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🌐 | Daiya Seto, Rikako Ikee, Kohei Uchimura ... Various reactions to the “qualifying defeat” of the representative players

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Daiya Seto, Rikako Ikee, Kohei Uchimura ... Various reactions to the "qualifying defeat" of the representative players

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In response to this, Uchimura said in an interview with NHK, "I'm strangely refreshed, but I'm really disappointed that I couldn't put out what I had prepared so far." world.

Daiya Seto, who missed the final in the men's 200m butterfly at the Tokyo Olympics, criticized himself ... → Continue reading


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Dogeza(Dogeza) means sitting directly on the soil, prostrating and bowing (bow).

JapanIt is one of the ceremonies of the ceremony, and its posture is similar to the salute's highest salute. Originally, it was done when showing a remorse to an extremely noble and noble object, or to express a deep apology or a petition, so only one side, not reciprocity, but was grounded for the intention of Dogeza The other person may give the same thank-you message to show the withdrawal.

After sitting straight toward the opponent, place your palm on the ground, lie down until your forehead touches the ground, and keep that posture for a while. In modern times, it is not always on the ground, but floors that do not normally have to be seated (such as floors in the Western world) and things that are performed on paved land are also called "Gyokuza".

As a general rule, it should be done from a height lower than the opponent's position, but when doing a large number of opponents, if you go down to the opponent's position and you can only see from a part, etc. irregularly on the stage etc. It may be performed from a high position.


"Wei Zhajin]Yamadai KuniAs a custom, when a commoner hears from a nobleman, he says, "I crouch or kneel, put my hands on the ground and show respect." I think it was an old Japanese custom. Is done.Kofun period OfHaniwaSome of them are prone and lying down.

Until the modern times, even when the ordinary people visited you, it was usual to sit down. Early modernDaimyo processionOn the other hand, there is a recognition that the common people who have met must be in the ground, but it was actuallyGeneral,Mika, And the lord of the land. On the other hand, there were some ordinary people who voluntarily took the ground while not obligated.

In the samurai society, Dogeza was given the meaning that "there is no objection to being decapitated as it is."

According to the Japanese consciousness of life, the act of sitting on the soil and putting the forehead on the ground deviates greatly from the daily routine, so it is interpreted as a ceremony that includes extraordinary relief and fear. It was On the other hand, some thought that this was a great shame.

In "The History of Japanese Culture That No One Examines" (Paolo Mazzarino)TaishoI'm guessing it will be later ((OisoSuch asHistorical novelConsideration of the influence of the frequent appearance of commoners' footsteps in the oppression of the Edo period.[1].

The idea of ​​embarrassment is still strong in modern times, but on the other hand, parliamentarians at the time of elections can easily move down in front of the mass media, or the owners of companies that have suffered scandals or accidents can do so. A person who has a negative image of "a means of self-protection without pretend to be self-reliance" rather than an apology to the ground itself, probably because of the repeated scenes of being driven into the ground before the pursuit of the media and criticism of the people There is one side that has become[2]However, depending on how and why you use Geishaza, you may find that there is a negative reaction and a sneer of the public, which can be counterproductive.

Legal effect on the ground

Forcing the UndergroundExtortionAt the time, I took an image of the clerkTwitterThe customers uploaded above have been arrested, and the number of cases leading to criminal cases has increased since then.[3].. The TV drama "That was broadcast until just before the incident"Naoki Hanzawa], there is a scene in which the main character compels Gedoza, and there are also opinions that raise doubts.[4] [5] [6].

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