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🙋 | The new Game Boy Color RPG "Infinity" that failed in 2002 is back! Steam and swipe ...

Photo The new Game Boy Color RPG "Infinity" that failed in 2002 is back! Steam and switch deployment also decided

The new Game Boy Color RPG "Infinity" that failed in 2002 is back! Steam and swipe ...

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The campaign has also achieved many stretch goals, including Japanese localization, music by Yuzo Koshiro, enhancements * for Game Boy Advance, and enhancements for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Kickstarte of the new RPG "Infinity" for Game Boy Color that started on August 8th ... → Continue reading

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Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Advance(GAME BOY ADVANCE) IsNintendoDeveloped byHandheld gamesmachine.JapanThen.2001 May 3Was released in.Abbreviation is "G. "

1989 Has been on sale fromGame boyIt is the successor to the (GB) series, which was newly released after about 12 years.exclusivesoftBesides, Game Boy andGameboy colorYou can also use the software for.

2010 Game Boy Advance main unit (including SP and micro) and software have all been discontinued.2012 Official repair support for the main unit has also ended.

Some games released on Game Boy AdvanceNintendo 3DS[Annotation 1],Wii UDelivery serviceVirtual consoleIt has been delivered at.

development of

He was the development manager of Nintendo and also worked on the development of Game Boy.Satoshi OkadaPlanned by[3].
At the beginning of development, we were thinking of expressing graphics with polygons, but with semiconductor technology in the latter half of the 1990s when development started, it is technically possible to make 3D game machines portable, but cost and performance Considering this, it was difficult to release it as a game machine, so it was developed as a portable 2D game machine.[3].. The concept is that by becoming 2D, developers who are good at programming 2D games can enter the development.[3].
There was a plan for this machine before Game Boy Color, but there was a point that it takes time to develop new hardware and Okada's idea that we want users to experience Game Boy Color first.[3].
Development began after the release of Game Boy Color, and while considering the opinions of developers who wanted to create new hardware, there was no hesitation in making it compatible with Game Boy.[3].
Initially, we were thinking of following the vertical type up to the conventional model, but the size of the liquid crystal display will be longer than before, and if we make it vertical type, it will be necessary to enlarge the housing, so we decided to use the horizontal type according to the size of the liquid crystal display. became[4].
Equipped with an LR button that was not available on conventional models at the request of software developers[4].
It was technically possible to make this unit even smaller and more sophisticated like the mobile phones released at the same time, but since the monthly production is expected to be several million units, parts that can be mass-produced. Hardware developers struggled to collect parts in a limited environment, as prices would rise without the use of[5].

In addition, the specifications of this machine were changed after the specifications were announced.Initially, the number of colors was 6, but due to the increased memory, it became 32768 colors.[3].


  • 1999 Around Autumn-For the first time, its existence became clear, and Nintendo announced that it was the next-generation Game Boy.Gameboy Advance"2000 8Announced that it will be released in.
  • 2000 May 8 --Announced to be released on March 2001, 3, planned price of 21 yen[6].
  • March 2001, 3-Released in Japan.According to a Famitsu survey, first-week sales in Japan were 21 units.
  • 2002 May 2 ――Price revised from 9,800 yen (excluding tax) to 8,800 yen (excluding tax).
  • 2003
    • May 1 --High-end model "Game Boy Advance SPAnnounced that it will be released on February 2, the same year, the manufacturer's suggested retail price of 14 yen[7].
    • May 2 -"Game Boy Advance SP" released.ChargingThe ceremony became a clamshell (folding) type, and the front light function was added to make the screen brighter.
  • 2004
    • May 9 --Announced that the Game Boy Advance SP will be reduced from the manufacturer's suggested retail price of 9 yen to 16 yen from September 12,500 of the same year.[8].
    • May 12 --Next-generation machine "Nintendo DS"[Annotation 2]Released.
  • 2005
    • May 8 --Miniaturized "Gameboy microAnnounced to be released on September 9th of the same year[9].
    • May 9 --"Game Boy Micro" released.Returning to the horizontally long design and downsizing, from the front lightBacklightWas changed to.
  • 2006 - E3Announced that "there is no successor to Game Boy Advance (new Game Boy) for a while".Following the big hit of the Nintendo DS.
  • 2010 End of March-Final shipments are 3 million units in Japan, 1,696 million units in the United States, 4,164 million units in other countries, and a cumulative total of 2,291 million units worldwide.[1].
  • 2012 June-End of repair support[10].


This machine has four features compared to Game Boy and Game Boy Color.[11].

