record was 11 wins and 25 losses, ending at the bottom. In July, he recorded 7 wins, 10 losses and 9 division, the first monthly win in the history of the team, but in August he lost his second season 1 times in a row.[Annotation 3][13] Such asMay 8In the match against Nippon-Ham (Furusuta Miyagi), it was decided that he would lose to the bottom of the season and the PAL League team. It was in 8 that the bottom of the season was decided during August.May 8Was decidedKintetsu PearlsIt has been 53 years since then.May 9After the final round of the home game against Lotte, Director Tao was announced to be dismissed at the end of the season. The final result was 38 wins, 97 losses and 1 minute (win rate .281). The 100-season loss, which had been whispered before the opening, was barely spared, but it was 5 games ahead of Nippon Ham, who came in 25th place, and 1 games ahead of Softbank, who came in 51.5st place in the regular season. It was the lowest win rate in the first year of the new team after the two league system[14].. The team's most wins were Iwakuma's 9 wins, followed byKazuo FukumoriThere was a marked difference from other teams in terms of strength such as 4 wins[13].. The fact that there was no guarantee of minimum strength, such as the specifications of the distribution draft, resonated greatly.

He succeeded directors such as Nankai, Yakult, Hanshin, etc.Katsuya NomuraWas appointed.

Nomura era


As a strategy for the weak,Develop intangible power!The slogan is "" and the team's strength is cultivated. This year, we will continue to strengthen theFree contractBecameJose Fernandez, AlsoYokohama Bay StarsからCedric Bowers,TaiwanFromHidee HayashiFormer LotteRick shortEarned.

The hosting match was organized for the first time in the open game, but it was not held at the hometown Fulusta Miyagi due to renovation work as in the previous year,Kurashiki Muscat Stadium,Kagawa Prefectural Baseball Field,Shizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Athletic Field Hardball Baseball FieldA total of 3 games were assembled at 4 stadiums.

Just before the start of the leagueIzumi kuCompleted a practice ground, indoor practice room, and training campDenkoSigned a naming contract withDencord Stadium IzumiWas named." afterwards2008Has returned the naming rights at the end of March).Eastern LeagueNot used in the official game, it will be used as a facility for practice only (However, it may be used in practice games with amateur amateur teams). The training camp set up on the same site as the training ground was named "Izumi Inu Eagle Dormitory".

The opening game of Nippon Ham on March 3 (Sapporo Dome), because Iwakuma was out of order, Ichiba, who had only two wins in the previous year, served as the opening pitcher, but was defeated, and after the opening five consecutive losses, on the 2stFukuoka Softbank HawksFirst win of the season in the battle (Furusta Miyagi). In exchange battle, May 5Yakult SwallowsBattle (Meiji Jingu Stadium)soRick GatomsonからNo hit no runEnjoyed[12].. The final result is 17 wins and 19 losses, 7th place. In the second half,May 8Orix Battle (Skymark stadium) 3 consecutive wins of the same card in the league. Although the record after September was 9 wins and 9 losses and 10 minute, it did not become more than 1th place from the opening in the Seibu game on September 9[13] The lowest rank for the second consecutive year[12].. The final result is 47 wins, 85 losses and 4 minutes, the lowest of 5 games difference from Orix in 4.5th place. Jose Fernandez will be the first title of the team,Best nine(XNUMXrd baseman) won.

Made on August 9High school draftAnd this yearSummer high school baseballRunner up schoolKomadai Tomakomai OfMasahiro TanakaWas appointed in the first round. After competing with Nippon Ham, Orix, and Yokohama, he won the negotiation right by lottery and joined the group.


Of the opening game on March 3Goodwill domeIwakuma served as the opening pitcher for the first time in two years in the Seibu battle, but lost the match. Round 2 of the following 25th is the second yearKoji AoyamaWins, but then loses four consecutive games.May 4In Orix's match (Furusuta Miyagi), Fernandez and Yamazaki each recorded a home run on the back of the third inning (one inning and two home runs were recorded in Japan). In the three consecutive SoftBank games from 3th to 1th, he won his first 2 consecutive home games. Yamazaki will be the first team in MayMonthly MVPAward.

March 7All-star game8 players were selected by fan voting in[12],Tanaka,Teru Matsumoto(Decline due to breakdown)Kazuo Fukumori,Motohiro Shima,Yosuke Takasu,Teppei, Isobe, Yamazaki and Rakuten players occupied.However, because he was selected regardless of his ability, director Katsuya Nomura complained at the time of the mid-term announcement that he was "all stardust, not all star", and Nippon-Ham, who was the director of all pas this year. Of the directorTray hillmanSaid, "It is a violation of the manners of the fans."

8 wins a month in August. It remained strong in September, winning the first two consecutive months. 15th against Softbank (Yahoo Dome) In the third year and decided the first lowest escape in the history of the team[12]In the end, 67 wins, 75 losses, 2 minutes (win rate .472), and Softbank, who came in 3rd place, came in 7.5th place with a 4 game difference. In the match against SoftBank and Orix, the team has won the first match by season according to the baseball team. It was a season when the batting team led the team with a total score of 575 (2nd place Thailand) and a total of 676 points (6th place). Yamazaki wins the first hit division title in the team 43 homers 108 hits and doubles the home run, and Tanaka is the first to hit the team.Newcomer KingEarned.

On October 10th, the day after the final race of Rakuten's home, with the full castNaming rightsWith the cancellation of the contract, the name of the base is returned to the original "Miyagi Stadium",Nippon Paper IndustriesAcquired the naming right of its base, Miyagi Stadium. Renamed “Nippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi (abbreviation: K-STA Miyagi)” on January 1st (after that, a scandal of the company was discovered. Although the cancellation of the naming right contract was escaped, the company name was deleted as a penalty. "Kleenex Stadium Miyagi(The abbreviation does not change)".


The slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2008 Thinking about baseball!. "

3月20日の開幕戦のソフトバンク戦(ヤフードーム)では9回裏に逆転サヨナラ3ラン本塁打を打たれて敗れ開幕から4連敗するが、その後7連勝で4月3日のロッテ戦(Kスタ宮城)で球団史上初の単独首位に浮上(2日後に首位陥落)。交流戦では初の勝ち越し(13勝11敗)[12].. It remained strong until June, but in July it lost 6 games, 7 losses and 24 minutes in 5 games. Former Nippon Ham in the middle of the seasonFernando SeginolAnd aim to strengthen the batting line. However, although Iwakuma struggles after August, he loses. In the final round of the season, the Softbank game (Ksta Miyagi) on October 8th, the team won 10 goodbyes and extended to the bottom. 7 wins, 12 losses, finished in 65th place. The team's total goal difference was +76, which was the first plus for the team. In addition, the team defensive rate was the first three points, the third place in the Pa League, and the batting average was the top 3 teams. Iwakuma wins 5 wins and wins triple crown of the pitcherMVP,Sawamura Prize,Best nineSelected as (Pitcher). And Seginol also struggled greatly in the sluggish team.

After the end of the season, Nomura's coach, who was supposed to expire the contract for three years, decided to extend the contract. Next year, I will continue to direct Rakuten. Also off from the giantMakoto KosakaMoney trading, from ChunichiNorihiro NakamuraTheFAEarned in. Kosaka is the first teamMiyagiThe native player, Nakamura, became the first FA member to join the team.


The slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2009 "Ki" -Cross! ~. "

In 1 monthMajor league baseball OfAuckland AthleticsStarted a business alliance with.WBCThe official game begins with the openingMay 4Since it was set up in, the first open game will be held at the hometown (Ksta Miyagi) (May 3With OryxNext 24 daysSeibu Battle).

4 consecutive wins from the opening game of Nippon Ham (Sapporo Dome) on April 3[15] Although he was in the top position until April 4th and fell from the top position,[13] First April finishes first[16] Although he was in the lead until May 5,[13]、交流戦では6連敗するなど最終的には9勝15敗の10位。打線の軸として期待された中村紀やセギノールも開幕から低迷し、二軍落ちするなどの誤算もあり7月も8連敗するなど低迷は続く。しかし、8月以降の3カ月で38勝21敗と勝ち進みMay 9Will be the first in the history of the team in the Softbank gameClimax seriesAdvanceMagic number19 lights up[17],May 10In the Battle of Seibu (Ksta Miyagi)A class includedDecided[18].. Winning the match against Orix on the 9th, the league second place is confirmed[19], CS first stage local hosting rights won. In the end, he won the first season with 1 wins and 77 losses and 66 minute (win rate .1). Three pitchers (Iwakuma, Tanaka,Rei Nagai) Gave a double-digit victory.

On October 10, Nomura is notified by the team that he will retire from the coach.[13].. Made from 10th OctoberCSThe first stage of the match against Softbank at K-Star Miyagi and advance to the second stage with two consecutive wins[20] However, the second stage with Nippon-Ham at Sapporo Dome was unable to keep the 2-point lead in the final round in the first round and lost the goodbye.[21].. Lost in Round 4 and lost with a total of 1 win and 4 losses[22].. After the end of CS, Nomura retires when the contract period expires[23].

To succeed this year until the yearHiroshima Toyo CarpI oversawMarty BrownIs appointed. Nomura has been officially appointed as honorary coach of the team who was requested to take office on March 3 of the following year (16 years).[24].

Brown directed


The slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2010 Eagle Fire! ". (The eagle pushes forward with a strong passion).

March 3, lost 20-1 to the opening game of Orix (Kyocera Dome)[25], Then the team lost 4 straight[26].. The exchange match was ranked 12th out of 5 teams (the same rate as 3rd place was taken into consideration in the previous year's ranking), but in this year's exchange match the top 6 teams were monopolized by the Pa League. Therefore, the ranking in the league did not rise. After the end of the exchange game, I started to lose, and I could not rise to the rank even once since I was the lowest in the single against the Softbank game on June 6[12], The league bottom for the first time in 9 years was confirmed on September 19[12].. We couldn't even win 1% of the wins since the opening, and the final record is 5 games 62 losses 79 minutes away from SoftBank, which won the championship, and 3 games are different from Orix, which is 15 games. The average number of spectators for home games has decreased by nearly 5 from the previous year. Under these circumstances, the team announced the dismissal of Brown's manager after the final round of the season on September 7.5th.[27].

To replace Brown,Chunichi Dragons,Hanshin TigersFormer director and senior director of HanshinSenichi HoshinoWas appointed[28].

Hoshino era


Major League Baseball playerAkinori Iwamura,Matsui KazuoEarned. Also,Posting systemIwakuma, who had announced the transfer to the Major Leagues using the, also broke down negotiations with Auckland Athletics, which had acquired the exclusive bargaining rights in the bid, and remained in the baseball team. With the introduction of the captain system, Tetsuhei became the first captain of the team. The team slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2011 Straight. "

Initially, it was planned to welcome the first opening game of the base since it was founded in the Lotte match at K-sta Miyagi on March 3th.May 3Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan EarthquakeThe opening game was postponed due to the damage of K-Star Miyagi at. On this day, the teamHyogo Prefectural Akashi Park First Baseball StadiumAll players were safe during the open game against Lotte at[29][Annotation 4].. Practice resumed on 13th[31]No open battle until 17th, but open battle with China and Japan for the first time since the earthquake on 18th[32]Practice until the opening, mainly in Kansai[33]After the game, we are collecting funds at the stadium, streets, etc.[34][35][36].. A charity match of 4 teams was held on April 2nd and 3rd, with Rakuten playing Nippon Ham at Sapporo Dome. At this timeMotohiro ShimaBut,"Let's show the power of baseballI made a speech. On April 4th, the team returned to Sendai for the first time since the earthquake, and on the 7th day when he entered Sendai, Director Hoshino apologized at the shelter that he said, "I'm sorry I'm late. I'm sorry." There was a strong aftershock)[37].. September 4thJuan MorelioWas asked to leave the team and was approved because he was mentally damaged by the earthquake[38].

On the other hand, the damage of 47 places such as a lighting tower was found in K-sta Miyagi due to the earthquake.[39]However, due to the need for repair work, it was decided to temporarily replace the sponsored game in Kansai.[Annotation 5].. The opening day of both the Se and Pa League this yearMay 4Postponed. The opening game of the same dayQVC Marine FieldAgainst Lotte[40], Sponsored match firstMay 4fromHanshin Koshien Stadium[Annotation 6] Against Orix[41].. And the first match at the home base, K-sta Miyagi was "" by Miyagi Prefecture.May 4Against Orix[42], Both won.

4月を9勝6敗で2位で終えたが5月は7勝14敗2分と負け越し、岩村や鉄平が打率1割台で低迷、岩隈が18日離脱した事が原因とされ、18日には5位、翌6月4日には最下位となっている。交流戦も9勝13敗2分の9位と低迷した。一方で田中が6、7月に連続して月間MVPを受賞するなどの活躍もあり[Annotation 7]In NovemberRei NagaiWas released due to a failure, but Iwakuma is back,Darrell RaznerTurned into restraint and saved 5Takahiro Shiomiが2勝を挙げるなどもあり、12勝10敗1分と勝ち越す。8月、前半に7連敗するも、後半に球団タイの7連勝もあり勝ち越す。しかし9月は8勝14敗と失速し、終盤までクライマックスシリーズ進出争いには加わったものの10月13日に進出の可能性がなくなり[12]In the end, 66 wins, 71 losses and 7 minutes, 23.5 games ahead of the leading SoftBank, and 3 games behind Seibu in 3rd place.Unified sphereWith the influence of, the number of home runs is 53, which is the minimum for the team, and the worst record for 7 consecutive games without home runs from July to August.In Yahoo Dome (8 games) and Sapporo Dome (17 games), the Pacific League team's first home run was 11 since it became the baseball stadium.Tanaka won the most wins, the best ERA, the most shutout Triple Crown and the best nine and golden glove award pitchers.This year, Yamazaki left the group after receiving a notification from outside the force.[44].


January, IwakumaMLB-Seattle MarinersWas transferred to FA.

The team slogan is "Both Smart & Spirit2012 are forward.. "

May 3, The team's first home base opener match was held, but lost 3-5[45].. The exchange match was 10th with 14 wins and 9 losses. The first half of the game until just before the All-Star was 40 wins, 38 losses and 3/3rd place, and the team returned to the class A for the first time in the class, with a winning rate of 5% or more, but in the second half of the game it lost 8 consecutive losses and lowered the ranking. After overcoming September, Softbank, Lotte and the climax series advance battle will continue until the end, but it was drawn at the 9th game against Seibu (K-Star Miyagi) on October 10th.[46] B class is confirmed. Win the final round at Lotte (K-Star Miyagi)[47] However, with 67 wins and 67 losses and 10 minutes, they ended up in 7.5 games with the leading Nippon Ham and 3 games, which is one game difference from Softbank in 1rd place.

Former baseball team chairman Hiroshi Mikitani returned to the baseball team owner on August 8st, and he was a brokerage company president.Yozo TachibanaWas appointed[48].

It became FA from MLB and Diamondbacks in the off season.Takashi SaitoEarned[49],Akinori IwamuraNotification to outside of force[50].. In addition, of active major leaguerAndrew JonesとCasey maggieWas announced. Honorary director Nomura also retired from the post at the end of his term[51].


The team slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2013 HEAT!'[52].

