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📦 | I felt uncomfortable when playing games ... I was "suspicious of my eyes" when I saw the facts on the screen.


I felt uncomfortable when I was playing the game ... I was "suspicious of my eyes" when I saw the facts on the screen.

If you write the contents roughly
According to the poster, Mr. Kura, this happened when he was playing the popular title "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn".

If you enjoy playing "PlayStation 5", you will feel uncomfortable ... You will be shocked to see the mark displayed on the screen ... → Continue reading


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Monster Hunter: World

Monster hunter series > Monster hunter > Monster Hunter: World

"Monster Hunter: World''(Monster Hunter: World) Is,CapcomThan2018 May 1Was released inMonster hunter seriesGame software.Abbreviation is "Monster Hunter World"[5][6],MHW』.In Asia including JapanPlayStation 4(Pro compatible),Microsoft Windows(Steam), In addition to them in North America and EuropeXbox One(X compatible) will also be released.The number of units shipped worldwide was 2021 million as of 1730, setting a new record for both the series and Capcom game titles.[3].2019 May 9Released a large-scale expansion content "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn", and the number of units shipped worldwide in 2021 reached 820 million.[3].


It was announced at PlayStation E2017 MEDIA SHOW CASE on June 6, 13.

In this work, the player investigates and hunts unknown monsters as a member of the newly discovered "New World" investigation team.The map seamlessly connects areas with various terrains[7]..You can play alone when you are offline, but you can play together with up to 1 people when you are online, and you can join in the middle of the quest. Taking advantage of the performance of PS4 / Xbox One / PC, not only the graphics have been improved, but also the game system has been reviewed.New systems and new monsters will also be introduced[8].

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto commented on the positioning and naming of this work, saying, "The concept is" Monster Hunter, "which uses the latest technology to create the best hunting action. It's not a spin-off work, but" Monster Hunter. " However, if you add a number such as "Monster Hunter 5", some people may think that it seems difficult, so I chose "Monster Hunter: World". "[8]..Along with this, the title logo has also been redesigned.

Beta test
PlayStation PlusFirst for subscribersBeta testが2017年12月10日2:00から12月13日1:59まで実施された。シングルプレイと最大4人までのマルチプレイが可能で、古代樹の森/ドスジャグラスの狩猟、古代樹の森/アンジャナフの狩猟、大蟻塚の荒地/ボルボロスの狩猟の3種類のクエストが体験できた。なお、ゲームデータのセーブは出来ないという制約がある[9].
The second beta test will take place from 2017:12 on December 23, 2 to 00:12 on December 27, 1.PlayStation PlusIt is now possible to play even if you do not subscribe to.
The third beta test was conducted from January 2018, 1 19:11 to January 00, 1:22, and the quest of Nergigante, the main monster of this work, was added.


Several packages have been released, including a packaged version, a download version, and a version bundled with the main unit.

Package normal version
Regular version sold on Blu-ray discs.
Download normal version
PlayStation StoreThe regular version sold for download at.The game content is the same as the regular version of the package.
Digital deluxe version
3 additional gestures, additional stamp set, additional face paint, additional hairstyles, layered equipment "Armor Warrior Series" can be downloaded.
Collector's Edition
A code that allows you to download the contents of the digital deluxe version is included.A limited edition packaged version that includes a Nergigante figure, a 10-song soundtrack CD, and an art book.
E-Capcom Limited Edition
Limited edition exclusively for Capcom's online shopping site.OriginalheadsetIs included.
PlayStation 4 Monster Hunter: World Starter Pack
A set of 500GB PS4 main unit and package version.There are two colors, white and black.
PlayStation 4 Pro Monster Hunter: World Rio Leus Edition
A special PS4 Pro main unit designed by Rio Leus and a download version of the software are included.

Game system

In this section, we will mainly explain the points that have changed from the conventional series works and the new elements introduced in this work.

