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🌐 | YouTube, more than 140 anime works will be released for free for 3 days – from November 11th


YouTube, over 140 anime works released for free for 3 days – from November 11th

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Artificial insect Kabuto Borg V×V

"Artificial insect Kabuto Borg V×V(Jinzo Konchu Kabuto BORG Victory by Victory, Artificial insect KABUTO BORG Victory by Victory)2006 From October2007 Until MayBS Japan-AnimaxWas broadcasting onTelevision Animation. All 52 episodes.


It became so popular that it was held until the world championships.KabutoborgBattle using "Borg Battle".The main character, Ryusei, is enthusiastic about the battle with his best friends Katsuji and Ken.Continue to fight every day against the powerful enemies that appear one after another.


Is a toyKabutoborg(Or Borg machine, hereafter Borg) and Borg Butler (Borger) who fights with it, an anime work that depicts the daily life and conflicts of Borg battle.

It's basically a one-story complete type, and it ’s the director ’sHiroshi Ishidan"It is thoroughly structured with" one episode complete "," every time is the final episode ", and" children are excited to see "."[1].. HoweverAnimax"This is not for children" was advertised in the special project and rebroadcast announcement commercial by.

The voice actor of the main character is the first challenge to play the main character, Ryusei.Kyoko Chikiri, KatsujiKanako Mitsuhashi, Based on KenGreat chicken powers OfKei WatanabeAre in charge of each.

The tension is high every time, and there are many sudden developments.U-NEXTThe highlight of the work introduction is that the development is absurd and there is no explanation of the content of the battle, and it is stated that it is full of plunge points and is popular with adults.[2].. TraditionalAnime for children・ There are many situations that cannot be imagined in hobby animation.

  • The rules and battle format related to the Borg battle, which is the subject, are not explained at all, and things that are difficult to understand appear one after another.
  • There is no structural explanation about the Borg itself, which is supposed to be a toy to be promoted.Borg is built in by turning the charging tire on the tailFlywheelIt is a mechanism to "charge" the inertial force and operate it as power, but it is not explained once in the play.
  • Borg, who is supposed to be a toy, shows an action as if he were alive and sharing the consciousness of Borg.In Borg battles, etc., as long as the charge continues, even after leaving the hands of the Borg, it will move freely in conjunction with that intention, and if the Borg loses his fighting spirit, he will lose his fighting power accordingly.Therefore, in Borg battles, it is overwhelmingly more likely that the spirit and physical condition of the Borg will determine the outcome, rather than the physical conflict between the Borgs.
  • Contrary to the above, there are many scenes where even Boger suffers physical damage when Borg suffers damage.
  • There are often situations where the definition of toys themselves is questionable, such as the cultivation and cultivation of Borg, which is supposed to be a toy, the wildness of Borg, and the export of natural Borg as the main industry.
  • Borg fragments blown away in Borg battles break masks, Borgs are used as objective / anti-personnel weapons and blackmail tools, and people are killed. A scene that is unacceptable in the hobby animation for children that was there appears in a straightforward manner.In addition, many characters, including the main characters, ignore the ethics and discipline required for children's animation.
  • When the main story ends in a serious situation, the story after thatNext noticeThe method is that only the narration of is done.As an example, after saying "solved with a close call" and "somehow not important" in the next announcement of episodes such as the death of the main character and the destruction of the world, the next episode will develop that has nothing to do with it.Also, in the second half, even such follow-up in the next notice has disappeared.
  • Synopsis and flashback scenes are forged.
  • Characters that did not exist until then appear as if they were there from the beginning (and no one points out that, and they will not appear at all from the next time onwards).
  • A guest heroine appears almost every time.ToraThe heroine is officially called Madonna.The guest heroine can be judged by the ending sponsor back of that time.In many cases, they are reused with different colors and hairstyles, and they have little to do with the story.
  • As mentioned above, even if the character dies, it will appear as if nothing had happened in the next story.

Borg battle battle format and rules

It is a battle format and rules in this work, and there are many parts that are significantly different from the actual ones.

  • Two competing Bogers stand in positions on either side of the Borgfield (circular battle stage).
  • Both of them make a declaration to confirm which battle format (charge count, entry format, availability of optional parts, etc.) is used, such as "3 charges, free entry, no option battle".In addition, this declaration signals the start of the battle.If there is a referee, the referee may signal.
  • In both cases, the charging tire at the tail of the Borg is attached to the charging stand installed on the right side, the Borg is slid forward by the specified number of charging times, and the charging tire is turned to charge.Then, along with the shout of "Charge in", the Borgs are made to enter (throw) into the Borg field at the same time, and the Borgs fight each other.
  • You win if you make the opponent's Borg out of the Borg field or turn it over to make it incapable of fighting.If both Borgs stop due to out of charge, it will be a draw.
  • The number of charges is usually 3 times, and the number may increase or decrease depending on the battle format.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]..In episode 51, a battle format declared as "Charge Million" appeared.
  • If you charge more than the specified number of times, it will be a foul, giving the opponent the right to charge in at any time.[10]..There is rarely a difference in the number of charges, but it is mentioned in episode 30 that it seems to be advantageous if the number of charges is large.
  • There are various entry formats such as three-step entry and French entry, but most of them are unknown in detail.
  • No option means that no optional parts are mounted on the Borg.Most of the battles are in this format, and optional parts rarely appear.There are free options and full options that can be equipped with all options.
  • There are also many-to-many and one-to-many team battles.
  • Handicap may be recognized if there is a big difference in ability[11].
  • There are also illegal battle formats[12].
  • There are frequent chaotic battles that do not use the Borg field, such as throwing a Borg at the beginning of an encounter and having no format or rules.Sometimes you are forced to battle for defense.

