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🌐 | Jiro Shinbo "How stupid are those who believe in writing in weekly magazines and online?" Mako at a wedding press conference

Photo Jiro Shinbo (Tokyo Sports Web)

Jiro Shinbo "How stupid are those who believe in writing in weekly magazines and online?" Mako at a wedding press conference

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After complaining of a sense of crisis, "I have to do something about the deterioration of Japanese speech," and with Mako Komuro and Kei, who will live in the United States in mind, "What is a life that can only be lived in the United States?" ??

Former newscaster Jiro Shinbo (XNUMX) updated Twitter on the XNUMXth.At the wedding press conference of Mako Komuro and Kei ... → Continue reading

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Mako Komuro

Mako Komuro[2][3][4](Mako Komuro,1991 〈Heisei3 years>May 10 -) isJapanSource ofroyal.Order etc. TheOrder of the Precious Crown.

The old name and position of the imperial familyMakoInner prince(Mako-nno)Title TheYour Highness[5].Seal TheLady Banks' rose(Lady Banks' rose).

Akishinomiya FumihitoとNorikoThe first girl (first child).EmperorTokujin(Emperor Imakami) To my uncleKiyoko KurodaIs my aunt.To my sisterYoshikoTo my younger brotherYuuhitoThere is.EmperorAkihitoとEmpress MichikoFirst grandson.

The residence of the imperial eraTokyoMinato-kuFormer Akasaka OfAkasaka Imperial LandAkishinomiya residence inside.With the repair work2019 (31) From February to marriage, he temporarily lived with his parents and sister and younger brother at "Gokagusho".[6].



1991 (Heisei3 years)May 10,Imperial Household AgencyBorn in.On the same dayGift sword ceremony..At this time, the 125th emperor of his paternal grandfatherAkihitoThe guardian sword given byImportant intangible cultural propertyHolder (Human national treasure) CertifiedMasamine SumitaniWork of.With Emperor AkihitoMichiko EmpressWas his first grandson.

same yearMay 10,Naming ceremonyIs held, fatherAkishinomiya FumihitoTherefore, "MakoIs named.This name was named with the wish of "living life as it is, without losing the natural things, naturally, without decorating."[7].

Go to Gakushuin

1998 (10) October,Gakushuin Elementary Schooladmission.afterwardsGakushuin Women's Middle and High SchoolGo on to school.During this time2005 From around (17), he often accompanies and sits with his parents in public affairs and interviews, mainly in Japan, and there are more opportunities to appear in front of the people as the oldest Naishinnō.His nickname in high school was "Makoshi"[8].

2006 (18) During the summer vacation period from August 8rd to 3thオーストリア OfViennaでHome stayDid.Homestay is my maternal grandfatherTatsuhiko KawashimaWas a colleague ofAustrianHouse.For some timeArt,buildingInterested inMuseumAndSt. Stephen's Cathedral,Schoenbrunn PalaceSuch asBuildingVisited[9].

In 2006 (Heisei 18), his father, Prince Fumihito,MieAccompany the visitIse ShrineCeremonyI visited the event "Kawahiki" and participated in the event myself.While in high school2008 From (20), independent public affairs have also started.[10].

College days

2009 (21) October,International Christian UniversityTheAO entrance examinationIt was announced that I took the exam at[11].. In 2010Gakushuin High SchoolGraduated from International Christian University in April of the same yearFaculty of Liberal ArtsEnrolled in the Department of Arts and Sciences.This is the first time for the imperial family to enter the university.[Annotation 1]..Joined the snow skiing competition club[12]..From July 7, the same year, as an overseas English training at the universityRepublic of IrelandStudy abroad for a monthNational University of Ireland DublinでEnglishBesides learningtrainingAs a member of lifePresident of Ireland OfMary McAleeseAnd talk withThe United Kingdom OfNorthern IrelandI also visited rural areas[13][14].

2011 (23) October,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) Hide your identity in the disaster areavolunteerPerformed the activity[8].. May 10, same year,adultWelcomeOrder of the Precious CrownWas awarded.Since then, he has attended various events and ceremonies as an adult royal family.[15].