One field (hunting ground) is divided into multiple areas, and in the conventional series, the screen was switched every time the area was changed, but in this work it is seamlessly one map.In addition, the field itself has a hierarchical structure of up to three layers, and some fields have another area directly above or below one area, so the total area is about 1 times larger than before.
Environmental creatures
New elements that utilize the nature of the field, such as trapping monsters using natural ivy and recovering on the spot by eating native grass and insects, have been introduced.[10]..In addition to traps and recovery, there are also creatures that spread abnormal conditions around them.Collectively they are called "environmental organisms".
Some environmental creatures cannot be damaged and do not affect the game, but they can be captured with a dedicated capture net or fishing rod and displayed in their own room.
Otomo Airou
In the conventional series, you can choose from the Airou introduced by NPCs and hire multiple bodies, but in this work, only one who can make at the same time when making characters will be dedicated.Also, if you make friends with other players, your friend Otomo Airou will occasionally appear on the field during solo play.In addition, the system that "dispatches waiting Otomo Airou to a dedicated quest" that was in the conventional series is a friend in this workNPCHunter Otomo Airou is in charge.
An NPC that appears on the field and temporarily joins the party only during solo play.There are three main types: Otomo Airou, a friend and NPC hunter, Tetoru, a beast human race of the New World that appears only in the field, and a specific small monster.In particular, the small monsters that joined the party as Otomodachi are called "Otomodachi monsters" and are hostile to other monsters, including those of the same type.
Recovery beetles and Commelina communis that grow naturally in the field can be used on the spot to recover.Also, in the conventional series, if you use recovery medicine or meat, you have to stop and take medicine or take a guts pose after taking an action to eat meat, but in this work it is possible to recover without stopping. It is possible to cancel in the middle without taking a pose after recovery, but if you cancel in the middle, the recovery amount will stop at that moment and it will be treated as consumption and the number will decrease.
The quests of this work are roughly divided into four types, "mission quests" that are related to story progress and HR and are equivalent to conventional key quests, and "free quests" that can be ordered repeatedly without restrictions and are equivalent to conventional village quests / meetinghouse quests. In addition to "Survey Quest" that is randomly generated and has a limit on the number of orders and a special reward frame, and unregistered ones are randomly replaced, "Event Quest" that is regularly distributed online for a limited time, and other games There is a "special mission" where you can play collaborations and short scenarios of additional monsters.
In addition, the arena quests that were in the conventional series include the conventional "competition tournament" where you choose from the specified equipment and fight, the "challenge quest" that is regularly distributed online for a limited time, and when you capture a large monster, it is temporary. There is a "special arena" that appears in free quests.Combat competitions and challenge quests can only be ordered in the rally area.
Some of the basic consumables such as Lv1 regular bullets, whetstones, and ice axes have been incorporated into the system as standard equipment for hunters, and can be used indefinitely.Along with this, some of the consumables in the conventional series have been abolished.Consumables with higher capabilities still exist, but the ore mining has become a specification that does not use consumables, so all ice axes have been abolished.Similarly, all insect nets have been abolished, but the insects themselves can be collected with bare hands or with a catching net that can be used indefinitely.At that time, survey points will be added.
Insect (silvemushi)
fire FlyA system that automatically marks and guides targets with insects that emit light like.By collecting a certain number of traces such as the footprints and mucus of a specific monster, you can start guiding to that monster, and it can also be used as a marker for the location of nearby herbs, veins, and items.Also, if you lock a target from the map, you will be guided to that target.However, once the battle with the monster begins, it will be retracted into the insect cage and cannot be used until it returns to the non-combat state.Along with this, the "paintball" that was in the conventional series was abolished.
A system that performs the "throwing" action in the conventional series with the standard equipment of the hunter attached to the left arm.In the conventional series, when "throwing stones", it was necessary to pick up the stones, select the item, and use it further.In this work, when you pick up a stone, it is automatically set in the slinger and you can fire it immediately.Also, unlike the case of throwing, it has a semi-automatic aim.In addition, the setting was made so that it is ultra-compact and can be ejected with one hand.CrossbowSomething like.
Basically, it picks up the bullets (materials) that have fallen on the field, sets them, and throws them away, but it becomes a tool that can be used to assist hunting, such as throwing knives and moving ropes, throwing capture nets, etc. ing.Only one type of bullet (material) can be set at a time.There are various materials for bullets other than stones, and "Monster Hun" is equivalent to a conventional flint ball, as well as "Hikarigoke" that dimly illuminates the surroundings and "Seed flint" that ignites the throwing destination. There are "popping walnuts" and so on.
Automatic preparation
Some of the consumables that can be produced by compounding can be automatically compounded, and the formulation does not fail due to establishment as in the past.For example, if you take herbs in the field, they will automatically become recovery medicine.Automatic compounding is activated only when the necessary materials are available when the materials are obtained in the field and the maximum number of possessions has not been reached.It should be noted that the on / off of automatic preparation can be set for each consumable, and there are some consumables that cannot be automatically prepared.
Survey points
Points that can be used like money at some facilities.At the dining room, you can choose from three types of payments for meals: money, survey points, and meal tickets, and there are also facilities that can only be used at survey points, such as fertilizer charges at the Vegetation Research Institute.
Since this work is set to "survey the ecology of creatures in the new continent including old dragons", if you collect traces of large monsters, hunt various monsters, capture environmental creatures, etc., the default survey points will be Available.In addition, there are dedicated survey points scattered throughout the field, such as veins and bone mounds, where survey points (special products: mushrooms, flowers, etc.) can be obtained.
It is a request from an NPC different from the quest, and even if you do not achieve it, there is no problem with the game itself, but by achieving and reporting the specified conditions, some functions can be expanded and rare material items can be obtained. Or something.
In addition, a limited-time bounty is regularly distributed online.
base camp
When moving from the research base to the field, there was only one base camp per field in the conventional series, but in this work it can be additionally installed by achieving bounty, and it can now be selected as the starting point of the quest. ..You can also change meals, change equipment, and put in and take out items, and you can use it without restrictions even during quests.Fast travel (immediate move to base camp) is also possible if you are not in combat or on alert.If you are forced to return with a modd ball, move to the nearest base camp fixedly.
In addition, when the quest ends, you can choose between the initial base camp and the research base, and if you return to the initial base camp, you can go out to the field search as it is, or you can start another quest again. You can also.There is a merit that the loading time will be shortened a little only when returning to the base camp and receiving a quest in the same field.
Fight between large monsters
In the conventional series, when multiple large monsters collide, most of the time, the large monsters do not compete with each other and aim only at the hunter in front of them, but in this work there was a hunter on the spot. Even so, it has become possible to see them actively competing with each other, and three-way hunting by multiple large monsters and hunters has begun.There are also specific motions such as unilateral damage depending on the superiority or inferiority of a large monster, or pain division.
Large monster research level and guide level
Information such as weaknesses and materials can now be referenced in the game for each large monster.To see them, you need to collect and hunt traces to raise the "research level" of the target large monster.According to the setting, "By collecting traces and hunting, the ecology of large monsters in the new continent was newly revealed."
There is also a level for guiding insects for each large monster, which is called the "guide level".This also raises the level by collecting and hunting traces of the target large monster.If the guide level is low, it will not be guided, but as the level goes up, traces and direct guidance to the target will start, and it will be possible to predict the destination.However, the guide level will gradually decrease if you do not hunt the target large monster.
Weapons and armor
There are 14 types of weapons: large sword, sword, one-handed sword, twin sword, lance, gun lance, hammer, hunting whistle, insect club, slash ax, charge ax, light bow gun, heavy bow gun, and bow.
Armor was divided into swordfighters and gunners in the conventional series, but it was unified in this work.However, equipping melee weapons (swords, lances, etc.) will increase defense (reduces physical attacks), and equipping long-range weapons (bow guns, bows, etc.) will increase attribute resistance (reduces attribute attacks such as fire and thunder). Rise.
It is an equipment with a specific skill, and the name is given to each skill name such as "○○'s stone guard".The stone guard itself has neither offensive power nor defensive power, but it can exert skill effects in combination with armor and ornaments.In the conventional series, it was obtained by mining and in the unidentified state it was displayed as "amulet", but in this work, the material is consumed at the processing shop to produce and strengthen it like weapons and armor.
Custom enhancement
With the enhancement methods added to weapons and armor, it is possible to further enhance weapons and armor that have normally been enhanced.At that time, special materials are required, but in addition to the attack surface such as attack power and conversion rate, the weapon becomes more powerful, such as increasing the defense power and recovering at the time of attack, and the armor is purely strengthened. It has become possible to raise the level, but the cost of strengthening will also be reasonable.
It is an item that gives specific skills to armor, and the name is given to each skill name such as "○○ beads".In the conventional series, it was produced by consuming materials, but in this work, it is obtained as an appraisal item called "○○'s pearl" as a quest reward, and you can see the skill after appraisal. A new concept of "slot level" has been added, and the armor that can be equipped is limited depending on the level.However, as an exception, some ornaments can be produced.
Special equipment
Equipment that exerts special effects such as increased resistance for a certain period of time and no damage.The special equipment itself has neither offensive power nor defensive power, but it has special effects similar to skills, and can be reused after a cool time after the effect time expires.
Special orthoses can be broadly divided into "clothes" that are effective only for haori users from above the armor, and "chimneys" that are effective for all players within a certain range centered on the installation point.
It is possible to change the appearance of the armor to another armor with the same ability, and it is possible to use various armor without worrying about the appearance.And weapons can change their appearance for almost all but some.
Experienced individuals
A rare individual that is stronger than the last boss among large monsters that will appear when you clear all mission quests.Except for Las Boss (Last Boss and some monsters are more powerful individuals than the veteran king) Almost all large monsters have veteran individuals, and the name is a normal large monster like "Veteran Giraffe". It bears the title of "experienced battle", and the icon is a bluish purple border of a normal large monster.
Character voice
In the conventional series, the characters spoke in the game's own language "Monster Hunter's language" and corresponded to each language with subtitles, but from this work also spoke according to the language set by the player. Changed to.


