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📦 | "Hisamitsu Springs Fan Thanksgiving" will be held online this year


"Hisamitsu Springs Fan Thanksgiving" will be held online this year

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Mr. YUU, Mr. RISA, and Mr. YUSUKE have experience of appearing in Namie Amuro's live performance.

Hisamitsu Springs will be holding "5-29 Hisamitsu Springs Fan Thanksgiving Day" from 13:2020 on May 21th ... → Continue reading

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Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro(Amuro Namie,1977/(Showa52 years)9/20[3] -) isJapanSource ofsinger, Originaldancer..Same real name.Height is 158 cm[3], Blood type is O type[3].OkinawaNahaI'm fromthe 1990sFrom the second halfthe 2010sHe set many records and established himself as a diva representing Heisei. 40 years oldbirthdayWelcomed2017/9/20Announced that he will retire from the entertainment world in a message posted on the official website.2018/9/16Retired with[2][4][5][6].


Upbringing-Okinawa Actors School era

  • OkinawaNahaShuriBorn as the youngest of three brothers and sisters.His parents divorced when Amuro was four years old, and since then he has grown up in a single-mother family.When I was in the 3th grade of elementary school, I was accompanied by a friend at a talent training center "Okinawa Actors SchoolWhen I went to see the lesson, the schoolMasayuki MakinoScouted by the principal.Although he once gave up admission because he could not pay the monthly fee due to family circumstances, he was expected to enter the school as an exceptional scholarship student.When I was in elementary school, I lived a life of walking about an hour and a half one way three days a week.[7]..When I entered the school, I was very shy and thoughtful, but when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, the local program "HOTNIGHT Okinawa Ai Land" was a summer vacation karaoke tournament (broadcast on August 6, 1989,).RBC Ryukyu Broadcasting) And surprised the people around me by winning the championship.[Note 1][8]..In the program, the moderator said, "At the brass club in elementary school.Trumpet"I'm doing it," said Amuro, "I want to be a singer in the future."at firstactressI also practiced plays as a desire, but I saw it in the schoolJanet JacksonOf the song "Rhythm Nation"Music videoBeing shocked by, immerse yourself in singing and dancing[9].

1992-1995: SUPER MONKEY'S era

1995 (until August)

  • 1995/Produced by Matsuura in JanuaryEuro beatCover song "TRY ME ~ Believe in me ~Is released as a single.The song was appointed as a CF song for Minami Sports, and he also appeared.Oricon's first move did not move to 49th place, but it rose mainly in the wired line, and due to the euro boom at discos etc., it became a big hit with cumulative sales of 73 copies.[10](8th highest on the Oricon chart).
    • From OctoberNippon TVMusic variety "THE night also』Regular appearance (until 1997).
    • In the same month, the Eurobeat cover "Taiyouno Season"Namie AmuroReleased under a single name (5th on the Oricon chart), this is the de facto solo debut[Note 2].
  • Around this time, he was a partner of Matsuura's work.Tetsuya KomuroMeet. "" Held on August 8avex dance Matrix '95 TK DANCE CAMPAt the Tokyo performance of ""Body Feels EXITIs unveiled for the first time.

1995-2000: Tetsuya Komuro Produced Era

1995 (after October)


  • 1996/Release single "Don't wanna cry(March), "You're my sunshine(March), "a walk in the park(November) recorded a million seller.
  • The first in March and the following MayNippon BudokanNational tour including performances "mistio presents AMURO NAMIE with SUPER MONKEY'S TOUR '96』(Mobilization of 8 people) is held.
  • In July, the second album "SWEET 19 BLUESWas released and recorded triple million sales.The album set a Japanese record at the time with the first shipment of 305 million copies, and set a new record as a teenage singer one after another.
  • In August and the following September, the outdoor live "SUMMER PRESENTS '96 AMURO NAMIE with SUPER MONKEY'SWas held, and was the youngest female artist in history (18 years old at that time).StadiumPerform a performance.With the same live"Namie Amuro with SUPER MONKEY'S"Namie Amuro, who finished her activities asMAXCompletely independent as, the subsequent tour will be a complete solo performance.
  • In December, pointed to a woman who imitated her. "Amla"Is this yearBuzzword AwardElected to.
  • This year,ToeiSeries movie "That's Cheat! The greatest strategy ever?』Starring[Note 4] Also, the first photo book "# 19770920" was released.The Okinawa Actors School, which he learned, also attracted attention and became a pioneer of artists from Okinawa, and its popularity became a social phenomenon.



  • 1998/, After last year's red and white appearancebirthFor one yearmaternity leaveEnter and concentrate on childcare.
    • During this time, the best album "181920] Has been released.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,First sonGive birth.
  • December 12, return single "I HAVE NEVER SEENWas released.
    • The 31st,"The 49th NHK Red and White Singing Battle], Like the previous year, "CAN YOU CELEBRATE?" Appeared in front of the public for the first time in a year in front of the Red Group Tori.During the singing, I was deeply moved by the warm cheers and applause from the venue and shed tears.While singingNHKThe highest audience rating at that moment was 64.9%.



  • 2000/In January, the album "Co-produced by Komuro and Dallas"GENIUS 2000, And the first live tour after returning with the album "NAMIE AMURO TOUR GENIUS 2000] Is held.
  • January,HawaiiFirst overseas solo performanceNamie Amuro Live In Hawaii "Big Wave Honolulu"Was held.
  • January,Kyushu/Okinawa SummitImage song "NEVER ENDReleased.At the summit welcome party, the song was performed in front of the leaders of each country.
    • In the same month, he received the "Naha Citizen's Honor Award".Fourth time in total.All three times so far have been awarded to schools, and this is the first time that the award has been given to the entertainment field / individual.[14].
  • May, 12th album "break the rules] Has been released.

2001 --2004: Started activities as SUITE CHIC

Also from the same year, Ryosuke ImaiZEEBRA-VERBALSpecial project with Lato"SUITE CHIC"Participated in (Sweet Seek) and released a completely limited production single "GOOD LIFE / Just Say So".This triggered a full-scaleR&B-HIP HOPBegan to release oriented songs.
  • 2003/, SUITE CHIC's album "" released in FebruaryWHEN POP HITS THE FANRecorded unusual sales, "Music StationAppeared as SUITE CHIC in "Special".AIWithcollaborationI sang the song "Uh Uh ,,,,,,". In May, he appeared as a presenter at "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 5" and won the Best Collaboration (Best Collaboration Video Award) as SUITE CHIC.In solo, he started self-producing songs and ideas by himself, released 2003 singles, and in December, the 3th album "STYLE』Released. From November to April of the following year, the live tour "namie amuro SO CRAZY tour featuring BEST singles 2003-2004』Held (13 people mobilized). 5,000 consecutive years of participation "The 54th NHK Red and White Singing Battle] In "SO CRAZY(The following year, he declined to participate).
  • 2004/,In SeptemberTaiwanand South Korea-SeoulSucceeded in the first Asian tour in Japan (mobilized about 3 people).The CDs released since then have been released simultaneously in Japan and Korea.In the same month, she appeared as a performing artist in "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 6,000" and won two awards, Best R & B Video (Best R & B Video Award) and Best buzzAsia from Japan (Best buzzAsia Award).Also, when Janet Jackson, who was his longing, appeared as a surprise artist, Amuro handed Janet a special prize as a presenter, and two shots were realized on the stage. In July, the drama theme song "ALL FOR YOUReleased.In the same month, he returned to Korea and performed with AI as a Japanese national team performing artist at the "MTV BuzzASIA Concert" held in Seoul, and performed four songs. The second FC limited live house tour in Augustnamie amuro tour "fan space '04-"Held. In October, the first two-form single "GIRL TALK / the SPEED STARWas released.

