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📦 | [Sold out in a few minutes after sale] Hurry up before it runs out!5 Cheesecakes You Can Buy Online


[Sold out in a few minutes after sale] Hurry up before it runs out!5 Cheesecakes You Can Buy Online

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You can enjoy different flavors depending on the drink you pair with, such as orange juice, tea, coffee, and sweet milk coffee.

Cheesecake is very popular as a souvenir and gift as well as a reward sweet at the house cafe.Sweets ... → Continue reading


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coffee milk

coffee milk(Coffee Gyunyu,British: Coffee milk) IsmilkSuch asDairy productsTocoffeeandsugarSeasoned withBeverage OfPopular name.



JapanThen,1923 (Taisho12 years)May 4ToKanagawa OfMoriyama DairyThe products manufactured byTokaido Main LineKofu Station OfEkibenIs a storeTokakenWhat was sold at the shop was the first coffee milk in the store in a bottle.[1]..The founder of Moriyama Milk Industry developed it after trial and error in order to spread milk and coffee, which had not yet become popular in Japan.MoneyIt was an expensive product of 20 sen in the era, but it has gained popularity and can be lined up at various stations.[2].Public bath,SpaThen.Bottling Ofmilk,Fruit milkIt was also a staple.

Institutional position

2000 Woke up in JapanSnow Brand Group Food Poisoning CaseAfter that,2001 (13) Changed the fair competition rules regarding the labeling of drinking milk[3]After 2003 (Heisei 15)Raw milkOnly 100% "milk"NotationIt was decided not to do it.Therefore, coffee milk is exactly "with coffee"milk beverageAnd the product name is "Cafe au lait","Cafe latte, "Milk coffee", etc.Foreign wordsOr just "coffeeIt has been changed to the notation such as.


AmericaThen,1930 eraIntroductionRhode IslandSo, a simple dining room that tries to attract customers with new drinksDrug storeCoffee milk came to be served.One of those owners sweetened coffee with milk and sugar,MolasseslikesyrupMade.Coffee milk with Rhode IslandMassachusettsThis coffee syrup sold well, favored by Southeastern residents.1993 Coffee milk has become the official beverage of Rhode Island[4][5].

Famous drinker

American professional wrestling organization "WWEWrestlerJohn CenaSeems to like it a lot when he came to JapanMicrophone performanceI took it in.

Manufacturing characteristics

To prevent coagulation and precipitation of milk components pH After adjusting the pH of about 5.0 coffee extract from pH 6.5 to pH 7.0, milk components are added and sterilization is performed.However, the aroma component of coffee is lost during the pH adjustment process.[6].

Main coffee milk


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