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🙋 | Overseas Mobile Topics 262nd LINE Character's cute refrigerator with UV sterilizer and speaker ...


Overseas Mobile Topics 262nd LINE Character's cute refrigerator with UV sterilizer and speakers ...

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It can be used for various purposes such as sterilizing not only masks but also makeup tools that you usually use.

With the advent of crowdfunding, which seeks investment from individuals, a small number of elite products that cannot be mass-produced by major manufacturers ... → Continue reading

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Cosmetics(Keshohin,English: cosmetics) Is for the purpose of cleaning the body and making the appearance stand out.皮膚It is applied to the like and has a mild action.So-calledBasic cosmetics, Makeup cosmetics,shampooAnd so on.

JapanMedicinal cosmeticsCosmetics that are said to bePharmaceuticals and medical devices lawAbove, not cosmeticsQuasi-drugAlthough it is classified as, the concept of quasi-drugs is Japan, South KoreaSince it is found only in some countries and there is no such concept in many regions, cosmetics that are quasi-drugs may be sold in Japan.

According to the Japanese standard product classification,perfumeAnd eau de cologne, finishing cosmetics, skin cosmetics, hair cosmetics, special purpose cosmetics, and other cosmetics.[1].

Unless otherwise noted, the following deals with cases in Japan.


The market size is about 2004 trillion yen as of 2.The main target is womenBasic cosmetics(LotionThere are a wide variety of products, from those that are applied to the face such as make-up cosmetics (lipsticks, foundations, etc.) to products for the body.On the other hand, recently, due to heightened skin awareness, it is for men.Skin care(Shaving, face washing, lotion, etc.) are attracting attention, and sales of men's cosmetics have been gradually increasing since around 2003.these are,"MetrosexualIt is attracting attention with catchphrases such as "Men's cosmetics".For men, there are more fields such as basic cosmetics, hair tonics, hair styling products, and perfumes than makeup cosmetics.

Also, for both women and menAnti-AgingProducts that claim the effects of are attracting attention.

As a feature of cosmeticscommercial,AdsIt can be mentioned that a lot of advertising and advertising expenses are spent.Looking at domestic advertising expenses by industry,GroceriesIt ranks second after (the market size is much larger for food products).

Cosmetics (except for cleansing agents such as shampoo and soap that wash away immediately) come into direct contact with the body such as skin and hair for a long time, so if the ingredients do not match the constitution of the user, skin irritation may occur. Physical problems such as rough skin may occur.Therefore, some products use ingredients that are as close to nature as possible and are gentle on the skin.

As an industry, variousMediaAnd flashyPropaganda・ In addition to some super-major manufacturers that advertise, there are a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturers, and there are many companies that operate as completely different manufacturers and brands even though they have major capital.

Definition in Japan

Cosmetics are defined as follows in Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act.

It is intended to be used by rubbing, spraying or similar methods on the body to cleanse, beautify, enhance attractiveness, change appearance, or keep the skin or hair healthy. A thing that has a mild effect on the human body.However, in addition to these purposes of use, the first item (MedicineDefinition) Excludes products and quasi-drugs that are also intended to be used for the purposes specified in item XNUMX or XNUMX.
  • Specifically, the following items are legally classified as cosmetics.
  • So-called preventive effectMedicinal cosmeticsIs not a cosmetic product under the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act, but "Quasi-drugIt is.

How to sell

Manufacture and sale (primary sale)

In order to market (manufacture and sell) cosmetics (under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act) in Japan, the business operator must obtain a cosmetics manufacturing and sales license.In addition, a cosmetics manufacturing and sales notification is required for each product.

Businesses that import and sell must obtain a cosmetics manufacturing and sales license and a manufacturing license.In addition, three notifications are required for each imported item: cosmetics foreign notification, cosmetics manufacturing and sales notification, and cosmetics import notification.

Except for special cases, all ingredients, contents, and manufacturer / distributor (importer) must be indicated on the container and the outer box that covers it for products marketed in Japan.

Sale (retail)

Department store,supermarket,Drug storeIn addition to over-the-counter sales such as (pharmacy drugstore)Mail order(Tv shoppingSuch),Door-to-door sales,Chain sale transactionIt is often sold in such ways.