2005 --2011: 10th anniversary of solo debut

  • 2005/,In SeptemberThailand-Bangkok"MTV Asia Aid" held in[Note 8] Appeared as a performing artist representing Japan and performed "GIRL TALK". Japan's largest fashion event in MarchKobe collectionAppeared as a secret guest in April and released in AprilWANT ME, WANT MEWas unveiled for the first time. In May, she appeared as a performing artist on "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 5", Best R & B Video (Best R & B Video Award) (winning song "GIRL TALK"), Most Impressivle Performing Artist In Asia (Asia's Best Performing)・ Received two awards (Artist Award).Achieved the feat of receiving the award for the first time in history for four consecutive years. In JulyPink PantherThe original album "Queen of Hip-PopReleased, and pulled the album to the live tour from September to December.Space of Hip-Pop -namie amuro tour 2005-] Is held. In November, his first Christmas song "White Light / Violet SauceWas released.
  • 2006/, "In May, recorded his first Japanese music cover song"CAN'T SLEEP, CAN'T EAT, I'M SICK / MermaidReleased. From August to November, it was the largest tour since 8.ア リ ー ナTours"namie amuro BEST tour -Live Style 2006-』Held (22 people mobilized).
  • 2007/, January, drama theme song "Baby Don't CryReleased.The Oricon single top 10 consecutive years of acquisition record was set in 13, achieving the feat of being the number one female artist in history.For music distribution, full distribution is triple platinum certified (1 DL or more),Ringing songThen recorded million certification. In Marchm-floAlbum ofCOSMICOLOR], Participated in "Luvotomy" as m-flo loves Namie Amuro. In June, the album "PLAY], And won the top spot for the first time in seven years.Live tour with the most performances from August to February of the following year with the albumnamie amuro PLAY tour 2007-2008Held (14 people mobilized).In August of the same year, he appeared as a performing artist in "MTV STUDENT AWARDS 5,000" and "STUDENT VOICE" RESPECT AWARD.[Note 9] Awarded. In September, he celebrated his 9th birthday.
  • 2008/,"premium Vidal Sassoon』Acting as an image model,Patricia field(stylist),Orlando PitaA collaboration between (hair stylist) and world-famous creators was realized, and in March the campaign song "60s 70s 80sReleased.In the second week of appearance, he won the top spot in the 2th single for the first time in 9 years.In the same month, "SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards Received the BEST FEMALE VIDEO of "08" for the lead song "Hide & Seek" of "PLAY". In April, we held an Asian performance in Taiwan for the first time in four years. In mayDOUBLEAlbum ofTHE BEST COLLABORATIONSParticipated in "BLACK DIAMOND", and the collaboration was realized by an offer from DOUBLE (TAKAKO).In the same month, he appeared as a guest celebrity at "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008" and won the Best R & B Video for "Hide & Seek" for the first time in three years.In the summer, Avex's outdoor event "a-nation, And was in charge of the top batter from his own proposal (all performances).
In July, the best album "7 new songs"BEST FICTION』Released.Unusual for the music industryThe first million-seller in history for three consecutive generations across teens, 10s, and 20sIn the Oricon album chart, it won the top spot for 14 consecutive weeks for the first time in 8 years and 6 months.The arena tour "The arena tour that recorded the largest number of female solo artists in history since October with the album"namie amuro BEST FICTION tour 2008-2009』Held (50 people mobilized).
  • 2009/, MVA3 BEST ARTIST at "SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards 09" in March[Note 10], BEST FEMALE VIDEO won two crowns.In May, he won two awards at the "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2" for the first time in four years. In June, he held a performance in Taiwan, and in July, he held his first performance in China in Shanghai, and the live DVD "namie amuro BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009』Was the first female artist in history to break the record for the first time in nine years, and won the two divisions with the Blu-ray disc, the first record in the history of an artist. In December, the album "PAST <FUTURE』Released. It was the first solo artist to win the top spot in the original album in his teens, 10s, and 20s, and the top spot in five Asian countries / regions was the first feat in the history of Japanese female artists.
  • 2010/, Pulling the album, live tour from April to December "namie amuro PAST] Is held. In May 5 as a Japanese artistCHAGE and ASKASince then in the second groupFirst Asian female artist"World Music AwardsAchieved the feat of appearing[Note 11]..In the same month, he won the Best Female Video of "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2010" for the lead song "FAST CAR" of "PAST <FUTURE".
  • 2011/, A collaboration album that collects songs that he participated in as a guest in AprilCheck Mate!』Released.The arena tour "From July to December with the albumnamie amuro LIVE STYLE 2011] Is held.

2012 --2016: 20th anniversary of debut, establishment of Dimension Point label

  • 2012/In June, the original album "Uncontrolled] Has been released.Takeuchi MariyaRecorded in 2008ExpressionsFor the first time in 3 years and 9 months since then, the album by a female artist won the top spot for 3 consecutive weeks.[15], Japan, Taiwan,Hong Kong,Korea,SingaporeIn a total of 5 countries, won the 1st place following the previous work "PAST <FUTURE".In Hong Kong, it has won first place for two consecutive weeks.[16].
    • On September 9th, along with his debut day, the 16th anniversary event "One night only in Okinawa"namie amuro 20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWAWas planned to be held,Typhoon No. 16It was canceled due to the influence of.As a guestKawabata Kaname,Anna Tsuchiya, AI,Mummy-D, ZEEBRA, VERBAL, as well as DOUBLE and Tetsuya Komuro were scheduled to appear as secret guests (later, this live was revenge five years later in September 5 to commemorate the 2017th anniversary of its debut).[Note 12].
    • In December, for the first time in 12 years, his first nationwide 15 major dome tour "namie amuro 5 Large Dome TOUR 2012 ~ 20th Anniversary Best ~] Is held. Approximately 5 people were mobilized in 8 performances at 34 venues, and both the number of mobilization and the number of performances became the top female solo artist in history.[17].
  • 2013/In June, the original album "FEEL』Released.Recorded No. 1 on Oricon's first appearance.
    • From this album, the labelavex traxからDimension PointTransferred to. Became the first artist of Dimension Point.
    • From August to December, a national tour of 8 performances at 12 venues and mobilization of 24 peoplenamie amuro FEEL tour 2013] Is held.
  • 2014/In June, his first ballad best album "Ballade] Has been released.
    • From August to December, a national arena tour with 8 performances at 12 venues and a mobilization of 13 peoplenamie amuro LIVE STYLE 2014] Is held.
  • 2015/I've been a member since my debut in JanuaryRising ProductionLeaving the company,AvexPrivate label inDimension PointTransferred to[18].
    • Original album "All songs unreleased in June"genic] Is released.Despite being an unusual work of all new songs and non-tie-ups, it recorded the first appearance on the Oricon chart.Also a private office stella88 Avex announced that it has started management at.
    • From March to next2016/Until February, a national arena tour of 2 performances at 15 venues "namie amuro LIVEGENIC 2015-2016] Is held.
  • 2016/January,Kansai TV・ Fuji TV drama "My bad wifeIn the theme song of ""MintWas appointed.
    • In 7 monthNHKRio de Janeiro OlympicsBroadcast theme song "Hero"release.
    • National hall tour from August "namie amuro LIVE STYLE 2016-2017] Is held.
      • Initially, it was held in all 3 performances until the end of March, but the new year with 88 performances remaining2017/In January, 1 additional performances were announced until May, making the total number of performances unprecedented at 5 venues and 13 performances.