As with the previous series, one player can play offline and up to four players can play online at the same time.In the conventional series, once the quest started, other players could not participate in the middle of the quest, but from this work it is possible to participate in the middle of the quest.It is possible to participate in the quest that has already been ordered by another player "participating in the quest".Each function related to multiplayer is for PlayStation 1 versionPlayStation Plus, Xbox One versionXbox Live GoldYou can use it by subscribing to.

Voice chat (when using a headset) and text chat can be used for communication.In addition, it is deployed on worldwide servers, and it is also possible to use fixed phrases and stamps for the purpose of communicating between users who use different languages.You can also filter by language, and you can play only with users who use the same language as you.

Rescue signal
You can also participate in the middle by issuing a "distress signal".When a rescue signal is sent, a quest will be posted on the board of another player's "Participate in the rescue signal quest", and the person who received the order will rush.However, if XNUMX minutes or more have passed since the start of the quest, the clear reward of the player who participated and cleared in the middle will decrease or the basic reward will become a consumable item.


Monster hunter world
The guild sent four "New World Ancient Dragon Survey Teams" to the New World about once every 10 years in order to solve the mystery of "Old Dragon Migration" where giant ancient dragons cross over to the New World.This time, following the migration of the ancient dragon Zora Magdalaos, it was decided to dispatch a survey team for the fifth time.The study team included a young hunter.However, the ship on which the research team is on board is attacked by a huge monster in front of the New World.That monster was the old dragon Zora Magdalaos, which was the subject of the investigation.Young hunters who arrive in the New World from their lives will join the local research team and, under their guidance and support, will follow in the footsteps of Zora Magdalaos to elucidate the ecology of the ancient dragon.
Ice bone
The "New World Survey Team", which unraveled the mystery of "Koryu Migratory" by investigating a new species of ancient dragon, Zeno Jiva, continued to investigate the ecology of the new continent.One day, a phenomenon occurred in which a large number of Reigiena crossed the sea, and a monster attacking the Reigiena was confirmed.The research team following Reigiena discovers an unknown land covered with ice, names the land a "frozen land", and begins a new survey.


