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🙋 | How to make the ever-growing local free paper "Otonari"


How to make the ever-growing local free paper "Otonari"

If you write the contents roughly
Mr. Yoshikawa We have received many happy opinions from our readers, such as "I read with my family and use it as a conversation material" and "I choose a place to go out on weekends with my friends". ..

Supported by the voices of fans, we challenge crowdfunding "Otonari" including Mr. Washizaki and Mr. Yoshikawa ... → Continue reading


■ Fukuripa-Fukuoka's present and future-
Information WEB media of the leap forward city Fukuoka.
FUKUOKA = Abbreviation for "FUKUOKA leap up".
The new values ​​and creative thinking gained here will give you hints to enrich your life.
You will be the power to leap forward.
We are aiming for such a site.

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