2017-2018: 25th anniversary of debut and retirement from electric shock


  • 2017/January,Nippon TVDrama"Become a motherWas appointed as the theme song of ""Just You and IWas released and recorded the top 23 singles for 10 consecutive years.
  • September 9th and 16th the following day, localOkinawa-Ginowan Seaside Park Outdoor Special Venue25th Anniversary Outdoor Triumphal Special Live "namie amuro 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWAHeld[Note 13][4]..With the mobilization of about 5 people in front of us, we succeeded in revenge over five years.[19][20]..Along with that, a special site commemorating the 25th anniversary[Note 14] Was opened.
    • The recorded live concert will be on October 10ndWOWOWWas broadcast on[21].
  • September 9, next day2018/9/16Announced to retire to[2][5][6]..The press conference was not held and was announced on his official website.
  • A spin-off documentary video "Documentary of Namie Amuro" Finally "" will be released as a video distribution service to commemorate the 10th anniversary of debut for one year from October 1st.HuluIt is exclusively distributed one episode each month.The video series will be broadcast up to 1 episodes.
  • On November 11th, following the 8th anniversary of debut and the announcement of retirement declaration, 25 songs and 1992 unreleased songs carefully selected from the singles from the debut song "Mr. USA" to the latest song "Just You and I" in 45. The first all-time best album of the career that recorded "Finally] Has been released.
    • It became a hot topic that 100 million pre-orders were flooded just before the release date.
    • In the first week of its release, it sold 111.3 million copies and recorded a million, and won the first appearance in the Oricon weekly album ranking.In addition, the next week also sold 1 million copies, maintaining the number one position in the annual category until then.SMAPAlbum ofSMAP 25 YEARS』Record (117.2 million sheets) was greatly exceeded.
    • By the way, in the first week of the album releasemillionIt was the one that broke throughHikaru Utadaof"Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1It's been 2004 years and 4 months since it was achieved in the week of April 12, 13.
    • The only solo artist of his own history who achieved millions in his teens, 10s, and 20s, he set a new self-record for the "three-year continuous million-seller" with the addition of "30s" on this album, making it unheard of. Become4th consecutive million sellerAchieved the feat of[22].
    • Sales of 177.8 million copies within the period, 50thOricon annual rankingWon first place in the 2017 album category.This is his first time to win the first album of the year.The number one album in the 1 weeks since its release was in 1.GLAYIn 2013 and 2016stormIt was the fastest in history, surpassing the 7 weeks recorded by.The solo artist won the 1st place in the annual album by Ken Hirai in 2006.Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '95 -'05 Song StupidIt's been 11 years since then, and it's been 2004 years since Hikaru Utada's "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1" in 13.Also, in 2008, the solo artist's annual sales of the album exceeded the million-seller.BEST FICTIONIt was the first time in nine years since the record of 144.7 million copies.
    • Two months after its release, it exceeded double million (sales of 2 million copies).[23]..The number of album works sold exceeded 200 million in the week of August 2012, 8.The Beatles OfBest album"The Beatles 1It's been 5 years and 5 months since it was recorded.As a solo artist, it has been 10 years and 95 months since Ken Hirai's "Ken Hirai 05th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '2006 -'4 Uta Baka" (April 17, 11), and for female solo, Hikaru Utada "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL. It was the first time in 9 years and 1 months since "2004" (April 4, 26).In his own album, it was the second double million-seller in 13 years and 9 months after "SWEET 19 BLUES" (August 1996, 8).
    • It became clear on the day of release that the new song "How do you feel now?" Recorded on the album was composed by Tetsuya Komuro for the first time in 16 years and became a hot topic.[24].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nippon TV・ The special program "Namie Amuro Heisei no Utahime", which includes a documentary closely related to the backstage of the 25th anniversary outdoor live at Hulu and an interview with the person himself, will be released on the 23rd (Thanksgiving)NHKA special program entitled "Namie Amuro Confession" was broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting one after another.In addition to the VTR that appeared on NHK in the past, the program included an exclusive interview and talked about the reason for retirement.[25]..Both became a hot topic with a great response after the end of the broadcast. NHK was flooded with comments and inquiries after the broadcast ended, so in a hurry, the next day2018/August 1(成人 の 日) Has been decided to be rebroadcast.
  • Broadcast on New Year's Eve on December 12thThe 68th NHK Red and White Singing BattleAppearance as a special singer frame was announced[26][27][28]..In addition, it is to participate in red and white2003/ Of54 timesIt has been about 14 years since then.The song is2016/Held inRio OlympicsIn charge of the theme song of the same station at "Hero".This was the first time that the song was shown on a terrestrial music program.
    • Due to the effect of live appearance after a long time, Amuro is the second part (against white)Keisuke Kuwata[29]) Served as a red group birdIshikawa SayuriHe performed in about 11 minutes from 10:10 pm just before.After singing, he deeply thanked him and was seen crying on the way with joy.Also, in the singing scene of the same song,Instant maximum audience rating 48.4%Recorded and caused a great response[30].

