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📦 | Nagasaki University Relay Lecture held online A total of 4 times to learn about the global environment

At the photo satellite venue, Mr. Tsujii's online lecture was projected on the screen = Nagasaki University

Nagasaki University Relay Course Held Online A total of 4 times to learn about the global environment

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He said that the ever-expanding economy needs to be reviewed and that "everything should be done within the speed at which the natural environment can be restored."

This year's Nagasaki University Relay Lecture "Planetary Health-What We Should Work on Now ... → Continue reading

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natural environment(Shinkankankyo,British: natural environment) IsArtificialDoes not depend onNATUREFormed by the original compositionEnvironmentSay.Animal-plantIt becomes the basis of its growth and habitatterrain-Geology, These weaveEcosystem,Landscape, The category of activities is often used for the contact between people and nature.

Environmental impact assessmentThe "natural environment" insound,smellAtmospheric environment, such asWater qualityWater environment,soilThe category includes the above-mentioned animals, plants, and ecosystems in addition to topography and geology. 


The main purpose is to regain the natural environment lost by past development.2002 December by legislationNatural Renewal Promotion ActHas been enacted, and the country has stipulated that.


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