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🙋 | Kobe Animal Kingdom Challenges Crowdfunding for the Second Time Corona To improve the quality of life of animals

Photo Shoebill (Photo courtesy of Kobe Animal Kingdom)

Kobe Animal Kingdom Challenges Crowdfunding for the Second Time To Improve the Quality of Life of Corona-Bad Animals

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Even under these circumstances, the Kobe Animal Kingdom is responsible for connecting the lives of animals.

In the Kobe Animal Kingdom in Chuo-ku, Kobe City, we are currently paying for the improvement of exhibition halls and the enhancement of veterinary medical facilities. → Continue reading

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Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe Animal Kingdom(Kobe animal) isHyogoKobe CityChuo-ku OfPort IslandIt is inAnimal and botanical garden.flowerと(I.e.Many exhibited plants were arranged around温室Many birds are free-range. Since the renewal in 2014, the variety of animals on display has increased significantly, and you can directly interact with and feed many of them.


2004 May, bird collectorMototeru KamoKobe Kachoen Co., Ltd. was established.[1],2006 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kobe KachoenOpened as[2].

2013 November 11, Tokyo District CourtCivil Rehabilitation LawI applied for the application of[3].2014 April 4st, Hyogo PrefectureKanzaki-gunFukusaki Town"Animal Escort Service", a group company of the animal facility management company in Kobe, "Animal Kingdom" in Kobe City acquired the management right and took over the business.[4].. Reopened on July 2014, 7 after changing its name to "Kobe Animal Kingdom"[5].

List of facilities and animals

Inside park

* Feeding food is sold in most places except Rocky Valley, and you can feed it freely.

Outside park

Directions and Parking

  1. Kobe Municipal Subway Yamate LineAfter changing toSannomiya StationTake the Portliner from.
  2. About 14 minutes by taxi.

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