5th group
The largest research team ever dispatched to the new continent along with the migration of the ancient dragon Zora Magdalaos.It is composed mainly of hunters as a blue star of hope to unravel the mystery of the ancient dragon migration, and among them, the so-called "recommended group" recommended by the guild is an excellent human resource, and the action of the hunter and the editor in pairs Is the principle.The emblem is modeled after a tailwind that looks like a bird's feather.
The main character of this work and a player character.One of the recommended groups of monster hunters who will travel to the new continent as the 5th survey team.You can freely make characters such as name, gender, face, and voice.Master various weapons such as one-handed sword, twin sword, large sword, sword, lance, gun lance, hammer, hunting whistle, slash ax, charge ax, insect club, light bow gun, heavy bow gun, and bow.
It seems that he flew around various places on a mission even before he moved to the New World, so you can hear the story in the main story that he was late for the ship to the New World and delayed the departure for one hero.To often fall from high places during the storyNPCIt is mainly called "the 5th group from the sky".After the mystery of the ancient dragon migration was unraveled, it became known as the "blue star" as a meritorious person.
Otomo Airou
Follow the heroAirouTribe.As the 5th survey team, develop an adventure with the main character.Full support for the main character such as attack, recovery, and collection.Players can freely make patterns and names.However, when the number of players is 3 or more in multiplayer, Otomo will automatically be in a standby state.
Voice- Koichi Makoto
A female editor who will form a duo with the main character.Clever and cheerful personality.An expert in information management, he acts with the main character and compiles various information.Since he accompanies the field with the main character, he wears clothes suitable for activities instead of the traditional guild uniforms.He has a strong commitment to food, and his belief is "If you get lost, try eating", and you also cook at the camp.In addition, my grandfather was a former member of the 1st term, and he was willing to participate in the investigation team.When investigating, they tend to be ahead of the game, and every time they encounter a monster, they are in danger.Some hunters hated it a lot, but that's another story.
The main character is called a "buddy".In Iceborn, something that my grandfather handed to her has a lot to do with the story.
Cheerful recommendation group
Voice- Inoue Takara
One of the 5th survey team.Red-haired male hunter.I love one-handed swords.Form a combination with a courageous recommendation group.I volunteered and joined the investigation team.In addition, because it turned out to be the same person as the "leading rookie" appearing in Monster Hunter 2018 (G) at the hunting king deciding match 4 Sendai tournament[11][12], At this point, it will be the only character from the past work of this work.The tone is more mature than in the first rookie era, but sometimes he has the same habit of saying "~ ssu" as in past works.Also, due to the habit of past works, most NPCs do not change their equipment, while the hilarious recommendation group often changes their equipment.
A courageous recommendation group
Voice- Meiko Kawasaki
One of the 5th survey team.A female editor wearing a kachusha and green clothes.Form a duo with a cheerful recommendation group.A woman with long eyes and a cool look.Raised as a young lady in a wealthy house, she disliked the way of life decided by her parents, so she jumped out of the house and volunteered for the investigation team.[12]
4th group
The fourth survey team dispatched 10 years ago.It is composed of human resources with excellent procurement and management capabilities in order to expand the investigation by the increased number of personnel.The emblem is an image of a wheel or gear.
Survey team leader
Grandson of the general commander.A young hunter born and raised in the New World.Equipped with a large sword made of bone.The person at Astera, the research base where the hero first met, was looking for a stray hero and receptionist when he landed on the new continent.He says, "Because I was born in the new continent, I'm not a member of any group," but I put the symbol of the 4th group on my left chest.[12].
Supplies team leader
One of the "Leaders" trio who manages the supplies of the research team at the research resource management office.A woman with black hair and dark skin.The 3th survey team.
He has a cheerful tone and a laid back demeanor, but he makes us feel the back of the past, including the story that "I have no family" and the reason why I participated in the survey team "It seemed more interesting than dominating the black market". person.
3th group
The third survey team dispatched 20 years ago.Scholars make up 3% of the members to facilitate the survey.The emblem is like a cup full of water.
Leader of the 3rd group
Voice- Hiroko Kiso
A genius scholar based in a research base.A lazy dragon woman, the younger sister of the research team leader.Among the many eccentric researchers, he is called the eccentric weirdo, and occasionally makes a peculiar joke.Due to his strong desire to research, he tried to convert the ship into a balloon and head for the interior of the new continent as soon as he arrived, but he crashed due to the wind drifting dragon Reigiena and continues to the present day.He is familiar with various fields, but his specialty is brain science.
Research group leader
One of the "Leaders" trio who manages the supplies of the research team at the research resource management office.A tall dragon man with long hair mixed with gray hair in a ponytail, the elder brother of the leader of the 3rd group[12]..Currently, my main duties are managing research results and human resources, reporting to the guild, etc., and sometimes I want to immerse myself in my research.According to the director of the Vegetation Research Institute, he has a deep knowledge of biology, botany, and natural science.
Director of the Ecological Research Institute
A scholar studying monsters in the new continent[12]..Collecting or hunting traces of monsters will bring together their research reports.An old man of the petite dragon tribe, surrounded by a pile of books, but he has no intention of cleaning up.
The research team leader is called "Bonn" and has seen his growth up close.He says he taught studying when he was a kid.It seems that he was punishing him when he skipped studying.
Director of Vegetation Research Institute
A scholar studying ancient trees and plants in the New World[12]..Alone, he goes to the wasteland of the large anthill and is rescued by the main character when he is attacked by the mud fish dragon Juratodos.After the rescue, as part of the study of ancient trees, he will undertake the cultivation of plant materials collected by the main character (corresponding to the "farm" of the conventional series).A tall dragon man wearing glasses, he is called the "young director" by the people around him.
Petite old men of the dragon tribe who are researchers[12]..There are three people, a cheerful scholar, a cheerful scholar, and a cheerful scholar, but they are collectively called "San-ya" by other members of the research team.Although he is old, he is enthusiastic about research and full of action, and he leads a hunter himself to the site for research without regard for danger, but the surroundings have already given up on stopping.Even in the wasteland of the large anthill where traces of Zora Magdalaos were found, the main character will serve as an escort because he tried to load a large baggage on the Daihachi car and go to the site.