2012 (24) In April, advanced to the third grade and majored in art and cultural property research.While in schoolcuratorQualifications andDriver's licenseGet[16][17].. August 2012, 24, from September of the same year to May of 8 (Heisei 3)The United Kingdom OfEdinburgh UniversityIt was reported by the Cabinet to study abroad at[18]..At the universityArt historyLearned[16]..Studying abroad at the same university of the imperial familyTakamado Palace OfQueen SeikoBecoming the 2th person after[18].

2014 In March (26), graduated from the College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University, and said, "Bachelor (Liberal Arts)Obtained a degree[12].Graduation thesis TheJapanese mythWas the subjectA paintingThe theme of "MeijiThe birth, development, and conflict of mythological paintings in the times "(English, p. 80).same yearInternational Ceramics Festival MinoInaugurated as Honorary Governor[16][19].

Graduate school

August 2014 (Heisei 26),University of LeicesterGraduate SchoolsMuseologyGraduate SchoolEnrolled in[20][21], Leaving Japan.The following day, in September 2015, I will return to Japan after completing the course at the same graduate school.[22].

While in graduate school, just like any other studentStudent DormitoryLiving in, under the guidance of Professor Simon KnellLeopold and RudolIn addition to writing a master's thesis "Possibilities of Interpreting Objects in Museums" based on the marine life model ofBritish Royal FamilyWe also interacted with.Also, for 2015 weeks from July 27,Coventry Of(English edition)Participated in a practical training program atLester Of(English edition)Also engaged in research at[23][24][25][26].

In October of the same year after returning to Japan, he took over from his father, Prince Fumihito.Japan Tennis AssociationInaugurated as Honorary Governor.All Japan Tennis ChampionshipAt the award ceremonyEmperor's cupHas been awarded.November of the same yearUniversity Museum, The University of TokyoAppointed as a visiting researcher[27].

2016 (28)May 1Attended the graduation ceremony of the University of Leicester Graduate School,Master (Museology)Received a diploma[28].. same year,JP TowerAcademic Culture Museum (Japan PostとTokyo UniversityIndustry-academia collaboration project) Appointed as a visiting researcher at "Intermediatheque"[29][30].. May 4, same year,University Museum, The University of TokyoAppointed as a specially appointed researcher.I work about 3 times a week while giving priority to public affairs[31].. May 6, same year,Japan Craft SocietyInaugurated as president.The main business of the associationJapanese Traditional Craft ExhibitionIs selecting the President's Award and the Takamatsunomiya Kinen Award.[32].

In September of the same year, he entered the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, International Christian University.Comparative cultureFocusing on museology, whose research area is[33].

Engagement offer and postponement

2017 (29)May 5, "A classmate of International Christian University,法律 事務所Of workKei Komuro(Kei Komuro, hereinafter referred to as Kei)engagementPreparations are underway. "[34]..On the same day, the Imperial Household Agency also announced that it would be engaged[35], It was decided to advance the announcement of the engagement offer, which was originally scheduled after the fall of the same year.[36].

same yearMay 9In the morning, the emperor at that time, who was my grandfatherAkihitoEngagement was decided with the approval of 11:15 am,Secretary of the Imperial Household Agency-Shinichiro YamamotoOfficially announced the engagement offer[37]..At 3:XNUMX pm on the same day, Mako Komuro and Kei held an engagement press conference at the Akasaka Imperial Property in the Akasaka Imperial Property.[38]..In addition, the engagement offer isMay 7It was supposed to be announced inJuly 29 Heavy rain in northern KyushuHas been postponed.

After that, various reports about Kei's family, such as "There is a financial problem between Kei Komuro's mother and his ex-fiancé," continued in 2018 (Heisei 30).May 2, The Imperial Household Agency is Mako Komuro'sCeremonyAnnounced that it will postpone marriage-related ceremonies such as[39]..Mako Komuro announced her "feelings" in a document, saying, "In the wake of the news of an unexpected time, we talked about various events related to marriage and life after marriage, and each parent and relationship I've been preparing in consultation with people, but now I realize that I don't have enough time to prepare for the events and post-marriage life that I'm planning to have before my autumn marriage. " Explained[40].