Main battle formats

  • Normal charge 3 times Free entry No option battle (most)
  • # 4 Charge 2 times Three-step entry No option battle (Similar to a duel in a western drama, walk 3 steps and look back before making an entry)
  • # 5 Charge 3 times Free Entry 3on3 No Option Team Battle
  • # 8 Charge 3 times Free Entry Free Option Battle
  • # 11 Charge 4 times Free Entry Free Option Battle
  • # 12 Charge 3 times Brooklyn Entry No Option Battle (The referee tosses a coin at the time of charge-in and makes an entry as soon as the coin falls to the ground)
  • # 15 Charge 4 times Free Entry No Option Battle
  • # 16 Charge 3 times Free Entry No Option Battle (Battle Royale Borg)
  • # 17 Charge 5 times Free Entry No Option Battle
  • # 19 Charge 2 times Free Entry 2on2 No Option Team Battle
  • # 20 Charge 3 times French Entry No Option Battle (Details unknown)
  • # 20 Charge 3 times French Entry No Option 10-1 Handicap Battle (10 for those who give handicap, only 1 for those who receive, win first)
  • # 27 Charge 3 times Brooklyn Entry No Option 2on2 Battle
  • # 28 Charge Free Free Entry High Speed ​​Tower Climbing Battle (Run the Borg from the outer wall of the building to the rooftop and compete for its speed)
  • # 29 Charge Free Free Entry Free Option Battle (Triple Free)
  • # 31 Charge 3 times Free Entry Kingdom Battle (The king can freely change the rules during the battle)
  • # 31 Charge 5 times Free Entry Numbers Battle (Details unknown)
  • # 37 Charge 3 times Carnival Entry No Option Battle (Details unknown)
  • # 38 Charge 3 times Prisoners Entry No Option Battle (Enter with handcuffs in both hands)
  • # 39 Air Charge 3 times Sky High Entry Aero Option Battle (Details unknown)
  • # 41 Charge 3 times Free Entry No Option Team Battle
  • # 40 Charge 3 times Pick Pock Entry No Option Team Battle (Details unknown)
  • # 43 Char 1 Frien Inbat (1 charge free entry instant battle)
  • # 45 Charge 3 times Free entry No option show-up battle (show for spectators)
  • # 47 Charge 4 times Free Entry Secret Battle (Details unknown)
  • # 47 Charge 3 times Free entry Santa Nicolars Battle (details unknown)
  • # 48 1 charge free entry Homework competition battle (battle for homework)
  • # 49 Charge 3 times Inferno Entry Death Option Battle (Life is shortened each time you attack)
  • # 51 Charge Million (1 times[Annotation 1]) Final Entry No Option Soulful Battle (with mental and physical damage each time you charge)


