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🌐 | "Words" that more than 6% of people couldn't understand "Can't you understand anymore?"


"Words" that more than 6% of people couldn't understand "Can't you understand anymore?"

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, new net slang is being created one after another on SNS, mainly among young people.

"Net slang" that appeared in large numbers during the heyday of 2ch.About half of the current teens don't seem to understand ...These days ... → Continue reading


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Internet slang

Internet slangIt is,インターネットUsed inColloquialismAndInternet usersIs mainly used言语Performance.Net slang,Net termSometimes called.

PC communicationMany words have been used since the times and their origins are unclear. In this sectionComputer networkThe examples found on the services ofComputerな どInformation processingIt is not closely related to the limitations inherent in technology and the communication media on which they are based. Also, some of the Internet slang is simply slangInternet communitySome of them are just for use above, some are quoted from some entertainment, etc., but are omitted here.


Internet slangInternet communityThe original definition is the special language expression used in.米 国InLeet speakThere are similar words such as, which can be said to be a part of the simultaneous multiple cultural phenomenon.

チ ャ ッ ト,Electronic bulletin boardOr電子 メ ー ルでuserAmongAlternating currentAlthough it is a word born fromJapanThen.2000 Since the internetAdsAlso included in some, like thisSecret word,ColloquialismThere were some movements to appeal to the people sensitive to.2010 eraRecognition has progressed past, and some Internet slangMass mediaIt has become commonly used in daily life. At the same time, there are some people who dislike using it outside the Internet, such as in business situations.[1].

Internet slangEyeでarticle,TextDue to the nature of the Internet community, reading aloud is largely unpredictable. In principle from this backgroundCharacter languageCan be interpreted as a kind ofSpokenGenerally penetrated asSpoken languageThere is also an Internet slang that has acquired the status as[Note 1].

Although it is called an "Internet" slang, it may be related to media before the spread of the Internet for its formation, or slang of another origin disseminated via the Internet may be referred to as the Internet slang. Not something. Also, in recent yearsTwitter [Note 2],Instagram,TikTokSuch asSocial networking services(SNS) is the real life of the younger generationtv setBecame closely related to mass media such asBuzzword,Youth wordsThe definition of Internet slang is becoming increasingly vague, partly because the boundary between and is obscure. Furthermore, the rapid development of SNS and the large amount of written languages ​​that are exchanged make it possible for many people to transit without being recognized as Internet slang.Internet memeThe vocabulary that disappears naturally is increasing.


The following categories are for convenience of explanation. It is used in a conventional manner, and is not intended to be used in the following classifications. There are also words that span several categories below.

Abbreviation-略 語
This type has been found since the age of personal computer communication,keyboardPeople with slow input tend to take the initiative in using it, and it can be said that it is a word developed mainly on chat and BBS (electronic bulletin board system). These are intended for simple input and are used for expressing emotions.Japanese input systemRegistered in advanceemoticonThe form of using can be included in this.
Like "GJ" (Good Job)Acronym, Like "thx" (thanks)LeetIn addition to the notation, Japanese abbreviations such as "Congratulations" (Congratulations) and converted "Otsu" (Thank you for your hard work → Otsu (sometimes used when fanning)), " There are acronym expressions in Japanese such as "JK" (high school girl → Joshi Kousei, or thinking in common sense → Joushikiteki ni Kangaete)."Laughing"(Lol)As I omitted typing, I took the acronym of Roman letters and became "w".
typo·Wrong conversion・Alternative words/substitution characters
Key input error (Typo),Japaneseな どInput conversionOversight (Wrong conversion), Etc., which originally occurred accidentally, have come to be used favorably when it is an interesting character string as intended, but it is entered as a prohibited word. There are intentionally mistranslated words as an alternative to words that are restricted. For example, on electronic bulletin boards that suspend offensive language on the system, various alternative words have occurred ("Tahine", "Mr. Ne", "Outside the base", etc.). AlsoGal characterSome characters such as "n" and "so" are replaced with similar characters, or one character like "ne Shin" (God)漢字There are also things that decompose the kanji into multiple kanji, and things that combine multiple letters like "profit" (believer).
絵 文字-Ascii art
Create a picture by combining letters and symbols. "ASCII art" isInitialsIt may be abbreviated as AA. The emojis are listed above,Japanese conversion programIt is also used to support easy input by registering in. An example of this is "orz," which is an image of a person who is depressed and bent over.
Electronic bulletin board terminology
Thread float type bulletin boardTerm used in. A typical example is thread (thread), Less (response),board(Area where bulletin boards are divided by genre and category).
Internet related terms
OriginallyInformation processing OfTechnical term, Or the name of a product of a specific company is used in a diverted form.ス パ ム(Luncheon meat→spam) And the like.Search engine OfGoogleUsingSearch ProductsWhat you do may be expressed as "guguru". Revised July 2006, 7Merriam-Webster University DictionaryIn the 11th edition, "google" is added as a verb.[Note 3]. Also,Oxford English DictionaryAlso added "Google" as a verb in the June 2006, 6 revision[Note 4].. "Guguru (verb google)" is simply ((NetIt is also beginning to be used in the sense of "search" (on the above Web search site), and it is becoming established as a general verb beyond the scope of Netslang.[4].
Many of these have been treated as "vulgar words" before the Internet, but some have been diverted as they are, but on the other hand, they have been transformed into the Internet slang style through the various processes mentioned above. Things can be seen.

Form of use

They are,チ ャ ッ ト,Electronic bulletin boardMainly used above,GameHowever, it can be seen that it has a chat function. In particular, the chat may use abbreviations and slang used only within the game. EspeciallycomputerOn the sideclientsoftwareTheInstallIn addition, in the paid service with a billing system,BoardThere is a tendency that there is a wide variety of prohibited words, with the intention of soundening the sound of users and keeping out unpleasant users.ReplacementThere is also a lot of trouble with users searching for loopholes such as words.

Also, emotional expression is restricted to the textInternet communityIn the United States, in search of friendliness and emotional expressionSlangThere are people who usejargonIt does not tend to change, but it is used to express the atmosphere of a relatively broken place.

Also, the so-calledWeb 2.0The kind of coined words that indicate a particular tendency or thought on the Internet, such asBlogThere are also examples of public announcements in news media.


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  1. ^ High school girlExamples are "JK", which represents, and "Kusa," which represents smiling. On the other hand, "barleyMany Internet slangs are not given a certain reading, and cannot be said to have acquired the status as a spoken language.
  2. ^ Twitter defines Twitter as a "communication network with social elements" (communications network), not an SNS.
  3. ^ "Search engineInformation about (something/someone) using GoogleWorld Wide Web"To use the Google search engine to obtain information about (someone or something) on ​​the World Wide Web ""[2]
  4. ^ "Search for information about (someone or something) on ​​the Internet using the search engine Google."[3]


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