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🌐 | Who is the final torchbearer at the opening ceremony?Expected battle on the net and TV.Looking back on successive runners (photo) ...


Who is the final torchbearer at the opening ceremony?Expected battle on the net and TV.Looking back on successive runners (photo) ...

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By the way, Yuzuru Hanyu is an active and Olympic medalist and has been awarded the National Honor Award.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will be held at the National Stadium from 7:23 pm on July 8.Five due to the influence of the new coronavirus ... → Continue reading

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National Honor Award

National Honor Award(Kokumin Eiyosho)Japan OfPrime MinisterOne of the awards.The operation of the award1977(Showa52) Established in AugustNational Honor Award Award RegulationsAccording to the Prime Minister at that timeFukuda YoshioWas founded by.So far, 26 people and 1 organization have won the award.[1].

As an award by the Prime Minister and the administration, before the award was established1966(ShowaIn 41), the then Prime MinisterEisaku SatoFounded byPrime Minister's HonorHowever, the target was limited, and professional sports players were not targeted, but Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda is a professional baseball player who is refraining from breaking the world record for home runs in total.Sadaharu OhInvented to commend[2].


1977(Showa52), then Prime MinisterFukuda YoshioBut,Home runSet a world recordProfessional baseball player-Sadaharu OhIt was founded to honor[3]..In the background, the award that was set up earlier,Prime Minister's HonorHas set six awards, such as "those that have contributed to the promotion of academics and culture," but there was no precedent for commending professional baseball players.[3][Annotation 1]..Also the king was too young to be honored[Annotation 2]For that reason, this award was established as an award with more flexible award rules.[3].

This award is based on the National Honor Awards commendation rules enacted by the Prime Minister on August 1977, 52, and its purpose is "to be widely respected by the people and give bright hope to society." To praise those who have made remarkable achievements. "[4]Is stipulated.The target of the award is "what the Prime Minister deems appropriate in light of the purpose of this award."[4]And a fairly wide range of interpretations is possible.The first award winner, the kingRepublic of ChinaAs is clear from the fact that it was a registerJapanese nationalityPossession is not a requirement.In addition to the published awarding criteria, it is also necessary to meet the "tacit understanding" that "in addition to accumulating achievements so far, we have made further achievements that will rewrite history and make breakthroughs."[3].

In the National Honor Awards Award Regulations Implementation Guidelines, which stipulate how to commend this award, "listen to the opinions of private experts" regarding candidates for the award.[4]It is a mechanism that cannot be decided only by the request of the prime minister.Experts are selected from the fields that suit the award recipients, and their opinions are heard in order.[3]..In addition, prior to the award, the person (in the case of the deceased, the person concerned) will be consulted, and the formal examination procedure will start after the intention to receive the award is confirmed.[3].

Winners will receive a "Certificate of Commendation and Shield" as well as a "Souvenir or Gold Seal" as a supplementary prize.[4]..However, as of 2021, no one was awarded with "Kinichika".[5]Until now, the exact amount has not been announced (not only by the recipient, but also by the recipient's government).Almost all media outlets consider it to be "about 100 million yen", but the standard and guideline are unknown, so it is only a guess at present.Although there are cases where Yuzuru Hanyu declined both of the supplementary prizes, all of them are gifts of souvenirs, many of which are silverware and watches, and the king is stuffed with an eagle.[3],2011 FIFA Women's World Cup Japan Women's National Team7 Kumano brushes[6],Saori YoshidaPearl necklace[7],FurisodeReceived an award atIchoenToNishijin textileGolden belt by[8][9]Has been presented.

The presentation and awards ceremony is customarily held at the Prime Minister's Office,2013(Heisei25 years)May 5Was carried out inNagashima Shigeo-Hideki MatsuiPresenting to both people is a special caseTokyo DomeInYomiuri Giants (Giant)It was also held as Matsui's retirement ceremony during the official competition hosted by the event (at the presentation ceremony on this day).Shinzo AbeThe prime minister is Sankei Atoms (currently:Tokyo Yakult Swallows) Of the giantuniformAnd yetRefereeParticipating in a role (if you play a ball umpireReferee clothesMust wear)[10][11]).


So far, it has been awarded to 26 individuals and 1 group, 12 of whom were post-mortem awards.[Annotation 3].. For the first time in 2011 (Heisei 23), as a groupJapan national soccer teamWas awarded to 35 athletes and staff.