Maca Alchemy Researcher
An old woman of the petite dragon tribe studying maca alchemy.It was left behind for a long time at the research base that crashed in the canyon, but returned to the research base Astera for the first time in 20 years due to the crustal movement caused by Zora Magdalaos.After that, as part of his research, he will alchemize materials and ornaments in a corner of Astera.
2th group
The second survey team dispatched 30 years ago.At the request of the 2st group, "engineers who can break the common sense of the old continent" account for 1%, aiming to promote technological improvement.The emblem resembles a swirling flame, and the members of the second group call it the "mark of flame."
Master of the 2nd group
Leader of the 2nd Survey Team[12]..As a processor, it produces and strengthens new weapons and armor from a variety of materials.A man with a skinhead and a beard, he has an eye patch on his right eye and always has a hammer in his hand.Although it looks like a muscular bone, it seems to be quite old, and the one that was developed to work without moving due to back pain was later remodeled as a slinger and spread to hunters.
Armor shop
Women selling ready-made weapons and armor[12]..Occasionally, he asks the main character to collect materials for the special equipment under development, and gives him the completed special equipment as a reward.
Balloon developer
An engineer who converted the ship of the 20rd group into a balloon 3 years ago.I felt responsible when I heard that the balloon crashed due to the attack of the wind drifting dragon Reigiena, and I have devoted myself to the development of a balloon that can withstand the attack of Reigiena.Due to the crustal movement caused by Zora Magdalaos, he went to the research base and remodeled it into a balloon, and succeeded in flying this time with the subjugation of the main character, Reigiena.After that, he stays at the research base and seems to be assisting the researchers.
1th group
The first research team dispatched about 40 years ago consisted of about 30 people.Highly competent and tough human resources are available to take charge of research on unknown continents[12]..Most of them have already retired and returned home.As a characteristic of the group, there are many independent actions, and since they often go out for exploration, they are rarely at the base.[12]..The emblem is in the shape of a star, and most members of the 1st genre wear it with a flag arranged.[12].
General commander
Voice- Yusen Isamu
General commander of the New World Survey Team. The first research team that went to the new continent about 40 years ago.He has white hair and dark skin.The research team leader is his grandson (daughter couple's child).He is the person who is essentially in charge of the research team, the brains who are responsible for planning various operations and making policy decisions, and it is he who discovered the characteristics of the worm.Formerly a hunter, he is now retired due to sequelae.Even so, in the case of a large-scale operation, he goes to the field himself and takes direct command.There is also an inside story that he tried to capture the old dragon.
The one-eyed and large Airou tribe who is the chef of the restaurant "Weapon and Yamanekotei" that serves food to the research team.Formerly the leader of the group, Otomo Airou, but retired and is cooking.[12]..He usually crosses his arms, wears a bandana, and carries a large sword on his back instead of a meat knife.During the lower ranks, the assistant is responsible for cooking, but when the ranks are higher, they shake their arms to cook.
Technical Team Leader
Voice- Hainosuke
One of the "Leaders" trio who manages the supplies of the research team at the research resource management office.An old man of the petite dragon tribe, he is called "Oyasan" by the masters of the 3nd generation group.A top-notch engineer who has worked on various fields such as architecture, invention, production, and improvement, and built the research base Astera from the foundation.[12].
Sword Master
A brilliant hunter of the 1st Survey Team who loves swords. He is called a "teacher" by the masters of the 2nd group and the leader of the research team.He speaks in a samurai-like tone with few words, and has the ability to evenly compete with Nergigante.It uses old-fashioned swordfighter equipment and does not have a slinger, but the reason seems to be "I don't know what's new."Also, the scratches on the head equipment were made when fighting Theo Tescatl.
Field master
A white-haired woman from the 1st Survey Team who is both a hunter and an editor.Proposer of buddy system for hunters and editors.He is also a longing person for the receptionist and is called an "aunt".Meet for the first time on a land coral plateau.I rarely stop at Astera and can sometimes see it when I go to the research station.
Dragon tribe hunter
Voice- Kawabata Yoshiaki
A member of the 1st Survey Team, using an insect club with the XNUMXst Team emblem.Characterized by braided black hair.He often appears in front of the main character and leaves various advice.The survey and search are conducted by a unique route different from the survey team.There was a time when he did not return to the base for too long, so it was once mentioned among the investigative team members as a legendary existence.It creates a mysterious atmosphere without telling too much.
Voice- Hironori Kondo
He is a big man who boasts a strong body with bristling silver hair and brown, and from his appearance it is said that he thought that it was Rajan from the "self-paced 5th group", and when he finished the investigation after Rajan was implemented, he himself "for some reason a feeling of familiarity" Is boiling. "The behavior and behavior are as dynamic as they look, and I don't want to use new equipment such as slinger, saying "I don't want to throw it myself".[12]Actually, a rope with a knife is wrapped around the left arm instead of a slinger.It is the first investigation team, and although it is a person who unites the investigation team together with the general commander, he entrusted the command and operation to the general commander, and he himself was conducting the investigation of the land of Nergigante and the dragon crystal.He seems to hate being late.In collaboration with the movie version "Monster Hunter", the English and Monhan translations of the main character Artemis were handed over, and he became able to speak English later.
Unknown / Other
The captain (in effect, dedicated to the research team) of the route between the new continent and the old continent. He has been carrying research team members and supplies as a sailor since the time of the 1st corps, and became the captain when the former captain retired.An expert who has seen the sea of ​​the new continent for many years, he seems to have been maneuvering by looking at the waves when the research team members retired or when they set sail for the old continent due to childbirth.When the rough sea regained its composure after crossing the ancient dragon, he began to purchase supplies from the Old World as the captain of a trading ship.
Ancient dragon man
A petite dragon who has lived in the New World for a long time.He knows the ecology of the ancient dragon and the whereabouts of Zora Magdalaos, and imposes certain trials on the hero as a condition to teach it.
There are several people with different looks, who occasionally appear in the field to give you items, and when online, tell you the order of weapons and areas with high mortality rates.
A messenger from the guild for the decisive battle with the Black Dragon Miraboreas.I have been on an exploration tour after subduing Miraboreas.