Manufacturers that develop basic cosmetics brands for women develop their own shops (in-shops) in department stores, etc., and promote the method of selling while interacting with users and customers through so-called face-to-face sales.On the other hand, in many cases, self-selling at drug stores and supermarkets is carried out in parallel using the second brand name.In the case of major manufacturers, there are many cases where multiple brands in the same price range are developed for each sales channel, such as brands for department stores and brands for specialty stores.

For shampoo and soap, cosmetics stores, pharmacy drug stores, general stores, supermarkets, etc.convenience storeIt is sold at etc.In recent yearsインターネットUsedonline shopIs prosperous, from foreign countriesPersonal importIs also increasing.

Under these circumstances, there are not a few individual import agents that violate the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act (unlicensed sales), and the health hazards of products purchased through these agents have been announced. We are strengthening our scrutiny.

World share ranking

Generally, in economic surveys, cosmetics and toiletry companies are classified, and the following is the ranking.

  1. P & G America
  2. Unilever The United Kingdom
  3. L'Oreal France
  4. Corrugated permolive America
  5. Henkel Germany
  6. The United Kingdom
  7. Kao Japan
  8. SC Johnson America
  9. Estee Lauder America
  10. Shiseido Japan
  11. Avon Products America
  12. Beiersdorf Germany
  13. Ecolab America
  14. Johnson & Johnson America
  15. America
  16. America
  17. America
  18. America
  19. America
  20. LVMH France
  21. America
  22. America
  23. Lion Japan
  24. America


There are roughly two types of sales methods for imported cosmetics.

  • Method a. Import / sale by a Japanese subsidiary of an overseas manufacturer.Alternatively, a Japanese manufacturing and sales licensed company contracts with an overseas manufacturer (brand holder) and sells after obtaining the sales right in Japan.So-called sales by import from authorized distributors.
  • Method b-1. To be correct, in Japan, a Japanese distributor deals with an overseas distributor that handles the product, collects the sales price from a domestic customer, and ships the product from overseas. Sales on behalf of parallel imports that sell unlicensed products.
  • Method b-2. A sales method (parallel import) in which an overseas seller sells directly to Japanese individuals by mail order and completes the process from payment collection to product shipping overseas.

All of the sales under b-1,2 and XNUMX are not permitted by the Japanese Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Law, and there is no responsibility under the PL Law, so it seems that sufficient caution should be taken when purchasing the product.

Products handled by method a. may be re-sold with ingredient prescriptions for Japan, but may be the same as prescriptions for home and other countries if they do not conflict with the Japanese Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act.

The products handled by method b. Are often the same as the prescriptions for home and other countries.Since the regulations for compounding ingredients in Japan and overseas countries are different, in the case of method b., Prescriptions for the home country and other countries may not comply with the Japanese Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act.

The confirmation means are left to the manufacturer and distributor, and there is no obligation to report the confirmation means and confirmation results to the national government.However, the manufacturer has an obligation to guarantee the quality of the product (GQP).


Cosmetics must clearly include the brand name, manufacturer / distributor's name / address, serial number, symbol, etc. so as not to cause misunderstandings by consumers (Article 61 of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act).

In principle, all ingredients used must be labeled (except those with non-disclosure approval).The labeling is in descending order of blending amount.The display name usually follows the display name list created by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association.All component labeling is a measure from 2001 (Heisei 13).Since the same year, the approval and permission of each cosmetic item has become unnecessary, and as in Europe and the United States, labeling of all ingredients has been obligatory, and opportunities to provide information to consumers have been secured. ..

in JapanDrug machine methodIf it contains the active ingredient determined in, the efficacy can be displayed within the limited range of expressions that do not violate such as "cure".[2].


A cosmetics manufacturing license (general) is required when manufacturing all or part of cosmetics, and a cosmetics manufacturing license (packaging / labeling / storage) is required when only packaging / labeling / storage is performed. ..

Main cosmetics

Major manufacturers

Other manufacturersCategory: Cosmetics manufacturer / brandSee.


  1. ^ Japan Product Classification Medium Classification 88-Cosmetics, toothpaste, soap, household synthetic detergents and household chemical products (PDF) Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau
  2. ^ Yasuo Asada, Issei SuzukiCosmetic Q & A Encyclopedia-Understanding all about cosmetics』Chuo Shoin, 2011, fully revised latest version, pages 14-15.ISBN 978-4-88514-043-3.

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