 Up until now, we have been preparing for various events related to marriage and life after marriage by discussing with each other and consulting with their parents and related people.However, in the process, I came to realize that I could not afford to prepare enough for the events and post-marriage life that I am planning to have before my autumn marriage.

 I would like to look back on what has been done so far.Engagement was reported at an unexpected time in May last year.We were confused by this, but since we had decided to marry, we decided that it was better not to prolong the ambiguous state, and the engagement was decided ahead of schedule. We have decided to announce that.We are very grateful to many people for their congratulations on the announcement of the engagement offer.After that, in November of last year, we planned and announced various events after that.

 However, I think I was in a hurry to do various things.Once here, we should have carefully considered whether this speed really suits us, but we chose to move forward, both in terms of engagement announcements and beyond. I have come.

 Now, we want to reach the milestone of marriage in a better way.And for that purpose, we would like to think more deeply and concretely about marriage, and take enough time to prepare for marriage and after marriage to deepen as much as possible.I think it would have been desirable to have reached that level by the time we announced the engagement offer, but I just regret that it was because of our immaturity that it did not come true.

 Based on these facts, as a result of repeated consultations with each parent and related parties, a series of important ceremonies for the imperial family to be held in the future will be completed without delay for our marriage and related events. After that, I decided that it would be appropriate to postpone it to the next year and take sufficient time to make the necessary preparations.

 We are very sorry that changing the schedule once decided will cause a great deal of inconvenience and further burden to those who are willing to cooperate with our marriage.

 I have reported to Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress that they would like to postpone various marriage-related events.Their Majesties respected the feelings of both of us.

 We consider this postponement as a good opportunity to make time to start a new life, and we would like to cherish that time and spend the period until marriage. — His Imperial Highness Mako Komuro, Imperial Household Agency

2018 (30)May 11At a press conference held prior to his 53rd birthday, his father, Prince Fumihito, said, "If the two still want to get married, they should take appropriate measures. "Unless many people are satisfied and pleased, we will not be able to perform the so-called engagement ceremony."[41].

2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)May 9, Mother, Princess Kiko Akishino, published a document on her 54th birthday and thought, "I will respect the feelings of my eldest daughter as much as possible."[42].

May 11, Mako Komuro published a sentence through the Imperial Household Agency as "feelings" about her marriage to Kei Komuro.In it, he said, "Marriage is a necessary choice for us to live while protecting our hearts," and reiterated our strong will to marry.[43].

 On February 2, the year before last, we announced that the marriage between me and Kei Komuro and related events will be postponed to this year after a series of important ceremonies for the imperial family have been completed without delay.

 Although the effects of the new coronavirus will continue, I would like to reiterate our feelings with the understanding of my parents now that the courtesy of Rikkoshi no Rei has ended on November 11.

 Last time, I told you that the reason for the postponement was that we did not have enough time to prepare for the event and life after marriage.From then until today, we have spent our time rethinking what our marriage and future life should be, and discussing various things.I am deeply grateful that there are people who are kind and warmly watching over our feelings.

 On the other hand, I think that some people are worried because the situation where we cannot understand what we both think about this marriage has continued for a long time.We also know that some people are thinking negatively about this marriage for a variety of reasons.However, for us, each other is an irreplaceable existence that can be close to each other when they are happy or unhappy, and marriage is a necessary choice for us to live while carefully protecting our hearts. is.

 It is difficult to tell you the specifics of future plans at this point, but we would like to proceed toward marriage while consulting with our own family members. increase.

 In publishing this text, I would like to report to Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress and Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress.I am deeply grateful to Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress and Their Majesties the Empress and Empress for their respect for my feelings and for their quiet attention.

same yearMay 11, Father Fumihito said at a press conference on his 55th birthday that he would "allow marriage" and the constitutional provisions that guaranteed freedom of marriage (Article 24 of the Constitution of Japan), For the first time, stated the feeling of accepting the marriage of the two.[44].The United States of AmericaEven though he was separated from Kei, who was studying abroad, he was determined to see his daughter who was willing to work hard in public affairs.[45]..On the other hand, he said, "It is not a situation where many people are convinced and pleased." ..In addition, he expressed the view that "marriage and engagement are different", and although he allowed marriage under the Constitution, he left behind the implications for the engagement ritual (the ceremony of gratitude), which is the promise of both families.[46].