List of National Honor Award winners[1]
Name of winner
(Stage name, etc.)
imageAge at the time of awardDate of award ceremony
(Awarding Cabinet)
OccupationReasons for award / special notesOther honors
1Ou /Sadaharu OhSadaharu Oh 201011.jpg371977May 9
(Fukuda Keio Cabinet)
47Professional baseball playertotalHome runAchieved several world records (756).Cultural Merit
2Koka /Masao Koga
(Masao Koga)
Koga Masao 1950.JPG73 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 73 years old)
1978May 8
(Takeo Fukuda Remodeling Cabinet)
07作曲家Original tune "Koga MelodyAchievements by composition.XNUMXth place
Third gradeRui Hosho
Purple ribbon
One silver cup (chrysanthemum crest)
3Hasekawa Kasoo /Kazuo HasegawaHasegawa Kazuo 1953.JPG76 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 76 years old)
19840May 4
(2st Nakasone Cabinet)
01An actorSincere devotion Outstanding acting and contribution to the movie theater world.Together with the next Uemura, it was the first time in history that multiple people received the award at the same time.Order of the Sacred Treasure
Purple ribbon
One silver cup (chrysanthemum crest)
4Uemura /Naomi UemuraUemuro Naomi postcard.jpg43 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 43 years old)
19840May 4
(2nd Nakasone Cabinet)
99AdventurerFive continents in the worldHighest peakClimbingSuch.Together with Hasegawa above, it was the first time in history that multiple people received the award at the same time.
5I did it/Yasuhiro YamashitaYasuhiro Yamashita (2016-12-16) .jpg271984May 10
(2nd Nakasone Cabinet)
48judoplayerSincere devotion in judo.Achieving unexplored records.Purple ribbon
One pair of silver cups (chrysanthemum)
6Kinukasa /Kinugasa YoshioKinugasa Sachio Consecutive Match Participation Record Stone Monument 01.JPG401987May 6
(3st Nakasone Cabinet)
47Professional baseball playerAchieved a new world record for consecutive games (2131 games).
7Misora ​​/Kazue Kato
(Hibari Misora)
Hibari Misora ​​1955 Scan10013.jpg52 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 52 years old)
1989May 7
(Uno Cabinet)
05singerSincere devotion,Popular songThrough this, he gave the people dreams and hopes.Blue ribbon
8Chiyo no Fushi /Mitsugu Akimoto
(Chiyo no Mitsugu)
Kokonoe.jpg341989May 9
(First Kaifu Cabinet)
48Grand SumoWrestlerThe highest record of winning stars in total.Sumo worldSignificant contribution to.XNUMXth place
Asahi Japan China badge
9Fushiyama /Takeshi Masunaga
(Ichiro Fujiyama)
Ichiro Fujiyama.jpg811992May 5
(Miyazawa Cabinet)
05singerThe service that gave hope and encouragement to the people through Kayokyoku.Contributes to the spread of beautiful Japanese.XNUMXth place
Order of the Sacred Treasure
Purple ribbon
One silver cup (chrysanthemum crest)
10Machiko Hasekawa /Hasegawa MachikoMachiko hasegawa.jpg72 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 72 years old)
1992May 7
(Miyazawa Cabinet)
99manga artistHome manga ("Sazae』) ThroughAfter World War IIGave moisture and comfort to Japanese society.Fourth gradeOrder of the Precious Crown
Purple ribbon
11Hattori /Ryoichi HattoriRyōichi Hattori 2.jpg85 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 85 years old)
1993May 2
(Miyazawa remodeling cabinet)
07作曲家He wrote many songs and gave hope and moisture to the people.XNUMXth place
Order of the Sacred Treasure
Purple ribbon
One silver cup (chrysanthemum crest)
12Atsumi /Yasuo Tadokoro
(Kiyoshi Atsumi)
Kiyoshi Atsumi Studio Still from Haikei Tenno Heika Sama 1963 Scan10003 161022.jpg68 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 68 years old)
1996May 9
(First Hashimoto Cabinet)
01An actormovies"The man is painfulThrough the series, he gave joy and moisture to the people with his humane acting.Purple ribbon
One silver cup (chrysanthemum crest)
13Yes/Tadashi YoshidaTadashi Yoshida.jpg77 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 77 years old)
19980May 7
(Second Hashimoto remodeling Cabinet)
07作曲家Original tune "Yoshida MelodyThe composer gave the people dreams, hopes and moisture.XNUMXth place
Third gradeAsahi Japan China badge
Purple ribbon
14Kurosawa /Akira KurosawaAkirakurosawa-onthesetof7samurai-1953-page88.jpg88 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 88 years old)
1998May 10
(Obuchi Cabinet)
99Film directorMany timeless masterpieces impressed the people deeply and left a brilliant footprint in the history of film in the world.Third place
Order of Culture
Cultural Merit
One pair of silver cups (chrysanthemum)
15Takahashi /Naoko TakahashiTakahashi Naoko Nagoya Womens Marathon 2008.jpg282000May 10
(Second Mori Cabinet)
48Athleticsplayer2000Sydney OlympicsHe won the women's marathon and won the first gold medal of a Japanese female athlete in athletics.One pair of silver cups (chrysanthemum)
16Ento /Endo MinoruMinoru Endo.jpg76 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 76 years old)
20090May 1
(Aso Cabinet)
07作曲家He has released many masterpieces full of emotion that have been sung for a long time across generations.[12].Fourth place
Shigemitsu Asahi
Cultural Merit
Purple ribbon
17Mori/Mitsu Mori
(Mori Mitsuko)
Mori Mitsuko01.jpg8920090May 7
(Aso Cabinet)
01actressHe has been active on the front lines of the entertainment field for many years, especially "WanderlustStarred more than 2000 times in[13]..Currently, the oldest record holder in history among those who received the award during his lifetime[Annotation 4].Third place
Order of Culture
Order of the Sacred Treasure
Cultural Merit
Purple ribbon
18Morishike /Morishige HisayaHisaya morishige000.jpg96 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 96 years old)
2009May 12
(Yukio Hatoyama Cabinet)
