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📦 | Italy national team interacts online with junior high school students in Sendai


Italy national team interacts online with junior high school students in Sendai

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On the 13th, the players tasted the pudding à la mode, which uses Sendai strawberry as a material.

I interacted online with the Italian national team during the training camp in Sendai.Sweets made by junior high school students using Miyagi prefecture's special products ... → Continue reading

 KHB East Japan Broadcasting

This is a news account of "Higashinippon Broadcasting" (TV Asahi series) in Miyagi prefecture.
Under the theme of "Getting to know Miyagi's" I want to know "as soon as possible!", We will deliver the events of Miyagi and the interests of the citizens of the prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner.
KHB Higashinippon Broadcasting is looking for incidents, accidents, happening videos, etc. as "everyone is a photographer".

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Sendai strawberry

Pudding mode

Pudding a la modeIs born in JapanWestern food(Western confectioneryKind of).Custard puddingWith a focus on various sweetsDessertAssortment of.


A coffee shop,family restaurantIt is known as a dessert menu of restaurants such as.

The following ingredients are displayed, centering on custard pudding.


"A la modeIs taken from the French word for "latest fashion" and "sophisticated".Kanagawa横 浜 市Naka-kuIt is inHotel New GrandIt is said to be a dessert devised by "The Cafe"[1].Pacific Warrear,GHQNot only pudding, but keeping in mind that it will be provided to the wife of a senior U.S. military officer at the same hotel at the time of requisitioncanningIt started with garnished fruits and ice cream.[2].


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