May 11,Chief Cabinet Secretary OfKatsunobu KatoAt a regular press conference on the morning of the same day, Prince Fumihito said that he would allow the marriage of Mako Komuro and Kei, saying, "The government will continue to keep an eye on it."[47]..He also pointed out that Prince Fumihito mentioned that many people would accept it as a condition of engagement. "In general, it is natural for parents to be celebrated (hopefully) by many people." Also said[48].

May 12,Imperial meetingandImperial Economic ConferenceFormer member of the Diet and current reserve memberIbuki civilization(Former Speaker of the House of Representatives) made an unusual complaint about Kei's stance and demanded that he be accountable to the public for a series of troubles.

May 12, Imperial Household Agency SecretaryYasuhiko NishimuraAt a regular press conference, he said, "I think it is extremely important for those who should be accountable for criticism to get married," and asked for the response of Kei and his parents.[49].

2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)May 2, Uncle emperorTokujinIt is,birthdayAt a press conference held prior to, he mentioned the marriage issue of his niece, Prince Mako Komuro, and said, "I am aware that there are various opinions among the people." I hope that Mako Komuro will have a good discussion with his parents, and as Akishinomiya said, many people will be convinced and pleased. "[50].


2021 May 9Was reported to get married by the end of the year[51].Imperial economic lawStipulated in Article 6Withdrawal from the Imperial FamilyRegarding the payment of the lump-sum payment for the purpose of maintaining dignity later, he indicated his intention to decline the receipt.[52]..Kei's new life after marriage is Kei's residenceニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIs expected to start with[53].

May 9Kei returned from New York temporarily[54].

May 10In addition, the Imperial Household AgencyMay 10Announced that Mako Komuro and Kei Komuro will get married[55].Ceremony,Ceremony of decree,Entrance ceremony,Ceremony to sing to the temple of the Kashikodokoro Emperor,Asami ceremonyWe decided not to carry out marriage-related ceremonies such as, and weddings and other events between homes, based on the situation that Emperor Tokuhito did not show, "a situation where many people are convinced and pleased."[56]. further,Yasuhiko NishimuraSecretary of the Imperial Household AgencyDo not pay the lump sum payment based on the intention of Mako Komuro,Imperial Economic ConferenceDecided not to hold[57]..Also, from around 2018, many people have been exposed to slander, and the fear that life will be destroyed continues, becoming pessimistic, and it is difficult to feel happiness.Complexity PTSDIt was also announced that it was diagnosed as[58]..I attended a press conference about thisNTT East Kanto HospitalQuality Assurance Office ManagerPsychiatrist・ Tsuyoshi Akiyama explained, "There is no hindrance to public activities and preparations for marriage." "With the warm watching of the people around us, it is thought that the recovery of health will proceed quickly."[59]..The reason why he decided to get married was that Mako Komuro continued to feel slanderous to himself and his family, the fiancée and his family, and he began to think that it was unbearable for this situation to continue. Announced[60].

May 10ToTomb of the EmperorIsMusashi Tomb CemeteryVisited, great-grandfatherEmperor Showa OfMusashi Imperial MausoleumAnd great-grandmotherEmpress Kasumi OfMusashino ToryokotoOn the 1th, a week after that, he worshiped the ancestors of the imperial family at the Imperial Palace.Wise manとImperial palacePrivately worshiped in the same yearMay 10Report to get married.Originally,Wife costumeA ceremony is held at the Kashikodokoro Koreiden Temple to worship the Three Palace Sanctuaries, but since it is not an official event, he wore a long dress in Western clothes and worshiped from the outside.On the same day, my maternal grandfatherTatsuhiko KawashimaWas urgently hospitalized[61]..Also, on the 22nd, the emperor, who is his uncle,QueenVisited the Imperial Palace to report the marriage to.It was a substitute for Asami's ritual because it did not hold a wedding ceremony.Stayed at the Imperial Palace for about an hour and a half, and became a cousin from the middleAiko's princeWas also present, and it was said that the atmosphere was peaceful. On the 25th,Sento Imperial PalaceAnd reported the marriage to the emeritus and empress, who are grandparents.[62].

