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🌐 | Finance Minister Aso's behavioral restrictions "Is it effective?"

Photo Taro Aso, Minister of Finance

Finance Minister Aso's behavioral restrictions "Is it effective?"

If you write the contents roughly
When these remarks are reported, on the net, "You are the commander, not the questioner", "You are the ones who are proclaiming", "Don't say the parties", "It's really another person's affair", "Like other people's affairs" "Don't say it's missing ..." "Too many tongue-in-cheek cases" "How many times have you seen the ugly scene where this person cursed himself about his responsibility and faced others?" "No, finally decided You guys are terrifying!

Finance Minister Taro Aso held a press conference on the 21st, and on Twitter, "Finance Minister Aso" entered the trend and other topics ... → Continue reading

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