The stage of this work is "New World" which was not in the conventional series.Various monsters are creating an ecosystem.

Research base Astera
The base of the research team on the south coast of the new continent. The first research team, which came to the continent 40 years ago, laid the foundation.It is built by renovating the ships of successive research teams.
The 1st floor is a distribution area for buying and selling items, the 2nd floor is a workshop area for producing and strengthening equipment, the 3rd floor is a dining area for eating, and the 4th floor is a meeting place for multiplayer with other players. In addition to the meeting area, it is divided into a training area where you can test-slash weapons and train operations in your room.
Research Base
A base beyond the canyon. When the 3rd group converted the ship into a balloon and tried to cross the canyon, it was crashed by the wind drifting dragon Reigiena.The ship itself was partially destroyed, but was restored as a base for investigating the land coral plateau and the Miasma Valley.
At the beginning of the game, it was difficult to get in and out of Astera because of the canyon (although it was confirmed that it was safe), but later a rift occurred in the canyon, so anyone could come and go with Astera.
As a base function, in addition to buying and selling some items, managing items and otomo.After updating to Iceborn, you can now create equipment and order bounties at the base.
Front base Seriena
A base set up in the "Frozen Land of Migration" that appears from Iceborn.It has the same facilities as Astera, but it is covered with icecaps, so it has a lot of heating facilities.
A steam engine is installed as a facility unique to this base, and hot springs are drawn into my room and meeting place.In addition, you can go directly to the meeting place from the armor shop or my room.
Ancient tree forest
A forest adjacent to the west of Astera.The sea spreads to the south, and a huge ancient tree that grows on top of each other stands in the center.
Wasteland of the Great Anthill
Wasteland adjacent to the east of Astera.There are desert areas with anthills that can be mistaken for huge rocky mountains, and wetlands with water sources flowing from ancient forests.
Grand Canyon
A large canyon that crosses the New World.Both sides of the valley are steep and steep rocky mountains, making it difficult to travel to and from the interior of the continent by air and land.Later, the crustal movement caused by the passage of Zora Magdalaos created a huge rift, and the land route from there made it easier to travel to and from the interior of the continent.
Land coral plateau
A rugged plateau beyond the canyon.It has a vivid ecosystem where the seabed is just like land, and depending on the time of day, land coral spawns, so you can see monsters who like the eggs gather.It has an ecosystem that is unparalleled in the new continent for the reasons described below.
Miasma Valley
A valley located just below the land coral plateau.Carrion and bones of various monsters are scattered everywhere, and toxic miasma is generated by the influence of bacteria that decompose them.Due to its environment, scavenger monstersScavengerInhabit a lot.As it looks, it looks like a graveyard for monsters, but in reality it is also the place where the old dragon that has reached the end of its life ends its life, and the enormous energy of the old dragon affects the upper land coral plateau. There is.Occasionally small monsters and corpses of Reigiena fall from the land of land coral.It can be peeled off and a keel-type item appears.
Ground vein corridor
A huge limestone cave that extends underground in the new continent.It is a corridor (passage) that connects to the "ground vein" deep underground, and the ceiling and floor are filled with lava and filled with heat.
Land of dragon crystals
A land formed of beautiful white "dragon crystals" near the lava field.It is full of life energy and is home to many rare creatures not found anywhere else.If you don't drink a cooler drink in the lower lava field, you will get slip damage.
Frozen land
Snow and ice-covered fields from Iceborn.Since it is a cold region, if you do not drink hot drinks, your stamina will gradually decrease.Unlike the New World, the ecosystem corresponding to cold regions is expanding.

development of

Development period is about 4 years including the concept[13].

producer OfRyozo TsujimotoAccording to him, he wanted to review everything from scratch and create an evolved "Monster Hunter".Not only the graphic side but also the things that can be done are increasing, and the game and system side are also strengthened.[14].

Game engine TheMT FrameworkBased on, we are using the next-generation engine customized for this work.Although it is not an official name, it is called "World Engine" among the development staff.[15].

ス タ ッ フ



It is an index of media evaluation of the gameMeta scoreabout,Monster hunterObtained the highest score 90 (PS4 & Xbox One) for the series[30].

Japanese game magazine "Weekly FamitsuIn the cross review, he was inducted into the Platinum Hall of Fame with 39 points (out of 40 points).

America'sIGNScored 9.5 points (out of 10) and described it as "a bold work that challenges the possibilities of the game."In Germany's "Computer Build", the score was 9.6 (out of 10), and it was evaluated as "a work that was out of the ordinary", saying that "we were particular about not only the graphics but also the inside of the new ecology".In France's "Game Kurt", it gave a score of 9 (out of 10) and described it as "sophisticated and evolved over the years."[31].


This work has shipped more than 3 million units in 500 days from the release[32]..This includes the digital version, which exceeds the number of Monster Hunter series shipped so far.[32].FamitsuAccording to the report, 135 million units were sold at retail stores in Japan, an estimated 200 million units were sold in the digital version, and the number of PS4 units sold increased in the same week, and more than 14 units were sold.[33][34]..Two weeks after its release, Capcom announces that it is the best-selling game on all platforms, with shipments reaching 2 million, including digital sales.[35][36]..This made World the fourth-selling game on Capcom.[37].(English edition)Reported to be the best-selling game in the United States in January and February 2018[38][39].

Awards / nominations

2017Gamescom 2017Best Booth AwardNomination[40]
Best Console Game (PlayStation 4)Nomination
Best Multiplayer GameNomination
The Game Awards 2017Most Anticipated GameNomination[41]
2018Japan Game Awards 2018大 賞Award[42][43][44]
Outstanding performance awardAward
Golden Joystick AwardsBest Visual DesignNomination[45][46][47]
Best Audio DesignNomination
Best Co-operative GameAward
Ultimate Game of the YearNomination
The Game Awards 2018Game of the YearNomination[48][49]
Best RPG GameAward
Best Multiplayer GameNomination
Fan Favorite GameNomination[50][51]
Fan Favorite Multiplayer GameNomination
Fan Favorite Role-Playing GameAward
Titanium AwardBest Role-Playing GameNomination[52]
Australian Games AwardsMultiplayer / Online Title of the YearNomination[53]
RPG of the YearNomination
Game of the YearNomination
2019New York Game AwardsBig Apple Award for Best Game of the YearNomination[54]
Statue of Liberty Award for Best WorldNomination
Role-Playing Game of the YearAward[55][56]
2019Game of the YearNomination[57]
Character DesignNomination
Design, FranchiseNomination
SXSW Game Awards 2019Excellence in MultiplayerNomination[58]
Trending Game of the YearNomination
Famitsu Award2018Game of the YearAward[59][60]
Outstanding performance awardAward
Italian Video Game AwardsPeople's ChoiceNomination[61]
Game of the YearNomination
Best Game DesignNomination
Best Evolving GameNomination
Best Ongoing GameNomination[62]
Gamescom 2019Best Ongoing Game (Best Ongoing GameIce bone)Award[63]
Golden Joystick AwardsBest Game Expansion (Ice bone)Nomination[64]
The Game Awards 2019Best RPG (Ice bone)Nomination[65]
2020NAVGTR Awards 2020Character Design (Ice bone)Undecided[66]
Game, Franchise Role Playing (Ice bone)Undecided
SXSW Gaming Awards 2020Excellence in Multiplayer (Ice bone)Undecided[67]

Major updates

Date and time unless otherwise notedUTC.