01An actorHe has been active on the front lines for many years in the field of performing arts.Many excellent acting and singing were widely loved by the people[Annotation 5].Third place
Order of Culture
Order of the Sacred Treasure
Cultural Merit
Purple ribbon
Blue ribbon
19Nateshiko /2011 FIFA
Women's World Cup
Japan Women's National Team
GazouBoshu.pngGroup award2011May 8
(Kan 2st remodeling cabinet)
48/Women's footballOUR TEAMGreat East Japan EarthquakeIn the same year, the Japanese people were placed in extremely difficult situations due to the occurrence of such problems.FIFA Women's World CupHe won his first victory in Japan, and gave the people a refreshing impression and the courage to face difficulties with his single-minded attitude that he never gave up until the end.[14].Compensation(Purple Ribbon)[Annotation 6]
20Yes/Saori YoshidaSaori Yoshida (cropped) .jpg302012May 11
(Noda Third Remodeling Cabinet)
48wrestlingplayerAchieved an unprecedented achievement in the history of wrestling, winning the 13th consecutive world championship, and impressed, hoped and courageed the people.[7].Purple ribbon
21Taiho /Yukiyoshi Naya
(Kouki Taiho)
Taiho Kōki 1961 Scan10008-2.JPG72 years old * /Awarded after death
(Death 72 years old)
2013May 2
(First Abe Cabinet)
48Sumo wrestler1960 eraAs a "children's favorite thing"Yomiuri Giants,OmeletCan be called side by sideBuzzwordA popular person who has become.Achieving 32 Makuuchi championships, the most in the history of sumo wrestling, leaving a brilliant achievement in the sumo world as a "Showa Yokozuna" and giving society a bright dream, hope and courage as a national hero loved by many people. There was a remarkable achievement in giving[15][16].Fourth place
Shigemitsu Asahi
Cultural Merit
22Nakashima /Nagashima ShigeoMagazine "Shonen" Nagashima.jpg772013May 5
(Second Abe Cabinet)
47Professional baseball playerWith his fighting spirit and incredible competitiveness, he left a brilliant record in the history of baseball, and as a national star loved by everyone as "Mr. Professional Baseball", he raised professional baseball to a national sport and promoted the development of the baseball world. In addition to making an extremely remarkable contribution, he has a remarkable track record in giving deep emotion to the people and bright dreams and hopes for society.[17][18]..The reason for choosing the award date as this day (May 2013, 5) is because of Nagashima's uniform number "5" and 3 years since Nagashima's professional life.Cultural Merit
23Matsui /Hideki MatsuiHideki Matsui in USA-7.jpg382013/5/5
(Second Abe Cabinet)
47Professional baseball playerHaving a master-student relationship with Shigeo Nagashima, he has always been the main player of the team for 20 years through Japan and the United States through his earnest efforts and earnest play, and has achieved many wonderful results such as winning the first Japanese World Series MVP. Beloved and loved by the people of Japan and the United States under the nickname of "Godzilla," his activities have given great excitement and joy to society, and have given many young people dreams and hopes.[17][18].
The reason for choosing the award date as this day (May 2013, 5) is that Matsui's uniform number is "5".Nagashima and Matsui won the award at the same time1984This is the second group in history for the first time in 29 years since Uemura and Hasegawa.
24Ichiyo /IchoenKaori Icho.jpg322016May 10[8][9]
(3th Abe 2nd remodeling Cabinet)
48wrestlingplayerFor the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, he achieved the world-famous achievement of winning four consecutive women's individual events and martial arts events, giving many people deep emotion and courage, and giving bright hope to society.[19][20].Purple ribbon
25Habu /Yoshiharu HanyuHabu at ISF 2011 02.JPG472018May 2[21]
(First Abe Cabinet)
99Shogi playerAs a leading player in the shogi world, he achieved unparalleled achievements such as winning the seven crowns at the same time for the first time in 1996, and achieved the feat of being the first eternal seven crowns in the shogi world to many people. He has made remarkable achievements in giving dreams and excitement to society with bright hope and courage.[22].Prime Minister's Honor
Purple ribbon
26Iyama /Yuta IyamaGazouBoshu.png282018/2/13[21]
(Second Abe Cabinet)
99Go playerAs a leading player in the Go world, he has continued to make outstanding achievements and achieved the feat of winning two seven crowns at the same time for the first time in the Go world, including the annual Grand Slam, and dreamed of many people. There was a remarkable achievement in giving bright hope and courage to society.[22]..Iyama was born in Heisei and became the first recipient of the National Honor Award.Hanyu and Iyama won the award at the same time2013It's been 5 years since Nagashima and Matsui, and it's the 3rd group in history.Prime Minister's Honor
27Hani Yu /Yuzuru HanyuYuzuru Hanyu-Sochi 2014.jpg232018May 7[23]
(Second Abe Cabinet)
48Figure skatingplayer2018 Pyeongchang OlympicsHe won the men's figure skating championship, achieved the second consecutive victory in the men's singles event for the first time in 66 years, achieved a feat that remains in the history of the world, gave dreams and excitement to many people, and gave bright hope and courage to society.[23]..The youngest record holder (individual) in history among the current winners.Declined the award of souvenirs and gold seals (stated at the press conference after the award that "it was an award that I got with everyone (in the disaster area) and I don't want to express my personal feelings")[Annotation 7].Purple ribbon

