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📦 | Indigenous art experience 40 children, online Fujioka

Photo A member of the Fujioka Chamber of Commerce watching over the children

Indigenous art experience 40 children, online Fujioka

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After introducing himself in English, he traced his handprint.

On the 27th, an online event "Let's draw Aboriginal art by hand!", Where you can experience foreign art, is held at Kaiyutei in Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Self-introductionMeet (Jiko Shokai) for the first timePeopleAnd so onFull name-OccupationAnd say who I amDescriptionTo do.

Usually, "Give my respects"挨 拶Also serves as. The method is verbal in front of many people,Business cardTo hold out,TelAnd my affiliationStatus-NameThere are various things to describe.

Self-introductionThe part that can berecognitionThe opponent is within the rangeSelf-introductionYou have to accept the point of view of yourself. Basically, to let people who don’t know themselves knowactionIs. The person is, for example, a new friend or恋人, Colleagues at work orbossOr subordinates, sometimes new家族Sometimes.

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