Tanaka who was seen as the opening pitcherWBCBecause I declined my tiredness in[53], The opening game of Softbank (Yahoo Auction Dome)NorimotoWill be the opening pitcher for the first time in 55 years as a new pitcher, but it has lost 1 to 7[54].. Achieved 4 wins for the baseball team by winning 27-9 against the Seibu Battle (Seibu Dome) on April 2.[55] However, from the beginning, he lost around 5% from April, losing 4 wins and 9 losses in April.[56], On May 5 the debt will be 3[12]After that, I won the stars and fought against SoftBank to win the exchange battle.[57]Finished in second place with a 0.5 game difference. After winning Lotte on the 2th of July and becoming the team's first same-ranking leader after June[58] Moved to the top position on July 7th[59]Returns to the top position in the first half[60], And never surrendered the lead[14].. To the first victory in the history of the team on August 8Magic number28 lit[61].. Then on September 9st, Magic will disappear, butMay 9Lights up again[14],May 9For the first time in four years, winning the match against Nippon-Ham (Sapporo Dome) 15-12013 Pacific League Climax SeriesDecided to advance[62],May 9In the same battle, the team recorded a record 78 wins in the season[63].. And we welcomed with Magic 2 to winMay 9, The Magic target team Lotte lost to Nippon-Ham (Sapporo Dome), and Rakuten won 4 to 3 against Seibu (Seibu Dome), deciding to win the first league of Rakuten team[64].. Achieving the championship in the 9th year of the team's foundation was the fifth fastest speed in the history of Japanese professional baseball.[14].

In the climax series final stage (K-Star Miyagi), they competed with Lotte, who was in 3rd place, and entered the Japanese series for the first time with 4 wins and 1 loss.[65] I decided. With the giant2013 Japan SeriesThen, in the 3th round, which won 2 wins and 6 losses, and lost 2-4, the starting player Tanaka lost the pitcher in the first official game from this year's season.[Annotation 8][66] Next to Thailand,May 11Won the 7th round (K-Star Miyagi) 3-0 and achieved 4 wins and 3 losses, the first time in Japan to achieve the first time in Japan.[67].. Same month,TaiwanHeld atAsia seriesThen,May 11The semi-finals ofUnited Seven-Eleven LionsWar (TaiwanChinese Occupational Sticks League) Was defeated by 1 to 4, so it was the first time for a team from Japan to advance to the final.[68].

Tanaka sets new record for Japanese professional baseball in August with official wins since the opening and August 8 last year.[69]After the season, 2 consecutive wins including these records and 30 post-season winsGuinness World RecordsCertified by[70].. With 24 wins, 0 losses, and 1 save, we achieved the highest number of undefeated wins for the first time in the history of Japanese professional baseball.[71]Sawamura Awarded for Best Defensive Rate and 1st Place in Win Rate[72],MVPWas won. 3 Golden Grab awards from the team[73], 4 people were selected for Best Nine, and Norimoto was selected for Newcomer King[74].. On November 11th, the championship parade was held in the center of Sendai city and mobilized about 24 spectators.[75].


The slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2014 HEAT UP!. "

January 1, Tanaka MLB with posting systemNew York YankeesTransferred to[76].. On May 5, Director Hoshino had a backache and had a rest during the match against Yakult (Jingu)Yoshinori SatoTook command[77].. On June 5Lumbar disc herniationandThoracic yellow ligament ossificationIt was announced that coach Hoshino will be rested and coach Sato will act as director[78].May 7, Acting as directorHiroku OkuboWith the coach of the second army, Sato will concentrate on the coach of the first army pitcher.[79].May 7Hoshino returns to the director[80] However, the team was sluggish and the possibility of winning the league disappeared on September 9[81],May 9Hoshino announces retirement[82],May 9B class confirmed[83],May 10Lost to Orix (Cobosta Miyagi) and the lowest rank was confirmed. In addition, the bottom of the previous year's winning team is the fifth time in history after Nippon Ham in the previous year[84].May 10, Okubo as next directorSecond Army DirectorAnnounced the inauguration of[85].

In August, the entire extension of Kobosta Miyagi was completed, and the Rakuten-yama bleachers that were completed in advance (March) and the additional seats on the third base side upper tier that were completed in August combined 8 seats. In the match against Softbank on the 3th, it attracted 8 people, the highest number ever in the stadium through regular season and postseason[86] Starting from that, I updated the audience mobilization record one after another. Eventually, the team achieved a new record of 1,450,233 (1 in average per game). Of these, if it was limited to Cobosta Miyagi, it marked 20,142 in 67 games (1,350,293 in average per game).[87]

Director Okubo


The team slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2015 unity. "

Hoshino, who served as a coach until the previous year, has been appointed as a senior advisor, but has been reigning as a fourth batter since 2013.Andrew JonesLeft the group. From the Yankees as an active major leaguer to replace JonesZelas Wheeler,Pittsburgh PiratesからGabby SanchezWas won. Just before the start of the season, it played an active role as ORIX's mainstay in the previous year.Willie Mo PenaBy also gaining, it has increased the thickness of the batting line. Pitchers as a trump cardHiroshima Toyo CarpからCam MycolioAnd had been enrolled until 2013RayとHauserIs back. At the draft meeting, 157 was the fastest in high schoolkm / hThe right arm pitcher who recordedTomohiro AnrakuWas won in the first round.

I couldn't catch a wave since the opening, and I was in a state of worshiping the 3 strong lasts of Softbank, Nippon-Ham, and Seibu. In the exchange game, 18 games were played within 2 points out of all 15 games, and 5 games were played in the extra time.[88].. The team defense rate of 2.47 was the top 12 teams. After the exchange battle, they competed with Lotte for 4th and 5th place, and turned the 5th place in the first half. In the second half,May 7In the match against Nippon-Ham, he scored 1 points, which is a new record for the team with the most points in one game,May 7ToTomio TashiroThe first army batting coach retired. Due to Hauser resigning during the seasonMay 7IsAugustine MuriloHas been earned. But,May 8Fell to the bottom after losing to Orix[89].. After that, although he temporarily moved up to 5th place,May 8Lost 2-3 in Seibu. This defeat eliminated the possibility of entering the climax series by yourself[90] Therefore, Okubo's intention to resign[91].. Meanwhile,May 9Team announced that former Hoshino Director will be vice chairman of the board[92].. The Vice Chairman of the Hoshi Baseball Team has the authority to be second only to the owner of Mikitani and President Tachibana, in the position of being “general manager of the field who can be involved in team formation, draft strategy, and management”.[93].May 9Lost to LotteClimax seriesSince the possibility of advancement has completely disappeared and the B class for the second consecutive year has also been confirmed, Okubo has officially announced that he will retire from the coach with the responsibility of poor performance on the same day.[94].. In the final stage, he fought with Orix for 5th place,May 10Lost to the Lotte match, and the lowest rank for the second consecutive year was decided[95].. He lost all the teams in the Pacific League with 57 wins, 83 losses and 3 minutes (winning rate .407) in the season. The team batting average, defensive rate, and score are all at the bottom of the league with the most goals scored. On the other hand, the total number of spectators in the season for sponsored games reached 1,524,149, the highest number ever.

The only active pitcher among the founding members of the baseball teamShinichiro Koyama, A former native of Sendai who was also the oldest player in the teamMajor Leaguer-Takashi Saito, Rei Nagai and others who have been a part of the starting team for a long time since joining the team have retired this season.

After the seasonMay 10, Succeeded as director of Kintetsu/Nippon Ham, succeeding OkuboMasataka NashidaAnnounces the appointment of director[96][97].

In the 2015 season, the owner, Mikitani, often referred to "unification of the team and the front" as a starting point, batting order, and even the replacement of the first and second armies. However, in the latter half of the season, the opinions of the field came to be taken in, and the owner gave the decision. There are criticisms that the owner's on-site intervention, such as hitting coach Tomio Tashiro, can not tolerate this and withdraws during the season.[98].

Director Nashida


The team slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2016 Dreams and Impressions. "

For the second year in a row, we reinforced large-scale reinforcements in order to get out of the slump that would fall to the bottom. Couldn't fix for the last 2 yearsthird basemanFrom Chiba Lotte Marines to reinforceDeclaration of exercise of FA rightsWasToshiaki ImaeContracted. Also onceHiroshima Toyo CarpFrom Yamagata Prefecture who was the main hitter ofKenta KuriharaInfielder,Chiba Lotte MarinesReceived a notification from outside the forceRyohei Kawamotocatcher,Chunichi DragonsLeftSouma Yamauchi-Fukuoka Softbank HawksLeftKimBoth pitchers are contracted via the joining test. Foreign pitchers can handle both starting and reliefRadames Liz,Jake BrighamIn addition toWBSC Premier 12Was selected as the Taiwan representativeSong JiahaoAnd signed a training player contract. further,Mexican leagueDouble crownJaffet AmadaBoasting a total of 162 home runs with infieldersJohnny GormsAcquired an outfielder.

From February 2st, the abbreviation for Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi will be changed from "Cobosta Miyagi" to "Kobosta Miyagi", and in May, we will hold about 1 external matches per year with working adults, universities and club teams. With that in mind, a "training team" was formed within the team to increase the actual fighting experience of young players.

In the official game,Eigoro MogiThe new player was actively appointed, such as being appointed as a regular member of Uchino from the opening. Draft 1st round joiningRui OkoeAs a high school graduate new fielder, he entered the first opening team in the history of the team and became firmly established in the middle of the middle of the Sep-Pac battle. From the end of May, when the regular catcher Shima left the battlefield due to a breakdown, he joined the draft sixth round.Yuichi AdachiEntrusted the starter mask to. On the other hand, the new foreigner Gorms remained in the batting average of 18% and one home run in 1 games and was deregistered from the 1st Army on April 4 and returned to Japan / left the group.[99]Ray, the oldest player in the Pa League, also left the group due to poor performance. Amada, who was injured in the early stages of the open game, made his official debut in late May, but after that he left the battlefield due to repeated breakdowns. ImaeGinji・Major hitters such as Matsui Kazuo also went back and forth between the 7st army and the XNUMXnd army due to breakdowns and poor hits. For this reason, in Julyキ ュ ー バAs a playerFelix Perez,Seattle MarinersIn the ageIchiroWas my teammateCarlos Peguero(All left-handed outfielders) were acquired one after another.

Although he took the lead at the beginning, he fell sharply to 4th place. He fought hard in 11th place with 7 wins and 4 losses in the exchange game, but after the resumption of the league game, the situation continued to be behind the Softbank, Nippon Ham and Lotte. In the final stage, Seibu was overtaken and fell to 5th place. After winning the match against Orix on September 9, the bottom of Orix was confirmed, so the team escaped from the bottom for the first time in three years.[100] Finished the season in 5th place. For Seibu, it was the first time in the history of a team to win the season.

After the season, from Kintetsu, who was the last active player to belong to Rakuten since the team was founded.Akihisa MakitaJoined the first draft of the 2007 University/Worker Draft ConferenceKohei Hasebe,Mitsutaka Goto, Kurihara, Kawamoto, Yamauchi and others retired. Among the foreign players, Liz, Brigham, and Perez left the group one after another, and the residual negotiations with Micorio, who had revived as a set upper from the breakdown of the previous year, ended in failure (later left).


The team slogan is "Smart & Spirit 2017 Tohoku / Dream / Again. "

As of October 10st of the previous year, Rakuten has signed a three-year contract regarding the naming rights of Miyagi Stadium, and on January 31st, the name of the headquarters was changed to "Kobo Park Miyagi". On the 3th of the same month, the vice chairman of the Hoshi baseball team bought the achievements of the directorBaseball hall of fameSelected as an awardee (expert category).

As for foreign players, Wheeler Amada Pegero remains together while newFrank HarmanI signed a contract with a pitcher. In June during the regular season,BC League OfToyama ThunderbirdsからJosh CorralesThe pitcher has been won. Among the Japanese athletes, from the city of Sendai who had declared the exercise of FA rights by Seibu.Takayuki KishiBorn in Aomori prefecture who refused to leave the pitcher and Softbank as a coachToru HosokawaContract with the catcher. At the draft meeting, the first roundNaoma FujihiraThe pitcher accounted for 10 out of 9 people who joined the group after being nominated as a registered player under the control. Moreover, had not experienced a single armyTakahiro KakizawaFrom the giant in an exchange trade with an outfielderYuki KoyamaThe pitcher has transferred. During the spring camp, the former giant who had been notified by DeNA in October of the previous yearYuya KuboThe pitcher has been obtained through the joining test.

On the other hand, it was held before the start of the regular season2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC)And the rule bookHiroki Matsui Representation from Japan, AmadaMexico National TeamShima was also selected to represent Japan at the beginning, but he declined to participate just before this tournament due to a delay in adjusting due to the right calf tension from the spring camp. Furthermore, Norimoto was the first player to miss the opening pitcher since joining the team due to his participation in the WBC.

In the official match, it was decided to use Wheeler Amada Peguero as the starting member at the same time, and started with an attacking batting lineup with Mogi at No. 1, Peguero at No. 2, and Ginji at No. 5. Kishi had been tentative for the opening pitcher, but he had a good match with his opponent, Orix, because he was infected with influenza B type just before the opening.Beautiful horse studyWas appointed for the first time. Also, a new pitcherKohei Morihara-Takanashi Yuhei-Sugawara HideHave joined the first army of the opening team as the relay personnel. Despite the fact that the opening season was approached in this situation, he succeeded in the start dash with four consecutive victories from the opening game. In the lead league, he finished in April with a win rate of 4-4, .16, and in May with a win rate of 5-761, .5. During this time, he has never lost three consecutive games. In addition, Norimoto achieved double-digit strikeouts (NPB new record and world professional baseball tie record) for eight games in a row from the Seibu match on April 16. Mima and Kishi, who form the starting lineup with Norimoto, and Yutaka Matsui, who is also a close performer, are doing well and serve as set upper with Harman.Hiroyuki FukuyamaHas surpassed his self-defense score to 36 for 0 consecutive pitching games since the opening game.

From May onwards, they fought for the top position in league games with Softbank. Despite SoftBank's victory in the exchange match, they finished in 5th place with 3 wins and 2 losses while experiencing three consecutive losses twice. June 10thHaruka Yume Stadium (Hirosaki Sports Park Baseball Stadium)Orix game is held in. 13th year since the team was foundedKojimaStarted with a white star. Due to this match, the event was held in all 6 prefectures in Tohoku, but the Seibu battle scheduled at York Kaiseiyama Stadium in Fukushima Prefecture was canceled on April 4 due to rainfall, so all the official official events were held. Prefectural holding has been carried over since 13. In the end, the overall record in June was .2018 with 6 wins, 12 losses and 9 minute.

In July, the game difference with Softbank became -7 game difference due to losing to Softbank on the 2nd, and there was an event that the game difference with the second place was the negative first place following Softbank in the previous year.[101].. On July 7, he surrendered to the top spot for the first time in the season at Softbank, but he resurfaced again in the lead two days later. He won the first half of the game in the first half of the game after two consecutive victories in the top two battles against Softbank, which was the last card of the first half. However, on the other hand, from the end of the exchange battle, the main players were injured, and MogiKazuya Fujita・Pegero・Goro Okajima・Yu Matsui and Imae left the front one after another. In late July when the trading deadline during the NPB regular season was approaching, against the background of such circumstances, the giant who was the main hitter of Lotte until 7 wasLewis CruiseGot an infielder in a money trade. From the Softbank battle on the day of acquisition (26th), Mogi defended the attack, and Peguero returned to the first army. In addition, Norimoto achieved double-digit victory in the season for the fifth consecutive year from the first year he joined the team, and the team experienced 8 consecutive victories and 1 consecutive victories each time, resulting in 5 wins and 2 losses in July. Finished at 4.