Prime Minister who awarded many


  • For reference, the official awards by the Japanese government are listed in the other honors columns.The king2006(18)2006 World Baseball Classic Japan National TeamAgainstCompensation(Purple Ribbon)Is receiving.
  • In the other honors columnOfficial gazetteWe will post what was found in the Honorable Mention column, the press, etc. (See also the person articles of each winner).Unlike the Medal with Purple Ribbon, which makes it easy to identify the same person due to the peculiarities of art and culture, it is awarded in response to other rewards (for example, donations of private property to the public).Blue ribbonEtc.) even if it is published in the official bulletin etc.The same nameIt is not included in this table because it cannot be ruled out that it may be an award record to another person (thus, it is not ruled out that each person may have received a honor not listed in this "Other Honors" column).
  • As a general rule, Japanese nationals who have Japanese nationality are eligible for the award, but Masao Koga was the first Japanese national to receive the award.As mentioned above, the king who became the first winnerRepublic of ChinaTo date, the only winner of nationality other than Japanese nationality is the king.In addition, Yamashita was the first Japanese to achieve the award during his lifetime (all Japanese award winners before Yamashita were awarded after his death).
  • Until now, there have been no cases in which Japanese nationals of pedigree who do not have Japanese nationality (such as those who were born in a foreign country and have other nationalities, or those who have been naturalized to another country and lost their Japanese nationality) have received the award. The king does not apply to this example because his mother is Japanese but his father is Chinese).
  • There are already four award winners of professional baseball players, but up to three of them, excluding Kinugasa, are those who have been enrolled in the Yomiuri Giants.Also, all of these four peopleCentral LeagueExperienced in the team you belong toPacific LeagueUntil now, there have been no cases in which a person who has been enrolled in the baseball team has won the award (Fukumoto and Ichiro, which will be described later, belong to the Pacific League <when ​​enrolled in NPB>).