Main characters

Amanogawa Ryusei (Amanogawa Ryusei)
sound - Kyoko Chikiri
hero.. 10 years old.A boy who works hard day and night with his best friends Katsuji and Ken, who are friends of Borg Battle.Borg to useTom Cat Red Beetle.
A hot-blooded man who behaves like a hero, for better or for worse.The image color is red.
In battles, he frequently takes advantage of his opponent's weaknesses and takes a lift to launch a mental attack to lead the battle to his advantage.The battle style is described by the enemy as "evil itself"[13]In addition, his father's Big Bang analyzes it as "development of Ryusei's specialty."However, he was also anxious about his own mentality, and he had symptoms such as abdominal pain and insomnia due to the shaking and pressure from the other party, and he had a delusion that Lloyd called him ill.
No optional parts are used in any adversity.
According to midwives, he is a born Borg butler, and he is fighting for the first time against an obstetrician and gynecologist shortly after birth.[10].
He has a number of heroic stories such as beating the Prime Minister during a courtesy visit, stopping the crash of a military satellite, and defeating Emperor Khan, the dark mage user who was said to be the closest to the Demon King at that time.[14].
My favorite food is yakiniku set meal[6]And silver sablefish pickled in kasuzuke[10].. I have a "full of side dishes" diet[8].
I hate foods like peppers, tomatoes and broccoli[15]..Study as something else I'm not good at[7], Kaidan[16]However, weaknesses other than studying are later overcome by training.
There are also occasions when money is prioritized over friendship[17], The person himself is aware of going to hell.However, it seems that there is a strong sense of in-law, and probably because of that, at least five or more restaurants that are threatening management by expanding into tenants opposite Ken's Chinese restaurant are crushed.[11].
According to Katsuji, he has the ability to defeat the boxing Oriental and Pacific Boxing champion.[18].
You can see his talent as a singer, such as taking No. 1 on the hit chart with "Furimukeba Kabuto Borg".[19][20].
Weak to positive appeal from women[21].
Although he loves Kabutoborg, he often throws away his beloved Tomcat Red Beetle.[19][22].
It seems that he met Katsuji through a Borg battle three years ago.[4].
The family consists of a father / Big Bang, a mother, and an older brother / galaxy, and the father and older brother are also Borg Butlers.There is also a grandfather[23][18][Annotation 2].
The record of the official game is the world championship Japan qualifying tournament victory[10], World Championship Best 8[24]..It was later revealed that he became the world champion.Borg Battle Summer Tournament Winner in Informal Battle[25].
Special Move and production when the Special Move is activated
Since he is the main character, he has the most skills.Sometimes I dare to put out a technique that matches the style of the opponent.
  • Redout Golden Maximum Burning A meter appears.A standard special move that is frequently used as a stop blow[3][4][5][6][7][8][26][27][28][29][30][31][10][16][18][32][14][25][33].
  • Red Red Meteor Burst A fireball falls.Occasionally, a tiger-shaped flame appears from it and attacks.It may be the final blow in the early stages, but it often does not work in the latter half.[3][34][29][16][19][14][35][36][22][37].
  • Tail spin drift There is no particularly noticeable production[3][34][26][31][10].
  • Groin attack There is no particularly noticeable production, but it has the power to blow away the opponent's optional parts when hit.[6][26][32].
  • Great main dish takeaway thunder A large amount of side dishes appear.Technique to stab Mayor Yoneda[8].
  • Pickles, Virginia Shine Vegetables such as pickles and basil appear.The technique of stabbing a stop in Venetian[9].
  • Red Cross Rolling Meteor Tornado Cause a tornado.Technique to stab Doctor Neo[38][16].
  • Cold sleep dreaming
  • Rainy Day Satellite Crash
  • Avalanche, Samaranch, Takeout
  • Mountain Blizzard Double Frappe Details of all four above are unknown[31][16].
  • Empire Struck Outside Details unknown[16].
  • Beginning World Trip First Kiss The goddess appears and kisses the earth.The technique of stabbing a stop in the bidet Tanaka[10].
  • Wired Dreamin Marionette A technique at the Borg of Ludogor, Flambe de Terrine von de Beau.Marionette appears.The technique of stabbing Montesquieu[11].
  • Couch Potato Game Zanmai Juice Fried Food Oil Gira Gira Crash A large amount of sweets and juice appear.The technique of stabbing a stop in Barbara[39].
  • Crown Rolling Cross Meteor Tornado A tornado wraps a borg[31][16].
  • Red Red Rolling Blaster Raise a black tornado in the sky[16].
  • Maximum burst dreaming details unknown.Has the power to destroy the city[16].
  • Super Redout Golden Maximum Burning Special move for V model.Enhanced version of Redout Golden Maximum Burning[40][24].
  • Thunder Storm Crusher Special move for V model.Causes a wide range of tornadoes centered on Tom Cat Red Beetle[24].
  • Knuckle grab There is no special production[35].
  • Parallel number five There is no special production.The technique of stabbing a stop at Ginji[35].
  • Bright Light Super Nova Borg shines and rushes.Technique to stab a hair clipper Takasaki[41].
  • Real-time Another Long Time Ago A technique with the old nostalgic perfume, a borg made by Bando Stockemon.Various Borgs appear, and finally Bando Stockemon appears.Technique that stabbed the village president and others[20].
  • Ultimate Redout Golden Maximum Burning There is no special production.Ken, the technique of stabbing Rebecca[37][42][13].
Katsuji Matsuoka
Voice- Kanako Mitsuhashi
Ryusei's classmate and best friend.Borg to useElectrical Speed ​​Wagon.
He is a good boy, and at first glance he feels calm and the lines are thin, but he has a strong core.The image color is blue.
He is sick and suffers from the heart, which can be life-threatening in episodes 2, 8, 21, and 49.Because of that, I can see the god of death.There are often depictions as if he had actually died, but each time he appears as if nothing had happened in the next episode.However, at the end of episode 31, there are almost no scenes of suffering from the heart, and he is also doing rigorous training that does not seem to be a sickly body.In the scenario of the production stage, he died in episode 49, and the story was planned to proceed as it was.
It's usually kind to me, but I used to curse my best friend Ryusei as a "weakling Borg Butler" in the town mission.[4], Launching a bitter mental attack on the elderly opponent[30]And, a radical scene can be seen.
Good grades in school, and can mentally calculate 6-digit x 5-digit multiplication[7].
Although it is introduced as a thruster on the official website, Ken actually has a sharper and more polite thrust.
Often taken care of by the police[43][12].
Nampa when it comes to romance and dating some classmates[43].
Have become a god[44].
My favorite food is strawberry and milk[6].
It seems that he met Ryusei three years ago through a Borg battle.[4].
The family consists of a father and a mother.Although his father did not appear in the play, he was introduced as a salaryman on the official website, and Katsuji said he was pleased that his salary increased thanks to the rise of Borg.[20]..Grandfather and grandmother (voice- Nakagawa Rie) Appears.My grandfather usually travels abroad and visits his house only occasionally.My grandmother was already deceased and appeared before Ryusei as a ghost.
The first match in the play is episode 2, and the first victory is episode 5.
The record of the official game is the loss of the district qualifying[29], Winner of the Oragamura Sunflower Festival in informal competition[12].
Special Move and production when the Special Move is activated
Compared to Ryusei and Ken, there are fewer skills, and there are many variations of Dangerous Thunder Ultimate.
  • Dangerous Thunder Ultimate A blue knight appears, sometimes with an attacking effect[4][5][7][45][28][46][36][47][13].