Wide color screen
The number of colors is monochrome for Game Boy and up to 32768 out of 56 colors for Game Boy, but this unit can display 32768 colors.
The resolution of Game Boy / Game Boy Color is 2.3 inches 160 dots x 144 lines, but this machine is 2.9 inches 240 dots x 160 lines.
32-bit CPU
The Game Boy / Game Boy Color has an 8-bit CPU, but this unit is equipped with a 32-bit CPU.This has improved display capabilities such as pseudo 3D, translucent processing, and image superimposition.[12].
Software compatibility
What is the Game Boy series?compatibilityHas,Infrared communicationInheriting all the behavior of Game Boy Color except[Annotation 3].
The defects are voice-related defects in some software and the screen becomes slightly dark in the initial title.
Some Game Boy Color software has a function to identify the hardware on the software side, and when started with Game Boy Advance, there are some that behave differently from Game Boy Color.[Annotation 4].
When using the communication function with Game Boy / Game Boy Color softwarecommunication cableNeed to prepare an old model.
The Game Boy Advance software has a shorter side than the Game Boy / Game Boy Color software, and even if you put it in a slot such as the previous Game Boy, it will not be electrically connected.Also, the screw shape has been changed.When using the Game Boy / Game Boy Color software, a function to change the screen size (stretch the image horizontally) with the L and R buttons has been added.
The Game Boy / Game Boy Color also had a communication function, but this function was expanded.
A size that fits the small plug in the middle of the cableconnectorThere is a box with, and by connecting another cable here, communication play of up to 4 people is possible.
If the device is started without inserting a cartridge, it will be in a state of waiting for data transfer from the communication terminal. Even if you insert the GBA cartridge and start it, if you press SELECT and START while the logo is displayed, it will be in the same state.This state can be canceled by key operation.If data is input from the communication terminal at this time, it is received and received.ProgramTo start.As a result, with compatible software, it is possible to play against each other with a single cartridge.
Also, on the same principleGBA cableThrough the peripheral device calledNintendo GameCubeIt is also possible to function as a controller forGameboy playerWith the same operation feeling as playing with only the GBA main unit when connectingtv setYou can also play on the screen.In addition, some titles have a communication function with the Nintendo GameCube in the software itself.
Like Game Boy ColorMobile adapter GBbyMobile phoneCan be connected to.However, since all the services on the manufacturer side have ended, the software is now very limited.P2POnly communication is possible.

The main body is made in China or Japan depending on the year of manufacture, and the internal capacitors, coils, chips, etc. are also different.

hardwareAbility of the companySuper NintendoGreatly exceeds (SFC)[Annotation 5]It enables pseudo 3D representation.Therefore, it is possible to port and remake the games that were released for Super Nintendo, and actuallySuper Mario Advance 2And many moretransplant,RemakeA version of the game is on sale.The LCD screen also has a faster response speed, and conventional GB software can also be played by eliminating afterimages on the screen.

However, the number of display pixels from Super Nintendo (resolution) Is a little small, and there is no button equivalent to the X / Y button, so the software ported as it is does not fit in the original game screen range, and the operation system cannot be completely reproduced.


For Game Boy AdvancecartridgeHas notches on both sides of the back, cartridgeslotCartridge identification by the switch insideCPUSwitching[3]..This notch and its related mechanism were later used to prevent the Game Boy series software from physically entering the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Micro slots.


See also NOM September 2000 issue[13].

  • CPU: 32-bit CPU (ARM7TDMI16.78MHz) and 8-bit CPU (customZ80, 4.2 / 8.4MHz) dual configuration[14]..Exclusive use by operation mode.
  • RAM: 32k bytes (CPU internal memory)
  • WRAM: 256 kbytes (CPU external memory)
  • VRAM: 96 kbytes (CPU internal memory)
  • Number of display pixels: 240 x 160 dots[14]
    • With software before Game Boy Color (160 dots x 144 lines), there is a blank space around it, but you can also enlarge it horizontally by pressing the LR button.
  • Number of display colors: 3 colors
  • SHARPMade of 2.9 inch reflective typeTFTEquipped with a color LCD.
    • The LCD is dark in the early lots.
  • Sound: Analog (pulse wave 2ch + waveform memory 1ch + noise 1ch sound source, same as the conventional model) + digital (PCM( PWM・ Software PCM multi-channel synthesis))) 2ch
  • Sound output: Speaker (monaural), headphone jack (stereo)
  • Equipped with the same cross key as Game Boy, 2 buttons A and B, select button, start button, and newly added LR button.
  • Communication function: There are two plugs of different sizes on both ends of the GBA communication cable, and the smaller plug has the younger number.playerThere is a directivity to become.In addition to identifying the player in communication play, this directivity is from the main body on the 1P side (the main body to which a small plug is connected) to another main body in the title corresponding to 1 cartridge battle.データCan be sent.
  • 3 AA alkaline batteries[Annotation 6]It can operate for about 15 hours with the dedicated battery pack (AGB-003) for about 10 hours.

Color variations

Refer to the official website for the original color[15].