Person who declined

In the history of the award, it has been revealed that the following persons have declined the award:[5].

  • Fukumoto Yutaka - 1983(58) A total of 6, which became the world record at that time in JuneStealAchieved.Yasuhiro NakasoneThe prime minister asked me to give it, but he said, "That's right.StandingI declined as "I'm going to get sick" (personal talk)[24]..It was reported that "you will not be able to go to a drinking shop" for all over Japan.[25]..In fact, he said, "I wasn't confident that I could be a baseball player like Mr. Wang. I interpreted that I had to be a person who is widely loved by the people as well as the record."[26]..The award of the Governor of Osaka Prefecture has been awarded.[25].
  • Yuji Koseki - 1989After the death of (XNUMX), the award was consulted by the bereaved family, but Koseki's bereaved family declined.[27]..Koseki's eldest son said that he declined because he had doubts about posthumous recognition after his death, saying, "Is it meaningful to give it after death, even when I am active?"[28].
  • Ichiro - 2001(13),Major LeagueBecame the first Japanese player in historyMVPBy showing an activity to acquire1st Koizumi CabinetI was asked to give it to him, but he said, "I'm still young, so I'd like to decline if possible. If I can, I'll do my best so that I can get it when my baseball life is over."[29]..Ichiro2004In (16), he was considered to be awarded because he broke the record for the most hits of the season in Major League Baseball, but he showed his intention not to receive it while playing baseball and resigned.[29][24][30]. afterwards,2019In response to Ichiro's retirement from active duty in March (31), the government consulted again, but he still resigned.Ichiro himself left a comment through his agent saying, "I will encourage you to come to the end of your life."[31].. April 2019,Shinzo Abe(Third Abe Cabinet (first remodeling)) Dinner[32]At that time, a fourth consultation was made, and it was reported that this was also abandoned.[33][34][35].

Problems related to the award

Awards are often considered at milestones such as retirement, record-setting, and Olympic record-setting.[5]As a result, athletes tend to be awarded at a young age, and many entertainers and cultural figures do not have it at the time of death.[36]Tends to be considered for the first time[37]..そのためにfor that reasonHibari MisoraAfter death, such as awarding toPosthumous recognition"Why don't you give it in your lifetime?"[38][39]There,2003Opened toAgency for Cultural AffairsIn terms of social cognition, from the committee members at the "Round-table Conference on Film Promotion"Mifune ToshiroIt was mentioned that the National Honor Award will be given at the time of his death, and that the winners will be decided by the individual subjectivity of the Prime Minister who has the right to decide. There was an opinion that I want you to decide[40].

The evaluation criteria are very vague[5],2004Chief Cabinet Secretary of the timeHiroyuki HosodaRegarding the selection, he said, "There is no definite standard, and it is a judgment from time to time," and points out the difficulty of drawing a line, such as "It was awarded to Sadaharu Oh but not to Shigeo Nagashima."[41][42].2018ToYuzuru HanyuWhen the award was given to athletes, there was no award to athletes with equal or better achievements in the past, and questions were raised not only by politicians and critics but also by active athletes.[43], The value as a medal is also mentioned, etc.[44], Aroused a great deal of controversy.

There are always suspicions and criticisms that it is based on the administration's speculation at the time of the award.[45], Consideration of award Every time the news is reported, "the purpose is to lift the administration"[5][Annotation 8], "It's not the award of the giver, but the award of the giver (for politicians)."[3][Annotation 9], "Political use of sports"[47][Annotation 10]There are always criticisms such as[5]A Cabinet Office bureaucrat who handles the administrative procedures for the award also said, "In the end, if the administration of the time says,'I want to give the National Honor Award,' I have to give it."[3]..In 2021, NHK won the awardCabinet approval rateAs a result of investigating the relationship with the government, it is concluded that there is almost no effect of the rise of the administration because there are few cases where the approval rating has increased due to the award and there are many cases where it has decreased.[5].

Regarding the fact that the Japan Women's Soccer Team won the award for the first time in the group in July 2011, the award rules recognize that the award target is "appropriate".A personIn the case of administrative termsA personCorresponds toIndividual,CorporationIn many cases, groups (groups, groups) are not included, and there is an opinion that the award rules need to be reviewed if the National Honor Award is given to the group.[3]..Naoto Kan, the prime minister at the time, said that the idea of ​​the National Honor Award emerged because everyone was pleased, and that it was awarded to the entire team because he won the team.[5].


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