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📦 | So 0-5 Raku (6th) Takinaka wins 9th

Rakuten Takinaka = PayPay Dome, who won the 6th victory with no runs in the 9th inning

So 0-5 Raku (6th) Takinaka wins 9th

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In the 8th inning, Moinelo was thrown in with a 3-point behind, but his left arm was hit by 2 hits, 2 hits and 1 dead balls, and he couldn't get 2 death and suffered XNUMX runs.

Rakuten took the lead with a timely hit on the island in the first inning, and Okajima doubled in the seventh inning.Two points were added to the eighth inning. No runs for 2 pitchers ... → Continue reading

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