Original color
Violet (March 2001, 3-)
White (March 2001, 3-)
Milky Blue (March 2001, 3-)
Milky Pink (April 2001, 4-)
Orange (December 2001, 12-)
Black (December 2001, 12-)
gold(2002 July 9 - )
Silver (September 2002, 9-)
Toys'R'UsOriginal color
Midnight Blue (October 2001, 10-)
Pokemon CenterOriginal model
Suicune Blue (March 2001, 3-)
Celebi Green (July 2001, 7-)
Pokemon CenterNYVersion (November 2001, 11-)
Latias Latios version (July 2002, 7-)
DaieiLimited model
Clear Orange & Clear Black (September 2001, 9-)
Ito-YokadoLimited model
GiantsVersion (November 2001, 10-)
Rockman Custom Set (Included)バ ト ル ネ ッ ト ワ ー ク ロ ッ ク マ ン エ グ ゼ 2) (December 2001, 12-)
JuscoLimited model
MarioBros. version (November 2001, 11-)
TSUTAYALimited model
Silver (September 2001, 12-)
Limited model included with game software
Reflect pink (Hello KittyCollection Miracle Fashion Maker) (October 2001, 10-)
KofSpecifications Clear Black (THE KING OF FIGHTERS EX NEO BLOOD) (January 2002, 1-)
chobitsSpecifications Clear Blue (Chobits for Gameboy Advance I'm the only human) (September 2002, 9-)
Limited model outside Japan
Limited Edition Platinum
TARGET Exclusive Red


Model numberNameRemarksPrice
AGB-001Gameboy AdvanceBody8,800 Yen
AGB-002Game Boy Advance CartridgeThere is no sale of cartridges only.
AGB-003battery packSold as a set, the battery pack is also compatible with Nintendo GameCube Wavebird.EneloopSince nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries such as these are treated as external products, there is a description in the manual that they should not be used.3,500 Yen
AGB-005communication cableFor GBA software only1,400 Yen
AGB-006Infrared communication adapter"Cyber ​​Drive Zoid Machine Beast Warrior HuIncluded in.
Game Boy Advance Wireless AdapterDifferent from (AGB-015).
9,980 Yen
AGB-007Battery caseSet with battery pack
AGB-008Power connection unitSold as a set1,500 Yen
AGB-009AC adapter
AGB-010Card e-readerCard eEquipment for reading.Not compatible with higher standard cards e +.5,800 Yen
AGB-013Motion sensor cartridge"Yoshi's Universal Gravity] Etc.
Sun sensor cartridge"Our sunUsed for "series".4,980 Yen
AGB-014Card e-reader +High-end model of AGB-010.Communication function and save function with Game Boy Advance and GameCube have been added.
When using with the Game Boy Advance SP main unit, attach a protective cover (AGB-016).
4,800 Yen
AGB-015Game Boy Advance Wireless AdapterWireless communicationAllows communication play without a communication cable.
It can also be used as a substitute for a communication cable with compatible software.
2,000 Yen
AGB-0166pin protective coverUsed when using Card e-Reader + with Game Boy Advance SP.
AGB-019Rotation sensor cartridge"WarioWare: Twisting Made in Wario』Used for.4,800 Yen
AGB-021Vibration cartridge"Screw breaker Todoroki Dozer』Used for.3,800 Yen
AGB-023GBA cleanerA tool for cleaning the GBA terminal.
Included in the "Nintendo DS Series Dedicated Cleaner Set".
1,000 Yen

Licensed product

Advanced movie (AM3)
You can play videos, comics, and music on the GBA itself.
Music player MP3 (Kemco)
You can record and play music on the GBA itself.
Play yan (Nintendo)
You can play videos and music on the GBASP, GBA Micro, and Nintendo DS consoles.[16]

Game software

The launch title is from NintendoF-ZERO FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCEAnd 'Super Mario Advance4 titles such as "Castlevania: Circle of the Moon"Or"Mr. Driller 226 titles have been released.

In Japan, the peak number of titles released was in 2002, the year after the main unit was released, and most of the GBA software released after 2006 were those that had been under development before the release of the DS and ported works from other models. 2006May 4It was released in Japan and sold 40 bottles.MOTHER3Was the last hit, the same yearMay 8Release "Rhythm heavenIs Nintendo's last GBA software, 2006May 11Release "FINAL FANTASY VI Advance』(ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ) Became the last GBA software. Compared to the Game Boy whose software was released for 13 years, it was short-lived.On the other hand, software was released outside Japan after that.


Gold & Silver[17][18]
Kano sistersKyoko Kano recommended "gorgeous gold" and Mika Kano recommended "chic silver", and an adult man begged "I want both".


Informally, using the communication portPCCable to connect with and software development using thistoolExists, and personal production using theseProgram,Doujin GameIs also being developed.AlsoUNIX In USER magazinegccA short-term serialization on how to develop GBA applications usingBookIt has become.This is genericCPUIsARM architectureIt can be said that the adoption of the above and the implementation of useful instructions for implementation on the main body side help the development by the general public.In addition, it seems that materials related to hardware were leaked at GBA at a fairly early stage, even before the actual machine was released.emulatorWas developed and published on the Internet.


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注 釈

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