In August, when it fell from the top again on the 8nd, it suddenly stalled without hitting gears. Of the above-mentioned breakdowns, even if players other than Imae returned to the army one after another, this tendency could not be stopped. For the time being, in the regular season of the Pa League, he took the lead with a minus 2 game difference for the first time in 35 years[102] However, in a total of 3 games from the 3rd week to the 8th week of August when three consecutive battles were being formed with Softbank and 3rd place Seibu, they lost 5 win 15 losses 1 minute. Not only did the gap between the leader and Softbank widen to 13 games, but he lost to the Seibu match on the 1st and fell to 10rd place for the first time in the season. In the end, August's total record was 31 wins, 3 losses and 8 minute, marking the first monthly loss of the season. Furthermore, from the match against Lotte on August 7 to the match against Softbank on September 18, the team has recorded 1 consecutive losses for the first time in 8 years since the team's first year. The possibility of the team's own victory disappeared due to the loss in the game against Softbank on September 23nd, and in the match held at the base, it lost 9 consecutive games from Softbank game on August 3th to Orix game on September 12th. Enjoyed. During this period, Okoe, who had been delayed due to a breakdown during the spring camp, was performing well again while repeating the above-mentioned rearrangement of the batting line. In addition, Fujihira, a high school graduate, also won the first victory of the first army in the Lotte match on August 10 when the team was losing 9 consecutive games, and also recorded the first win against Nippon Ham on September 2 when the team reached 8 losses. .. In addition, Wheeler Pegero Amada hit more than 18 home runs in succession by mid-September. Set a record for the first time in the history of official battles, Norimoto and Mima achieved double-digit victory in pitchers[103] On the other hand, Kishi finished the regular season with 2.76 consecutive losses (7 wins and 8 losses) despite an ERA of 10.

After mid-September, SoftBank's league title was decided on 9th, but Rakuten's 16rd place or higher was confirmed on 24th[104].. However, he was unable to return to 2nd place in the subsequent games, and ended the game with Lotte against Oct. 10 on 4th with an additional draw. Finished the regular season in 12rd place for the first time in team history[105].

In the postseason, the climax series (CS) first stage with Seibu (MetLife Dome) Seibu's ace, who lost all 1 matches in the regular season in Round 8,Kikuchi YuseiHe suffered a close-out loss with a large difference of 0-10. However, he entered the CS final stage for the first time in four years (winning since 2) since 2 when he was the winning team of the Pa League with two consecutive wins from the second round. With the CS system introduced by the Pa League in 2013, Rakuten was the first case in this year that a team that lost the first round of the first stage could advance to the final stage. At the final stage with Softbank, they were in good shape with two consecutive wins from the first round and four consecutive wins from the CS second round, but lost three consecutive games after the third round starting with Norimoto, Kishi and Mima. I missed the advance to the Japanese series for the first time in four years. At this point, the number of times the Japanese series participated and the number of conquests was one. However, he won both series that he played twice in the past.Yokohama DeNA Baystars(Exceeding CS from 3rd place in the SE League)Japan series of this yearAnd was defeated before Softbank. As a result, Rakuten was the only team in the NPB's 12 baseball teams who had never lost the Japanese series.

After the end of the Japan series, the oldest active player in the team, Kazuo Matsui, refused to consult with the coach. As an outfielder who also serves as a technical coach, he returned to Seibu for the first time in 15 years as he hoped to continue to play in other teams. Also, he has been active as a side throw left arm pitcher since 2013 when he transferred from the giant.KimitoRetired from active duty. Isobe, who had been enrolled in Rakuten as a coach since 2009, is leaving the group, but was enrolled after the first round of nomination at the draft conference.Hiromi Katayama(Joined in 2006)Yoshiki Muto(Joined in 2012) Both pitchers and infielder who was temporarily responsible for the cleanup of one armyNakagawa TaishiNotification to outside the force (NakagawaDeNAKatayama is also a coach and BCMusashi Heat Bears, Muto belonged to before joining the groupJR Hokkaido Baseball ClubSuccessor teamJR Hokkaido Baseball ClubAnd continue the active).

At the draft meeting,Tokyo Roku University BaseballRecorded 3 home runs in 21rd place in the leagueMasaki Iwami(Keio University Outfielder) was nominated for the second round. In the 2th round, it is the first time in the NPB teamBASEBALL FIRST LEAGUEPlayers of the teams that belong toHyogo Blue ThundersBelongingYohi TanakaOutfielder) was nominated as a registered player under the control (all joined after nomination, Tanaka registered after joining as "Yaihi").


While Rakuten retained the naming rights of the Miyagi Stadium, the stadium was renamed on January 1st.Rakuten Life Park MiyagiWas changed to ".

On January 1, Senichi Hoshino, Vice Chairman of the team, who was also the fourth director of the team,Pancreatic cancerI fell asleep at 70 because of this. The team announced the fact on the same day on the 6th of the same month, and set up a flower stand at Rakuten Life Park Miyagi from the 7th to the next 3 days, and at the hosting stadium during the open match. In addition, Vice Chairman Hoshino held a "farewell party" in Tokyo and Osaka in collaboration with the Hanshin baseball team, which once served as one army director and senior director with owners. On March 3, right after the "farewell party" in Osaka, the intention of the Mikitani owner[106] In line with this, the team officially announced that Vice Chairman Hoshino will handle the uniform number 77 that he had given to him as a permanent absence[107].

Regarding foreign players, in addition to the remaining 7 players from the 6 players who were enrolled in the previous year, other than Cruise,Okoe DixonAnd a new contract. Also, Naoto Watanabe, who was transferred from DeNA to Seibu in July 2013, is the first infielder as an infielder for the first time in 7 years, and Yoshinori Sato, who served as Softbank's army pitcher coach for 8 years from 2015, is the first army pitcher coach in 3 years. I'm back. From Softbank, following Hosokawa in the previous year, a catcherYasumasa YamashitaTheTetsuro NishidaIt was acquired by the exchange trade with.

The team slogan is "To the best Tohoku in Japan". For the first time since the team was founded, the uniform design has been completely redesigned for home visitors. However, during the regular season, the uniform number (77) from Vice Chairman Hoshino's director's age is attached to the back of the uniform left chest.[106].. On the other hand, in the home opening game with Nippon Ham held at Rakuten Seimei Park on April 4, 3 uniforms with the uniform number 77 of Vice Chairman Hoshino's director's era were put on, director, coach, player. The staff (2014 in total) wore it.

Changes in uniformsIs "For home","For visitorsSee.

In the regular season, the open game ended in batting averageYasuto UchidaWas first selected as a member of the opening army. March 3th, the opening match with Lotte held at the ZOZO Marine Stadium was extended, and by winning the score of 30-12 at the end of 3 times, the start of the season for the first time in the history of the club was defeated for the third consecutive year. In the subsequent games, the batting line and the rescue team did not swing at all, and they suffered double-digit debt in April for the first time in 2 years in the history of the team, so on May 3, some coaches were swapped between the 12st army and the 4nd army. .. One armyYosuke TakasuBatting coach andMitsuo TateishiThe infield defensive base run coach was relocated to the second army, while the second armyKenta KuriharaBatting coach andMakishi YasunagaTraining coach moved to one army[108].. However, without losing 10 cards in a row from the opening, he lost to the Seibu war (Rakuten Life Park) on the 31th day of the same month, which is the 6st game from the opening. With this defeat, the possibility of winning the league title by itself disappeared. The disappearance in the 31st game of the season in the NPB official game was the fastest including the Se League baseball team of the year, and the 2005 team (29 games) that had the possibility of winning the Pa League by the playoff system remained. Except1955 OfDaiei StarsIt is the second fastest (27 games)[109].. On May 5th, I was planning to host the Ichigun Official Game (Koriyama City Kaiseiyama Baseball Stadium against Lotte) in Fukushima Prefecture, but I was forced to cancel it following the previous year (rainy weather) due to poor ground conditions. ..

Even in the Sep-Pac exchange match from May 5, the team's condition did not improve, the closer Hiroki Matsui was out of order, Pegero, the team top with a number of home runs, slumped during the exchange match, the center hitter Wheeler was in the match He left the battlefield one after another due to the fracture of his left finger due to his head sliding. The fifth year of high school graduatesYuri FurukawaAlthough the team won two wins, including the first victory of the first army game, the team lost 2 league matches against Hanshin, and the debt from the league game reached 6. After the match ended on the same day, Director Nita asked the team to resign, but the team decided to resign.


Includes the age of acting director in 2018.


The slogan is"To the best Tohoku in Japan".. Following the resignation of Director Nashida, from the Battle of Hanshin (Rakuten Seimei Park) on June 6th, the army head and batting coachHiraishi YosukeWas appointed as the director. The 38-year-old was the youngest member of the team, including those who had experience in acting as a single army manager or acting as a substitute. In addition, Hiraishi, the acting director, is the first time that an optimistic person directs the army.

In the team, the reassignment of the first army coaching team was also carried out as Nashida resigned as the director and Hiraishi took over as the director. In pitcher coach, in charge of bench (Yoshinori Sato) and bullpen (Ryoji Moriyama) Was replaced. In addition, Makishi Ichigun Uchino defensive running base coach who had served as the first base base coach after returning to the military in May 2018 supported the Hiraishi acting as a head coach. From this year, Shiokawa, who had been the coach of the 5st Army Strategy/Uchino, has become the base coach of the XNUMXst base (leaders other than Hiraishi have not changed their titles).

After assuming the role of Hiraishi's director, he won all two remaining matches in the exchange game. Furukawa, the opening pitcher of the exchange match, also finished the exchange match with three consecutive victories from the first victory of the first army official game by scoring a white star in the final round of June 2 (against Yokohama against Yokohama DeNA). However, the team finished the exchange match at the bottom (6 wins and 19 losses in all 3 games). Immediately after the league match resumed, the only win rate in the Pacific League team was less than 18%, but on June 6, Kikuchi started the match against Seibu (Met Life Dome) 12-5 It is a big win with the score. In the regular season, he stopped 6 consecutive losses in Kikuchi's starting game that continued from May 29, 15.

In May,Yamagata City Sports Center Baseball Field (Kirayaka Stadium)Hosted the 10th match against Orix as the first official game of the NPB army. He won his first victory in the eighth game of an official match sponsored by one army in Yamagata Prefecture, which had been held at other stadiums until the previous year. Also, in the all-star game, Kishi was ranked first among the players, and Hiraishi took over as a substitute for the manager, and Imae, who became established as the 8th batter, joined the Pacific League selection team on the recommendation of the manager. Hiraishi took over the coach of the same team that Nashida was supposed to serve after receiving 1rd place in the regular season last year, and Kishi pitched as the starting pitcher of the same team in the 4nd round of 3th (Live Work Fujisakidai Stadium). .. On September 14st, as the head of the formation department, which was virtually vacant since Vice Chairman Hoshino passed away.Kazuhisa IshiiIs appointed as a general manager (GM) of the team. Before the match against Lotte (Rakuten Seimei Park) on October 10, it was announced that Hiraishi's acting will be officially appointed as one army coach from the 5 season. However, by losing this match, he was able to close the gap to 2019th place Lotte by one game, but the bottom of the team for the first time in three years was confirmed. It has surpassed Oryx and Lotte, and the fact that they have largely lost in the Seibu battle (5 wins and 1 losses) and the exchange battle (3 wins and 6 losses) has come to be heard.

なお、この年のチームは梨田の監督在任中からホームゲームにとりわけ弱く、シーズン通算で球団最多の50敗を記録。地方開催分を含むホームゲーム(72試合)の通算勝率は.306(22勝50敗)だが、本拠地・楽天生命パークの開催分では69試合で.290(20勝49敗)にとどまった。パ・リーグに加盟する球団で、本拠地開催分の一軍公式戦におけるレギュラーシーズンの通算勝率が3割を切った事例は、1961年の近鉄(Nissei Stadium.267 = 16 wins and 44 losses), the first time in 57 years. Including the League of 1965Sankei Swallows(Jingu Stadium.. 292) and the lowest since then. On the other hand, in the visitor game (71 games in total), it has won 36 wins 32 losses 3 minutes.[110].

In the pitchers, Norimoto recorded the fifth most league strikeout for the fifth consecutive year. In addition, the team's 5th win in the rescue pitching against the Lotte match (ZOZO Marine) on October 5th, which was the final round of the team's season, resulted in a double-digit victory for the sixth consecutive year since joining the team (10th in NPB history) The record) was achieved. Kishi also won the team's highest number of 13 wins, and won the league's best defense rate title for the first time with an ERA of 10. Yuki Matsui experienced a set upper and a starter switch during the season due to his own sickness and team circumstances, but was the youngest player in history to make a total of 6 saves for the first army in the match against Lotte (ZOZO Marine) on September 2 ( 4 years and 11 months old). In addition, Takanashi, who was in the second year of joining the team, scored 2.72 games in season, the highest number of baseball teams. In the fielders, while joining Takanashi in the same period (second year), he was still qualified for the new selection of the Pa League newcomer.Field neutralization groupJust before the Sep-Pac battle, it was firmly established on the midline. As a fielder without a team, 18 homers were recorded in the 3st army official season in history, and the fact that he reached the final regulation at-bat of the Pa League, he is the first switch hitter in the league history (from the team Masahiro Tanaka)・It was elected as the newcomer king after the Norimoto. Uchida, who became a member of the first half in the second half of the game, also has a fielder who is a high school graduate and a double-digit homer for the first time as a right-handed hitter (2 homers). However, foreign fielders who supported the team's breakthrough in the previous year were generally weak. Amada recorded 12 home runs in July alone, but he was away from the actual battle after mid-August due to the NPB's alleged suspicion of taking prohibited substances. In addition, Dixon, a new member, did not play an active part in filling the hole.

After the end of the season, the coaching team, including the second army, was replaced. Tsuyoshi Yoda, who served as the coach of the second army pitcher during the season, changed to the first army coach of Kosu and Chunichi, and Ikeyama and the second army head coach who contributed to Tanaka's break as the second army coach.Tomoyoshi OishiWas forgotten to renew the contract[111].. On the other hand, in the same generation as Hiraishi, who retired from active roles in other teams this year.Eiichi Oyano-Taketoshi GotoBecame a hitting coach, and a leader from Yakult, where GM Ishii belonged to when he was an active pitcher (Tomohito Ito-Hajime Miki・It is also an OB of RakutenKatsunori Nomura) And so on. Former player chairman Tetsuhei, who had been a team member after retiring from active duty in January 2016, has returned to the scene as a second army outfield defensive base coach. In the first round of the draft conference where lottery was repeated due to duplicate nomination with other baseball teams, we were nominated for the second timeRyosuke TatsumiAcquired exclusive right to negotiate (Ritsumeikan University) after four team competition. After all, Tatsumi and Norimoto's younger brother (Yoshiki Norimoto) Etc. (including the training athlete contractor), 10 new players joined. Meanwhile,Ryo Holyzawa-Shintaro Masuda-Tadashi IshimineRetired after receiving notification from outside the force[112].. Hosokawa, who had been asked by the team to take office as a coach, and was notified of out-of-force by a training player contractMiyagawaWill continue their active lives in other teams (Hosokawa is Lotte, Miyakawa is Katayama in the previous year, and is also a coach).Saitama Musashi Heat BearsTo join). In addition, Iwakuma, who left the Mariners for this year, was asked to return, but he lost the battle for the giant.


The team slogan is "RESTART! To the best Tohoku in Japan". At Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi, which is based in Miyagi, on the day of the official battle hosted by the XNUMXst and XNUMXnd Army, the settlements at the shops and ticket counters in the venue will be unified by means other than cashWorld's first "complete cashless" on the home ground of a professional baseball team). Also, since there was a copyright issue with the cheering song that the private cheering party had composed until the previous year, a discussion was held between the baseball team and the private cheering party regarding the handling of cheering songs. Only the rooting songs for which the above problems have been resolved were permitted to continue use from the previous year.[113].