  • Title update Ver.2.00(2018 3 å¹´ 月 日 22)[68] --First free update.Additional implementation of Evil Joe, implementation of new equipment, balance adjustment of various weapons, optimization of load processing, etc.
  • Title update Ver.3.00(2018 4 å¹´ 月 日 19)[69] --The second free update.Additional implementation of Mam Tarot, implementation of the new field "Golden Township of the Earth", implementation of new equipment, balance adjustment of experienced individuals, etc.
  • Title update Ver.4.00(2018 5 å¹´ 月 日 31)[70] --Third free update.Additional implementation of Nana Tescatri, implementation of new equipment, etc.
  • Title update Ver.5.00(2018 8 å¹´ 月 日 2)[71] --The 4th free update. "Final Fantasy XIV』Collaboration with the demon beastBehemothAdditional implementation ofDragon KnightImplementation of new equipment with the image ofCactuarEtc., as collaborative Otomo equipmentMoogleImpersonator equipment mounting etc.
  • Title update Ver.6.00(2019 2 å¹´ 月 日 8)[72] --The 5th free update. "The witcher 3, Additional implementation of Geralt's monster Reishen, implementation of Geralt Narikiri equipment and one-handed sword "The Witcher's Silver Sword", implementation of Neckar Narikiri equipment as collaboration otomo equipment, new gestures, stamps, guild card backgrounds, poses, etc. ..
  • Title update Ver.10.00(2019 9 å¹´ 月 日 5)[73] --The 6th free update.Supports paid large-scale expansion content "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn".After that, there will be elements that require the purchase of "Iceborn" and elements that can be enjoyed simply by applying the update. New action "Clutch Claw" added in "Iceborn", new action for each weapon, new base, new equipment, new weapon derivation, new skill, new monster, new field, master rank, "remodeling" function of new my house Additions such as.
  • Title update Ver.11.00(2019 10 å¹´ 月 日 10)[74] --The 7th free update. Additional implementation of Rajan in "Iceborn".Opening the lava field of the guiding land.Added a performance box that allows you to change the BGM in the new My House.
  • Title update Ver.12.01(2019 12 å¹´ 月 日 5)[75] --The 8th free update. Implementation of the special quest Mufeto Jiva, a subspecies of Jinooga in "Iceborn".Opening the ice and snow area of ​​the guiding land.Added furniture for my house.Defense Corps series Weapons and armor added.


Date and time unless otherwise notedUTC.

Horizon Zero Dawn
January 2018, 1-As the first installment on February 26, ★ 2 event quest "Wild Teaching" was delivered to all users.If you clear it, you can get the material of the Otomo equipment "Machine Beast Cat Series".
February 2018, 2-As the second installment on March 28, ★ 3 event quest "Trial" was delivered to all users.If you clear it, you can get the materials for the hunter equipment "Arroy Bow" and "Arroy α Series".
Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Earth[76]
November 2019, 11-As the first installment on January 22, the M ★ 1 event quest "To the Frozen Earth" was delivered to all users.If you clear it, you can get the material of the hunter equipment "Storm Slinger".You can also create focus charms.
December 2019, 12-As the second installment on January 13, the M ★ 1 event quest "Survival" was delivered to all users."EX Shield Weaver Series" equipped with hunters when cleared
You can get materials for producing and strengthening "Storm Slinger" and materials for producing "EX Frost Claw Series" and "EX Forge Fire" equipped with Otomo.
December 2019, 12-M ★ 27 event quest "Fire Break" was delivered to all users as the third bullet on January 1. (Only users who have cleared the survival can receive orders)
If you clear it, you can get the production and strengthening materials of "EX Banook Series" equipped with Hunter, "Battle Bow of Arroy (Gem)", "EX Machine Beast Cat Series" equipped with Otomo, and "EX Machine Beast Cat Grinder α".
It can also produce focus type A / B / C charms.
The above event quests will be re-delivered at the seasonal Astera and Seriena festivals.
Universal Studios Japan
2018年1月26日 - 4月26日(日本時間)に先行配信第1弾として、アトラクション「モンスターハンター・ザ・リアル」体験者に★3イベントクエスト「USJ・躍動せよ、金の星達!」のプロダクトコードが配布された(利用期限は2018年1月26日 - 6月10日)。クリアするとハンター装備「蒼星の太刀」、オトモ装備「蒼星ネコシリーズ」の素材と、ギルドカード用背景および称号が手に入る。
2018年4月27日 - 6月24日(日本時間)に先行配信第2弾として、アトラクション「モンスターハンター・ザ・リアル」体験者にイベントクエスト「USJ・燃えよ、蒼き星達!」のプロダクトコードが配布された(利用期限は2018年4月27日 - 8月8日)。クリアするとハンター装備「蒼星ノ太刀【舞龍】」「蒼星ノ将αシリーズ」の素材と、ギルドカード用背景および称号が手に入る。
In March 2020, an attraction that made full use of VR technology was released, and it was planned to distribute the product code of Quest to receive new collaboration weapons and collaboration armor to the attraction experiencers, but to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. USJ has been closed for a long time, and as a result, collaboration attractions and product code distribution have been postponed for the time being.
Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
February 2018th, 2-As the first pre-delivery on March 16st, ★ 3 Challenge Quest "Those who are willing to go on the muddy road" was delivered to the save data holders of "Street Fighter V".[77]..When cleared, hunter equipment "RyuYou can get the material of "Series", the background and title for the guild card, and the pose.
April 2018th, 4-At the seasonal event "Astera Festival [Flowering Feast]" to be held on April 6th, "Those who are willing to go on the muddy road" was re-delivered to all users.
May 2018, 5-As the second delivery on May 4, ★ 5 challenge quest "Disturbed cherry blossoms are in full bloom" for all users 17 types[Note 3]Was delivered.When cleared, hunter equipment "さ く らYou can get the materials for "Series".
April 2018th, 4 --On April 13th, the ★ 4 event quest "Rush Fuss !!?" Was delivered to all users.The BGM during the quest will be that of the Rockman series, and will be different depending on the weapon type used.If you clear it, you can get the material of "Rockman α series" equipped with Otomo.
Devil May Cry
April 2018, 4-On May 27, ★ 5 event quest "Code: Red" was delivered to all users.If you clear it, you can get the materials for the hunter equipment "Dante's Magic Sword" and "Dante α Series".The armor is designed so that it is not equipped with a slinger, but when loaded with a slinger bullet, the left arm itself changes to "Nightmare".
Final Fantasy XIV
August 2018, 8-After the free update, a collaboration quest that will start voluntarily when a certain mission quest is cleared will start.This is a specification that can be played at any time, not for a limited time, but if you do not order the quest and clear it, the NPC will continue to stay in Astera.If you clear it, you will get the above-mentioned collaboration equipment, gestures, and insects (dragons) that can be attached to the insect control club.
In addition, the quest to subdue the Behemoth, which has been strengthened since the quest was cleared, is mainly distributed for a limited time at the Astera Festival.
The witcher 3
February 2019, 2-After the free update, a collaboration quest that will start voluntarily when you clear a certain mission quest will start.This is a specification that can be played at any time, not for a limited time, but if you do not order the quest and clear it, the NPC will continue to stay in Astera.If you clear it, you will get the above-mentioned collaboration equipment, gestures, and rune magic stones.
In addition, this quest has to clear the quest with fixed equipment by operating Geralt instead of the hunter, and the quest specification is also a strong reproduction of the world of The Witcher XNUMX.
In addition, a quest to subdue Reishen, which has been strengthened since the quest was cleared, is being distributed for a limited time at the Astera Festival.If you clear this quest, you will be able to obtain the production materials for the collaboration twin sword, the character of The Witcher, Siri's impersonator equipment.
Assassin's Creed
April 2019th, 4-May 26th, ★ 5 event quest "Light, scary, and hot" was delivered to all users.If you clear it, you can get the materials for "Assassin's clothing" and "Baek series (layered clothes)".The Baek series is layered with impersonator equipment, and even if it is a female character, it will be forced to become a dark-skinned man, and the voice will also be fixed to a thick man.
Resident Evil RE: 2
November 2019th, 11-On December 8th, the M ★ 12 event quest "RE: Returned Biological Disaster" was delivered to all users.If you clear it, you can get the materials of one set armor "EX Claire α series", "EX Leon α series" and "Charm".In addition, "Narikiri Tyrant" can be purchased as a dress-up costume for the receptionist in the download contents.
In addition, in this quest, there is a "zombie state" as a new state abnormality, and this state abnormality has no effect by disabling it with the miasma resistance skill, and it is a specification that can only be canceled with the "green herb" that exists on the map. There is.
In the zombie state, the reaction when receiving damage disappears and the physical strength automatically recovers, but some actions such as avoidance can not be used, and the normal recovery effect such as recovery medicine becomes invalid. ..
Movie "Monster Hunter"
December 2020, 12-December 4, 2021, the M ★ 12 event quest "The New World in the New World" was delivered to all users.If you clear it, you can get the material of the armor "EX Artemis α series" of Artemis, the main character of the movie "Monster Hunter".As a small story, the battle BGM that was flowing in the field such as "MH 3nd G" and the desert is played.
In addition to the above, the M ★ 1 event quest "Our World" was also delivered to all users at the same time.If you clear it, you can get the material for layered [Artemis] costumes.This is also a small story, where the battle BGN that was flowing in the fields such as "MH 2nd G" and Morioka flows.In addition, the monster "Rioreus" that appears in the movie specifications is becoming huge.
These two quests are solo-only to control Artemis, the main character of the movie "Monster Hunter".

