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📦 | Zero Emission Ship Symposium / Sponsored by The Nippon Foundation, Shiga


Zero Emission Ship Symposium / Sponsored by The Nippon Foundation, Shiga

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The symposium hosted by The Nippon Foundation was held online on the 18th, and researchers on ship fuels exchanged opinions.

A symposium on the spread of zero-emission vessels that do not emit greenhouse gases such as COXNUMX and carbon dioxide is on sale ... → Continue reading

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BBC is not in the UK. It's Shiga Prefecture's TV station "Biwako Broadcasting"! News of Shiga to be worried about is being sent every day! Please check it out ♪

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Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation(Nippon Zaidan,British: The Nippon Foundation) IsPublic competitionIs one ofBoat racingBased on the profit of (boat race)oceanShipSupport for related businesses and public interestwelfareMainly engaged in business and international cooperation projectsPublic interest incorporated foundation.

2011May 3The name up toNippon Ship Promotion AssociationIt was (Nippon Senpaku Shinkoukai).The English name used to be "SASAKAWA FoundationWas called, but the first chairmanRyoichi SasakawaAfter deathNippon Foundation "The Nippon FoundationWas changed to.

Total assetsThe amount is close to 3000 billion yen[1], Japan's largest foundation, but affiliatedSasakawa Peace FoundationIs the largest in JapanPublic interest incorporated foundationAdvocating[2].


As of 2010 (Heisei 22) settlement of accounts during the former Nippon Foundation era, total assets were 2661 billion yen.The annual subsidy amount is 226 billion yen, and it is said to be the largest foundation in Japan, accounting for more than one-third of the approximately 600 billion subsidies in Japan at that time.However, as of 3 (Heisei 1)Special corporationBecause the side ofGrant Foundation CenterExcluded from the "Japan's Top 20 Foundation Asset Total Ranking" created by[3].1962Founded by Ryoichi Sasakawa in 37, he was the second generation after his death.Ayako SonoAfter that, the current chairman is Ryoichi Sasakawa's third son.Yohei SasakawaWas appointed.

MaritimeFor the purpose of disseminating scienceJapan Maritime Science Foundation(Ship Science Museum), For the healthy development of youthBruce and Greenland Foundation(B & G Foundation), in the marine fieldthink tankIsOcean Policy Research FoundationAnd manyPublic interest corporationHas been established.Japanese leprosy problemSolution, etc.Leprosy Of世界TypicalDiscriminationHas been working on eradication activities for many years.

FoundationHowever,Motor boat race method(Showa26 Law No. 242) Due to the relationship established by the provisions of Article 22-2,Special corporationHowever, due to the revision of the racing law in 2007 (Heisei 19), it was completely private.Foundationbecome.

The Motorboat Competition Law states that "The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will contribute to the promotion of motorboats and other vessels, marine engines and marine supplies manufacturing businesses, marine accident prevention businesses and other maritime businesses, thereby developing Japan surrounded by the sea. It is a general foundation whose purpose is to contribute to the promotion of tourism-related businesses, physical education businesses, and other businesses aimed at promoting public interests. " By application, only one approved ship can be designated as a ship promotion organization nationwide "(Article 44), and the Foundation has been designated as a" ship promotion organization "by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It is the only organization that receives designation.According to the provisions of this law, approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism must be obtained for ship promotion business rules, officers, business plans, income and expenditure budgets, etc.As for financial resources, according to the provisions of the Racing LawBoat racingAbout 2.6 of sales%(Approximately 2007% before the revision of the Motorboat Racing Law in March 19) has been allocated, and it is closely linked to boat racing.

1962(ShowaSince its founding in 37, it has long been engaged in unique activities that transcend the boundaries of special public corporations under the leadership of its founder and first chairman, Ryoichi.Japanese GovernmentA wholly owned special corporationHorse racing(Japan Central Horse Racing = JRA) And onceCorporationWas in charge ofBicycle race-Auto race(After working at the Japan Cycling Promotion Association and the Japan Small Vehicle Promotion Association, it is now a public interest incorporated foundation.JKA) And otherPublic competitionUnlike the private sector foundation, it is the competent government agency (at that time).Ministry of TransportCurrentMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) InterferencedictateThere was a strong tendency to be independent and not receive.