  • Super Dangerous Thunder Ultimate An enhanced version of Dangerous Thunder Ultimate.The production is the same[38].
  • Dangerous Thunder Ultimate Sigma An enhanced version of Dangerous Thunder Ultimate.The production is the same[29].
  • Rolling storm Ryusei's Borg, Tom Cat Red Beetle's technique.Cause a tornado around the Borg[43].
  • Dangerous Thunder Ultimate Featuring Tom Cat Similarly, the technique with Tom Cat Red Beetle.An unusual red knight appears.The technique of stabbing Count Borg[43].
  • Dangerous Super Thunder Ultimate Special move for V model.Enhanced version of Dangerous Thunder Ultimate[12].
  • Dangerous Super Thunder Ultimate Vacation Version Special move for V model.An enhanced version of Dangerous Thunder Ultimate.Katsuji who became a god goes out and defeats King Amaral and others[44].
  • Memorial merry-go-round maximum Turn your memories into power and attack.An enhanced version of the Memorial Merry-Go-Round issued by Katsuji's grandfather, a technique to defeat the Shinigami.[47].
  • Todoroki Thunder Deadly Dangerous Thunder Ultimate Shoot a borg from your hand to attack[33].
Ryusho Ken
Voice- Kei Watanabe
Ryusei's classmate and best friend.The son of the Chinese restaurant "Shoryuken".Borg to useKey of the Good Taste.
It basically follows the obese third character in existing anime and manga works, but has a dry perspective away from children, and sharply and politely plunges into the insane words and actions of other characters. ..However, they often take similar actions.The image color is yellow.
As the son of ShoryukenFried riceI have been hostile to Ryusei and others for this reason.
Although he died in episode 31, he appears as if nothing had happened in the next episode.Also, in the scenario at the production stage, in episode 50, he died in a traffic accident, and the story was scheduled to proceed as it was.
There are also occasions when money is prioritized over friendship[17].
Have been taken care of by the police[12].
I have a habit of dressing as a woman[26][18].
Even if you talk to them, they are sometimes ignored by others.
The management of Shoryuken is not good and it has fallen into a dangerous business condition many times.[5][11][48]..In episode 37, Ryusei complains that ramen isn't delicious.
Use the bus when you want to get drunk, maybe because you are too old to drink[49].
My favoriteFrench cuisine[6]とsweet and sour pork[50].
I don't like celery, and I don't like math.[49].
Interested in politics and on good terms with Mayor Yoneda[35].
Female luck is bad.I longed to make her, and I was able to do her twice in episodes 26 and 47, but both of them have a difficult personality and are catastrophic.Mother (voice- Mika Ishibashi) And his younger sister, Rinrin, do not seem to be straightforward either.[48].
Family composition is father (voice- Koichi Nagano), Mother and sister.There is also a grandfather[23].
The first match and the first victory in the play are both episodes 3.
The record of the official game is the loss of the district qualifying[29]..Hotel New Musashi Parking Special Tournament Winner in Informal Match[12].
Special Move and production when the Special Move is activated
Since he is the son of a Chinese restaurant, the name of the dish always includes the name of the dish.
  • China Cook Marvelous Fried Rice Fried rice appears[5][28][46][25][13].
  • Marbodon Drive Mapo tofu appears[8].
  • Ten Shindong Turbo Tianjin bowl appears[8].
  • Fried rice crash Fried rice appears[8].
  • China Cook Marvelous Gomoku Fried Rice Gomoku fried rice appears.[8]
  • China Cook Marvelous Special Fried Rice Fried rice appears[38].
  • China Cook MarvelousOld sake Details unknown[29].
  • China Cook MarvelousXiaolongbao Details unknown[30][36].
  • China Cook, Marvelous, Fuyo Crab details unknown.Appeared in the next notice narration[51].
  • China Cook, Marvelous, Sweet and Sour Pork details unknown.Techniques to defeat the badness of the city[50].
  • China Cook Marvelous Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple Sweet and sour pork with pineapple appears[50].
  • China Cook Marvelous点心Ambition Dim sum appears.The technique of stabbing a stop in Claude Chiaki[48].
  • China Cook MarvelousPeking duck Peking duck appears.Technique to stab Makiko Honda[49].
  • China Cook MarvelousManhan all seats A special move that Ken learned in China.Chinese food and desserts appear one after another.Once unleashed, a horrifying special move that continues to attack comparable to a special move for three days and three nights[42].
  • Explosion Instant Kill China Cook Marvelous Fried Rice Shoot a borg from your hand to attack[33].
Lloyd Ando
Voice- Go Maeda
The manager of the Borg shop "LOID'S PARTS SHOP" where Ryusei, Katsuji, and Ken often hang out. 28 years old[52].ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfBrooklynOriginally from Japan, he speaks a little Japanese.
Borg to useCaesar Caesar Emperor..Both Caesar and CaesarJulius CaesarThe meaning is "emperor, emperor, emperor".
Its Special Move isSentimental Outlaw Blues..A black man playing harmonica appears.
He often serves as a commentator, and also gives various advices to Ryusei and others, and concludes the time with a saying.
Until seven years ago, he and his buddy Robert were aiming to become a top-notch Borg Butler in Brooklyn, but Robert's sister Cathy (voice--) Nakagawa Rie) Has retired from Borg Battle since he died in an accident due to his special move.[27].
When the glasses are removed, the tone returns to normal and stubble grows again.The personality also transforms into a rough one up to 7 years ago.Lloyd in this state appears in episodes 12, 14, 19, 20, 24, 30, 31, 43, 48, and 51.
You can also see the cunning aspect of using Ryusei and others.[17][21].
He had a voice over the Japan Kabutoborg Association, and in episode 45, he made a statement that fueled the association's overtrading, causing the association to fall into a large deficit on the verge of bankruptcy.
It did not appear in episode 49 at all.
My favorite food is macaroni[6],Bread[8]..I tried to move because I was banned from eating bread[8]..I like French food better than Chinese food[11]..I don't like food[19].
Ryusei's father was silent that he was a big bang[13].
Once Charlie (Voice- Megumi Matsumoto) And saved the world crisis[13].
big Bang
Voice- Takashi Matsuyama
第1、5、10、14、15、17、18、23 - 26、28、32、33、35、39、41、42、51、52話に登場。
General Manager of the Evil Organization Big Bang Organization.A golden mask with a beetle motif hides his true face, and a cloak is hung on his muscular half-naked upper body.Its true identity is Ryusei's father, Daiki Amanogawa.Plan to conquer the Kabutoborg world and the world.Borg to useDark Side President.
Its Special Move isBig Bang Final Explosion,Big Bang Charge and Tornado.
In the first episode, Ryusei knows his true identity.Therefore, Ryusei has a strange dual relationship with his nemesis when he is wearing a mask, and a close parent and child when he is wearing a mask.
Although he is a strict and gentle father, he seems to have a high-tension personality when he wears a mask.
You can see the words and deeds that are the barriers to trials for Ryusei to grow.
Girl (voice- Chieko Higuchi) And have recovered the disappointing Ryusei[19].
Appeared as a Borg Battleman and taught Ryusei and his friends the history of Borg.[51].
Working with Ryusei and others to get rid of the Timed Borg[53].
There is a scene where Ken's younger sister, Rinrin's words and actions hurt her chest[48].
Being the Ten Times Champion of the Kabutoborg National Tournament, he has a voice in the Kabutoborg Tournament. Watching games at VIP seats[3][29], Let Ryusei set up a reverse seed frame[31]are doing.
Once Ibaraki Age (voice- Akino Watanabe), Charlie (later Lloyd), Junichi (later Gulf Stream Sasamoto, voice- Suzuki Masahito) And the hero who saved the world from the evil Borg organization "Madness Rolling G", but later disappeared from the world of Borg Battle.After a long time, when he reappeared in front of Lloyd, he called himself the Big Bang.[13].