Before retirement


  • 32 timesJapan Gold Disc AwardReceived "Artist of the Year", "Album of the Year" and "Best 5 Albums" (Japanese music).
  • 10 timesCD shop grand prizeReceived the 2018 Special Award.
  • From February, the last tour "namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~ Finally ~Was held[31][32].
    • For the third time in six years, the five major dome tours nationwide mobilized about 3 people in 6 performances, which was the highest mobilization record for a solo artist's solo tour.The tour was flooded with more than 5 million applications.
    • On the final day of June 6rd, fans who couldn't get their tickets gathered around the dome, and about 3 fans gathered throughout the venue in just two days.Amurer mood was fully opened and attracted a great deal of attention.[33].
    • Starting with this tour, the Asian tour "Asia Tour" will be held in a total of 3 performances in 6 countries each of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~ Finally ~ in Asia』Also immediately[34]..Initially, the Asian tour had 5 performances, but later a new Hong Kong performance was announced, resulting in 6 performances.[35].
    • The live set list will be conducted by request voting by fans (all songs on the single album).[36]..Request voting by fans prior to the tour[Note 15] Has been opened (the deadline is now over).
    • Just before the tour2015/Yuan who retired at the end of MarchJapan netWas also the president of "Charisma of mail-order programs"Akira TakadaWas greeted by the moderator, and a video introducing tour goods as a one-day mail-order program was released on YouTube and became a hot topic.[37].
  • A cosmetics company that appeared in 2018 commercials in March 3 and 1997 for 20 years.KoseA special collaboration with "NAMIE AMURO x KOSE ALL TIME BEST" will be opened for a limited time.Successive commercial videos, posters, etc. that have served so far have been released at once[38].
    • On April 4th, as the second project, a new commercial "NAMIE AMURO x KOSE ALL TIME BEST Project Minna," which combines the CM that appeared from 19 to 1997 and the newly shot CM "I wanted to be you" was aired the next day[39].
    • On June 6, the fourth chapter, which will be the final chapter of the project, will be the "I am I" edition, which will be a limited collaboration product with "VISSE", which was the image character from 20 to 1997, "Visee Riche Eye Color Palette". CM that coincides with the release of "NA".In addition, the color of the product is selected by the person himself[40].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS In 2018, she won the "BEST FEMALE ARTIST", which is awarded to the most active female artist.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,fashion brandCompany that is a manufacturerH&MSpecial collaboration with "Namie Amuro x H & M"[41].
    • From April 4th, collection items will be on sale at stores and online stores nationwide.The morning edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun, which was sold on the same day, contained a letter addressed to H & M's president.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Japan Transocean AirLaunched special design machine "AMURO JET" in tie-up with[42].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NahaThe Okinawa Prefectural Honor Award was awarded at[43].
  • On June 6th, he held his first hands-on exhibition "Final Space" in four cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa.[44].
    • The dates for each of the four venues are different: Tokyo on July 4th, Osaka on July 7th, Fukuoka on August 24th, and Okinawa on August 7nd.
    • It will be held until September 9th, which is the retirement date.
  • On July 7, the mini program "namie amuro Final Space" will be broadcast on the Nippon Television Network System (Kanto Local only) every Saturday night at 14:10.[45].
    • The content is centered on what was OA on the "Documentary of Namie Amuro" Finally "" published on the video distribution site Hulu, and based on 10 keywords, "What Namie Amuro has cherished" A 6-minute program to unravel.A close-up video of the final tour and information on the above-mentioned experience-based exhibition will be broadcast.
    • The providers are different for each company, the first broadcast is a collaboration CM with Kose, and from the second timeSeven & i HoldingsThe collaboration commercials by were aired respectively.
  • On July 7, the popular variety show "Nippon Television Network System, which is broadcast every Sunday at 29:7 pmItte Q to the end of the world!First appearance as a surprise to[46].
    • The appearance of entertainment programs other than commercial music programs is the Fuji TV series program "Wannai R & R』Since then.As for the NTV series, he was presenting with Koji Imada, the moderator.Amuro Imada surely No.1It will be the first time in 1998 years since 20.
    • The main content is also officially recognized as a huge fan of Amuro.Imoto AyakoWas enthusiastic about the program, which led to the planning of this offer.Amuro is visiting a performance in Taiwan for an Asian tour this time, and Imoto happened to meet Amuro in the lobby of the airport because the location of his trip was Taiwan.Imoto is reporting on traditional Taiwanese fishing, and Amuro will appear as a surprise.[47].
  • He passed away on August 8th, the day before, August 9th.Oshi NagashiGovernor of OkinawaIn response to the news, he expressed his condolences and said, "The will of Governor Onaga, who has been thinking about Okinawa and devoting himself to Okinawa, will be inherited and will be loved by many people in the future. I hope, "said the comment on the official website.[48].
  • August 8, Premium Live & Event "WE ♥ NAMIE HANABI SHOW Eve Festival ~ I ♥ OKINAWA / I ♥ MUSIC ~ supported by Seven-Eleven" sponsored by Seven-Eleven (September 22th of the eve, September 9th, the retirement date) From Sunday), it was decided to perform at the event live (the eve) to be held at the Okinawa Convention Center Exhibition Building on the 15th.In addition, as an artist who has a connection with Okinawa,BEGIN,Ken Hirai,MONGOL800Appeared in the form of a blessing to the beginning.In addition, he performed as a guest on DOUBLE, which he co-starred in 2008, and a collaboration album in 2011.Tomohisa Yamashita, Taiwanese singer who collaborated in 2015Jolin TsaiAlso rushed as a surprise guest for this live.It's been about 10 years since Amuro appeared at a festival event hosted by a-nation, and this was before he retired.Last live performance stageBecame[49].

After retirement

  • On September 9th, a special program "Namie Amuro Retirement Special !!-Exclusive Adhesion on the Last Year and the Last Day-" will be broadcast on the NTV series from 18 pm[50].
    • In the program, the recording of the album "Finally" released in November last year and the shooting of the music video, the pattern of the dome tour "namie amuro Final Tour 11 ~ Finally ~" held from February to June of this year, retirement The video closely related to the live event "WE ♥ NAMIE HANABI SHOW Eve Festival ~ I ♥ OKINAWA / I ♥ MUSIC ~ supported by Seven-Eleven" held at the Okinawa Convention Center on September 2th the day before will be broadcast.In addition, looking back on her 6-year history with the video left on NTV, it will be a special special program that lasts for two and a half hours.
  • With retirement on September 9, "official site" "official fan club" "official online store" "official"FacebookEach service of "Page" was terminated[51]..Therefore, official sources of information about his activities have also been lost.In addition, Amuro's lawyer requested to refrain from interviewing.


  • 33 timesJapan Gold Disc AwardReceived "Artist of the Year" and "Best Music Video" (Japanese music).The grand prize, "Artist of the Year (Japanese music)," was awarded for the third time in a row for two years, and ranked second in the number of awards.
  • On June 6th, all the songs released so far during the avex enrollment period were released at once.Apple MusicIn addition to being exclusively streamed in, the sound source of the 25th anniversary Okinawa live and the last tour before retirement, the best album that had not been distributed so farFinally』Started download sales at the same time[52].
    • One week after the start of distribution, he recorded his first feat with an album by a Japanese Japanese artist.In addition, it recorded the highest number of views in 1 countries including Japan, the United States, and China.[53].
  • On July 7th, it was announced that "WE ♥ NAMIE HANABI SHOW supported by Seven-Eleven" will be held again at the same Ginowan Tropical Beach as last year on September 11th when he retired.[54].
    • In addition to fireworks, a cheering screening event entitled "WE ♥ NAMIE Special Cheering Screening" will be held at the Okinawa Convention Center Exhibition Building on the day of the event.The contents are "Documentary of Namie Amuro" Finally "" which was released for a limited time on Hulu, and "WE" which was the last stage before the retirement date on the last day of Tokyo of the last tour "namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~ Finally ~". ♥ NAMIE HANABI SHOW Eve Festival ~ I ♥ OKINAWA / I ♥ MUSIC ~ supported by Seven-Eleven ”will be screened in three special editions.
      • Of the three, the last tour will be screened at movie theaters nationwide under the title of "WE LOVE NAMIE Thanks Viewing ~ 3 Tokyo Dome ~".
  • August 8, Ginowan City Tourism Promotion AssociationJapan Anniversary AssociationI submitted an application to "Namie Amuro Day" on September 9th.[55], Faced various issues due to lack of recognition on September 9, announced on the official website that it did not reach certification, and apologized to the people concerned[56].
  • On September 9th, all the songs (single album) released so far during the avex enrollment eraMusic videoWas delivered all at once on Apple Music[57].
  • On September 9, streaming distribution of songs that were only Apple MusicSpotify,LINE MUSIC,Amazon Music,AWA,KKBOX, Rakuten music, dHits, Uta Pass, all songs from avex's enrollment era have been released at once[58]..As a result, the subscription flat-rate service was lifted all at once.


