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🌐 | Kumiko Takeda's "scallop swimsuit" becomes a hot topic on the net as a hometown tax refund in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture


Kumiko Takeda's "scallop swimsuit" becomes a hot topic on the net as a hometown tax return gift in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture

If you write the contents roughly
I wasn't aware of Kumiko Takeda, but in the end, I'm connected. "

On the XNUMXrd, the seafood dealer "Abe Shoten" in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture will manufacture and sell it as a reward for "Hometown Tax Payment" ... → Continue reading


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Kumiko Takeda

Kumiko Takeda(Kumiko Takeda,1968 May 8 -) is Japaneseactress, A former idol.Original planning →Horipro→Fit One→Scroll Co., Ltd.After working, belonged to Global Promotion Co., Ltd.


With both parentsShizuokaFrom[1]..Born in Shizuoka prefecture, where the mother's parents' home is[1][2][3].. When I was two and a half years oldTokyoNakanoMove to[1][3]..After graduating from Wakamiya Kindergarten in Nakano, the family moved to Tokyo.KitaTabataBuild your own home and move to[1][3].Kita Ward Takinogawa Daiyon Elementary School[1]After working at Horikoshi Junior High School (currently closed)[1]Horikoshi High Schoolgraduate.

When I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, with my younger brotherUnakowaAppeared on TV commercials.My younger brother has appeared in TV commercials for baby products from babies.[1], I've always wanted to stand out since I was a kid, and one day I wanted to be a talent.[1]..In junior high school1981 May 11[1], I saw in a magazineTokyo UniversitySponsored by "Idol Produce Study Group"University of Tokyo Komaba FestivalI applied for the "2nd University of Tokyo Idol Contest '81" by myself and won the championship out of a total of 1263 people.[1][3], Becomes a hot topic as "the idol chosen by the University of Tokyo students"[1]..This is scouted at the edge[3]..Immediately afterSatoshi Ishii34 minutes of directorShort filmFirst appearance in the movie as a heroine in "" (released in the fall of 1983)[1].

1982 ,Japanese movie"High teen boogie』Appeared as a heroine.In the play, starringMasahiko KondoWithsillaginoidDue to the scene, various from Kondo's enthusiastic fansharassmentAs a result, the situation became such that the entertainment activities themselves were hindered at one point.

1983 Debuted as a singer with "It's okay to become a rumor".Appeared in many dramas and movies.1990 eraFromGravure magazineAnd bold in photo booksNude picturesShow off and gain popularity.1999 With Americansmarriage.The United States of AmericaCaliforniaSan DiegoへにEmigrationBut2016 May 1,divorceIs established.Regarding the reason for divorce, he revealed that from the perspective of Japanese women, marrying a foreign man who is different in culture and race is stressful and dissatisfied.[4].


  • Before debuting as an idol, in Horikoshi Junior High School, the boys' idol group "Big mammothAt the age of 14 due to a water accidentDeathThat I was dating Keiichi Yamasaki2005 Described in the published book "Kumiko no Roku"[5].
  • 1989 (HeiseiIn the photo book "My Dear Stephanie" released in the first year)Scallop OfShellfish殻をbreastAttached toSwimwear"Seashell"ビ キ ニBecame a hot topic, and will be taken up as one of the episodes when talking about Takeda.[6]..This became a connection, and in 2014 (Heisei 26)HokkaidoMonbetsuInaugurated as a scallop campaign girl[7].
  • He knows the difficulty and stress of international marriage with foreign men and says, "Is it okay for foreigners for a while?"[8].
  • 夫の仕事の都合でニ ュ ー ヨ ー クに住んでいた40歳の時、おへそにEarringsを開けており、ブログや著書ではへそピアスのコレクションやピアスを着けたセクシーなおへそを披露している。

Books and video works

Photo album


  • My Way Girl (1983, Shogakukan)
  • Adult mood-Pounding heart is Amanojaku (1983, Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • Kumiko Takeda's way of life There is a reason to be beautiful (July 2004, 7, Shogakukan) ISBN 978-4-09-363112-9
  • Kumiko Takeda Kumiko Takeda A collection of magical words that make you beautiful (January 2005, 1, Kodansha)ISBN 978-4-06-212788-2
  • Precious KUMIKO Body (May 2005, Ascom)ISBN 978-4-7762-0244-8
  • How to make Kumiko Takeda with DVD (July 2006, 7, Shogakukan)ISBN 978-4-09-363113-6
  • Why can I still be Kumiko Takeda even at the age of 43 (November 2011, 11, Shogakukan)ISBN 978-4-09-363731-2

Video work

  • SEXY SHOT (1986, Tokuma Communications) LD simultaneous
  • Burning Venus (1988, Toho)
  • Adorable ... (1989, Kasakura Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • Venus's Ugly (1991, JVD) LD Simultaneous
  • DVD resale as physical (1991, power sports) "Legend Gold"
  • Monroe mood (1991, Continental Shobo)
  • Invitation to Dazzle (1992, pack-in video)
  • Invitation (1992,Pony canyon) LD at the same time
  • Excellent Rouge-The Last Provocation- (1994, Nikkatsu)
  • Play (1995, Kasakura Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • DIVA (2002, hmp) VHS, DVD



  1. It can be rumored (January 1983, 1)
    (C / w) North wind
  2. Shower Holiday (May 1983, 5)
    (C / w) I can't return from Nagisa
  3. Binkan ... (August 1983, 8)
    (C / w) Thermy Mama
  4. Dream Airship (May 1984, 5)
    (C / w) Jersey season
  5. My Boy (September 1984, 9)
    (C / w) Gingham BUS STOP


  • Kumi Communication (March 1983, 3)
  • Kumi Collection 15/83 (1983)
  • Complete Kumi Collection (2007)

Appearance history

TV drama






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