May 10Around 10 amMarriage registrationWas submitted and accepted on behalf of the Imperial Household Agency staff, and Mako Komuro withdrew from the imperial register.[63],Mako Komuro(Mako Komuro) "[64][65].Family registerBy being madeOccupation selection,Freedom to moveWas to get.again,Suffrage(Voting right-Right to vote), ButPublic office election lawAt the time of publication, according to the provisions ofElectoral listSince it is necessary to be registered in, the ballot counting was done on the 5st of the same month, 31 days later.49th House of Representatives general election(Public announcement on 19th of the same month) could not be voted[66].

Regarding the wedding conference scheduled for the afternoon of October 10, we initially planned to answer questions from reporters, but we will distribute documents that answer five of the questions received in advance after leaving the office. changed[67]..At the press conference, he recalled, "Marriage was a necessary choice to live while cherishing our hearts."Regarding the reason for canceling the question and answer session, the Imperial Household Agency said, "Mako is strongly shocked that some of the questions received in advance may give the impression that incorrect information is true. I was able to receive it. "[68]..At around 2:10 pm on the same day, the two attended a press conference at a hotel in Tokyo, and after speaking for about XNUMX minutes at the beginning as scheduled, they distributed answer documents to the pre-questions and left the venue.[69]..On the same day, the Imperial Household Agency released a comment from his father, Prince Fumihito, saying, "I am very sorry for the inconvenience. (Omitted) This time, the marriage was unprecedented for the Imperial family." ..

Yearly record

Overseas travel history (independent official visit)

Brazil,ペルー,ボリビアな どJapanese immigrantHas a history ofSouth AmericaPlay the role of a pipe with each countryEmperorAnd inherited from the Empress Emerita,ブ ー タ タRoyal familyThere is a family exchange[72].

Overseas visit
YearsGo abroadReturn homeVisited placeRemarks
2015 (27)May 12May 12El Salvador flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Honduras flag ホンジュラス
(United States flag The United States of AmericaStop by)
Invitation from the Government of El Salvador and the President of Honduras 80th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations[73]
2016 (28)May 9May 9Paraguay flag パラグアイ
(German flag Germany,Brazilian flag BrazilStop by)
Invitation from the Government of Paraguay Japanese immigrants to the country80 anniversary[74]
2017 (29)May 5May 6 ãƒ– ー タ タ
(Singapore flag SingaporeStop by)
Invitation from the Government of Bhutan [75]
2018 (30)May 7May 7Brazilian flag Brazil
(German flag Germany,United States flag The United States of AmericaStop by)
Invitation from the Government of Brazil Japanese immigrants to the country110 anniversary[76]
2019 (First year of Reiwa)May 7May 7Peru flag ペルー, ãƒœãƒªãƒ“ã‚¢
(United States flag The United States of AmericaStop by)
Invitation from the Government of Peru and the Government of Bolivia 120th Anniversary of Japanese Emigration[77]