On the reinforcement side, Seibu announced the exercise of domestic FA rights after the season at the top-ranking champion of the Pa League.Asamura EitoWas won. In addition, he was active as a hardball pitcher at Sendai Ikuei High School and Yakult.ReasonAs a training player (registered under the control of July 7). Yuki is a one-year junior high school studentHashimotoIs a financial trade with giants in HiroshimaYuya Fukui Kikuchi YasunoriI joined the exchange trade with. Regarding foreign players, fielders other than Wheeler and Corrales left the group. On the other hand, right pitcherAlan BussenitzOr the long-distance batter on the rightJava Bali BrushWas won. In terms of training, Ishii GM plans to establish an environment that encourages the training of young players and the recovery of disabled persons while increasing the actual battle experience, with a view to the establishment of the Three Army. In June of the season, we moved from registered players under control to nurturing players this year.Takahiro ShimotsumaWith a catcherHiroki NomotoThe pitcher was dispatched to the Musashi baseball team in the BC league for a month only[114].

In the spring camp,Lewis Jimenez InfielderParticipated in the joining test. After signing a training contract after passing the test, he was registered as a controlled player during the open battle period in March. In early March after the camp ended, the team in TaiwanLamigo Monkeys(Chinese Occupational Sticks LeagueTwo baseball games with professional baseball teams that belong to.

On the other hand, Okajima, who officially returned to catching from this year, had a seven-year contract with the left shoulder and baseball team during spring camp, while Nobumoto Norimoto had an operation on his right elbow in mid-March. As for Norihiro Norimoto, it was difficult to return to the actual battle during the regular season, so DeNA's right pitcherKento Kumahara(From Sendai University) just before the openingHiroshi HamayaI got it in the exchange trade with. Kishi served as the opening pitcher for the first time after transfer, but there was an accident that the starting pitcher was insufficient, such as injury and long-term withdrawal, but the army succeeded in opening the dash under the command of Hiraishi at 38 years old. In the opening match, the 11th game, on April 4, the match against Seibu (Met Life Dome), he became the first solo leader of the season. At least 29 games have passed since the opening of the official match, the team has won the first single position for two seasons since August 10, 2017, and as the NPB team's 8s director in 14.Shiro TakegamiIt's been 38 years since (Yakult Swallows)Toshiharu Ueda(Hankyu BravesIt was the first time in 39 years since they were 43 years old.[115].. In addition, by winning the game against Orix (Rakuten Seimei Park) on April 4, we achieved 20 wins in the team's official game[116].

5月には、8日の対ソフトバンク戦で球団史上初めて、最大7点差からの逆転勝利をマーク。15日の対日本ハム戦(いずれも楽天生命パーク)でも、4回裏まで0 - 8のスコアで大差を付けられながら、延長11回の末に9 - 8のスコアで逆転サヨナラ勝利を収めた。パ・リーグの公式戦において、同じ月に同じ球団が7点以上のビハインドからの逆転勝利を2度以上記録した事例は、この月の楽天が初めてである[117].

In the Sep-Pac Exchange Match, which reached the top of the Par League, set a new record for 6 home runs per game in the June 15 match against Hiroshima (Rakuten Seimei Park).[118].. For the first time in the NPB army official game, three out-of-the-box starters (Ryosuke Tatsumi,Yoshiaki Watanabe-Yuya Kogo) Just cover[119] Against the backdrop of the aggressive distribution of such things, we turned around from the previous year and finished with a win (10 wins and 8 losses). However, when they passed the league title to Softbank, who won the exchange match, they suffered 7 consecutive losses from the end of the exchange match until the beginning of July after the league match resumed.

To reinforce the right long-distance batter after resuming the league gameSewage flowTheMiyoshi TakumiFrom Hiroshima in exchange trade withWada KoiWere successively acquired from giants in exchange trades with Yuri Furukawa. In the game against Orix (Yamagata) on July 7, Nobuhiro Norimoto played the first pitcher of the season as the starting pitcher and prevented the team from losing 9 consecutive games from the end of the exchange battle. After a fierce battle in August to reach the NPB team record of "10 times a 8-hour match" in August, the army narrowly controlled the 4rd place fight with Lotte and entered the climax series for the first time in 5 years. Advance. The second army also won the first Eastern League championship in the history of the team under Shin Miki. In the same match against Seibu on 3st August, Okoe (including the 2st army), which was being adjusted by the 8nd army at that time, was the first official game in the history of the team.Cycle hitHas been achieved.

In the regular season of the first army, Nobumoto Noridai won five wins in the second half only, but the double-digit win of the season, which had continued since the first year of joining the team, stopped in six years. Kishi, the starting pitcher, also won three wins due to a series of failures, but he was in the fourth year of joining the company, which had a temporary training contract in the previous year.Ryota IshibashiWhen he settled on the starting lineup, he recorded eight wins alongside Mima. However, none of the pitchers in the team won the double-digit win, and the pitcher with the most white stars played a part in the starting lineup for most of the season.Kojima(9 wins). In the rescue team, Hiroki Matsui, who returned to Closer, scored 38 league saves in the league and self. Also, Busenitz and Morihara performed well as set uppers, replacing Fukuyama who had surgery on his right shoulder during the season. In the batting team, Blush hit 33 home runs in the season, which is the highest number of foreign players on the team in the past, and Asamura also put in 30 home runs (33) following the previous year in the Seibu era.

In the climax series (CS), he won the first stage with Softbank, which finished the regular season in second place. Despite being unable to reach the final stage with the second consecutive loss from the second round, Softbank, who has won the Japanese series for the third time in a row with 2 consecutive wins in the post-season from this match, was the only black star in the post-season. However, for Softbank,Farm Japan ChampionshipI am worried about that.

Hiraishi, who has been involved in the field for 15 consecutive seasons since the first year of his career as a new player, was the first coach of successive military teams to achieve a final season team win rate of 1% or more in his first year in office. However, the team announced that immediately after the first army was defeated in the first stage of CS, the second army coach Miki will replace Hiraishi as the first army coach. Hiraishi's resignation was also a decision due to the expiration of the contract period (5 year), but at the time of the announcement, "GM Ishii released a document summarizing the circumstances behind the decision and the vision required for the future team An unusual response was also made[120].. In addition, the coach contracts for Oyano, Moriyama, Yoshinori Sato and Takasu were canceled, and players from high schools in Miyagi Prefecture (HashimotoRyuta Konno-Kenji Nishimaki) Etc. Fukuyama, Kabuki, played a part of the opening rotation in the previous yearTakahide IkedaHave moved to a training contract.

The team also planned to establish a new position (second army general manager) equivalent to “GM of the second army” and then request Hiraishi to assume the position. However, Hiraishi left the group at his will[121] Later, transferred to Softbank's army batting and fielder general coach. In addition, the coach who supported Hiraishi and the players who had grown up in the team left the team one after another. As with Imano and Imae, Shima, who had fewer opportunities to participate due to the breakdown, moved to Yakult. From the coach team, Moriyama is Softbank, Koyano is Orix, and the second-handed hitting coach Kurihara is the coach of Chunichi.

At the draft meeting, first nominated in the first roundAki Sasaki(Iwate Prefectural Ofunato High SchoolAlthough he missed the exclusive pitching right of the pitcher) after competing in the four teams,Kosho Fukada(Osaka GasInfielder) gained the right to negotiate. Eleven new players, including trainer contractors, joined. On the other hand, Imae, HashimotoKenji Tomura-Nishimiya YusukeBoth pitchers retire. Imae remained in the team as a training coach, and Tomura and Nishinomiya remained as hitting pitchers.

Director Miki


The team slogan is "NOW or NEVER Now to Japan's No. XNUMX Tohoku'

Katsunori Nomura, Teppei, Koyama, and Shiokawa were transferred to the first army from the coaches who supported Miki in the second army the previous year.Under Yoda, he was a coach of the Chunichi Dragons infield defense baseball team.Hiroshi NaraharaThe second army coach, who just retired from active duty the previous yearShohei TateyamaFrom Yakult to a coach of the second army, from Tohoku Gakuin UniversityTakanori HoshiWas invited from Seibu to the Army Battery Coach. In addition, the team's oldest player, Naoto Watanabe, who shook after the middle of the season due to a failure from the start of the season, was appointed as the first player-cum-coach (infielder and one-arm hitting coach) in the history of the team. Nagai and Makita returned to the scene as coaches for the first two armies after retiring from active duty, as well as a former OB of the same team that had been a special assistant (special assistant) of the Lotte team until the previous year.Saburo OmuraWas appointed to the position (farm director) equivalent to the second army general manager position.[122].

In terms of reinforcement, three players from Lotte to Rakuten and four from Rakuten to Lotte transferred from mid-November to a month in the previous year without going through an exchange trade. With Nishimaki, Rakuten has been consulted about the transition from the baseball team to a training contract, starting with Mima's transfer by exercising domestic FA rights.Alien quota (NPB regulations that limit the number of foreign players who can be registered to one army at the same time to 4)Harman, who had a free contract due to such reasons, also moved to Lotte. Lotte has announced that it will exercise FA rightsSuzuki DaichiIn addition to winning infielders, he has been active mainly as a starting pitcher since the Seibu era.Hideaki WakuiTransferred by money trade. With human compensation (transfer of one player who is out of the protection frame) with the acquisition of SuzukiIku OnoWhile transferring, with the same measures accompanying Mima's joining LotteSatoshi SatoshiJoined. Ono is the first player to transfer from Rakuten to another team due to personal compensation.

On the other hand, since Matsui, who served as a closer until the previous year, will return to the starting lineup, MLB will be reinforced as a pitcher who can be used for rescue. Until 2018San Diego PadresOf former Seibu that belonged toKazuhisa MakitaOr until the previous yearLos Angeles DodgersBelonged toJohn Thomas Chargowa(Both are right pitchers). In the fielder of foreigners, in addition to the wheeler and brush remaining, ORIX has been playing the main batting line for three seasons until the previous year.Stephen RomeroAn outfielder joined the team during the spring camp.

The parent company Rakuten is a shoe manufacturer in Taiwan.La NewAcquired all the shares of Lamigo Monkeys owned by the company in September of the previous year[123].. From the 2020 season, Lamigo MonkeysRakuten MonkeysIt will be renamed to and will be owned by Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Regarding Rakuten's possession of professional baseball teams in Japan and Taiwan at the same time, NPB (Japan Baseball Organization) said, "Holding multiple baseball teams in Japan is prohibited.Baseball agreementNot to conflict with"[124]..By the way, Lamigo Monkeys won the first season and won the Taiwan Series in the last season, but Rakuten Monkeys finished the first season in 2nd place overall in the first and second semesters.

On February 2th during the spring camp, Katsuya Nomura (father of Katsunori), who was the second coach of the team → Honorary coach, raised Ishii, Tomohito Ito, Miki etc. during the time of coach Yakult,Ischemic heart failureWas asleep at 84. The baseball team has shown its condolences to Nomura by establishing a flower stand at Rakuten Seimei Park from the 12th to the 15th.

This year is from just before the spring camp (late January)Infection with new coronavirus is expandingDue to the influence, the opening of the regular season scheduled for March 3 has been postponed until June 20.Due to the influence of the Rakuten baseball team, the activities of the entire team were suspended in April, which was postponed.In addition, NPB sets the end of the regular season in early November, which is later than usual, and the deadline for acquiring new players and registering under control during the season is September 6, while setting the number of games in the official match of the 19st Army every year. Reduced from 4 games to 11 games.The climax series (CS) will be held only in the Pacific League, and the winning team and the second-placed team in the regular season will compete for the right to advance to the Japan Series in late November.Furthermore, while keeping the maximum number of foreign players who can enter the bench at the same time in the official game of the 9st Army to 30, the maximum number of foreign players has been increased to 143. The maximum number of registered players (including Japanese players) has also been increased from 120 to 2, and the maximum number of players who can enter the bench at the same time has been increased from 11 to 4.In addition, Rakuten holds official games hosted by the 5st Army only at its home base, Rakuten Seimei Park.

Since the start of the regular season, the batting line with the addition of Daichi Suzuki, Romero and Hiroto Kobukata has greatly contributed to the opening dash of the team.From new players, in addition to Kofukada,Keio UniversityJoined fromTaisei TsurusakiThe pitcher has been in the rescue team for a long time since the opening.On the other hand, Wheeler, who had missed the opening team due to team circumstances, left pitcher on June 6.Hayao IkedaIn exchange for, Takanashi is the right pitcher on July 7th.Takao MoeTransferred to giants one after another by exchanging with.On the contrary, on the day before the new contract deadline (September 9) due to the special season, from the giantTakaya TanakaThe catcher is earned by money trading.

Until the first half of the regular season, the 7st army fought for the lead with Softbank Lotte in three ways. In the match against Orix on July 21, the cold game by thick fog was established after being interrupted from the middle of the 8th inning (the fifth in 20 years in the official match of the NPB 5st Army).Furthermore, the match against Softbank on September 9 (starting at 10:18) ended at 00:2 with two interruptions due to rain.The total suspension time was 23 hour and 38 minutes (1 minutes for the first time and 32 minutes for the second time), which was the eighth longest in the Pacific League official game in history (the longest in the official game since 1).[125]..However, Matsui and Kishi were sluggish in the starting lineup, and Chargowa was sluggish in the relief team.Morihara, who had been making good pitches since the opening as a closer to replace Matsui and Blush, broke down, and Takahiro Norimoto, who has supported the starting lineup with Wakui since the opening, left the front line due to an accident during the match (injury of his right hand due to a fall). (Norimoto will return from September).Due to the continued situation like this, it stalled after falling to 9rd place in late August.Naoto Watanabe, who had been virtually devoted to coaching since the opening, just joined Hiroshima this year in September when he announced his retirement.DJ JohnsonIn addition to winning the pitcher in a monetary trade, he returned Fukuyama to a registered player under his control.In the match against Lotte on the 22nd of the same month, when Fukuyama returned to control after Johnson transferred, he achieved a total of 1000 wins for the team in the official match of the XNUMXst Army.[126]..After October, the end of the season, Matsui returned to the rescue team, while Kishi, who pitched in six games in the starting lineup, won the monthly MVP in the league pitcher division in October and November with a good record of five wins and undefeated.However, in the first army, he finished the season in 10th place after reaching 6 games, which is the most in the NPB baseball team.

NPB他球団でのプレーを経験している移籍組はおおむね好調で、鈴木大地が打率.295(パ・リーグの最終規定打席到達者としては5位)、ロメロが24本塁打、牧田和久が登板52試合(チーム最多およびリーグ3位の登板数)で防御率2.16をマーク。涌井はとりわけ好調で、シーズン初登板からの先発8連勝(プロ入り後自身最長)、2桁勝利(最初に入団した西武・移籍元のロッテ時代に続いて3球団目、パ・リーグ3球団のみでの達成は史上初)、Chiga University-Hiiragi IshikawaAlthough he won the same 11 wins as (both Softbank), he recorded the most wins in the league (achieved twice in the Seibu era and once in the Lotte era, and the first achievement in 2 teams in the history of NPB).In addition, Asamura, who has been the fourth batter since the opening, won the title of home run king for the first time with 1 home runs.Hiroto Kobukata, who replaced Mogi as a shortstop from the middle of the season, broke the record for newcomers to the baseball team in multiple hits held by Naoto Watanabe to 3 games, and after reaching the final batting average, the Pacific League 4 The batting average of .32 was recorded.In addition, the second army not only won the Eastern League for the second time in a row under Narahara, but also for the first time in the history of the team.Farm Japan ChampionshipControl.