It is the government agency in charge for the promotion association to carry out the project.Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(Before the reorganization of ministriesMinister of Transport) Needed to be obtained, and in that sense, the use of money was limited.In addition, Ryoichi and Yohei will use their property separately from the Foundation's business for activities that the Foundation cannot support due to rules and regulations.DonationThere are also things to do.

1995After Ryoichi's death in (7), he was a part-time director of the foundation because there was an opinion to dilute the color of Sasakawa.Ayako SonoWas welcomed as the second chairman.1996From (8), the current official name "Nippon Foundation"NicknameIt came to be used as.2005, The third son of Ryoichi Sasakawa as the third chairmanYohei SasakawaIs inaugurated.With the intention of the current chairman,LeprosyWorld control, elimination of discrimination against them and restoration of human rights,MyanmarWe are also focusing on achieving reconciliation between the government and ethnic minority insurgents.[4].

In 2003 (Heisei 15), the Nippon Foundation,Japan Coast GuardA private coastal surveillance group in which maritime and fishery officials participated together with the support ofSea guardWas founded.The sea guard is mainly poaching,StowawayThe purpose is to take measures[5][6]..In addition, the secretariat work of Kaimori isJapan Coast Guard OfOuter organizationIsJapan Coast GuardIs doing[7].

On October 2011, 23,Public interest incorporated foundationAt the same time, the official name became "The Nippon Foundation".As a result, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is no longer the competent authority (although it continues to be supervised by the Motorboat Racing Law).

2016May 4Occurred in28 Kumamoto earthquakeInfluenced by the same yearMay 4Held a press conference to announce the first emergency support measures in Tokyo, and held "Japan's Three Great Castles"Kumamoto CastleAnnounced that it has prepared a total of 30 billion yen, including reconstruction assistance of 93 billion yen.[8].

2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) Announced support for the spread of new coronavirus infection.

  • Establishment of disaster crisis support center
  • Implementation of emergency support totaling 50 billion yen for emergency medical facilities and medical staff
  • Mobility support for medical staff using taxis


Business Summary

  • Marine / ship support business, shipbuilding related fund loan
  • Public interest / welfare / volunteer support
  • Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers


  • 1949 Ryoichi Sasakawa begins to work on the enactment of the Motorboat Racing Law.
  • 1951 Motorboat Racing Law enacted
  • 1953 Established the National Federation of Motor Boat Racing Associations (All Moren).
  • 1962 Established The Nippon Ship Promotion Association.The first chairman is Ryoichi Sasakawa.
  • 1967 Established Japan Maritime Science Promotion Foundation. Established the Aviation Promotion Foundation.
  • 1972 Established Blue Sea and Green Land Foundation
  • 1974 Established Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation
  • 1975 Established Japan Shipbuilding Promotion Foundation (currently Marine Policy Research Foundation)
  • 1980 Established US-Japan Foundation
  • 1986 Established Sasakawa Peace Foundation
  • 1990 Established Sasakawa Sports Foundation
  • January 1996, 1 Renamed the general name to "The Nippon Foundation".
  • 1997 Established Tokyo Foundation
  • 2007 (non-special)CANPANCenter establishment
  • April 2011, 4 Certified as a public interest corporation, the official name is "Public interest incorporated foundationRenamed to "The Nippon Foundation".[10]
  • October 2012, 10 On the occasion of the 1th anniversary of the establishment, the logo mark was changed to a new logo mark that makes use of the share mark that has been popular since the establishment of this foundation.Creative directorKashiwa Sato[11].
  • 2015 The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support CenterSupporting establishment. Established Japan Foundation Student Volunteer Center (Gakuvo).
  • 2017 Nippon Foundation Volunteer Support CenterSupporting establishment.

Successive presidents

Nippon Ship Promotion Association
Nippon Foundation

TV commercial

During the time of the Nippon Ship Promotion Association, Ryoichi Sasakawa, the chairman of the time, appeared as a public relations activity for the Foundation.TV commercialWas broadcast actively.SasakawachildrenWhat is called "one good day" with us, and SasakawacharitableIn activityOverseasIt was famous for taking pictures of the visit.Programs of each commercial TV affiliated key stationsponsorThere were times when commercials were broadcast as (including those that were refrained from sponsorship), but mainly immediately after the end of the program of each commercial TV affiliated key station.HitchhikeIt often flowed as a commercial.Especially on national TV programsParticipationThere were also many programs that were treated and sponsored (especially)TV AsahiThe system was the most).In the radio commercial, we talked directly to Sasakawa about the activities that the foundation is working on.

