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🌐 | Secretary General Akira Amari "Smartphones are Japanese inventions" on the internet "That's right" "Eh?" NHK Sunday debate

Photo Akira Amari

Secretary General Amari Akira "Smartphone is an invention of Japan" online "That's right" "Eh?" NHK Sunday debate

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We are winning this in technology, so we will win in business as well, "said Japan's growth strategy.

Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party Akira Amari will appear on NHK's "Sunday Debate" on the 17th.With your own smartphone in your hand, "The world here ... → Continue reading

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Growth strategy

Growth strategyWhat is "SEICHO"Business Administrationthe termone of.large company,Foreign-affiliated companiesSuch as組織 growthWith the goal ofmanagementIf so, clarify what to do for that.

JapanThen, it is not limited to one company or corporate groupGrow the country's economyThis term is also used when aiming to make people.


In general,Competition policy,Regulatory reform(Deregulation),Trade liberalization, Education investment, technology development,Macro economyStability is important for growth[1].

JapaneseDemocratic government"New Growth Strategy" (June 2010), "Basic strategy for revitalizing Japan(October 2011), "Japan Revitalization StrategyWas created (July 2012)[2].First Abe CabinetIs a growth strategy. The growth strategy in the second Abe Cabinet isAbenomicsIs one of the things that are said toTax reductionIncrease corporate profits by implementingGross national incomeThe goal is to improve

The view of an expert

economist OfHeizo TakenakaPointed out that "regulatory reforms and opening the private sector to the private sector are the foundations of growth strategies."[3].

EconomistMotoshige Ito“Growth strategies tend to line up policies in individual fields, but a macroeconomic perspective is needed.[4]"When discussing growth strategies,Supply side(Supply)” and “Demand Side (need)” is important. Many policies related to growth strategies work on the supply side, and deregulation, market opening, and tax system changes are all supply-side policies.[5]“A growth strategy from the supply side is important for Japan's sustainable growth.Regulatory reform・The aim of the growth strategy is to increase the potential growth rate of Japan through market reforms, etc. to boost the growth rate in the medium to long term.[6]"I point out.

EconomistIwata Kazumasa"There is only a growth strategy to overcome the situation where the real consumption level decreases in the long term. The most important factor to increase productivity isOpen economyIt is pointed out that[7].

EconomistYukio Noguchi"A lot of people think that the growth strategy is that the government selects areas that are expected to grow in the future, and provides them with subsidies to develop them. Is almost synonymous with “need for government assistance.” For each ministry, a “growth strategy” is a means to obtain a budget. There's a big problem with strategy, because it's often only a posteriori to know which areas can grow."[8].

EconomistPaul KrugmanCriticizes, "If we find a way to ensure economic growth, poverty will disappear from all over the world. Economics will be unnecessary."[1].

EconomistTakero Doi“Don't rely on or expect the planned growth strategy of the government.economic growth rateIt is impossible to directly increase What the government can do is to eliminate excessive intervention."[9].

EconomistYasushi Harada"The growth strategy is to focus on deregulation, not on specific industries. The growth strategy must be deregulation, market opening, privatization, and tax cuts, not industrial policy." Are[10].

EconomistYoichi Takahashi"For the sake of economic growth, it is better not to let the government stand out. The best economic policy (growth strategy) of the government is to do nothing.[11]"The government's growth strategy also needs to be reversed, asking the people to choose a "growth industry" rather than a preference for a particular industry.[12]"I point out.

Motoshige Ito pointed out, "If a growth strategy works on the supply side, it could act as a factor to reduce prices. If supply capacity only increases while demand does not increase, it will act as a pressure to reduce prices." ing[13].

EconomistTakeshi Kataoka"For growth strategies for the private sector,Potential growth rateI can not expect how much to push up because the unknown part is large. It may be the government's greatest role to improve the cash flow of people who have ideas but not money," he said.[14].

Democratic government growth strategy

EconomistNorihisa Iwata"The new growth strategy of the Democratic Party government announced in 2009 is a revival of industrial policy during the former LDP administration era, and there are problems from the viewpoint of deregulation and competition policy.[15]"The Democratic government was criticized for not having a growth strategy, soMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryCabinet decision on "New Growth Strategy"[16]"I point out. Iwata pointed out about the "new growth strategy" of the Democratic Party's government in 2009, "It's not a strategy, it's just exaggerated words and katakana, and it has only unfounded numerical goals."[16].

Abenomics Growth Strategy

EconomistTetsuro Sugiura"The government's recommendation isIndustrial policyIdea is too strong. The idea that the economy as a whole grows if we focus on growth industries is too simple."[17].

Yoichi Takahashi points out that “growth strategy is called, but why do bureaucrats know the growth areas? It is possible for companies to set targets and invest resources into them, but not at the national level.”[18].. Takahashi points out that "it is necessary to create a special Abenomics zone such as Tokyo and Osaka to open a hole in the rock mass regulation, and it will be possible for a limited time period or region only."[19].

EconomistNaomi Murakami"Growth strategies are policies that boost the power of the private economy, but before they know it, they are replaced by policies that involve how the public sector spends its budget," he said.[20].


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