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📦 | Granblue VS e-sports tournament "GB VS Cygames Cup 2021 Summer" August 8 ...


Granblue VS e-sports tournament "GB VS Cygames Cup 2021 Summer" August 8 ...

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In addition, as a participation prize, you will receive a special character color that can be used in the tournament's original plate / game!

Competitive action RPG "Gran ..." planned and produced by Cygames and developed by Arc System Works Co., Ltd. → Continue reading

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Participation award

Participation award(Sankasho) is given in honor of courage and good fight for participating in the competition, etc., although he did not win a prize.That is.

What is the participation prize?

An award given to all participants.Rather than being a prize as a so-called prize-winning achievement, it is given for the purpose of expressing gratitude to the people concerned for being able to finish the tournament in a successful manner, and praising the courage and good fight for participation. There are many.主にmainlyPrefecturesIt is also a feature that it is often given when participating in high-ranking competitions such as competitions, national competitions, and international competitions.主にmainlyMedalAnd participation chapterinsigniaIs often given.marathonAt competitions, some are given to finishers regardless of time or ranking.It may be given even if the tournament itself is canceled.

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