At the end of the commercial, "The Nippon FoundationMotor boatrace OfRevenueThe money is being used for XX ”(the proceeds from the motorboat race are being used for XX).When this line comes out at the end of the TV commercial,Boat racingThe video of the scene is played, and it says "Thank you to all the fans, The Nippon Foundation".telop(Depending on the commercial, it was sometimes referred to as "The Nippon Foundation"). In the 90's, the above-mentioned lines, images of the boat race scene, and telop that were played at the end of the commercial disappeared, and the image song described later began to play in BGM.Senior citizenswelfareThe commercials that featured are now available.

In recent years, the Foundation has been working since Sasakawa died.DisabilityPersonSenior citizenswelfare,Deaf personForUniversity"Gallaudet UniversitySupport,AfricaIt covers the landscape of aid projects such as domestic and international aid activities such as hunger relief and ensuring the safety of ship navigation.

Late 1970s-1980s

Beware of fire
In the commercial that calls for fire precautions, children anddrumHitMt. Takamiyama,CM songHe is also in charge of composing "Fire Beware Song" and swings up the matoi vigorously.Naozumi Yamamoto,ChimpanzeeSasakawa appeared with us.Day of the weekAnother version was produced and broadcast.For example, on Monday, say "Let's clean the city! Good day!"Sun flag"The proceeds from the motorboat race are being used for crime prevention and fire prevention," with a video of the hoisting and race of the boat (this is the same as the video at the end of the work described later).Nakamura TadashiIt concludes with the narration and the sound of the clapping tree.
This commercial was frequently broadcast on spot commercials by many TV stations.
Japan Fire and Disaster Prevention Association (currentlyJapan Fire and Disaster Prevention Association), Some of which are produced and aired.Most were in this name.After Sasakawa became the president of the association in 1975, the next day, which is almost the same as the term of office.1976から1994Was aired until.
First of all, the sunlight through the trees is reflected.Then, Sasakawa and the children in judo run while saying "Washoi! Wasshoi!"."Let's take care of the elderly and people with disabilities. Let's take good care of our fathers and mothers," says Sasakawa.NarrationFlows.After that, the children (individually, such as a group wearing a bodice and a group wearing a marine boys' uniform) shout out, "Let's be polite," "Let's take good care of our father and mother," and "Let's follow the traffic rules." ..Finally, he said, "The profits from the motorboat race are very helpful in developing a correct mind and strong body."Taichiro HirokawaThe narration of is played and it is concluded.Most of this commercialNational Federation of Motor Boat Racing AssociationsIt was produced and aired under the name of.
In addition,judo-kendo-karateAnd there are also three different versions.The content structure is the same as the "Marathon Edition".
Monster Hidegons Edition
Taken on a kindergarten set.First of all, the monster Hidegons (glove doll) says, "I am the monster Hidegons. I love fires, I will eat anything."In response, the fire extinguisher Hikeshiman said, "I won't let you do that !! Sleeping cigarettes, let's stop !!", "Additional cigarettes, let's stop !!", "Play with fire, let's stop !!" , Sasakawa and the children sing after this.Then, the monster Hidegons surrendered, "Peco, I've done it!", And Sasakawa and the children sang "Beware of closing the door, beware of the fire!"This is produced and aired under the name of The Nippon Foundation.
Other,Edward Jenner OfvaccinationThere was also a commercial that dealt with anecdotes of.In this case, there is a supermarket called "Thank you to all the fans, Nippon Foundation" (in this case, there is no Japanese flag and the image of the motor boat is in the background).