  • From the original program "Documentary of Namie Amuro" Finally "" that was distributed on Hulu on April 4 for a limited time, the episodes so far, the last live before retirement, and the fireworks display "WE ♥ NAMIE HANABI SHOW Eve Festival ~" Special edition (summary) "I ♥ OKINAWA / I ♥ MUSIC ~ supported by Seven-Eleven"Documentary of Namie Amuro “Finally” Special EditionIt will be released for free until May 5th for a limited time, along with all the music videos released so far.This has happened since FebruaryNew coronavirusDue to the influence of the above, a state of emergency was declared to prevent the spread of infection, and it was carried out as part of home support.[59].
  • September 9th, the milestone of the 16nd anniversary of retirementShuri CastleBurned downCoronaI fell into the double pain ofOkinawa"WE ♥ NAMIE ONLINE HANABI SHOW" will be held to support the event.A composite video of real fireworks and virtual fireworks and the pattern of the last live in Okinawa will be delivered.[60].


  • On May 5th, the 15th anniversary of the return to the mainland of Okinawa, "Heisei History Scoop Document 50th" Namie Amuro's Last Confession "" was broadcast on NHK in 2019.[61]Was rebroadcast[62].


  • 1997, 2001, on the right wristタ ト ゥ ーIn 2002, on the upper arm of the left armタ ト ゥ ーWas put in.The following English text on the left arm and the name of his son underneathHARUTOWas engraved[63]..Also, with a clover on the right arm,barcode"Love Peace World" was later engraved on his date of birth, but the tattoos on both arms have disappeared since the 20th anniversary.

JUN.30 in 1950
my mother's love live with me
Eternally in my heart
MAR.17 in 1999

June 1950, 6 (Mother's date of birth)
Mother's love lives with me
Forever in my heart
rest in peace
March 1999, 3 (the day the mother died)

  • In January 2015, he left Rising Production, which he had belonged to since his debut, and became independent, but this is the president'sTetsuo TairaIt was not a harmonious independence due to strong opposition from.For this reason, it became difficult to appear on TV after independence, but with a view to retirement, it was judged that there would be little damage for Amuro, who had been focusing on the tour while refraining from appearing on TV as much as possible.[64][65].
  • Retirement date2018/Hometown on September 9thOkinawaAt "We ♥ NAMIE HANABI SHOW" held at, he did not make a surprise appearance, but wore a yukata and quietly watched the fireworks from the same audience as the fans.[66]..It was the conclusion of Namie Amuro's activities, which valued the sense of unity with the fans above all else, and there was a figure that realized that he would spend as an ordinary person from tomorrow.
  • NHK series broadcast on January 2019, 1 after retirement ``Heisei history scoop document In the 4th "Namie Amuro's Last Confession", he mentioned the physical anxiety about continuing his activities as to the reason for his retirement. There was also something like that. I wondered if my vocal cords were at the limit, or my voice wasn't working well. ”He announced that he had been feeling something wrong with his throat since around 2010. I want to leave Namie Amuro in the memories of the fans. "[67].Vocal cordsIt was announced for the first time in this program that he was suffering from the destruction. Regarding the fact that the last song of the live performance at namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~ Finally ~ was Tetsuya Komuro's new song for the first time in 16 years, he said, "I wanted to show my new self at the end."
  • Even after retirementMass mediaHowever, as a result of continuing to think about when to retire from the time of his debut, he concluded that he would retire in the memorable year of the 25th anniversary of his activities and the age of 40. Or, considering the fact that he was selling his unwavering belief, it can be said that it is almost impossible.[68].
  • He hates being featured in weekly magazines, and a few days before the last concert, his agent lawyer requested that he refrain from interviewing.In it, "If an article about Amuro's privacy or an article that damages honor is published, we will take appropriate legal measures as an act of infringing the rights to general private individuals," so we interviewed. The risk is high, and there is no possibility that new information will be released about the trend after the person retires.[69]..The request to refrain from interviewing is an unprecedented request in the entertainment world.

Evaluations and episodes from celebrities

"Especially from the end of the 1980s to the beginning of the 1990s, the rapid spread of karaoke boxes had a great influence on the Japanese music scene. Especially since the beginning of the 1990s," Karaoke is producing hit songs. It is no exaggeration to say, "In such a background, what is required is an artist who can sing and sympathize with and provide a pleasant song. Especially,"Baby boom juniorThe market is large because there are many layers called ”, and a big movement can be completed just by putting them on your side.From that point of view, Namie Amuro can be said to be a child of that generation. "[70](Hiroshi Ogawa

"Since I met, Amuro had one philosophy of life. It's the idea that'study isn't everything.'One of her thoughts is related to the economic situation in Okinawa. I feel like I'm doing it. In Okinawa, where there are few local industries, considering finding a job locally, I think that the options are limited. Under such circumstances, Amuro said, "My dream is sure to be. I was taking lessons with the belief that it would come true. I decided my own way of life as a teenager, and I thought that way of life was amazing. "[71](Tetsuo Taira

"I happened to see"THE night also"soTRFBecause I was singing the song, I felt that I was presenting "TRF songs can be sung and danced easily" "" The image is "TRF teenage version" "Shibuya Of109I thought it would be really addictive if I did it with "I feel like I'm going to see it" "" I feel shy, but "I just want to do a concert in a big place,Janet JacksonLikeBlack musicI want to do it, I want to coordinate with this style. ”I prepared a clear image by myself and was a child who could talk.”[72][73][74]"I'm not looking at both Amuro-san's private and business, but I've always wondered at what moment she's a professional performer and her usual girlfriend. I don't think she's the one who expresses emotions and emotions at work, so she feels that she's doing recordings and stages with her instinctive concentration, not words. I think there are times when adrenaline is secreted, or the head instinctively gives commands. In recording, etc., the time axis of the song, that is, the process in which the song progresses from the intro to the ending Yes, she feels that kind of concentration on the timeline. It feels like opening the window when the music starts and closing when the sound disappears. That's what makes her so attractive. "[75]"I think it was definitely a break, even if it wasn't produced by me."[76]"I was a child who didn't really speak much. If there were 10%, only 2% would speak. But the remaining 8% were inspired by the song, and I could write a song while imagining her appearance. "There are many." "An artist rather than an entertainer from the beginning. There was a time when I was doing my best to appear on TV, but Namie-chan succeeded in saying" I want to sing and dance "and" I don't want to talk about myself. " It was consistent. I didn't show any chance as a girl. I don't know my private life, and I think it was thorough. "[77](Tetsuya Komuro

"Even if there is no choreography, it has a sense and presence and is cool."[78]"It was really quick to remember. While I was learning one part, I was thinking about the next place, but I already remembered it and I couldn't catch up. During the break. Sometimes I was chatting with the Super Monkeys. "[79](KABA.