Other Borg Butler (Borger)

Gulf Stream Sasamoto
Voice-Takeshi Maeda
No. 2 in the Big Bang Organization.It is trusted by the Big Bang as an aide to the Big Bang.Being loyal, he is not willing to stand out and always tries to make a big bang.He is a relatively common sense person among Bogers.
Borg to useBilingual secretary.. Its Special Move isOne-handed red translation,Ten Thousand Translationetc.
The opponent that Ryusei defeated for the first time in the play.He is also fighting in episodes 10 (twice in total) and 2, and is fighting most with Ryusei with Johnny.
Cooperating with Ryusei and others in timed Borg extermination[53]..The story revealed his true face.
The final episode reveals that the Big Bang and Lloyd are childhood friends.
Three Chinese brothers
Voice- Mayumi Yamaguchi
Three brothers, Ochu, Nakachu, and Kochu, who run the food group "Koraku". All three have green bob hair and blue hats and Chinese clothes.Add the name of Chinese food to the end of the word.
Borg to useChinese Lucky HappyNo. 1-3.Its Special Move isMist in Doppelgangeretc.
After practicing cooking for 15 years and 48 days, he launched Koraku 10 years ago, increased the number of branches all over the world, went to the new store himself and beat the secret taste, and forced other stores to close. rice field.
Among rivals, there are relatively many turns.
He is a cook and a boger, and has 400 undefeated battles.I launched Koraku with the money I got in the battle.Ryusei challenged him to a battle betting the fate of Koraku and Shoryuken, and although he won Katsuji, he was defeated by Ryusei and Ken and closed the store.It is not described what happened to the Koraku group after that, but he works as a part-time job at Ken's shop (the three brothers call Ken a boy).He was dismissed by Rinrin in episode 35, but returned in episode 50.
In the national tournament district qualifying, I was defeated before I knew it[29].
I have defeated the Big Bang and others in a team play of three people and got the title of the strongest Boger[53].
Voice- Toyonaga Toshiyuki
According to himself, "the owner of speed and spirit that surpasses anyone", and Madame Jennifer, "dangerous man".From the commentary of the Coliseum, it is also called "a man who changes his name every time he is defeated", and at first he called himself Johnny the First Test, but every time he appeared, the name of himself and the Borg used changed. ..
Address indefinite, unemployed.My real name isIchiro Yamada.
The first name of the Borg used isWestern Pioneer Spirit.. Its Special Move isWestern Buffalo Shooting,Hybrid stealth techniqueetc.
It has also appeared in the opening, and it has a relatively large number of turns among rivals.It is introduced as a regular character on the Korean version of the homepage.
He trained in Russia under coach Stradim Shatakovich and changed his name to Johnny the Power Band, but lost in the semifinals in the national tournament district qualifiers.[29], Defeated in an instant by a runaway Ryusei[16].
When he changed his name to Johnny the Vanishing Point and challenged Ryusei, he defeated Katsuji and Ken and pushed Ryusei into a corner with a special move hybrid stealth technique that disappears his favorite machine and a battle that makes use of the advantage of the earth. is[32]..However, because he was abusing animals during his trainingWashington ConventionArrested as a violation.
After that, Johnny the In-flight Meal changed its name to Meet Please, cooperated with the timed Borg extermination, and boarded the underground Borg organization, Death Valley's secret base with Ryusei and others.[53].
In episode 46, I chose a path that coexists with nature, and my partnerAmur leopardBuzan (Voice- Hiroshi Shimozaki) And act together.Renamed Johnny the Final Countdown, he fought a Borg battle with world rankers around the world to hone his strength.It became a worldwide rumor as a mysterious influential person who defeated the world's powerful Boger one after another.
After that, he challenges Ryusei to the final battle and fights evenly, but the fatigue of his training grows and he collapses.At that time, he requested Ryusei to return Buzan to the Russian forest where he used to live (the result of the game and Johnny's life and death are unknown).
Haruko (Voice- Nakagawa Rie), And it seems that he broke up when he left, but he seems to have continued to associate with him.Mother Sanae (Voice- Yuki Nakao) Has a very young appearance.
Amiko Itari / Venetian
Voice- Rumi Shishido
Appeared in episodes 7, 14, 15, 26, 32, 45, 47, and 51.
A self-proclaimed genius beautiful girl masked boger and a classmate of Ryusei.Frequently use Italian words when dressed as Venetian.
Borg to useSanta Lucia Pomadoro Renaissance, Its Special Move isVenetian pasta crash,Venetian squid ink flash.
Appeared in the opening. Her impersonator set (mask, chest ribbon) was included as a bonus of the DVD set.
An ancestor who was an Italian aristocrat tried to move to the United States 20 years after the discovery of the United States, but was wrecked and washed ashore in Japan.The descendants still live there.
He has a younger brother, a younger sister, and bedridden parents and grandparents, and lives a poor life of eating plain pasta just sprinkled with olive oil every day.
Tyrolean (voice- Namiki Noriko), Canarian (Voice- Nakagawa Rie) And became popular, so you can use ketchup for pasta.[21].
In the national tournament district qualifying, I was defeated before I knew it[29], Lloyd says, his ability is not good enough.However, the popularity of their three sisters (Venetian, Tyrolean, and Canarian) is high among the Bogers.[21].
Amano Galaxy
Voice- Taisuke Nakamura,(childhood)
The first appearance is episode 10.Ryusei's older brother runs away from Germany at the age of four because he cannot withstand his father's rigorous education.Unlike Ryusei, he has a cool personality.
Borg to useWeiss Zeppelin Kafer.. Its Special Move isZearexto Galaxy Stone Smaximal Cometetc.
After working as a street performer, shoe shine, and a flower seller for a living, her talent as a boger blossoms.Became the champion of the European Borg Battle League.
He hated his father and Kabutoborg, but changed his mind in the battle with Ryusei.
Since he was naturalized in Germany, he advanced to the qualifying as Germany's national team Vice Baron.Since the world championship edition ended in the first quarter-final match, the results after that are unknown.
Fighting the Big Bang Organization that invades the whole world[33].
Boger X
Voice- Teruaki Ogawa
Appeared in episodes 11, 14, 15, 24, 26, 32, 39, and 51. A masked boger who is feared as "Darkness Boger X".I wear a mask on a daily basis, but I had to remove the mask when I boarded the plane.[53]..I get along with the big bang.
The Borg used is equipped with the optional parts that have been stolen so far.Conglomerate Night Festival.. Its Special Move isSummer Night Endless Memories.
I was dating my lover's eyes, but left home two years ago because I didn't have any optional parts.From that event, it became the Dark Slayer Boger X to get all the optional parts.
At night, he was doing a bad thing to steal optional parts from a weak Boger, but he was defeated by Ryusei and converted.After that, he seems to be active as a Borg engineer.[53].
He too has been defeated in the national tournament district qualifying[29].
Tajima, Sakurai, Nakamura
Voice- Michiru Yamazaki,Mizuno love day,Asako Yoshida
Appeared in episode 5.A group of three Gari Tsutomu who are inconspicuous in the class.Boger educated by the Big Bang.
Borg to useRosehip Strange Wiseman.. Its Special Move isHigher Perfect Education.
Attack the opponent with a difficult calculation problem during the Borg battle.Although Ken was defeated, he was defeated by Ryusei and Katsuji.