1990 era

A child's lullaby is played with the song "♪ Good night mom Good night daddy I can't even kiss you because I'm sleepy anymore".Then, "But wait. That's right! I didn't confirm the closing of the door and the end of the fire!" "Beware of the door closing / Beware of the fire!"This was produced and aired under the name of the Japan Fire and Disaster Prevention Association (currently the Japan Fire and Disaster Prevention Association).AlsoBoat racingNo scene has been released.Towards the end, Sasakawa appears only in the scene where he is reading a picture book with his child.
TOGETHER TO TOMORROW (Together to Tomorrow) edition
Before and after the general name changed to The Nippon Foundation (1995It was broadcast until the first half of the year) and introduced welfare activities for the elderly.In the welfare activities for the elderly, a video of welfare activities at the elderly home is projected, and "We will support the welfare activities for the elderly in consideration of the elderly age."Kubota, etc.) And finally, the smiles of the old people were reflected mainly by Chairman Sasakawa.
In addition, the drug abuse prevention campaign "No good. Zettai.The commercial that sponsored "" is on the air.At this time, there was no Sasakawa color, and at the end, I just said "Cooperation: Nippon Foundation".
After the name change of The Nippon Foundation
After the name became the Nippon Foundation, as mentioned above, short document videos of Gallaudet University (PR saying "It may be the noisiest university in the world"), young people living in wheelchairs, etc.Ryoko ShinoharaThe reading of the letter is being broadcast.

CM song

Sheet music and lyrics are available at the Nippon Foundation Library (electronic library)[12][13][14].
ビ ク タ ーIt was made into a single record from (Standard product number: JRT-1452). Side B is "Fireman March" (instrumental).
There are up to 7 lyrics for each day of the week, but in the CM, only the lyrics for a specific day of the week were played.
  • Nippon Foundation '90 Campaign Song "TOGETHER TO TOMORROW" Lyrics, Susie, K. Kim, Composition, Makoto Mitsui Singing, MFQ
August 1990, 3,Pony canyonReleased a single CD from (Standard product number: PCDY-33).

Offer program

Past offering programs

Regarding hitch hike commercials (mainly door-locking precautions / fire precautions series, overseas philanthropy activity report series), TV Asahi (including the NET era) and NTV are relatively large, and on the contrary, TBS and Fuji TV Was few.The most airing time was just after the end of the program from 19:21 to XNUMX:XNUMX on any day of the week.

Related organizations

The problem that became a hot topic

Lanzhou University Scholarship Burnt

20054ToPeople's Republic of China OfGansuNational inLanzhou UniversityTo1992The university announced that it has failed to recover the $ 100 million scholarship fund it established in Japan at a local investment trust company.The university side said, "High interestInvestment trustMoved to奨 学 金I apologized, but the foundation is asking the university to regain funds from the mutual fund company and restore the scholarship system to normal.

According to the Foundation's explanation, the university has it in March 1992.Bank of ChinaIt is stipulated that a scholarship will be provided to graduate students by transferring $ 100 million to the account of.However, the university has not notified the foundation to change the fund management organization.199310, Transferred to Gansu Investment Trust Co., Ltd., which had high interest at that time.In December 2004, the Foundation, which took the situation seriously, requested the Government of the People's Republic of China to cooperate in restoring the original state.200611In the People's Republic of ChinaWang YiTo JapanambassadorI received a message from "It was confirmed that the full amount will be restored," and this problem was resolved.

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  • Ryoichi Sasakawa(Former Founder of Ship Promotion Association)
  • Yohei Sasakawa(Ryoichi Sasakawa's out-of-marriage child)
  • (Son of Yohei Sasakawa, Director of The Nippon Foundation, Representative Director of Nasta Co., Ltd.)
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外部 リンク


online(Sun: Direct connectionBritish: online) Is

  • Computer networkso,nodeIndicates a state in which is connected to the network and can enjoy the service.The antonym isoff-line(Offline).
  • Conversations, meetings, exchanges, etc. between people using communication equipment.

National Institute for Japanese Language The"Foreign language" paraphrase proposalAlthough it was called "line connection", it is currently withdrawn.[Source required]


A node is online when it is connected to another node and can be serviced. With the terminalhost,clientとserverThere are various types of connection such as client and client.

bank OfAccount system,JR OfMars systemIllustrated inTrainな どTransportationSeat reservation system, connected to the serveronline gameAs their ownprotocolTo connect to a network hostComputer systemIndicates a serviceable state.

Peripheral devices, recording media, etc. may be connected to the computer and can be used normally, but this is strictly a misuse. (""SD cardIs online "etc.)

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