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🌐 | "I just stamped the marriage notification" Kentaro Sakaguchi, viewer enthusiast as a straight-laced salesman "Suganami on a different world line"

Photo Drama "Only Just Married" Episode 1 Scene Photo (C) TBS

"I just stamped the marriage report" Kentaro Sakaguchi, viewer enthusiastic as a straight-laced salesman "Suganami on a different world line"

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After that, the story goes on, and when Hiiragi wants to have a fake marriage in order to keep thinking of "a person who can not get married", and his character that is not straightforward, such as a sham marriage and a strict personality, he is drawn on the net. Above, "The type is different from Mr. Suganami, but the place I'm sick of is the same" "It's fundamentally different from Mr. Suganami, I feel the same smell," "Like Mr. Suganami on a different world line" "Momose's The unfriendly condition overlaps with the first teacher, Mr. Suganami. "

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