It was held on October 10th, the end of the regular season.Draft meetingIn the first round ofWaseda UniversityLeft pitcherTakahisa HayakawaGM Ishii won the exclusive right to negotiate with the other three teams by lottery after overlapping nominations (later joined).In November of the final edition, Yuya Kubo, the oldest pitcher of the team, and Aoyama, who had the longest enrollment as an active pitcher of Rakuten, announced that he would retire (later to coach the Rakuten Eagles Academy Baseball School). In addition to being transformed), Yoshinori, Kumabara, Akito Tanaka,Hiroki Kondoh(Right pitcher who joined the team after being nominated in the first round of the 2017 draft meeting), transferred from Softbank in 1Yasumasa Yamashita(A catcher nominated by the team in the first round of the 2010 draft meeting) and others were notified that they were out of force (Kondo joined Yakult and Yamashita as training players on the middle day after the notification, and Yoshinori Sato was Musashi Saitama and Akito Tanaka. IsFukushima Red HopesKumahara retired from active duty).Furthermore, on the 12th of the same month immediately after the end of the regular season, it was announced that Ishii, who had no history of coaching on-site, will also serve as GM and one-armed coach.Tomohito Ito returns to Yakult from the coaches of the XNUMXst Army,Seiji SashinoHas left the team, and Katsunori Nomura has been transferred to a training coach.

Ishii Director GM and director era


The team slogan is "One soul(Ikkon) To the best Tohoku in Japan. "

Miki, who was in command of the first army the previous year, is the second army coach, and Makishi, the training coach, is returning to the first army head coach.Narahara, the second army coach, has been transferred to the first army infield defense baseball coach.In addition, Naoto Watanabe, who retired from active duty the previous year, will concentrate on the first-arm batting coach, and Kubo will be appointed as the second-arm pitcher coach.In addition, the BC League is treated as a dispatch from the Lotte baseball team.Tochigi Golden BravesWas the coach ofYukifumi OkadaWas invited to the outfield defense baseball coach of the XNUMXst Army as a successor to Tomashino. In the NPB baseball team, the case where GM also serves as one army manager like Ishii is Softbank'sSadaharu OhThe second case after (2005-2008) where a full-time director concurrently serves as a military supervisorFukuoka Daiei Hawks(Softbank's predecessor team)Rikuo NemotoThis is the second person after (1993/1994 when he was a managing director).[127]..On the other hand, Hiroshi Abe, the general manager of the team, who has been with the team for 16 years since the team was founded, left the team on January 1st. As of February 31, he has been appointed as an assistant general manager of the baseball management headquarters of NPB.

Among foreign players, Romero, who was enrolled in the previous year, has returned to Orix, and Blush, Chargowa, and DJ Johnson have left the group.Blush has indicated his intention to retire, but from MLBBrandon DixonInfielder,Adam conleypitcher,Rusney CastilloOutfielder (former baseballキ ュ ー バRepresentative) joined the group.In addition, after the 7-year contract with the New York Yankees expired in November of the previous year, Masahiro Tanaka, who had been having difficulty re-contracting and negotiating a transfer to another MLB team, was asked to return for the first time in eight years.As a result, four days before the start of the spring camp (11), it was agreed to a two-year contract with Rakuten, and it was possible to wear the uniform number 8, which the Rakuten baseball team had treated as a "quasi-permanent absence" while enrolled in the Yankees. It was announced on January 2th).

However, since the spread of infection with the new coronavirus in Japan has not stopped, the team has abandoned the holding of the 1st Army Spring Camp on Kumejima, which has been ongoing since the first year of its founding.Although it is in the same Okinawa prefecture as Kume Island, the campsite of the XNUMXst Army isKin Town(Used in the spring camp of the second army until the previous year), the camp site of the second armyUruma City(Both are on the main island of Okinawa).In addition, the Japanese government has imposed immigration restrictions on foreigners as part of measures to prevent the spread of infection, so new members Dixon, Conley, and Castillo could not join the spring camp (Conley is expected to come to Japan). Canceled the contract on May 5th after the start of the regular season without standing → MLB on May 6thTampa Bay RaysAnd minor contracts).Under these circumstances, the team of long-distance batters to further strengthen the batting line immediately after the end of the camp.Shunken Yokoo(Nippon-Ham Infielder) has been acquired by exchange trade with Takahide Ikeda.




Team results/records

  • Japan series championship: Once (1)
  • League championship: Once (1)
  • Climax series winner: Once (1)
  • Lowest: 6 times (2005-2006, 2010, 2014-2015, 2018)
  • Class A: 4 times (2009, 2013, 2017, 2019)
  • Class B: 12 ​​times (2005-2008, 2010-2012, 2014-2016, 2018, 2020)
  • Longest continuous A class record: 1 year (2009, 2013, 2017, 2019)
  • Longest B class record: 4 years (2005-2008)
  • Most wins: 82 wins (2013)
  • Most defeat: 97 losses (2005)
  • Most draws: 10 minutes (2012)
  • Highest win rate: .582 (2013)
  • Minimum win rate: .281 (2005)
  • Highest score: 628 (2013)
  • Minimum score: 432 (2011)
  • Most goals scored: 812 (2005)
  • Minimum goals scored: 464 (2011)
  • Most home run: 141 (2019)
  • Minimum home run: 52 (2012)
  • Most stolen bases: 130 stolen bases (2011)
  • Minimum Steal: 41 Steal (2005)
  • Most mistakes: 106 mistakes (2007)
  • Minimum failure: 61 failure (2020)
  • Maximum batting average: .272 (2008)
  • Minimum batting rate: .241 (2015)
  • Highest Defense Rate: 2.85 (2011)
  • Minimum protection rate: 5.67 (2005)
  • Maximum number of double hits: 144 double hits (2007 Japanese baseball record)
  • First match/first victory: March 2005, 3 Chiba Marine Stadium (26-3 against Lotte)
  • First defeat: March 2005, 3, Chiba Marine Stadium (27nd match, 2-0 against Lotte, 26 points difference between Japan and Japan is the record of Japan professional baseball tie)
  • First draw: July 2005, 7 Fullcast Stadium Miyagi (10th match, 83-4 against Lotte)
  • 最大連勝:7(2008å¹´3月26日・対オリックス - 4月3日・対ロッテ、2011å¹´8月20日・対ソフトバンク - 8月27日・対ソフトバンク、2013å¹´7月26日・対ロッテ - 2013å¹´8月4日・対日本ハム)
  • 最大連敗:11(2005å¹´4月15日・対日本ハム - 4月27日・対オリックス、2005å¹´8月9日・対オリックス - 8月23日・対オリックス)
  • Highest score per game: 1 (July 19, 2015, against Nippon Ham)
  • Most goals per game: 1 (March 26, 2005, against Lotte)
  • Most hits per game: 1 (April 24, 2014, against Lotte)
  • 1イニング最多得点:10(2005å¹´4月13日・対ソフトバンク・3回裏、2005å¹´9月2日・対オリックス・6回裏、2020å¹´6月27日・対日本ハム・5回裏)
  • 1イニング最多失点:11(2005å¹´3月27日・対ロッテ・2回裏、2008å¹´7月22日・対西武・2回裏)
  • Maximum savings: 31 (July 2017, 7, against SoftBank)
  • Maximum debt: 59 (September 2005, 9, against SoftBank)
  • 1試合最多本塁打:7本(2019å¹´6月14日・対広島・茂木栄五郎7号、ジャバリ・ブラッシュ18号、ゼラス・ウィーラー12号、太田光1号、浅村栄斗15、16号、辰己涼介2号)
  • 1 inning doubles: 7 (August 2013, 8, Nippon-Ham, 4 times, professional baseball record)

Title winner

Permanent number

  • 10:fan
Sub memberA jersey number for fans who wants to enliven the team as one of.Starting memberIt is named after the next 9 people.
Initially,Meiji UniversityIn 2004, he was nominated for the fourth round of drafting because he was the captain and was "the captain's uniform number in Tokyo Roku University Baseball".Takanori NishitaniIt was decided to be a uniform number, but it was changed to "6" for the above reason[128]
It has been a permanent number since the team was founded, so there has never been a player, manager, or coach with a uniform number of "10" in the past.
Chiba Lotte Marines is the 10th place after 25 registered one army,Controlled player registrationWith the meaning of being one of the26For the fansSemi-permanent missing numberHe said that he referred to it.
By the way, team clutch mascot "Clutch" is wearing number 1 as one of the Eagles fans.
Fourth director. In 4, the third year after taking office, he led the team to the first league championship in Japan.
After leaving the director, he stayed in the team, and served as senior advisor and vice chairman of the team.
August 2018, 1,Pancreatic cancerPassed away at age 70.
It was the first time in history in Japan that the permanent permanent number was established as a director.

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners

Successive directors

年度directed byRankingmatchvictorydefeatDrawWin rateGame differencebatting averageDefense rateHome run
2005Yasushi Tao613638971. 281-51.5%X 51.5. 2555.6788
2006Katsuya Nomura613647854. 356-33.0%X 33.0. 2584.3067
2007414467752. 472-13.5%X 13.5. 2624.31111
2008514465763. 461-11.5%X 11.5. 2723.8994
2009214477661. 538-05.5%▲05.5. 2674.01108
2010M. Brown614462793. 440-15.0%X 15.0. 2653.9895
2011Senichi Hoshino514466717. 482-23.5%X 23.5. 2452.8553
20124144676710. 500-07.5%▲07.5. 2522.9952
2013114482593. 582+07.5△07.5. 2673.5197
2014614464800. 444-17.0%X 17.0. 2553.9778
2015Hiroku Okubo614357833. 407-33.5%X 33.5. 2413.8285
2016Masataka Nashida514362783. 443-25.0%X 25.0. 2574.11101
2017314377633. 550-15.5%X 15.5. 2543.33135
2018614358823. 414-29.5%X 29.5. 2413.78132
2019Hiraishi Yosuke314371684. 511-07.5%▲07.5. 2513.74141
2020Hajime Miki412055578. 491-16.5%X 16.5. 2584.19112
* ▲: Game difference between regular season top teams in 2005 and 2006, and league championship teams since 2007
* △: Game difference from the league second place team
* In rankTaizi Of1Is the best in Japan
*The 2014 season starts with Hoshino coaching until May 5th and May 25th-July 5ndYoshinori SatoDirector acting (24 wins, 10 wins and 14 losses), July 7-July 3Hiroku OkuboActing as director (16 races 7 wins and 9 losses), July 7-Directed by Hoshino until the end of the season.
* A background color is added in the A class (3rd or higher) season.
  •   victory
  •   Draw
  •   defeat

Honorary Director

In office until 2012. Currently in the professional baseball worldHonorary DirectorIt was the whole team that received the title ofKatsuya NomuraとYomiuri GiantsLife Honorary DirectorNagashima ShigeoOnly.

Changes in uniforms

It is the image color of the parent company Rakuten and also the team color of Eagles.Crimson Red (dark red)Is the keynote. The pants have a fine line. The hat is a white letter "E" based on dark red. Since 1, we have signed an official platinum sponsorship contract with Descente Co., Ltd. and provided uniforms and other clothing. In the chest, sponsorIris OyamaThe patch is attached. Suppliers from 2014 season to 2019 seasonMajestic Athletic.. From the 2020 season, uniforms and apparelMizuno, Cap became the first NPB baseball team to become an official supplier[129].

  • On the left sleeve in 2009, there was a patch designed with the "5th Anniversary" logo mark to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the team's founding.
  • In the right sleeve of 2011,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) In memory of the victims, one black line (mourning badge) is included, and the "Ganbaro Tohoku" patch is attached (the "Ganbaro Tohoku" patch will continue in 1).
  • Only in the 2012 season, the helmet changed from glossy to glossy for both home and visitors.
  • The helmet design has been renewed in the 2020 season, and the color of Crimson Red is expressed by the technique of the traditional craft "Tamamushi Nuri" of Miyagi prefecture, which is characterized by the glossy color and luster, and the Tohoku Craft Co., Ltd. and industry. Improving lacquer's scratch resistance, weather resistance, etc. jointly developed by the Tohoku Center of the Technical Research InstituteNano compositeAdopted coating using the technology of[129].

For home

On a white background, the chest logo has an eagle badgeEAGLES". On top of that,RAKUTENThe chest logo, uniform number, chest number, and hat mark have dark red letters with a yellow border.

  • 2005-2010: Shadow stripes were spread out at evenly spaced intervals.
  • 2011 -: Chest number, uniform number, and uniform name are the same as those used in the uniform for visitors (see below) from the previous year. further,Great East Japan EarthquakeIn addition to the victim's victims, a ring-shaped mourning badge that circles around the left sleeve with condolences was added, and a patch of "Ganbaro Tohoku" was added to the left arm with the hope of recovery from the earthquake (Mourning badge is only for 2011. Adopted). Also, from the same year, captain players will be introduced due to the introduction of the captain system.[Annotation 9] On the right chest of the uniform as a captain markC(For home use, the golden edge is red, for visitors it is white on the golden edge)". In 2014, the fonts for chest number, uniform number, and uniform name were changed again.
  • 2018: Raglan lines on shoulders and flanks on uniform are gone, gold and Crimson red lines on cuffs and collar. In addition, the fonts for the chest number, jersey number, and spine name have been changed, and the edging of the "EAGLES" chest logo and hat mark has changed from yellow to gold.

For visitors

The two-tone color of the outerwear is Crimson Red and the pants are white (the same type as for home).

  • 2005-2009: The chest logo is "RAKUTEN", there was a yellow shadow on the chest logo to make it look three-dimensional.
  • 2010 -: The chest logo design is "Rakuten, The yellow shadow was abolished, and the font of the chest number, back number, and back name was also changed.The concept is "simple & smart"

[130].. In 2014, the fonts for chest number, uniform number, and uniform name were changed.

  • 2018: Chest logo ``RakutenThere is an elongated line to the right below. Also, the fonts for chest number, uniform number, and uniform name have changed[131].. In addition, the uniform raglan lines on the shoulders and flanks have been removed, and white and Crimson red lines have been added to the cuffs and collar. The border of the hat mark has changed from yellow to gold.

Limited uniform

In addition, "3rd (or 4th) uniform" for a limited time is adopted as follows.

