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📦 | Japan National Baseball Team loses to Rakuten in a come-from-behind match in Miyagi / Sendai

Photo Senga allowed Dixon (left) to hit two points in the eighth inning against Rakuten.Catcher Umeno = Rakuten Seimei Park

Japan National Baseball Team loses to Rakuten in a come-from-behind match in Miyagi / Sendai

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The match started at noon in preparation for the first league day game.

On the 24th, the Japan National Baseball Team fought a warm-up game against Rakuten at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi in Sendai City, losing 3-5. Primary ... → Continue reading

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Day game

Day game(Day game)

  1. baseballA match played during the day in sports such as.Night game (Night game) Is used in comparison with.一般的には18時(午後6時)以前に始まるものをいうが、15-16時(3-4時)以後の場合はGenerally, it starts before XNUMX:XNUMX (XNUMX pm), but after XNUMX-XNUMX o'clock (XNUMX-XNUMX o'clock)DuskIt may be treated as a (quasi-night game).Especially in summer, and2021 OfNew CoronavirusWhen[1]Is often held at dusk, but at Dome Stadium, etc., due to the maintenance of air conditioning, games that start before 3 o'clock in the daytime are more conspicuous than at dusk.J LeagueThen, it is expressed as a day match.
  2. UNICORNRecord album.Details below.

Day gameIt is,UNICORNThe firstsingle. "Jiro SakagamiReleased on September 1989, 9 under the name "Unicorn".発売元はThe publisher isCBS Sony.


  • Previous single "Great annoyanceIt's been about 4 months since the album "(I.e.Released for the first time in 3 months.
  • The title song has Jiro Sakagami on vocals.The coupling "Hattori Specifications" is a single cut from the album "Hattori".
  • The original song was produced in October 1988 andBaseball animeThere was a request for the theme song of, and Teshima, who was the most baseball lover among the members, was in charge.結局タイアップの話はボツになったものの、ディレクターと以前のプロデューサーAfter all, the story of tie-ups was abandoned, but the director and former producerMasanori SasajiLoved the song and said, "(I.e.] Will be recorded.当初は手島曰く「あかるいInitially, Teshima says, "AkariPoliceA Middle Eastern taste was added in the process of recording in "Key"[2][3].
  • In the album, "THE VERY RUST OF UNICORN] Recording.
  • 2012Quarter Century BoxIncludes a remastered version.
  • The cassette version of "Day Game" and "Maybe Blue"Karaoke trackIs recorded. "Maybe Blue (original karaoke)" was later recorded on the CD "Unicorn No Golden Half Special", but "Day Game (original karaoke)" was recorded only on the cassette version.

recorded music

  • All lyrics / composition: Isamu Teshima Arrangement: Masanori Sasaji / UNICORN

8 cm CD

  1. Day game (4:27) / Jiro Sakagami and the Unicorn
  2. Day game "Hattori specifications" (4:27) / Unicorn

カ セ ッ ト


  1. Day game (4:27) / Jiro Sakagami and the Unicorn
  2. Day game(Original Karaoke) / Unicorn


  1. Day game "Hattori specifications" (4:27) / Unicorn
  2. Maybe Blue(Original Karaoke) (3:58) / Unicorn

Recording album


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  1. ^ mainlyEmergency declarationOr, in the areas where the epidemic prevention measures are prioritized, there were many games where the start of the game was moved to the 20:17 level from the viewpoint of finishing the event by XNUMX:XNUMX as much as possible.
  2. ^ Inage (1990, CBS / Sony Publishing)
  3. ^ UNICORN People have a history <No. 1990> (XNUMX, Music Senkasha)


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