Foreign countries


  • Emperor at birthAkihito(CurrentEmperor) And the EmpressMichikoSince he is the first grandchild of (currently Empress Emerita), he is attracting a lot of attention during his childhood.News report,Wide showThere was also a lot of exposure to.In addition, it is said that a large number of personnel were also devoted to security during this period.
  • 1993 (5) Summer,KaruizawaAt the time of rest, a large dog jumped up to the eyes of Princess Mako, who was held by her mother, Noriko, and Noriko once followed the surprised owner, saying, "Oh, I want to be a friend."[80].
  • 1995 (7) October,HayamaIn the fold of rest, in the walk on the beachsea ​​snakeThere is a video of Mako Komuro, who was 3 years old at the time, asking his father, Prince Fumihito, "If you go over there, there will be sea snakes, father. (They) why do you catch sea snakes?" ..It is one of the most famous childhood episodes and is frequently featured in imperial specials and news.[81].
  • Art,Ancient document,BuildingI am interested in such things.especiallyJapanese paintingInterested inGakushuin Elementary SchoolIn the composition when I graduated fromShosoin,Toshodaiji Temple,Kyoto Imperial PalaceThe event is recorded in which he was instructed about how to draw birds at the Nara Bird Research Institute while appreciating art.The composition also showed an interest in restoration technology.[82].
  • Grandmother Michiko (at that timeQueen) Was working onsericulture(Empress parent silk moth), With my mother Noriko and my sister Yoshiko.Made from thread collected from Koishimaru in the Empress's parent silk mothsilkIs used for kimonos used by the imperial family for ceremonies, and Mako KomuroRui birdIscraneI wore a kimono with a kimono.
  • As well1996 Since (8), he has also helped with rice cultivation (rice planting) at the Imperial Palace, which was carried out by his grandfather Akihito (then the emperor) along with his sister Yoshiko.[83].
  • インターネットIt was very popular and became a hot topic.[84], Some called "Macolin Pen"[85][86].
  • Johnny's OfficeIt was said that he was a fan of the entertainer male idol he belonged to, and there was a gossip article that he went to the concert as an audience.[87],2008 (20) On September 9, the fact that he watched the concert along with the news on the TV program was denied by the announcement by the Imperial Household Agency.[88].
  • OfficiallyMiyakeBecause I am not the head of "Akishinomiya"MiyagoAlthough it is not crowned, there is an example of "Mako Akishinomiya" in self-signed etc.[89].


Mako Komurofather:
Emperor Showa
Empress Kasumi
Empress Michiko
Eisaburo Shoda
Fumiko Shoda
Tatsuhiko Kawashima
Takahiko Kawashima
Noriko Kawashima
Kazuyo Kawashima
Sugimoto Kasuke
Eiko Sugimoto
Successive emperors
Successive empresses
Inner prince-queen
Subject descent
Emperor Taisho(Child of Emperor Meiji)
Empress Sadaaki(The wife of Emperor Taisho)
Emperor Showa(Child of Emperor Taisho)
Empress Kasumi(The wife of Emperor Showa)
ChichibunomiyaPrince(Child of Emperor Taisho)
Queen Sanji
(Chichibu Shrine's wife)
TakamatsunomiyaNobuhito(Child of Emperor Taisho)
Princess Nobuhito
(Nobuhito Takamatsunomiya's wife)
Mikasa PalaceKing Suren(Child of Emperor Taisho)
Princess Sujin
(Mr. Takahito Mikasa's wife)
Naruko Higashi
(Child of Emperor Showa, subject drop)
HisamiyaYuko(Child of Emperor Showa)
Kazuko Takashi
(Child of Emperor Showa, subject drop)
Atsuko Ikeda
(Child of Emperor Showa, subject drop)
(Child of Emperor Showa)
(Akihito's wife)
HitachiguMasahito(Child of Emperor Showa)
Princess Masahito
(Mr. Hitoshi Hitachinomiya's wife)
Takako Shimazu
(Child of Emperor Showa, subject drop)
Konko Konko(Mr. Takahito Mikasa's son and subject descent)
Prince Hitoshi(Takahito Mikasa's son)
Princess Tomohito
(His wife of Prince Hitoshi)
Katsura Palace
Prince Yinhi
(Takahito Mikasa's son)
Chiyoko(Mr. Takahito Mikasa's son and subject descent)
Takamado PalacePrince Norihito(Takahito Mikasa's son)
Princess Norihito
(Kenen Takamado's wife)
(Akihito's child)
EmperorAkishinomiyaFumihito(Akihito's child)
PrincessPrincess FuninNoriko(Fumihito Akishinomiya's wife)
Kiyoko Kuroda
(Akihito's child, subject descent)
Queen Ako(Child of Prince Kazuhito)
Queen Yoko(Child of Prince Kazuhito)
Queen Seiko(Children of Prince Kenren Takamado)
Noriko Senke(Kenen Takamado, son of Prince and descendant)
Moriya Ayako(Kenen Takamado, son of Prince and descendant)
KeimiyaAiko's prince(Tokujin's child)
Mako Komuro(Akishinomiya Fumihito's son)
Yoshiko(Akishinomiya Fumihito's son)
Yuuhito(Akishinomiya Fumihito's son)

Royal expenses

If you were a royal family, you would have to pay 305 million yen a year for minors and 915 million yen a year for adults.Royal expensesWas paid every year[90].


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