  • 2006-2009: Introducing a third uniform that will only be worn at home-match games during the upcoming match. The chest logo is the same as the hat on the left chest.EMark, chest number on right chest. Crimson red raglan sleeve lines on shoulders and flanks. The typefaces for uniform numbers and chest numbers were onceNishitetsu LionsThe square characters adopted by are used.
  • 2007: For the first time, "Home Club" was selected by a fan vote for a limited time on "Fan Club Day". It's the same type as the uniform for battle, but the same as the hat on the chest.EThe logo is arranged large. There is no chest number. The uniform number and player name are copper plate and Gothic type. Crimson red on shoulders, flanks and back.
  • July 2008-7 11 Wearing the "Fan Club Day" uniform for the 13 edition of Lotte Marines against Chiba during the three consecutive games. The chest logo is on the left chestRAKUTEN EAGLESThe logo is placed vertically, the chest number on the right chest, the number on the back, and the player name are copper plates and Gothic type. Crimson red on shoulders, flanks and back.
  • 2010-2011: Introducing a third uniform for the summer vacation. The front part is white, and the sides (from the shoulders to both sleeves and the side) have a dark red raglan design, with a large "TOHOKU" character on the chest and a small "RAKUTEN" underneath. The right sleeve has the same "E" mark as the hat, and the left sleeve has the "Rakuten" logo.Tokyo DomeRegional sponsored games held in other areas (so-called "Tohoku series",Koriyama-Akita,Iwate),as well asSummer VacationI wore it in 12 games including 15 games at K-sta Miyagi during the period[132].. In 2011 as well, it was worn in a total of 2 games, 8 local games (Akita/Iwate) and 12 games at K-sta Miyagi in August.
  • 2011: Adopted Eagle Rainbow as a "special project uniform for the 7th year since the foundation of the team". Under the concept of "rainbow (bridge of dreams)", the chest and both sleeves are composed of 7 color bands including Crimson red, and the chest is a dark blue color different from the usual design.EaglesIn addition to the logo, there is an eagle illustration on the lower left chest. Pants have a crimson red line (only the rear side has a dark blue border), and a waist number on the waist. The undershirt is dark blue. The cap is not a normal design, but is a white, dark blue, Gothic "E". I wore it in a total of 5 exchange battles against Hanshin 28 consecutive games on May 29/2 and 6 consecutive China to Japan on June 11/12 (both Ksta Miyagi).[133].
    • Wearing the 2011 Fan Club Day uniform in the three consecutive games against Chiba Lotte Marines from July 7, 1. On the chestE"One-letter logo, with four-color lines on the shoulders and armpits. A fan club original emblem with a map of the Tohoku region will be placed in the left sleeve (the “Ganbaro Tohoku” patch and mourning badge have moved to the right shoulder).
  • Wearing the “Fan Club Day” uniform for 2012 in the three consecutive SoftBank Hawks against Fukuoka from June 6, 29. Crimson red fabric, which is usually used for visitors, is attached to the left chest.E"One-letter logo mark. "Ganbaro Tohoku" emblem is on the right sleeve, and "Fan club emblem (Fan club original emblem with a map of the Tohoku region)" that is a proof of the 2012 fan club is attached on the left sleeve. The white wing flapping wings of the dog eagle and four white lines that express the feeling of "sprinting" that you can imagine from baseball that made use of "feet", 4 lines with both sleeves combined 8th year of foundation Also, the original cap is also used with 8 lines on the side.
  • July 2012, 7-27 games (8 home games and 26 visitor games) held on August 26th, wearing the "Eagle Star" uniform. "Eagle Star" was created with the theme of "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR". Crimson red stripes on the ivory (Rakuten's uniform has been used for the first time since the club's founding), with a design featuring a star-shaped logo patch on the left sleeve. The desire to win the championships and hope for the early recovery of Tohoku is put in one "star".
  • From July 2013th to August 7th, 26, the 8st army official match will be held at the local stadiums in Fukushima, Iwate, Akita, and Yamagata prefectures, and the 25st army official match will be held at Ksta Miyagi, Aomori prefecture. Announced "TOHOKU GREEN", a uniform uniform plan that will be worn in a total of 1 games of the 1nd Army's official match. Based on the theme of "the desire to remain beautiful without changing the greenery of Tohoku," we used the color "Tokiwa" that has the meaning of "Joban," which means "it does not always change" in the base color. The design uniform was created with the theme of early recovery of Tohoku, preservation of the beautiful nature of Tohoku, and the wish that Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles would become a winning team. The uniform is based on Tokiwa, and the chest is "TOHOKU", and the cap is based on Tokiwa. The chest logo, hat logo, and jersey number are white on the red edge. In addition, under the uniform and undershirts use normal ones[134].
  • Uses "BLACK EAGLES" based on black since 2017 season[135].
  • From the 2018 season, we will use the new "BLACK EAGLES" based on the "TOHOKU GREEN" design and "FAN'S uniform 2018" with almost the same design, with red as the basic color and black from the flank to the side.[136].
  • For the 2019 season, we will use special uniforms "TOHOKU BLUE" and "FANS' uniforms 2019"[137].
  • Special uniforms "TOHOKU BLUE Uniform 2020" and "FANS' Uniform 2020" will be adopted for the 2020 season[138].
  • 2021 season announces that it will continue to use the same design as in 2020 season[139].

Transition of the team flag

  • 2005 -: Crimson Red (dark red), which is the image color of the parent company and is the team color of the team, is the ground color, and the white team logo is in the center (the letters on the left and right edges are the image of an eagle wing).EAGLES"And small on it"RAKUTEN)).

マ ス コ ッ ト

  • clutch
    • The motif of a golden eagle. The name is open to the public, and English has the meaning of "grab tightly" and "washizuka" in clutch. Also, since "batter who has a strong match" is called a clutch hitter in English, "a team with a strong match" I want you to grasp the hearts of everyone”. In addition, he wears a uniform number 10 for Eagles fans as one of the Eagles fans. When the costume appeared, he didn't wear a hat.
  • Clutchina
    • The team named it by saying, "A girly name based on the clutch." Featuring pink feathers.Saitama Seibu LionsMascot of theLeoI'm showing you how to feel[140].
  • switch
    • It appeared as a contract on April 2016, 4.Steller's sea eagleThe motif.America-CaliforniaI'm from I heard that there is a ball park with a Ferris wheel (Kobo Park Miyagi) in Japan and came to Sendai. He has a cheerful and cheerful personality, but there is a rumor that he will be a different person when he switches on.[141].
  • Mr. Carrasco
    • Non-Certifiedmascot. See the item.
  • Super oversized bitter gourd
    • During the Kumejima Camp in 2009, a local sports organization (FC Ryukyu,Okinawa wrestling) Presented by the mascot. Later transferred to Orix. For details, refer to the relevant item.
  • Baby-brown
    • 2010 years,Marty BrownAppeared after being appointed as director. No matter how you look at it, it only looks like you have pasted a mask that imitates Brown's face on the face of the super-large bitter gourd (however, the modeling is quite realistic and it is likely that the head was newly made). Design mascot. However, the team commented, "It has nothing to do with super-large bitter gourd." Official site article[142] according to,KumejimaI happened to be at the place that had been washed up on the coast ofMasahiro TanakaIt seems that he came to the stadium as it was helped by, and the situation is introduced with photos. And Brown, who saw this character, liked it and named it "Baby-brown" and made it his own official mascot.
  • Bell Pepper Bon Giorno Company
    • Unofficial mascot. See the item.
  • Black eagle
    • It was born in 2017 along with the founding of "BLACK EAGLES DAY". Appears only on the day of "BLACK EAGLES DAY". An uncle wearing a eagle's headgear on June 2017, 6 (broadcast date in the Kanto wide area)Nippon TVBroadcasted in seriesNinoAppeared in the 1st corner of "", "Find the Second Funassy! Talking Local Character Audition"[143].. The uniform number is "9604", which is a combination of the words "kuroshi".

Major successive team songs and support songs

Official team song

  • Flap wings Rakuten Eagles(Lyrics: Hiroshi Fujimaki, Satoshi Katsuyama, Misato Ioka, Composition: Hiroshi Fujimaki, Song: Inu Eagle Chorus)
    It is a military song, but there is also a Samba MIX version. It has flowed 7 times before the attack.
  • Dangerous Fight! (Lyrics/Composition: Hiroshi Fujimaki, Song: TOMMY)
    The theme song rock style of the combined robot animation.

Official support song

  • THE Manpower!!!(Songwriting:Tsunku♂(Sharan Q),song:Morning Musume.)
    In the game against the Seibu, which is the host game and the opening game of the base held on April 2005, 4, and the game against Giants on May 1, 5Fullcast Stadium MiyagiWill be shown atSky A"Satellite stadium』Ending of the live broadcast, TohokuANNEach station net "Golden eagle』(East Japan Broadcasting) Is also used in the opening ending.
    Owned by the personal property management company of Mikitani, the owner of Eagles (not Rakuten Group)VISSEL KOBE(J League) Of 2004HeadquartersIn the opening gameAya MatsuuraWas called to the guestHello! ProjectThe connection with the song, and the birth of this song.
  • LET'S GO Rakuten Eagles (Lyrics/Composition: Tsunku♂, Song:DEF.DIVAAnd Rakuten Eagles support team)
    Hello! ProjectThe second official support song by. Tsunku with chorusCountry girl.-Melon anniversaryParticipated. The team names such as "Rakuten", "Rakuten Eagles" and "Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles" were included in the song after the reflection that the fans did not settle because there was no lyrics related to the team in the previous work "THE Manpower!!!". Appears 30 times. The CD was released on March 2006, 3 only at Rakuten Eagles Official Shop, which was sold online, and was unveiled at the home opening game (against Orix) on March 25. In addition to the previous work, Sky A "sky・A STADIUM LIVE RAKUTEN"(Changed the program name from "Satellite Stadium") is used as the ending theme song.
    It is Morning Musume in the previous work that continues to participate from the previous work. Member of DEF.DIVA in this workIshikawa RikaOnly.
  • Daiski Rakuten Eagles (Lyrics/Composition: Tsunku♂, Song:GAM)
    The third official support song by Hello! Project. The CD was released on March 3, 2007 only at the Rakuten Eagles Official Shop, which was sold online, and was unveiled at the home opening game (against Orix Buffaloes) on April 3. This song is also used as the ending theme song for Sky A sports+ "sky A STADIUM LIVE RAKUTEN washikami".
    GAMAya MatsuuraとMiki FujimotoHowever, Matsuura will be in charge of the second support song for the second consecutive year, and Fujimoto for the first time in two years.
  • Overcome Rakuten Eagles(Lyrics/Composition: Tsunku♂, Song:℃ -ute)
    The fourth official song for the Hello! Project. Released on March 4, 2008.Sendai StationAvailable only on the premises/Rakuten Eagles official store and Hello!Project official shop.PVIwakuma, Yamazaki and other Rakuten players (at that time) will appear in.
    In addition to the version of the player appearance, the PV also has a version that only ℃-ute members appear.
    Regarding the performance at the stadium, only the home opening game on March 3th.
  • Red wings (song:Takao Horiuchi)
    Same as Tsunku♂Up front groupThe fifth official support song sung by Takao Horiuchi.
  • Passion Victory (Song:Jiro Sugita,Bamba Hirofumi)
    ChorusMari Yaguchi,Nozomi Tsuji,Mai SatodaAre in charge of 3 people.
  • Beni no Tsubasa 2011-Let's go to the battle stage-(Lyrics: Tetsuhiro Shoji, Composition/Song:Takao Horiuchi)
    The year 2009, when "Red Wings" was produced, was the memorable season for reaching the climax series in the 5th year of the team's foundation. It is an official support song that was created to go beyond this season.

Official support song

  • Ara Eagle no Uta (Lyrics/Composition:Ryo Ishibashi,song:ARB)
  • Tohoku Rakuten! Orahono! Eagles (Lyrics: Shiori Sakuma, Composition: Tsuneo Saito, Song: Kouichi Konosu)
  • Golden Tsubasa (Lyrics: Moriyasu Shiratsu, Composition: Masahiko Mochi, Song: Osamu Itabashi)
    In Sendai CityRed light district-Kokubun TownIt was produced by a joint organization of two representative restaurants in Tokyo, called “Kaikai (common name: Inatora cheering group)”.
  • Dream of EAGLES-Achieve Dreams (Lyrics/Akihiko Honma, CompositionSakamoto Satoru, Song: Satoru & Akki)
    "Satoru & Akki"Date fmOf the program "AIR JAMA unit of Satoru Sakamoto and Akihiko Homma, born from
  • Rakuten Eagles GO! GO! GO! GO! (Lyrics/Composition: Tomoyoshi Sasaki, Song: Eiji Okuyama, DJ:Wacky Kaizan)
    Every year,Michinoku YOSAKOI FestivalDanced in.

Official image song

  • Yume no Tsubasa (Lyrics:Goro Matsui, Composition:Kimura Shinya,song:Muneyuki Sato)
    Sato himself sealed the song, including protesting against the dismissal of Director Tao, but he will be the moderator on February 2010, 2.Miyagi TV"OH! Bandes], unsealed, singing once a month in the program.


Sponsored game holding stadium


Owned by Miyagi Prefecture from the time of new entry to the presentMiyagi Stadium(Miyagino Ward, Sendai CityMiyajinohara Park General Sports Ground(Within) is the headquarters for the Rakuten baseball teamCity Park LawOperates with the permission (management permission) of Article 5 Paragraph 1[144].. However, every 3 yearsNaming rightsThe nickname given by the company that acquired the rights is used in preference to the "Miyagi Stadium".

Nickname of "Miyagi Stadium" due to naming rights
SeasonAcquiring companyContract fee (tax excluded)NicknameMain abbreviation
2005-2007Full cast2 million yen/yearFullcast Stadium MiyagiFulsta Miyagi
2008-2010Nippon Paper Industries2 million yen/yearKleenexStadium MiyagiK-Star Miyagi
2011-20132 million yen/yearNippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi
2014-2016Rakuten2 million yen/yearRakutenKoboStadium MiyagiCobosta miyagi
Kobo Star Miyagi (2016)
2017Kobo Park MiyagiKobo Park
2018-2022Rakuten Life Park MiyagiRakuten Life Park

2020January 1, Japan's first full-scale entry to the headquarters2 dimensional barcodeAnnounced that[145].

30 days,This seasonからSuicaAnnounced that[146].

Local holding

Capacity and number of spectators

The number of spectators and the average number of spectators per game including the capacity of the Miyagi stadium, which is the home ground, and those other than Miyagi stadium in regular season sponsored games are as follows. The regular season rankings in the PA League are also added. This stat doesn't add to the audiencePost seasonThe year when there was a special note.

Number of occupants at the Miyagi Stadium and number of spectators at the competition[147][148][149][150]
YearsNumber of matchesAudience mobilization1 match averageMiyagi Stadium's capacityRankingPS
200568 match977,10414,36920,0006 bit-
2006951,72313,99623,0006 bit-
200772 match1,117,36915,5194 bit-
20081,149,06115,95922,1875 bit-
20091,203,16916,71122,0982 bitCS
20101,141,64015,85623,0266 bit-
20111,168,18816,2255 bit-
20121,177,79316,3584 bit-
20131,281,08717,793【0100 ~] 23,451 people
【0400 ~] 23,466 people
【0900 ~] 25,651 people
【October03 days-] 25,868
[From October 10th] 17
[From October 10th] 26
1 bitCS+JS
20141,450,23320,142【0401 days-] 25,717
【0From August 8th] 30
6 bit-
201571 match1,524,14921,46728,4516 bit-
201672 match1,620,96122,51330,5085 bit-
201771 match1,770,10824,9313 bitCS
201872 match1,726,00423,9726 bit─
201971 match1,821,78525,6593 bitCS
Changes in capacity and number of spectators
  Capacity of Miyagi Stadium (persons)... At the beginning of each season (2005 before 28,000)
  Average number of spectators mobilized per hosting match (person/match)[147]


  • Rakuten Life Park MiyagiIn-house announcement that introduces players in the held home game ("Stadium djIt has been adopted since 1, the first year of the team's foundation.
    • It uses a mixed gender format, with males on the home side and females on the visitor side.
      • Male voice announcements in the pastYuko Furuta(Free announcer) was in charge. Currently (Free Announcer) is in charge.
      • Female voice announcements in the pastKayoko Iwate(Free announcer),Takano Shizu(Free announcer),Yuka Yamaguchi(Cheerleader team of Chunichi Dragons "Cheer DragonsThe former members of ") were in charge. From 2012Konno Yoko(Free Announcer) was in charge but retired after the 2013 season[151].. In 2013, the team consisted of two people, and the person in charge changed from game to game. The name of the announcer, who was newly added in 2013, has not been announced and will continue to be in charge of 2014.
    • In 2010, the male and female mixed molding type announcement was abolished. Furuta, a male voice announcer, served as both home and visitor this year. Also, although unofficialOryxIn battleYoshinobu HorieWas in charge of only 1 to 3 times.
  • Men's announcements in the hallKyocera Dome,Hot More FieldThe game hosted by Orix is ​​the first to be held in Osaka, but in Osaka D and KobeMajor LeagueThe position and batting order will be announced in English, but here it will be announced in Japanese.
  • In the Rakuten Eagles player call from 2013, "Batting order, position,Uniform number, Player name”, in the same order as the calls in the major leagues.

