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🙋 | The secret of a store that is competitive with Corona ②


The secret of a store that is competitive with Corona ②

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In the future, items that can be reused for cars and from an environmental point of view,
He said he wanted to make the growler more popular.

In the Kanto region, priority measures such as prevention of spread and declarations of emergencies have spread, and many restaurants have entered short-time business until 20:XNUMX again.Departure ... → Continue reading

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There are over XNUMX types of beer that can be called the most popular of all liquor. Such beer has come to be called craft beer, and it is loved by young people to elderly people, and the movement of local beer is occurring all over the world. For the time being, beer is not fun! Do you have an adventure to find your favorite beer? We publish articles to help you in your beer adventure. Enjoy our articles to get a glimpse of the beer world today.

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EnglishIt means "groaning thing".In turn, it is also used to mean "a noisy person with a growling" and "a dog (groaning)".
* In Japanese katakana notation, "gu"LaThere is also an example called "Ura".
  • Reusable to buy beer by weightbeer bottle.
  • 氷岩(Icebergs with a height of 1 m and a length of 5 m or less).
  • Plush DollBuilt-in mechanism that makes a sound when tilted.
  • A common name for an armature tester (armature tester: mainly used to detect short circuits and breaks in armature windings).
  • "One of the types of carriages"ClarenceCommon name.

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