"Mr. Amuro always runs at full speed. She runs at full speed at long distances and short distances, but she runs at full speed at any distance." "She says,'I think this way', my way of life. I try to write lyrics that can be presented. "" She has a good sense, is dexterous, and has no boring feelings. She can express what she hears with her ears as it is, instead of thinking with her head. Even Janet Jackson can't express this much. "" While facing the front, it has a shadow part somewhere, and it has the power to make all the scratches, shadows, and weak points attractive. "There is." "I can sing in a cool way that suits the situation. Because I have singing ability, I can sing even if it's not a song like a single shot, and even if I raise technical hurdles, it will come with me enough and I'm watching It's refreshing. "[80](Takahiro Maeda

"I'm not a child who drinks and makes noise with everyone. I'm serious. At that time, there were many people who cheated and compliant with Mr. Komuro, but only Amuro pierced himself."TK PAN-PACIFIC TOUR '97 IN TAIPEIAt that time, all the artists and staff were staying in a different place while all the rooms on the first floor of the luxury hotel were reserved.She didn't flirt at a thorough distance, and she was cool even if she looked closely. "[81](Mark Panther

"I was a person who performed live with a story. I don't want to show MC because I don't want to show vividness, and it expresses the world of fantasy entertainment." "Working lightly without talking to each other. I had a request. Even if there was a request, it was about a word. I was devoted to production, and Mr. Amuro had a good relationship with devoting himself to singing. It's fun to be[77](Nao'ymt

"A characteristic of female artists in the 1990s is that they have a large proportion of female support. Given that the sight of female cheers flying on the stage of female artists was never common, it was a time. It was reflected. It was also the tendency of the 1990s that the main body of the consumer market became a woman. In that sense, the influence could not be talked about with Namie Amuro. "" Namie Amuro was not born from the tea room. It can be said that it is the first female idol female singer. ”Girls everywhere are shining in the brown tube. Anyone can be in the spotlight like that. Such "ordinaryness" in the world had a value that was connected to the tea room somewhere. Namie Amuro was not. She was diverging from the tea room called "a girl everywhere". It wasn't pompous. Her favorite fashion was more than Ochanomaス ト リ ー トIt suits me well.The girl who entrusts herself to her started by exposing herself to the street. ""R&BTraditionally, the music was not "children's music."There was her singing, emotional suppression, and intense dancing.For the girls, Namie Amuro might have been a symbol of "a longing adult" rather than an idol.She said to the girls in the 1990sDiscard the call, let's go to town"Maybe it was." "The environment surrounding female artists in the 1990s and the biggest changes from before that are probably related to" childbirth "and" marriage. "The virtual image of" being a star "and" The real image of "happiness as a human being" is compatible. In the past, there was only one choice, and the ones that could only be obtained by throwing away one of them are compatible. Namie Amuro is so sensationally noisy. I think there is also the background that the idols up to that point were not. "[82](Hideki Taie

Proclaim a big fan of AmuroImoto AyakoI want to thank you forItte Q to the end of the world!During the conversation at the hotel after that, he said that he was watching Imoto's challenge and Amuro fan pretense in "Itte Q!" On a daily basis, but he never interacted with Imoto after that. not going[83]..This case is just a surprise project of "Itte Q!", And Imoto does not give any private contact information, and Imoto himself does not want such a light relationship.

As of October 2020, professional baseball teamFukuoka Softbank HawksAffiliation Ukyo ShutoInfielder uses songs such as "Revolution" as songs that appeared before he took the turn at bat in home games.[84].


  • 1996-1997, young women who yearn for her fashion style, hairstyle, makeup, etc. such as long brown hair, miniskirt, fine eyebrows, platform boots, so-called "Amla"Amurer boom" was caused by a large number of "" and became a social phenomenon.[85].
  • Small room boomDuring the period, he mass-produced CD hits, and in 1997, he became the first teenage singer in history to record sales of over 10 million single albums.[86].
  • The best album released in July 2008 "BEST FICTIONIs a181920』Recorded a million seller for the first time in 10 years, and achieved the first million seller in the history of solo artists for 3 consecutive years (teens to 10s).Later, this record was released on the best album "November 30".Finally』Updated for 4 consecutive years (teens to 10s).
  • The last tour before retirement received more than 75 million applications for about 510 seats in Japan.Tickets for "We ♥ NAMIE HANABI SHOW" held on the day of retirement are priced at nearly 18 yen in the resale market, even though they are originally free events.What are the economic effects of various special projects that took place over the year after the announcement of retirement?Over 1000 million yenIs speculated[87]..On September 2018, 9, the day of retirement, many fans once said in front of Shibuya 16.AmlaIt became clear that a situation called "Amros" is being born.[88].
  • The retirement preparation period from September 2017, 9 to September 16, 2018 developed into a turmoil involving all kinds of media existing in Japan.In particular, from around September 9, 16 to around September 2018, 9, mass media throughout Japan constantly reported on trends regarding the retirement of Namie Amuro, creating a situation that could be called a storm of news about Namie Amuro all over Japan.Through the news, many celebrities have released a message regretting their retirement.


  • In the Toshiba EMI eraPopsKeyEuro beatI was singing the song, but when I transferred to avex and started producing Tetsuya Komuro, graduallyBlack musicThe number of songs with strong colors has increased.It was unique in the so-called Komuro family[86].
  • When I returned from maternity leave in 1999,TPA,MonicaOf a big overseas producer who is also known for his workDallas AustinAiming for a full-fledged R & B route, such as appointing the single "think of me / no more tearsFinally leave Komuro Produce[86].
  • 2002-2003SUITE CHICAfter the activity as, "GIANT SWING PRODUCTIONS"ofT.KURAMICHICO,Nao'ymtHe began to self-produce in music production, such as selecting songs from new creators and coming up with his own ideas, establishing himself as the queen of Japanese R & B.In particular, the catchy lyrics of MICHICO's realistic female image caught the hearts of many women.[86].
  • The release of the high resolution sound source was released on January 2004, 1, "181920"When"LOVE ENHANCED ♥ single collection"ofDvd audioOnly the board.The sound source is recorded in the 96kHz / 24bit format.Dvd audioThe board is already a rare item.
  • In the 2010s, we appointed a foreign producer related to avex,EDMMainly songs that embody the latest R & B at that time[86].
  • Since 2010, when it became easier to listen to music on the Internet, we have shifted to live-centered music activities, refraining from exposing media such as TV.[86].
  • There was no omission in his retirement on September 2018, 9, and he carefully planned the story of the end of the activity from a year ago.