Rakuten Life Park Miyagi successive venue announcements

periodMale voiceFemale voice
2005-2007Yuko FurutaKayoko Iwate-Takano Shizu
2008Kayoko Iwate
2009-2011Yuka Yamaguchi[Annotation 10]
2012Konno Yoko
2013Chiba Masato[Annotation 11]Konno Yoko
2014- Unknown

Cheering style

  • It is forbidden to use trumpets or whistles at the headquarters, Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi,NPBOnly private cheering teams that have received permission from can use taiko (however, the size of taiko that can be used is limited and only one group can use it. For not only Rakuten but also cheering teams of other teams) The same). In addition, at stadiums other than Kobosta Miyagi, we support using trumpets and whistles.
  • Instead of the "Cuttobase" call that other teams make at the player's bat at the time of Rakuten attack"Dodododo○○! Dodododo○○! Ooooooooooooooo!"(○ is the player's name. Woooooooo is in a rising style so that it goes up)"4 beats"(Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles cheering partyIsNational Arashi Eagle Federation(A unique support method devised by (General headquarters, Hokkaido Ara Eagle Society, Tohoku Ara Eagle Society, Kanto Ara Eagle Society, Kansai Ara Eagle Society, Kyushu Ara Eagle Society)) was established. However, with the aim of simplifying support from the 2018 season,"○○!○○! Woooooooooooooo!"(○○ is the player name, Ooooooooo is the same as above)"3 beats"Was changed to. However, only Chance Theme 1 is “4, 4, 8 beats”.
  • For some players, there are also people who have a different cheering style from the "4, 4 and 8 beats" (Ryo Holyzawa, Foreign players, etc.)
  • The first attack will start until 2017 with "Opening theme" (Original song: Sou Sato's "Aoba castle love song)), but in 2018, the "first-time batter theme" was sung. From 2019, "Winning Eagle" has been used as the theme at the start of the first attack.
  • The support song for each player is basically a private cheering group "National Ara Eagle Federation (Hokkaido Ara Eagle Society/Tohoku Ara Eagle Society/Kanto Ara Eagle Society/Kansai Ara Eagle Society/Kyushu Ara Eagle Society)" )) individual support songs are used, but there are many players who do not have individual support songs, and a common general theme is used for those players. In addition, four general-purpose themes were prepared (for players under 4 years old, for players over 30 years old, for foreign players, for pitchers).
  • Singed when you have a chance to scoreChance theme"Is an amusement park in Sendai city"Yagiyama Benny LandThe theme song of "is used. By the way, this theme was originallySendai NikkoIt was used as a baseball support opportunity theme. After that, "Chance Theme 2" (Original song: Yamagata'sLocal heroA new chance theme called "Onabe Sentai Imoni Ranger theme" was also prepared and used in parallel with the previous chance theme. In addition to this, there were chance themes exclusively for the Kyushu, Hokkaido, Kanto, Kansai, and Tohoku districts, but with the reorganization of the support songs in 2019, the chance themes became common throughout the country.
  • Before the start of the 7th attack, a red song was played at the end of the performance of the team song "Flaptake Rakuten Eagles".Jet balloonsIs skipping. Also, when Rakuten wins, it blows a white balloon (meaning "white star").
  • At the time of winning the home game, the director, coach, and players all lined up on the ground to greet, but after the greeting, several players continued to run in front of the outfield stand and, along with the fans of the stand, said ``Hanse Sancho ”(Which player participates depends on the day). In addition, fireworks will be launched from the back of the back screen immediately after Manzai Sanka.


Match broadcast

In order to stabilize profits at Rakuten, the baseball team owner, Mikitani, basically reserved the right to the production of the relay footage. Since 2008, the team has the right to produce and write.

There are certain restrictions on relaying at conventional broadcasting stations. This method is said to follow the example of Nippon Ham, which moved to Hokkaido.

Internet tv

Available services (as of 2020)

  • Pacific League TV(Introduced in 2007, the predecessor of Yahoo Video)
  • Rakuten TV(Formerly Rakuten SHOWTIME, 2014)
    • Video distribution service for multiple devices. The official game home game all games relay. In the past, even non-Rakuten members could view the content for free. Currently"Rakuten Pa League SpecialIt is distributed as ".
  • DAZN
  • Pacific League LIVE
  • At Eagles
    • Android and iOS smartphone apps. Live distribution of home games (currently only for farm battles), online distribution of the community FM station "Rakuten.FM TOHOKU", distribution of the latest information on the team, etc.

Past services

  • Rakuten Eagles TV(2006-2007)
    • All 69 home games played at Miyagi StadiumMovieIt was broadcast live. In 2005, it was a pay broadcast with a limited number of people.
  • Nico Nico Douga(2009-2017)
    • "Rakuten Eagles Channel" was opened on August 2009, 8. During the professional baseball season, highlights of sponsored games, interviews of directors after the match, hero interviews of winning games, and videos of interviews of newly recruited players and highlights of camping during the offseason are released for free.
    • During the professional baseball season, in addition to the release of the above video,Nico Nico Live BroadcastHas the right to broadcast the sponsored match on a special page withinCSSimultaneous distribution of the official game broadcast video produced by the broadcasting station and live commentary for the Internet (addition to games held at Miyagi stadium when the game is limited to Japan/when the climax series is reached). In 2009, with 18 home visitor games including the climax series,sky ・ A sports +The broadcast of the production was delivered at the same time. Broadcasting rights of sponsored games in CSJ SPORTS(2012/2015-) → Nippon Television PlusSimultaneous delivery continues even after shifting to (2013-2014). In 2013, in addition to all 72 official games hosted by Klenex Stadium (including those other than Miyagi), a live broadcast of all climax series final stage games was delivered.
    • Since Nico Nico Live Broadcasting has set a viewing standard that gives priority to monthly premium members, the total number of viewing users exceeded the number of viewers even during distribution when watching the relay as a free "general member". At that point, you will not be able to watch automatically (so-called "exit from live broadcast"). Furthermore, since the viewing rights of the members are assigned in ascending order of the "entry" (start of access to the distribution page) time, the relay may not be viewable depending on the entry time or the access status to the page.
  • Sponavi Live
    • SoftbankとYahooAn internet-based all-you-can-view sports service operated by. The service will end in May 2018.

Internet radio

  • Rakuten Eagles Radio "EAGLESTATION"
    • In the sponsored match (for Miyagi Stadium) held after the Orix game on September 2013, 9,J streamWhile utilizing the live broadcasting infrastructure of, "Rakuten Eagles live coverage" (live-sponsored live sponsored by the team at the same stadium)TuneIn RadioConducted on a trial basis. With the opening of "EAGLESTATION" in TuneIn Radio on October 10,For the first time in Japan, a live broadcast of an official game produced independently by a professional sports teamStarted in earnest[152].
    • Since listening to the live sound source is free and is not sponsored, during the inningsCMDo not insert. However, the delivery time is limited to just before the start of the game and immediately after the match (when Rakuten wins, hero interview). At other times, it will be treated as "SIGN OFF" and the distribution will be completely suspended, so past relay sound sources including digests will be recorded.on-demandIt is also impossible to hear in the form.
    • During the 2013 broadcast, no commentator was assigned, and the team members involved in the event (the name on the relay is "behind the talking "Ishichi"") both play and progress. After the operation of "EAGLESTATION" started, starting from the match against Lotte on October 10, six official games and all games of the climax series final stage (both held at the same stadium) were relayed. In addition, during the official game period, there was a live booth in the upper tier of the infield stand at Miyagi Stadium, but in the climax series, relay equipment was moved to the infield seat on the first base side near the ground. Depending on the relay date, the members of the team and members of the Golden Angels (in charge of general MC on the day) were invited as guests.
    • In 2014, the first official game of the official match (Orix match on April 4st) was started, and all 1 official matches hosted by Cobosta Miyagi were broadcast. After adding "English Channel" to the Japanese version that continued from the previous year,Simultaneous delivery in both Japanese and EnglishWas carried out. Also, in the Japanese version of the relay, the MC who plays both the live condition and the progress will appear every day. In addition to "Ishichi" in charge of the previous year,Kyoko Square(Sky ATohoku Rakuten sponsored game relay reporter), based in SendaiComedy group tea riseMembers of MC served as MC[153].. We also started broadcasting some of the visitor games.
    • In 2015, distribution started on the Internet radio distribution platform "Rakuten.FM".
    • As of August 2015, 8, it will end as "EAGLESTATION". From the next day, the Japanese version has been renewed as a net radio of the simulcast of the community FM station "Rakuten.FM TOHOKU", and the game relay continues as "EAGLE BASEBALL GAME SHOW" as one program. The English channel has been renamed to "Rakuten.FM TOHOKU (English)" and will continue as a single broadcast on the net radio only for match broadcasting.

Conventional broadcasting

Terrestrial waveTV: NHK and local broadcasting stations broadcast home games.
  • NHK : Terrestrial digitalRegarding broadcasting, it will be broadcast on the sub-channel until the end of the game. Broadcast in the Tohoku region. However, due to the priority policy of Rakuten baseball production video, there is a certain limit to the video production at the own station, and as a general rule, the material video of the game without the relay right will be delivered from the Rakuten baseball production. "Smile Glico Park" outside the left wing of Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi (you can watch the gameFerris wheelInstalledamusement park) Started nationwide after 2016 (mainly Sunday's day game relay), live video of the home direction from the window of the ferris wheel gondola, park by a stand report dedicated announcer Reports from inside the stand are inserted at any time.
  • The first stage of the 2009st stage of the 1st stage of the climax series in 1 was broadcast (BS1 was also broadcast, but the commentary by the commentator is different). Program organization is as follows
18:00-Broadcast on digital general 2 in the Tohoku region (broadcast until the end of the game)
18:05-BS1 jumps (same as above)
18:10-NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station jumps on (- 18:30 jumps offTeremasane"NHK News 7』Jumping at 19:30 for broadcasting>)
19:30-NHK in the Tohoku region other than the Sendai station jumped (- 20:55 jumped off <Local newsNews watch 9』For broadcasting >)

National net and post-season production results

  • Two exchange games and two giant games in May 2005 (TBS production, TBC announcer is Rakuten Bench Reporter only)
  • 2009 Climaxpa Stage 1 Round 2 (produced in-house, online on RKB)
  • K-Star opening in April 2011, Orix game (TBC was Miyagi local, nationwide relay was broadcast by TBS staff in dual relay with Yokohama × Giant)

TBC production... Commentary: Kento Sugiyama Commentary: Takeshi Matsuo Bench Reporter: Masato Iino Stand Reporter:Akiko Takai

TBS production... Commentary: Kazuhiro Sasaki Guest:Hideki Matsuyama The real condition:Masahiro Hayashi Bench Reporter:Ryusuke Ito

Post-season broadcast results

  • 2009 Climaxpa 2nd Stage, VS Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Round 3 (Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Production)
  • Miyagi TV: In the regular season, only weekend day games have not been replaced yet. The commentator is 2005Nippon TV OfKiyoshi Nakahata-Mizuno YujiIn charge of, from 2006 to 2008 became Rakuten OB's first commentator on Miyagi TVTetsuro KawajiriAnd Nippon TelevisionKojiro Ikeya.. The Battle of Seibu in April 2009 and the Battle of Nippon Ham in SeptemberHideyuki AhanoServed for the October climax seriesYoshiharu WakanaWas the first batting coach in 2010Tokuhiro KomadaとKenji Sashino(Tomashino continues to comment until now), 2011Jiki Sano-Yukihiro NishizakiIs in charge. The actual condition isTaku ItoAnd in charge of the reporterKoga SogaWas scheduled to play live in the Orix game in July 2009 (the commentary was Wakana mentioned above), but it was dismissed just before the game started and became a phantom, but he made a live baseball debut in the Nippon Ham match in July 7. Furthermore, in the relay of April 2010Tomoya KatoIs in charge of the reporter. Ito/Toga/Kato's senior/bossShigeharu MikumoAlso participates in the relay as a behind-the-scenes (production). Although the STV of the series performed the relay of the Nippon-Ham match held at Sapporo Dome on April 2009, 4, the same station gave priority to the giant battle and stopped the opening relay that had been continuing for 3 years.

Broadcast results in the postseason

  • 2009 Climaxpa 2nd stage, 1st round, 2nd round (pictures produced by Sapporo TV + Ito live in the studio in Sendai)

Voice replacement relay

  • March 2008 Softbank game (Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation and Fukuoka Softbank Hawks production video & Sendai studio commentary: Tetsuro Kawajiri, commentary: Taku Ito)
  • 2017 June 2018, 6 against Hiroshima (Hiroshima TVIn production, we carried out an original live commentary by getting on board (Hiroshima TV = commentary:Kojiro Ikeya,Kenjiro Nomura, Live:Takuma Mori, Report:Yasuchi Miyawaki.. Miyagi TV = Commentary:Kenji Sashino, Live:Koga Soga).


  • Hanshin Battle in May 2005 (Although it was held at home, it was produced by the affiliate Yomiuri Television, and MMT relayed Ito as a production cooperation organization)
    • Explanation:Kozo Kawafuji, Live:Akihiro Ozawa, Reporter: Taku ItoKenichi Oyama, Other stadium information:Junya Yamamoto
    • *After 2011, the Hanshin Battle may be relayed, but MMT and Yomiuri TV are relayed by different staff. In particular, Yomiuri TV sometimes dispatches a relay car to make another video.
    • In the match against Hiroshima sponsored by Rakuten, when broadcasting on Miyagi TV, it was broadcast via mutual internet with Hiroshima TV, but Miyagi Prefecture also cooperated with Miyagi TV production (with credit notation) when broadcasting on Tohoku Broadcasting and NHK General Television. We sometimes broadcast our own live performance by using the video produced by the team.
  • East Japan Broadcasting : Summer high school baseball tournamentThere are a lot of live broadcasting Ana because there are also relays and the number of relays is more than Sendai Broadcasting and Miyagi TV, but it is mainly a Saturday day game, but in 2005/2006/2010 a giant battle, in 2011 a golden time formation I replaced it. Except in 2008 (details will be described later) in the Giants game broadcast at homeTV AsahiIn cooperation with the production (which is still ongoing in 2011), the announcer of the department appears as a Rakuten reporter (until 2009). Commentary for most matches,Tohoku Welfare UniversityOBKoji OtsukaHas been in charge (in the case of the giant battle, it goes around the grand commentary)ABCProfessional baseball commentatorTakayuki MurakamiBut from 2010Denny TomoriIs a new member. As a fan representative until 2008Local talent OfAkihiko HonmaAppeared as a guest. (We will arrange guests even if Honma can not come due to various reasons,Yasuhiro Nozaki,Takashi TobaI also participated in the relay). The actual condition isHiroyuki Kumagai-Shinpei Iwasaki-Ryu MatsumotoIs in charge.J-League VegaltaMainly relayJun KagawaWas also responsible for one match in 2005. Reporter is only 1 in addition to each commentaryShingo YoshiokaI was also in charge of, and until 2008, I also placed a reporter on the other teamAffiliated stationsThe announcer was in charge. 2007 isCS broadcastingsky ・ A sports +Also in charge of live broadcasting. In 2008, we planned to hold an exchange match and a giant battle in June by our own production, but it happened in the morning on the day.Iwate-Miyagi Inland EarthquakeCanceled due to. All four games that relayed were over 4 hours and the phenomenon that it could not be relayed until the end was continued.In 4, the home game relaying at Koshien was carried out at Koshien, which is the first time in Kyushu station, except for K-sta. With the full cooperation, it was broadcast at the same broadcasting booth as the Hanshin War. Kumagai has been dispatched as a bench reporter in all games since 2011 for the third consecutive year since the opening season.