Unsubscribe in China

The game was being distributed in ChinaTencentAnnounced that it has stopped distribution at the request of the Chinese government[78].

Olive Related Products


Monster Hunter: World PS4 Edition New World Hunting Guide Capcom Official
ISBN 978-4-08-779765-7
Released on January 2018, 1.A strategy guide released at the same time as the software.Shueisha, V Jump Books.
Monster Hunter: World Strategy Guide
ISBN 978-4-04-893658-3
Released on January 2018, 1.A strategy guide that contains information up to Hunter Rank 26, which was released at the same time as the software. KADOKAWA, a strategy guide for electric shock.
Monster Hunter: World Official Data Handbook Monster Knowledge Book
ISBN-978 4575165142
Released on February 2018, 2.Futabasha.
Monster Hunter: World Official Data Handbook Weapon Knowledge Book
ISBN-978 4575165159
Released on February 2018, 2.Futabasha.
Monster Hunter: World Official Data Handbook Armor Knowledge Book
ISBN-978 4575165166
Released on February 2018, 2.Futabasha.
Monster Hunter: World Official Data Handbook Field & Item Knowledge Book
ISBN-978 4575165173
Released on February 2018, 2.Futabasha.
Monster Hunter: World In the Land of Life
ISBN 978-4-04-735057-1
Released on March 2018, 3.Novelize.The author is Keiichi Hikami. KADOKAWA (edited by Famitsu Bunko editorial department[79]).
New World Sketch Trip-Monster Hunter: World Editor's Diary-
ISBN-978 4047333451
Released on September 2018, 9. KADOKAWA.
Monster Hunter: World Weapon Maniacs
ISBN-978 4049120837
Released on September 2018, 7. KADOKAWA.
Monster Hunter: World Otomodachi Survey Team
ISBN 978-4-04-631862-6
Released on December 2018, 12.Novelize.The author is Yuhi Aisaka. KADOKAWA, Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko.
DIVE TO MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Monster Hunter: World Official Setting Documents Collection
ISBN 978-4-19-864768-1
Released on January 2019, 1.Tokuma Shoten.
Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Strategy Guide
ISBN-978 4049128499
Released on September 2019, 9. KADOKAWA, a strategy guide for electric shock.


Monster Hunter: World Original Soundtrack
Released on February 2018, 2. A set of 14 CDs.CapcomSuleputerReleased from the label.
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Original Soundtrack[80]
Scheduled to be released on September 2019, 9. A set of 25 CDs.CapcomSuleputerReleased from the label.


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