Yoneda Inazo
Voice- Naoki Kusumi
The first appearance is episode 6.The mayor of the town where Ryusei lives has enacted an ordinance that bans staple foods other than rice because he loves rice too much.
Borg to useRising Rider Rice.. Its Special Move isBloody Tractor It's You.
He takes a sneaky battle style, such as installing illegal optional parts and sprinkling rice on the Borg field to obstruct running, but he is defeated by Ryusei and is chased as the mayor.
Re-appeared in episode 14 and fought against the Black Gold team as Ryusei's ally.At that time, he is called the mayor again.
It seems that he is on good terms with Ken because he had a connection with the sixth episode.[35].
City Hall Service Centers
Appeared in episode 6.A group of city hall staff in the town where Ryusei lives under Yoneda's subordinates.
The Borg to use is unknown.Its Special Move was devised by spending taxesZvaring Oriental Rice Ball.
Regional Promotion Division Iimura Hidetoshi (Voice- Hiroshi Shimozaki), Health and Welfare Division Shinji Inamoto (Voice- Rion Kako), Town Planning Promotion Division Paddy Shunsuke, Living Hygiene Division Tawaramachi Mitsuo (Voice- Takehiro Hasu), Traffic Safety Division Junichi Kano.
Ryusei loses to Katsuji.
In episode 18, I was interviewing Bidet Tanaka at a press conference the day before the Borg Battle National Tournament.
Katsuji's grandfather
Voice- Hozumi Gouda
Appeared in Episode 8.He has various backgrounds as a pilot, racer, soccer player, baseball player, cowboy, bullfighter, diver, financial adviser, and marketing planner.
Borg to useCome Here Grandfather..Special moveMemorial merry-go-roundIs inherited by his grandson Katsuji in episode 49.
Although he was an amateur for only one day in Borg, he hits Ryusei with coaches, optional parts, and 68 years of memories by Katsuji and fights well.However, he suffers a defeat before Ryusei's grand future design.
He has a deep love for Katsuji.When Katsuji was hospitalized due to a sudden illness, he rushed to the hospital by riding a motorcycle, gave him a lot of pocket money, and took him on an overseas trip as a reward for finishing his summer vacation homework.
Yurie Ishida
Voice- Takanorei
Appeared in episode 9.Ishida's mother and leader of the Obasan Boger group.Under the influence of his son, he becomes obsessed with Kabuto Borg, becomes a bad housewife who immerses himself in Bosen (Borg Center) without doing housework, and challenges Katsuji who tries to return Ishida to his original home.
Borg to useGolden Obasan Fire, Its Special Move isStreet bargain sale flash,Rolling speed high tension.
The behavior unique to an aunt has become a battle style as it is (the number of charges is reduced from 3 to 4 times, interruptions, breaks, etc.), and Katsuji was driven.
When he was young, he belonged to ladies, and his memories of that time revived and he performed a special move, but he suddenly ringed out and was defeated.After that, he seems to have returned to a normal housewife (however, he looks like he was in bad shape).
Voice- Masaya Takatsuka
Appeared in episode 12.Kabuto Boger is at the top of the organization "Big Apple". Until seven years ago, he was working with Lloyd, Cheryl, and his sister Cathy, earning prize money in Brooklyn and having a borg battle with Lloyd to get out of the scavenger.
Borg to useBrooklyn Bottom Desire, Its Special Move isMidnight Tender Hitman,Midnight Tender Hitmans.
Gang (voice- Kazuhiko Nishimatsu) Takes his sister Cathy as a hostage and is forced to race, and Lloyd asks for match-fixing, but he refuses.At that time, in order to take the death of Cathy who died due to Lloyd's special move, he was defeated by offering a match to Lloyd, but he and Cheryl were at the mercy of Lloyd.
Doctor Neo
Voice- Koji Ishii
Appeared in episode 13.He planned to conquer the town of Ryusei during the Big Bang's overseas expedition.
Borg to useShadow Black Crusher Zero, Its Special Move isDark crystal fire,Dark Shadow Black Hole Destroy.
He defeated Ken and Katsuji in a realistic way, such as aiming for the absence of the Big Bang Organization and sending thugs to Ryusei during his training, but was defeated by Ryusei.It seems that he hasn't dreamed because of lack of sleep recently.
Shangri-La Stream
Appeared in episode 15.The Borg to use is unknown.
A boger belonging to the Big Bang Organization, featuring a horned mask.It is regarded as the dark horse of this district qualifying.The fighting power is unknown, and it was said to be a secret ball of the Big Bang organization, but it was defeated before I knew it. In episode 17, he was accompanied by Animal Saito, who participated in the national tournament with Sasamoto.
Shinnosuke Shinohara
Voice- Nakagawa Rei
Appeared in Episode 15.
Borg to useBaby Face Mad Gargoyle.. Its Special Move isRainy Day End It Darling,Shiny Day Saddon Lee See You Again.
A genius boger who is said to be a 1 year and 4 month old baby once every 10 years.Mother Mayumi (Voice- Suzuki Masahito) And fight. Speak only with the word "baboo" and don't let the other person understand what you are saying.On the contrary, mental attacks do not work because they cannot understand what the other party is saying.
He defeated Johnny and advanced to the final, but fell asleep due to Ryusei's lullaby and lost to the district qualifying.According to Ryusei, the baby has no belief.
Its Special Move is very astringent for its youth.
Animal Saito
Voice- Kosuke Takeuchi
Appeared in Episode 17.
Borg to useWild Wax Triangle.
Boger belonging to the Big Bang Organization. He is wearing clothes labeled "A" and a helmet with two horns.Defeated Ryusei in the first round of the Borg Battle National Tournament East Block Tournament.
Jose Solpressa
Voice- Takehiro Hasu
Appeared in Episode 17.
Borg to useAztec Hercules Speracruz.
Ryusei's opponent in the 18th round of the Borg Battle National Tournament East Block Tournament.Locally called "Technico".I grew up in Mexico City, which is in the highlands, so I can stay calm even in places with thin air.Although he is Mexican, he misunderstood the meaning of "nationwide" and was disqualified because he participated in the national tournament in Japan.
Dangerous Kobayashi
Voice- Hiroshi Shimozaki
Borg to useDane Danger Dengest.
Appeared in Episode 17.
Big Bang Organization Boger is called the strongest thug.Charge with enough power and speed to ignite the Borg.Although he played against Ryusei in the 19th round of the Borg Battle National Tournament East Block Tournament, he fell to the top of Mt. Fuji with a helicopter and fell down due to acute altitude sickness and was defeated.
Voice- Thousand Japanese Dragon Policy
The first appearance is episode 18.
The Borg to use is unknown.Its Special Move isDriving overhead tortilla.
A boger dressed as a bullfighter called "Paella's Matador".One of the golden quartets.He appeared in front of Ryusei, who was training in preparation for the final of the Borg Battle National Tournament, and showed his world ability.Add "Ore" to the end of the word.
All the golden quartets have participated in the world championships, but the final results are unknown.However, it is certain that he won the qualifying.
Voice-Hiroshi Shimozaki
The first appearance is episode 18.
The Borg to use is unknown.Its Special Move isDancing capoeira roulette.
A boger called "Samba's Wizard".One of the golden quartets.Add "Janeiro" to the end of the word.
Voice- Shinobu Matsumoto
The first appearance is episode 18.
The Borg to use is unknown.Its Special Move isGodest Desert Falcon.
A boger in an Arab folk costume called the "Carthage Falcon".One of the golden quartets.Add "Aladdin" to the end of the word.
Voice- Kazuhiko Nishimatsu