National net and post-season production results

  • Exchange games and giant games one game between May 2005 and May 2006 (TV Asahi production, Kumagai appeared on Rakuten reporter)
  • 2009 Climaxpa Stage 2 Round 4 (Boarding on-site, video produced by Hokkaido TV + live support from Rakuten in Kumagaya)
  • Round 2011 of the 3 All-Star Game (No KHB announcer appeared)

Voice replacement relay

  • Battle of Hanshin in June 2010 (ABC production video + Sendai studio Commentary: Koji Otsuka Live: Shinpei Iwasaki Report: Ryu Matsumoto)
  • Battle of Hanshin in June 2011 (Correspondence similar to 6: Commentary: Koji Otsuka Live: Ryu Matsumoto)

Nets outside Miyagi Prefecture (Tohoku and other team headquarters)

In the commercial broadcasts of the five Tohoku prefectures other than Miyagi prefecture, the relay programs produced by the station are broadcasted several times a year, especially in Aomori and Akita prefectures.
In the 2005 season, the day games will be broadcasted in neighboring prefectures (especially Yamagata Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, and Iwate Prefecture, where the two military bases are based), TBC production in SoftBank battles, RKB in Sendai, TV production in Western Japan, and Miyagi TV production in SV in Nippon Ham. It was also broadcast on.
Although TBC Thursday night games since 2010 are not all games, there are also games that are online in three prefectures except Aomori and Akita.
  • Other than the resident station,TokyoDistrictTOKYO MXIn 2011"Ganbaro Tohoku" Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball relay」のタイトルで、4月30日と5月1日の対オリックス戦、および5月7日の対西武戦を中継(映像は球団制作のものを使用)。2013å¹´10月21日のクライマックスファイナルシリーズ第4戦をTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.(TXN) 6 stations (TV TokyoTomoki UekusaThe announcer is on a business trip. (Katsuya Nomura, Koichi Ogata and others commentary)[154] Is a relay.
  • Two exchange games in June 2008BS AsahiBroadcast on. (At first, team production for Hiroshima match on 1st =Sky AAt the same time, the giant battle on the 14th was planned to be broadcast simultaneously with local broadcast for Miyagi prefecture by East Japan Broadcasting Production, but on the day of the giant battle relay scheduledIwate-Miyagi Inland EarthquakeDue to the cancellation of the event, the game on the 16th of the preliminary day was changed to one made by a team because KHB's broadcast frame was not available.)
  • From the same AugustJapan BS broadcastingAt (BS11), we made a full-scale entry into the broadcast as "BS11 professional baseball/national live broadcast". In the same year, 10 games were broadcast in the final stage.sky ・ A sports +The same team production broadcast as. Since 2009, the title has been broadcasted about 11 games under the title "Professional baseball whole relay hot fight! BS20 night game".
  • In 2010, the title was changed to "Enthusiasm!! Full Battle of Rakuten" and the number of relays increased to 30 games. In addition to K-sta Miyagi, games that are held at Tokyo Dome, Iwate Prefectural Baseball Stadium, Akita Komachi Stadium, and Kaiseiyama Baseball Stadium have also been broadcast. In addition, from 2011 the title is "By far the league principle!!"And the title (QVC Marine FieldBecause the game of Lotte will also be relayed). No broadcast in 2012.
  • From 2011, in addition to BS11,TwellVBut "TwellV Professional Baseball BroadcastBroadcast (BS11 will end in 2011). In 2011, 4 games hosted by Rakuten were broadcast. In 2012, 15 games hosted by Rakuten were relayed.
CS,Cable TV
Since fiscal 2008, the team has the right to write and produce multiple videos.
AM radio
Community FM
  • Rakuten. FM TOHOKU(Miyagino Ward): "EAGLES BASEBALL GAME SHOW" (2015(From August) Japan's first community FM station operated by a professional sports team independentlyOpen as[157] Then, relay all Rakuten games. The commentator is a daily junior coach from Rakuten Baseball School. In addition, the relay of the visitor gameOff tubeDone in the form[Annotation 15].
    *Until 2006FM junpa(Miyagino Ward, Abolition Bureau) was developing "stadium FM". From 2007FM Izumi(Izumi ku) Was developing "Eagles Live Radio".
FM broadcast
  • NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station (entire Tohoku region): Broadcast only for the opening round.NHK Radio First Broadcast high school baseballSince it is prioritized and cannot be broadcast due to the implementation period, FM broadcasting is being carried out. 2005-2007 is broadcast in the Tohoku block for three years. In 3, the match card was Nippon Ham, so it was also broadcast in Hokkaido.


  • Winning parade held in Sendai city on November 2013, 11 (reference), the above 4 local terrestrial commercial broadcasters and NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station jointly carried out live broadcasting with the following divisions:[158].
    • East Japan Broadcasting: filming and coverage around the start point (key station,TV AsahiNational nationwide program of production "News station SUNDAY"Cooperating with live broadcasting for the whole country in"
    • Miyagi TV: Shooting in the line (broadcast a special program produced in-house at Miyagi local)
    • Tohoku Broadcasting: Accompanying shooting and coverage on a bus boarded by athletes and related parties (Miyagi local broadcasts a special program produced in-house)
    • NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station: Aerial view of parade by helicopter
    • Sendai Broadcasting: Editing and management of videos shot by each of the above stations (broadcasting a special program produced in-house at Miyagi Local)

Support program

Rakuten Miyagi FM

Community FM station opened on August 2015, 8[157].. Nickname is "Rakuten. FM TOHOKU(Lactendot FM Tohoku).

Japan's first directly managed professional sports teamCommunity broadcasting stationBecome[Annotation 16].. The broadcasting area is in the western part of Miyagino Ward, mainly in Rakuten Life Park Miyagi, and the number of covered households in the ward is 30.06%.

In addition, from 1999 to 2007 in Miyagino Ward,Sendai Civic Broadcasting(FM Jonpa) is broadcasting community FM, and it will be the first revival in 8 years for a station in the same ward.In addition, in the case where the community FM station was newly opened in the same city, the frequency of the closed station was assigned so far, but Rakuten.FM TOHOKU has a frequency from FM Jonpa (78.8 MHz). Has been changed[Annotation 17] This is the first case in Japan.

broadcast content

The program is broadcast 1 hours a day, starting from 00:1 am every day.[Annotation 18].. It consists of professional baseball broadcasts by the Eagles and team information, as well as regional information on Miyagino Ward, sightseeing programs, and music programs. Most programs are produced in-house,fm Izumi"Sendai Radio Communication" (Sendai City public information program) andLet's do sandwich man radio!IsNetI am receiving.

Internet broadcasting is Rakuten.FM TOHOKU official website, smartphone application "At Eagles",TuneIn RadioIt is distributed by.


Flex price

Since 2009, in the Rakuten-sponsored match held at K-sta Miyagi, a "flex price" has been introduced that changes the ticket price according to the opponent, the day of the week, etc. Ticket price fluctuations such as "Flex Price" are adopted by multiple teams in major leagues, and in Japan,Tokyo Yakult Swallows Jingu StadiumAtYomiuri GiantsBattle,Hanshin TigersAlthough there are cases where some seats are priced higher in the battle, Rakuten will be the first to introduce them in earnest.

Ticket prices are set in 5 levels, from highest to lowest: "Platinum", "Crimson", "Gold", "Silver", and "Value".[Annotation 19].

Depending on the seat, the price of platinum can be more than double the value[159].

Weekday day game held

April 2007 (Tuesday)-4th (Thursday) 3, the full-cast stadium Miyagi held three consecutive games with Nippon Ham at the day game. At the end of March of the previous year, when the 5rd home opening match (3rd match against Orix from 3th) was held in night game, there was a situation that it was severely cold and snowfall was recorded, so the team side considers the safety of the players and the spectators. The temperature is relatively high and warm, and in anticipation that many student fans will be crowded during the spring break, we decided to take on a weekday day game, which is extremely unusual at the headquarters. All games started at 3:28. On TVSky A Sports PlusとTohoku BroadcastingIt was broadcast live at (Miyagi local). All three games were over 3 people. Especially in the third race, about 1 fans packed into the stadium due to the high pitching rookie pitcher Tanaka's first pitching at the base. Next year in the same situation as the previous year in 3, April 1 (Tuesday)-8rd (Thursday) against Lotte 2008 consecutive games will be held as a day game. Here again, all three games exceeded 4 spectators.

Weekday games are not played from 2009 to 2011. The opening of the game is late in 2009 due to the WBC, and the home opening game will be on Tuesday, April 4th. Because the home season opener was set on Saturday in 7 (at other stadiums, the night game that will be the home season opener was held on the previous Friday). In 2010, it was originally planned to hold 2011 consecutive games against SoftBank on March 3 (Tuesday)-March 29 (Thursday) as a day game, but it was canceled due to the postponement of the opening day due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Was[Annotation 20].

Weekday day games have been restarted since 2012, and even after 2013, about two weekday day games will be assembled every year in early April. In 4, in addition to holding in Miyagi, KoriyamaYork Kaiseiyama StadiumHowever, weekday twilight day games were scheduled to be held, but in addition to being canceled in rainy days, weekday day games were also held in the summer (July 7, Softbank game). Lotte, Nippon-Ham, and Seibu also started to play weekday day games in the Par League.

By the way, the weekday day game at the home base was in the early days of professional baseball.1930 era - 1950 era(Most of the stadiums didn't have night lights) were frequent and1990 eraUntilDigestive match,play off(Pa League), was also performed in the Japan series.

Twilight day game held with the Eagles Fireworks Festival

Apart from this, the game of Nippon Ham on May 2015, 5 (Thursday) was "The 21st Rakuten Eagles Fireworks Festival".[160]It will be held after the game, so we decided to hold the dusk day game from 2:16, which is two hours earlier than usual.

This is the proximitySendai Athletics StadiumIn addition to the fireworks display itself that launches about 2000 shots from the truck, the Eagles will be the venue for the Seibu battle from the 22nd of the next day.Seibu Prince DomeIt was decided that the dusk day game would be held based on a comprehensive judgment, including the fact that it is possible to move directly to the game after the match. Even though it was a long game, the time was set so that a fireworks display could be held even though the size of the game may be reduced slightly, but the game was entangled in extra time and 5 hours passed from the start of the game. The game would continue even after 21:12 (it ended up being a mess of 5 hours, 37 hours and 21 minutes, and the match ended at 40:XNUMX). Therefore, fireworks on this day were taken into consideration, taking into account the noise in the surroundings and the movement of players to the next day's game venue (especially Rakuten players could not move directly to the Seibu Prince Dome, which was planned after this game). I had no choice but to give up the competition and the accompanying music live.

As of May 5, the alternative schedule for the fireworks festival has not been decided, but a team member who was asked by a fan to "see fireworks" said, "We will consider the possibility of an alternative event." In addition, Tachibana also left a comment that suggests the possibility of postponing the event, saying, "It's too disappointing. I want to be able to respond to customers today (21st) in some way".[Annotation 21].

After that, on May 5, it was announced that the "Revenge" postponement of this first fireworks display will be held again at the Orix game scheduled to be held at the day game (29:1) on July 7. We plan to launch 11 fireworks on this day, but this time we have clearly stated how to handle long hours and rough weather,

  1. Canceled if the match cannot be held due to strong wind or heavy rain at the end of the match, or if the end of the match exceeds 20:XNUMX
  2. We will postpone the game on the 11th or when the event is cancelled, but we will postpone it on the 12th, but if it is also canceled on the 12th, we will cancel without delaying the event
  3. We plan to hold an event from 19:30 after the end of the match (however, the participation of AUN J CLASSIC ORCHESTRA, a guest on May 5st, has not been stated)

Is described[161].. And after the day game on July 7, the fireworks festival was held safely, and about 11 citizens including those who watched the game gathered.[162].

Opening game dusk day game

2016 OfOpener・Softbank game is the first day game of the opening game in 48 years, the dusk day game[Annotation 22] It will be held from 16:XNUMX.[163] Aside from thisMay 4The Seibu Battle of No. 13 was also held from 3:29, and the Lotte game (QVC Marine) on March 30th and 13th, which started on the away side, also started at 8:4, and in the modern day with night equipment equipped, the eight games from the beginning of the game were day games. It was an extraordinary schedule (In addition to this, the game against Chiba Lotte on April 12 was also a day game, but at this time the remaining two consecutive games were night games)[164].

Naming rights for local stadiums

From the perspective of aiming for community-based[Source required]The main army of the two forces in the EaglesRifu Town Central Park Baseball FieldIn addition to (Rakuten Eagles Rifu Stadium), hold local expeditions (mainly the 2nd Army)Iwaizumi Stadium-Shirazawa Green Park-Yuzawa Inagawa Baseball StadiumWe have naming rights in 16 locations in the Tohoku region (as of February 2014), including the names of "Rakuten Eagles XX Stadium" and "Eagles XX Stadium", respectively.

This is the Eagles20079It is based on a system called the "Field Support Program" that we are working on, but we will set a nickname for "baseball fields that can hold baseball games" in the Tohoku region, after consulting with local governments that own stadiums, etc. No royalty for use of team name/logo like normal naming rights[165].

The basic concept is a part of "Collaboration activities to promote/promote baseball between the community and baseball teams"[165] As a result, 2 armies (Eastern League) In addition to holding official games (only for stadiums where hardballs can be used), we also contribute to the promotion of baseball in the region by holding a youth baseball class entitled "Eagles Baseball School" at least once a year, and at the local Eagles The purpose is to raise the support of.

Good luck Tohoku

To encourage people in the Tohoku region who suffered enormous damage from the earthquake in 1995Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquakeof timeOrix Blue WaveA word created after "Ganbarou KOBE" used by. Of 2008Iwate-Miyagi Inland EarthquakeAnd of 2011Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) Used, and a patch with this phrase was also attached to the sleeve part of the uniform[Annotation 23].

Sale of naming rights for farm sponsored games to individuals

In 2014, during the "FAN'S Day" period (April 4th to 18th), the naming rights of three Eastern League official games hosted by Rakuten Eagles Rifu Stadium were 20 yen per game for individuals. Sale[166].. Since all three games were sold out, a ceremonial ceremony such as a starting ball ceremony was held by the named person before the match[167].. By the way,NPB team's first attempt to sell naming rights in an official game sponsored by a team to an individual.

Main campsite


The official shop is "Rakuten Eagles Goods Shop". The stores are as follows.

Stadium store Team shop[168]
2-11-6 Miyagino, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture (inside Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi Eagles Plaza)
Sendai Station East Exit[168]
4-1-8 Himeoka, Miyagino Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
S-pal Sendai store[169]
1-1, Chuo 1-1-chome, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi S-pal Sendai East Building XNUMXst floor

Separately from the above, there were “Fujisaki Aoba-dori store”, “Sendai station store” and “Morioka store”, but they were closed[170].

Sports lounge "TRGE"

From the official game opening day of 2014 (March 3th), the sports lounge "TRGE (TOHOKU RAKUTEN GOLDEN EAGLES OFFICIAL SPORTS LOUNGE)Is the downtown area of ​​SendaiKokubun TownOpened on the 2st floor of 1nd Eraque Frendia Building[171].. A sports bar where you can watch live sports broadcasts on TV, including the Tohoku Rakuten Battle, and alcohol drinks are also available for a fee[172].. Closed on February 2017, 2.[173]

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