YearsAward (work)
1995/28 timesAll Japan Cable Broadcasting Award Best Request Award-"TRY ME ~ Believe in me ~'
28 timesJapan Cable Awards Wired Music Excellence Award-"TRY ME ~ Believe in me ~"
37th Japan Record Award Excellent Work Award-"TRY ME-Believe me-"
1996/33 timesGolden Arrow Award Music awards
29th All Japan Wired Broadcasting Award 讀賣TVSpecial prize,Tadashi YoshidaAward-"SWEET 19 BLUES"+"Don't wanna cry'
25 timesBest Dresser Award Women's department
1st Idol Music Awards Best Idol Award
29th Japan Cable Awards Wired Music Excellence Award-"Don't wanna cry" + "a walk in the park'
29 timesJapan Record Sales Award Total Sales Category Grand Prize by Artist
38th Japan Record Award Grand Prize, Excellent Work Award-"Don't wanna cry"
38th Japan Record Awards Best Album Award-"SWEET 19 BLUES"
1997/11 timesJapan Gold Disc Award Japanese Music Category Grand Prize-"CAN YOU CELEBRATE?'
11th Japan Gold Disc Award Best 5 Artist Award
11th Japan Gold Disc Award Best 5 Single Award- "Don't wanna cry"
11th Japan Gold Disc Award Music Video Award- "AMURO NAMIE FIRST ANNIVERSARY"
World Music Awards 1997 Best Selling Japanese Recording Artist of the Year
30th Japan Record Sales Grand Prix Single Category Grand Prize- "CAN YOU CELEBRATE?"
39th Japan Record Award Grand Prize Excellent Work Award-"CAN YOU CELEBRATE?"
1998/12th Japan Gold Disc Award Song of the Year-"CAN YOU CELEBRATE?"
12th Japan Gold Disc Award Pop Album of the Year-"Concentration 20"
1999/13th Japan Gold Disc Award Pop Album of the Year-"181920"
32nd All Japan Wired Broadcasting Award Gold Request Award, Tadashi Yoshida Award-"SOMETHING'BOUT THE KISS'
2000/11 timesJapan Jewelery Best Dresser Award 20s division
Naha Citizen's Honor Award
33th All Japan Wired Broadcasting Award MillenniumSpecial Award-"NEVER END'
42th Japan Record Award Special Award-"NEVER END"
2002/MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2002 Special Award / Inspiration Award Japan
2003/MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2003 Best Collaboration
2004/MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2004 Best R & B Video
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2004 Best buzzAsia from Japan
2005/MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 Best R & B Video-"GIRL TALK'
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 Most Impressivle Performing Artist In Asia
2008/SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards 08 BEST FEMALE VIDEO-"Hide & Seek'
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008 Best R & B Video-"Hide & Seek"
50th Japan Record Award Best Album Award, Excellent Album Award-"BEST FICTION"
2009/The 23rd Japan Gold Disc Awards The Best 10 Albums-"BEST FICTION"
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009 Best Female Video-"NEW LOOK"
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009 Best R & B Video-"Sexy Girl"
2010/World Music Awards 2010 Best-selling Artist / Asia
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2010 Best Female Video-"FAST CAR"
2012/MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2012 Best Female Video-"Love Story'
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2012 Best Collaboration Video-"make it happen feat. AFTER SCHOOL"
Billboard JAPAN Top Pop Artist 2012
2013/27th Japan Gold Disc Award Song of the Year by Download- "Love Story"
2014/MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2014 Best Female Video-"Ballerina"
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2014 Best Video-"Ballerina"
2015/29th Japan Gold Disc Award Best 5 Albums (Japanese Music)-"Ballada"
"Favourite Website Awards (FWA)"-"Anything"
MTV Video Music Award Japan 2015 Best Female Video -Japan --- "Birthday"
MTV Video Music Award Japan 2015 BEST CREATIVITY
2017/31st Japan Gold Disc Award Best 5 Song by Download-"Hero'
50 timesOricon annual ranking Album category grand prize-"Finally"
2018/32nd Japan Gold Disc Award Artist of the Year (Japanese music)
32nd Japan Gold Disc Award Album of the Year (Japanese music), Best 5 albums (Japanese music)-"Finally"
10th CD Shop Awards 2018 Special Award- "Finally"
Digital Content of the Year '17 / 23rd AMD Awards Annual Content Award [Excellence Award]-"Finally"
Okinawa Prefectural Honor Award
51st Oricon Annual Ranking Grand Prize in Total Sales Category by Artist
51st Oricon Annual Ranking Album Category Grand Prize- "Finally"
51st Oricon Annual Ranking Music DVD / Blu-ray Disc Category Grand Prize-"namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~ Finally ~"
2019/Japan Commercialization Rights Award 2018 Jury Special Award
11th Japan Blu-ray Grand Prix Semi-Grand Prix, Music Award- "namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~ Finally ~"
33nd Japan Gold Disc Award Artist of the Year (Japanese music)
33rd Japan Gold Disc Award Best Music Video (Japanese Music)-"namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~ Finally ~"
11th CD Shop Awards 2019 Special Award
30TH INTERNATIONAL POP POLL Top Artist from Japan Silver Award
30TH INTERNATIONAL POP POLL Top Gold Japanese Song Bronze Award-"Showtime"
2019 JASRAC Awards Gold Award- "Hero"
2021/Blue ribbonAndPrize cup[90]

Live / Live Tour

As of June 2018, 6 performances were performed, mobilizing a total of about 716 million people.[91][92][93][94].

May 1995-June 7, 16Namie Amuro with Super Monkey's Concert '95
~ Light your heart ~
1995/12/27TV guide PRESENTS
Namie Amuro with SUPER MONKEY'S
May 1996-June 3, 20mistio presents
May 1996-June 8, 27SUMMER PRESENTS '96
May 1997-June 3, 23Namie Amuro tour 1997
a walk in the park
May 1997-June 7, 26mistio presents
namie amuro SUMMER STAGE 1997
Concentration 20
May 2000-June 3, 20NAMIE AMURO TOUR
2000/5/14Namie Amuro Live In Hawaii
"Big Wave Honolulu"
May 2001-June 3, 18namie amuro tour 2001
break the rules
May 2001-June 10, 17namie amuro tour
"AmR" 01
March 2003, 11-March 29, 2004namie amuro
featuring BEST singles
May 2004-June 5, 1SO CRAZY in Taipei
May 2004-June 5, 13AMURO NAMIE So Crazy Tour in Seoul 2004
May 2004-June 8, 27namie amuro tour
"fan space '04"
May 2005-June 9, 1Space of Hip-Pop
~ Namie amuro tour 2005 ~
May 2006-June 8, 13namie amuro BEST tour
"Live Style 2006"
May 2007-June 8, 18namie amuro
PLAY tour 2007
May 2008-June 1, 26namie amuro
May 2008-June 4, 12namie amuro
March 2008, 10-March 25, 2009namie amuro
May 2010-June 4, 3namie amuro
May 2011-June 7, 30namie amuro
2012/9/16namie amuro
May 2012-June 11, 24namie amuro
5 large domes TOUR 2012
~ 20th Anniversary Best ~
May 2013-June 2, 23namie amuro
May 2013-June 8, 16namie amuro
FEEL tour 2013
May 2014-June 8, 22namie amuro
March 2015, 9-March 5, 2016namie amuro
March 2016, 8-March 19, 2017namie amuro
LIVE STYLE 2016-2017
May 2017-June 9, 16namie amuro
May 2018-June 2, 17namie amuro
Final Tour 2018
~ Finally ~
May 2018-June 3, 17namie amuro
Final Tour 2018
~ Finally ~
in Asia





