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🌐 | Can you make it a pet?Thorough dissection of the popular "Pallas's cat" on the net!


Can you make it a pet?Thorough dissection of the popular "Pallas's cat" on the net!

If you write the contents roughly
In "Nasu Animal Kingdom", Pallas's cats Bol (male) and Polly (female) are bred.

Manul cats have a cute, slightly blurred and fluffy look, and are also popular on SNS.Not so well known ... → Continue reading


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Nasu Animal Kingdom

Nasu Animal Kingdom(Eggplant animalNasu Animal Kingdom) IsTochigiNasu-gunNasu TownLocated in Oshima 1042-1Theme parkOf morphologyZoo.


In the Nasu areaTheme parkWill be a latecomer1998 In 4 monthMount Jeans Ski Resort NasuManageMarubeniAnd Nasu Town and others investThird sectorOpened by Nasu Kogen Resort Development Co., Ltd.Day trip bath facility"#Nasu Goho no Yu"Is attached.It also serves as a complementary facility to the ski resort, and the parking lot is shared and there is a nap room for skiers in the kingdom.

FukushimaShirakawaNasu Goho (Nasu Goho) at the northern end of Tochigi PrefectureNasu plateau)ofTokyo DomeAbout 10 times more sitearcadeThe type "Kingdom Town" andpastureIt is divided into forms of "Kingdom Farm (closed in winter)" and raises more than 500 animals.[3]

mainlyHerbivoreAnd small animals,birdsThe feature is that they are bred and exhibited.For a long time since the park openedBeastWas not on display,2018 May 3When the all-weather indoor facility "WET LAND" opened inジ ャ ガ ーWill be exhibited as the first beast.

In addition to corners such as "rental dogs", "contact dog parks", and "cathouses" where you can come in contact with familiar animals, it is one of the largest in the Kanto region.[4][5]NominallyDog runThere is also.Travel guidebookThen,Nasu plateauIntroduced as a major tourist facility in[6].

OriginallyMarubeniAs a new business ofMutsugorou Animal KingdomWas unfoldingMasanori HataUnder supervision[1][7][8],DogとcatA theme park that focuses on the "natural relationship between humans and animals"[7][1][9] [2] Opened as a country.At the beginning of the countryKanto wide areaThe commercial was posted in.

Marubeni decides to restructure Nasu's leisure business in September 2005 based on its medium-term business plan[10].Mount Jeans Ski Resort NasuMarubeni subsidiary's third sector, Inc.Hunter Mountain ShiobaraTransferred to (the following year, the company was transferred toTokyu real estateMarubeni holdings of Nasu Kogen Resort Development, which was sold only to this kingdomMobile zooHyogo prefecture to developKanzakiTransferred to Animal Escort Service Co., Ltd., headquartered in April 2006.

After breaking the relationship with Masanori Hata due to the change of parent companyCapybaraSmall animals such asfur sealStarted exhibiting aquatic animals such as[9], Posted a commercial in nearby Fukushima prefectureTohoku regionIt has been renewed to attract customers from.In 2014, the parent company acquired the bankrupt Kobe Kachoen facility and became a sister facility.Kobe Animal KingdomIs open.

The founding body is the same in the neighborhoodMount Jeans Ski Resort NasuIn addition,Nasu Alpaca Farm,Nasu Safari Park,such asZoo,Nasu Heisei ForestThere is a natural garden such as.

Domestic animals

Kingdom Town

Capybara hot spring

Conservation forest

Binturong House

Lesser house

Penguin Village

Aqua stage

Fureai Rabbit Kingdom

Capybara Forest

Tropical forest


Wolf hill

2020 May 3Will open and be exhibited.

Kingdom farm

Fureai Animal Square

Bird of prey forest

Hose corner

Sheep farm

Waterfall corner

Alpaca hill

Jingle farm

Kangaroo Farm


In addition, special events may be organized depending on the season and animals.

  • Bird performance show
  • New Zealand Farm Show
  • Aqua stage
  • The Cats
  • The dog
  • Lesser talk

Facility information

Business hours
  • Weekdays from 10 am to 16:30 pm, holidaysGW-Summer VacationFrom 9:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX
  • Open in winter from 10:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX
Please note that the business hours are different from the facilities such as restaurants on the premises.
  • Closed days: Every Wednesday

See Official Website> General Information> Admission Fees

Capybara hot spring

  • Hot spring name: NAP hot spring
  • Spring quality: Simple hot spring (hypotonic / weak alkaline / high hot spring)
  • Business hours: 14:17 to 30:XNUMX (depending on the season)
  • Bathing fee: Adults 1,200 yen, Children 600 yen (Half price for those who enter the Animal Kingdom) 
  • The open-air bathGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the disaster, it has been suspended for a long time with an undecided resumption time.


Directions and Parking

More Official site access map reference.
More Shuttle bus information on the official website reference.



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