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🌐 | Swimming ・ Daiya Seto commented, "I'm annoyed by being told various things online"!Even at the Tokyo Olympics, "daytime love hotel affair ...


Daiya Seto, a swimmer, commented, "I'm sick of being told various things online."Even at the Tokyo Olympics, "daytime love hotel affair ...

If you write the contents roughly
"Mabuchi devotedly supports Seto even after the affair, but as Seto's remarks made a noise on the Internet again," Yuka-san is sorry "and" I want you to be careful about what you say and do for your wife. " Also sympathetic voice.

In response to a comment from Daiya Seto, a swimmer who is participating in the Tokyo Olympics, he said, "The choice of words is dangerous" and "I'm going to fail again by saying something" ... → Continue reading

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