  • Namie Amuro "Confession" (November 2017, 11, NHK General TV)
  • namie amuro Final Space (July 2018, 7-September 15, BS Nippon Television) * Mini program
  • namie amuro Final Space (August 2018, 8, BS Nippon Television) * Special program
  • NHK Special Heisei history scoop document(July 2019, 1, NHK General)



Company / companyProduct (year)Song
RenownIN EXPRESS (1992)Appearance only
LotteCereal ice cream (1992-1993)Mr USA
Cereal almonds (1993)Appearance only
Crunch ball (1993)
Muscat gum (1993-1994)Love muscat
Blueberry gum (1994)
Crepe ice (1995)Taiyouno Season
Sugarless Zero (1996-1997)Appearance only
LionBan16 (1993-1994)
Minami SportsSnowboarding (1994-1995)TRY ME ~ Believe in me ~
TaitoX-55(1995)Body Feels EXIT
Mediabox (1996)Appearance only
Dy DrincoMistio (1996-1997)Don't wanna cry
No Communication
Bristol-Myers SquibbSea breeze(1996-1997)You're my sunshine
How to be a Girl
Hitachi MaxellCD's (1996)Appearance only
UD (1996)JOY
a walk in the park
maxell MD (1997)CAN YOU CELEBRATE?
Nissan MotorS-RV series(1996-1998)PRIVATE
Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic(1996-1997)Appearance only
SangiWeekly Apatite Calcium (1996)
EdwinFiorucci (1996-1997)
SegaDigital Dance Mix Namie Amuro (1997)You're my sunshine
KoseVise (1997, 1999-2000)RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE
LOVE 2000
Luminous (2000-2001)no more tears
Say the word
Esplique (2011-2014)Naked
Go Round
Hot girls
Big Boys Cry
Neonlight Lipstick
la la la
Love Story
Still Lovin'You
Red Carpet
Asahi BeverageNice One (1999)Appearance only
Meiji ConfectioneryFran (2000-2001)PLEASE SMILE AGAIN
think of me
Gutte (2001)Appearance only
TU-KA Hong KansaiMM TU-KA (2000-2001)CROSS OVER
MandomLucido L Series (2003-2005)shine more
Unilever JapanLipton Limone (2007)FUNKY TOWN
Lipton Chiffon Milk Tea (2007)Pink Key
P & GPremium Vidal Sassoon(2008-2010)NEW LOOK
Do Me More
Japan Coca-ColaCoca-Cola Zero(2009-2011)WILD
Break It
Wonder Woman
Japan McDonald'sQuarter pounder(2009)Appearance only
NTT DoCoMod hits(2013)Love Story
NTT docomo 25th Anniversary (2017)How do you feel now?
worldUNTITLED (2013)Appearance only
Seven & i HoldingsSeven-Eleven Magical Christmas (2016-)Christmas Wish
Seven-Eleven Okinawa store opening trailer (2018)NEVER END
Seven-Eleven Okinawa Limited CM in general (2019-)Hero[Note 16]
LcodeReVIA (2017-2018)Strike A Pose
Baby Don't Cry[Note 17]
Asahi beerAsahi Super Dry Extra Hard (2017)Appearance only
HuluHulu Planet (2017-2018)Do It For Love



NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

  • The number (○) after the song title indicates the number of times it was performed in red and white.
  • The order of appearance represents "order of appearance/number of participants".
  • The number in parentheses of the opponent singer's name represents the number of matches with that singer.
Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
1995/(7)/46 timesFirstChase the Chance05/25TOKYORed and white first appearance
1996/(8)/47 times2Don't wanna cry11/25SMAP
1997/(9)/48 times3CAN YOU CELEBRATE?25/25Hiroshi Itsukimaternity leavePrevious last stageRed group bird
1998/(10)/49 times4CAN YOU CELEBRATE? (2nd time)24/25Kitajima SaburoBefore the resurrection stage bird
1999/(11)/50 times5RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE16/27SMAP (2)
2000/(12)/51 times6NEVER END26/28SMAP (3)
2001/(13)/52 times7Say the word18/27Hiromi Go
2002/(14)/53 times8Wishing On The Same Star21/27CHEMISTRY
2003/(15)/54 times9SO CRAZY15/30Shinichi Mori
2017/(29)/68 times10HeroSpecial frame(Keisuke KuwataParticipation for the first time in 14 years
Before the bird (2) ・RetirementPrevious last stage

Tie-up song

YearsSongTie-up destination
1995/TRY ME ~ Believe in me ~95'"Minami" CM song
Taiyouno SeasonLotte"Crepe Ice" CM Song
Nippon Television's "GROOVY" opening theme
Stop the musicFuji Television Network, IncDrama seriesShonan Liverpool Institute"Opening theme
Body Feels EXITTaito"X-55CM song
Chase the ChanceNippon TVDrama seriesThe Chef] Theme song
1996/Don't wanna cryDy Drinco"mistioCM song
You're my sunshineBristol-Myers Squibb"SEA BREEZE '96 "CM song
PRIVATENissan Motor"S-RV] CM song[102]
SWEET 19 BLUESToeimovies"That's Cheat! The greatest strategy ever?"Ending theme
I'LL JUMPDyDo DRINCO "mistio" CM song
JoyHitachi Maxell"Maxell UD2" CM song
a walk in the park
1997/You're my sunshineSega"Digital Dance Mix Namie Amuro" CM song
CAN YOU CELEBRATE?Fuji TV drama "Virgin Road] Theme song
Hitachi Maxell "maxell Platinum & Gold MD" CM song
PRIVATENissan Motor "S-RV" CM Song[102]
How to be a GirlBristol Myers Squibb "SEA BREEZE '97" CM Song
No CommunicationDyDo DRINCO "mistio" CM song
WhisperHitachi Maxell "New Color MD" CM Song
Dreaming I was dreamingGinza jewelry Maki"Estate Twin Jewelry" Image Song
1999/I HAVE NEVER SEENNippon Television Drama "Night escape shop Honpo] Theme song
you and meTohoSeries movie "Movie version Pokemon: Phantom Pokemon Lugia bomb"Ending theme
2000/LOVE 2000
NEVER END"26th Summit of Major Countries(Kyushu / Okinawa Summit) Image Song
PLEASE SMILE AGAINMeiji Confectionery"FrancCM song
CROSS OVERTU-KA Phone Kansai CM song
no more tearsKose "Luminous" CM song
2001/GIRL FRIENDTU-KA Phone Kansai CM Song
think of meMeiji Seika "Fran" CM song
Say the wordKose "Luminous" CM song
2002/Wishing On The Same StarToei movie "life] Theme song
2003/shine moreMandom"Lucido El Prism Magic Hair Color" CM Song
HowYomiuri TV・ Nippon TV anime "Inuyasha"Ending theme
Four SeasonsToho movie "Inuyasha Tenka Hado no Ken] Theme song
ALARMMandom "Lucido El Prism Magic Hair Color" CM Song
ALL FOR YOUKansai TV・ Fuji TV drama "Before you remember] Theme song
GIRL TALKMandom "Lucido El Prism Magic Hair Color" CM Song
the SPEED STARMandom "Lucido El Clear Gloss Spray" CM Song
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