The first appearance is episode 18.
Boger called "Child of God".One of the golden quartets.There are few words.He advises Ryusei that "the wall of the world is not something that crosses, but something that breaks."
Bidet Tanaka
Voice- Takemoto Hideshi
The first appearance is episode 18.
The Borg to use is unknown.Its Special Moves are Stream Global Waves (a technique as a footboger) and Central Routing Banana Shoot.
He was the first Japanese player to belong to the Borg League in Italy, Spain, England, etc., and returned from the Europa League before the final of the Borg Battle National Tournament.There are rumors that he will retire after the Borg Battle National Tournament.
Boasting the same ability as the Big Bang, he defeated Ryusei and the Japanese national team.It seems that he once fought Francine and was defeated[54].
Kaori Shiori
Voice- Miki Nagasawa,Haruhi Terada
Beautiful sisters of self-proclaimed twins who appeared in episode 19.
Borg to useSexy Attack Nos. 1 and 2.. Its Special Move isAmore Alamode Wink,Amore Delicious Bust River,Twins Beautiful Beam.
She is good at sex appeal attacks and aims to make her debut in the entertainment world.Kabutoborg tried to make a name for himself by defeating Japanese champion Ryusei, but lost to Katsuji and Ken who fought in the process.
Charles de Gaulle
Voice- Takase right light
Appeared in episode 20.General manager of the French restaurant "Char de Gor Group".There is no sense of Borg battle (even charge-in is not satisfactory).
Borg to useFlambé de terrine von de bou.. Its Special Move isAtelier Marinated Truffle Mushroom,Wired Dreamin Marionette(However, the technique that Ryusei put out).
Montesquieu has been a longtime rival, and in order to win him in the Borg, he dared to open a store diagonally across from Shoryuken to ask Ryusei Amanogawa to teach him the Borg battle, and cut off their retreat by serving food.
In the 10-1 handicap battle, he challenged Montesquieu and lost 9 consecutive games, but thanks to Ryusei who wore it with himself, he won.However, in a later interview, he angered Ryusei, saying, "What kind of personality do you have!" Because he was proud that he had won with his own ability.
Voice- Yoshikazu Nagano
Appeared in episode 20.Owner of a prestigious French restaurant.
Borg to useEspris Conda Espresso.. Its Special Move isFrench dressing / french bulldog.
A rival in Char Ludgor's cooking and Borg battles.It seems that the ability in cooking is competitive, but the ability in Borg Battle is higher than Ludgor.Riding on Ryusei's mouthpiece, he will challenge a handicap battle in which Rudgoal wins if he loses even one win in 10 battles. Although he won nine consecutive victories and showed the difference in ability, he was finally defeated by Ryusei who pretended to be Rudgoal.
Count Borg
Voice- Shinpachi Tsuji
Appeared in episode 21.A collector who boasted that he would do anything for Kabutoborg, he held the Kabutoborg Exposition in the town of Ryusei.
Borg to useGrand Lioness Kingdom.. Its Special Move isRoyal Three Lions Earl Gray.
Doctor, Madonna's Rika (Voice- Satomi Akasaka), Succeeded in getting an electrical speed wagon in disguise as Katsuji's mother, but was challenged to fight for each other's machines and lost to Katsuji who borrowed Ryusei's machine.
バ ー バ ラ
Voice- Mariko Nagahama
Appeared in episode 23.Gorgon Jim's instructor and body-building national champ.He is also the California champion of Borg Battle.
Borg to usePump-up Quimby.. Its Special Move isBench press pullover deadlift.
It becomes muscular during the Borg battle.As a result of discovering the qualities of three people including Ryusei and training them to win the bodybuilding tournament, Ryusei could not charge as expected, and Katsuji was hated by Madonna's Mariko Ibaraki in the next class, so two people Asks me to set up a weight loss menu.Opposing it, he plays against Ryusei but is defeated.
Voice- Kimoto Orie
Appeared in episode 26.He was swayed by his lover and was desperately desperate, but he was entangled in a defect, but Ken helped him and he developed into a relationship of mutual love.
In order to stop Ken leaving overseas with Ryusei who participates in the world championship, he rushed to the airport and defeated Ken, but he escaped to Ken who was afraid of his true nature.
Borg to useHoliday Romance Roses.. Its Special Move isSentimental charming scorpion.
Jan-Michael McClaclan
Voice- Masato Amada
Appeared in episode 28.World championship American representative.It is considered to be the closest to winning the tournament.
Borg to useBorg Wolf Human Genome.
In the world championship qualifying, I dared to fight with the old standard Kabutoborg and advanced to the qualifying.
He is a good person, sending advice to Ryusei who is struggling to handle the new Kabutoborg.At first, he reconciled with Ryusei, who had been repulsing, and vowed to compete openly.
Since the world championship edition ended in the first quarter-final match, the results after that are unknown.
Appeared again in episode 46.Johnny applied for a match and fought, but the outcome is unknown.
Francine Panna Cotta
Voice- Eriko Hirata
Appeared in episode 28.World tournament France representative.
Borg to useMontmartre Grand Pad de.
A strong-minded woman who hates to lose with a big mouse.The first person is "I".He boasted to Ryusei, the representative of Japan, that he had an irregular battle between 11 players including Bidet Tanaka and settled in 2 minutes.However, he did not say he won, and according to the Amano galaxy, which seems to know her, it is a bluff.
His ability as a boger is top notch, and he won the world championship qualifying in 2nd place.Since the World Championships ended in the first quarter-final match, the results after that are unknown.
Taj Mahad Mohammed Al Saud
Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya
Appeared in episode 28.World Championship UAE representative.Known as "His Highness Mohamed".
The Borg to use is unknown.
The third prince of a royal family.He developed a machine with abundant funds and rapidly improved his ability through scientific training.It is described as a dark horse in the world championships.
A talented person who won the first place in the world championship qualifying.Since the world championship edition ended in the first quarter-final match, the results after that are unknown.According to the announcement, he has won the quarterfinals.
Pluto, Atlas
Voice- Shiro Saito,Eiji Yanagisawa
Appeared in episode 29.He defeated Judy to take Ryusei's Tomcat Red Beetle V and fought against Katsuji Ken for the recapture of Ryusei's machine.Although he cannot participate in the front battle, he has world-class ability.
Borg to usePlanet of the Ice,Atlantic Gold Scarab.
Pluto is a dark battle champion.The partner Atlas is called the Mediterranean Blade.Although he challenged Katsuji and Ken with illegal optional parts (iron ball, blade wings), he was beaten up with even more amazing optional parts (propeller & missile, giant robot "Miracle Good Taste Kendizer").
Kameda Carmeda
Voice- Ishii Makoto
Appeared in episode 30.World tournament Egypt national team, Ryusei's opponent in the first round.
Borg to useKamenler Carrack.
Its Special Move isEgyptian Sphinx Grand Slam,Growing Trap Insider.
Father (voice- Eiji Ito) Won the Egyptian national team with a bye.A foul was allowed by the federation staff who would have been acquired in Africa, and although he challenged Ryusei in a favorable situation (charge 10 times & illegal parts), his father who directly harmed Ryusei got a stone from the audience. He is thrown, and is defeated by being struck by the gap.Immediately after that, he and his father were purged by the anger of animals.
