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📦 | Mr. Akishinomiya and Iwate farmers attend online exchange with Mr. and Mrs. Tamura of Kuji

Photo Farmers in Iwate Prefecture interacting online with Mr. Akishinomiya = 11th, Morioka City (representative photo)

Online exchange between Mr. Akishinomiya and a farmer in Iwate Mr. and Mrs. Tamura of Kuji attended

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Four farmers in the prefecture who have received the Agricultural Achievement Award have gathered in Morioka City, and Governor Takuya Tasso and Chairman Kazuhiro Sasaki of the Dai Nihon Nōkai Iwate Branch were present and connected online with Mr. Akishinomiya. ..

On the 11th, Mr. Akishinomiya interacted online with the excellent farmers recommended by the Dai Nihon Nōkai in Iwate prefecture, where he is the president. … → Continue reading

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Governor Takuya Tatsumasu

Japan Agricultural Association Iwate Branch


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