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📦 | Arc System Works releases information on exhibiting at TGS2021 online! #Mikkorone said, "Kuni ...


Arc System Works releases information on exhibiting at TGS2021 online! #Mikkorone said, "Kuni ...

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* Pre-recorded items will be distributed in some corners of this program.

Arc System Works is a game festival "Tokyo Game Show 9 ..." to be held from September 30th to October 10rd. → Continue reading


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Take out

Take outWhat is (Takeshi)?tv set-Radio program OfRecordingA type of method.Pre-recordedAlso known as (Jizen Shuroku). Because the meaning of the kanji "shooting" does not include voice recording, etc.Record and put outIt may be written as.In order to see the true power of a digital camera, it is also called taking a picture to show the JPEG image generated by the digital camera as it is without any editing.


As the term in the broadcasting industry comes out spontaneously, the exact source is not clear, but it is a term / expression that is used almost every day in the broadcasting industry.[1].

Originally on TVNews report-Information program OfReportSo, to broadcast the material that you don't have time to edit without editing it as it was taken.In turn, "take and take out" is sometimes used to mean "breaking news" or "freshly taken."

Also, at the beginning, it did not mean "sufficient to broadcast as it is", but now it also includes it, and in a big sense, "as if"Live broadcastIt has come to be used as a "recording / broadcasting method for shooting / recording and broadcasting the content as it is (uncut) without editing".It ’s like a live broadcast, soAudienceIs often thought of as a live broadcast.

For some people who use this word with an emphasis on "breaking news" as the original meaning, it is actually possible to edit it, such as being broadcast after a certain amount of time has passed since recording. Some people do not use this word to distinguish it.However, since there is no quantitative standard for the elapsed time after recording, the usage differs depending on each interpretation in this respect.

In the case of radio, as in the case of television, using the material as it is without editing in the report of news programs and information programs is "shooting", but since there is no "shooting" on radio, instead of "shooting" It is often written as "record and put out."On the other hand, in the case of a radio that uses only audio, there is often plenty of time for editing work in the actual environment, and even if the material is used as it is, it often suits the quality for broadcasting, so it is used too much. It is a word that cannot be heard.

類 義 語

As a term unique to the Japanese radio broadcasting industry, "Simultaneous package (simultaneous package)There is.In addition, it should be notedComplete package (complete package)Although it is sometimes confused with half-packet (half-package), it is not completely synonymous with simultaneous package because both complete package and half-packet can be edited (edited).


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