Wagner Pereira Cardoso IX
Voice- Seiwa Iwasaki
Appeared in episode 31.The king of the Kingdom of Amaral, a small European country whose mainstream is natural borg and is not on the world map.A big fan of Katsuji.Add "dao" to the end of the word.
Borg to usePlatinum diamond crown.. Its Special Move isVariable Inging Castle
The king abuses the power of absolute in a borg battleBowling,baseballIncluding, illegal play is outbursts.
Although the kingdom of people who entertain Katsuji encounters a coup d'etat, he engages in a Borg battle with Katsuji, General Kelly, Enjolras, etc., but is defeated by Katsuji, who is in the customer's position.
General Kelly
Voice-Hiroshi Shimozaki
Appeared in episode 31.Coup military representative.
Borg to useGeneral Sargent Pepper.. Its Special Move isCommand Skinhead Soldier.
Good at illegal play such as sending snipers during Borg battle.He is also defeated by Katsuji.Add "da kelly" to the end of the word.
Voice-Yoshimasa Hosoya
Appeared in episode 31.Coup d'etat popular representative.
Borg to useRevolution Evolution Concentration.. Its Special Move isShining Power of Democracy.
He is also good at illegal play, such as setting up land mines during Borg battles.Defeated by Katsuji.Add "Daras" to the end of the word.
Newton Curtis
Voice- Hiroo Masuda
Appeared in episodes 30 and 32. 25 years old.As a representative of England, he will participate in the world championships under the name "Thomas Albert" in the guise of an unknown player.Confront Ryusei in the first quarter-final match. In episode 1, he slept on the plane in the form of Thomas.
Borg to useGenius Champion Junior.. Its Special Move isLondon Bridge Foreign Down Burst.
At one point, he was suspected of being a thug of WKC, a rival group of the International Kabutoborg Association IKA, but his innocence is proved.
He once won the world championship at the youngest age of 15 years old, but after that he lost the pressure of the champion and did not fly, and the world said, "10 is a child prodigy, 15 is a champ, 20 years old is just a person. It was supposed to be called.
He was exposed to his fighting spirit in an attempt to prevent Ryusei from winning, which would break the youngest record.
During the match, Ryusei blames him for hiding his identity, but he tells Ryusei that "even if you lose to me, you have nothing to lose," and Ryusei wins with an upset chance.
Results after the semi-finals are unknown.
Polar bear peak
Voice- Hiroshi Shimozaki
Appeared in episodes 34 and 51. 7 years old.A popular idol at the zoo.
Borg to useIceburn Wild Wild Shout.. Its Special Move isArctic Polar Big Wave.
Born in the zooPolar bearThen, the place where the mother bear pink abandoned childcare was the zookeeper Koichi (voice- Aragaki Tarsuke), And at that time, Kabuto Borg was charged.
Although he was quite a strong man, he was defeated by Ryusei.Except for the Shinigami mentioned below, this is the only non-human boger in the film.Even after losing, he is a sportsman-filled boger who praises Ryusei for his good fight.
Claude Chiaki
Voice- Yoji Ueda
Appeared in episode 35.Rinrin's cooking teacher.Speak in one-word Japanese.
Borg to useChocolat de Parisienne.. Its Special Move isEiffel Attack Eclair.
In order to eliminate the difficulty of accepting the authentic taste, he is aiming for a secret sauce that is handed down to the Ryusho family, and for that reason, Zhang himself renewed the store.He also challenged Ken to look for sauce and was defeated by Ken who was angry at using Rinrin.
Tome Nakajima, Kane Nakajima
Voice- Kimura Akiko,Chieko Higuchi
Borg to useThe Peanuts Yellow & Blue.
Appeared in episode 37.It is a tracer of the Borg factory, and is famous as a bad twin on Nakajima Island where the factory is located.The islanders are also divided into Tome and Kane groups and are fighting.
From the time I was born, I didn't feel like doing anything, and I've been fighting for it, but only when I kick out my father who has been restrained, I feel like it.
He fell in love with Katsuji who scolded himself, and the irregular Borg battle that bet him developed into a lawless battle between Katsuji and Nakajima sisters, Ryusei, and Ken by the acquisition of his father.The victory or defeat is unknown.
Misao Hamada
Voice- Sugimoto Yu
Appeared in episode 38.Former friend of Ryusei.
Borg to useMad Crimson Prisoner.. Its Special Move isOrbital High Speed ​​Runaway.
Born on the same day as Ryusei.El Mascaras In kindergarten and elementary school, he teamed up with Ryusei, but he was inadvertently falsely accused of innocence (but Ryusei doesn't remember) and was imprisoned in Albagoraz Prison.After that, he defeated the prison's number one borger, James Ilmaré, a virtue guard, and the prison director Big Boss, and became the prison borg champion. He escaped from prison with the cooperation and sacrifice of prisoners.
Although he challenges Ryusei to redo his messed up life, he is not as good as his heroic story, and is defeated by being quoted as a borrower of 7 yen seven years ago.
Mochizuki sensei
Voice- Hiroshi Shimozaki
Appeared in episode 38.The Borg to use is unknown. A man who was a homeroom teacher in Ryusei's class four years ago.He is a mad scientist, and although he is defeated by Ryusei and Chastity who heard the rumor, he reports the chastity.I also witnessed the trial.
Voice- Akemi Okamura
Appeared in episode 40.Master of Borgsuri.The true identity is a beautiful school lunch aunt at the elementary school where Ryusei attends.
Borg to useDark Spot Neptune..Its Special Move is peeling off the armor of the opponent's Borg one after another.Thumb back,Two-finger passing,Little finger thrust,Knuckle grab.
An alien man (voice-- Rei Naito) Will be sent to the country of Kabuto Borg, and as a master of Borg Suri, he was shaving Kabuto Borg from the bad.He belonged to a pickpocket club when he was in college (it seems he wasn't aiming for a professional).
After smashing Ken's Borg, he was forced to fight Ryusei, and although he was defeated, Lloyd's acquaintances provided him with a lot of Borgs.
Sydney Manson
Voice- Kameyama Sukesei
Ryusei, Katsuji, Ken's friend and adult.Even though it suddenly appeared, it is treated as if it were a regular character that existed from the beginning.After all, a guest character of a one-shot gag.
Borg to useHowling Rodeo Drive, Its Special Move isGrand Piano Healing Fortissimo.
I met at LOID'S PARTS SHOP and played against Ryusei, and eventually became their companion.
He is also a genius pianist and has a splendid battle style that shows his talent generously.
I taught the three Ryusei and others how to cooperate with each other by rhythm.Manson is the axis of a team battle of four people, and their combination boasts invincible strength.
The character appears only in episode 41, but it appears in the scenes of episodes 5, 14, 28, and 32 used in the recollection (all synthesized).
According to Lloyd, he was involved in all of the program's script, director, and direction in Animax's special program "Decision! Kabuto Borg Best Ten Selected by Higher-grade Adults."
Big bang roses
Appeared in Episode 41.A death metal band from the UK who is a thug of the Big Bang Organization.Mary Ann in charge of voice (voice- Noriko Fujita), Amy in charge of guitar (voice-unknown), Gloria in charge of bass (voice-) Nakagawa Rie), Sadako in charge of drums (voice- Mika Ishibashi) Consists of four people.
Borg to useHell Voice Rhythm Crusher 1,Hell Guitar Rhythm Crusher 2,Hell Bass Rhythm Crusher 3,Heldrums Rhythm Crusher 4.. Its Special Move isLowering Devil Final Cut.
The death metal performance disturbed the teamwork of Ryusei, Katsuji, Ken, and Manson, but was defeated.
Bar hair clipper Takasaki
Voice- Kenji Nomura
Appeared in Episode 42.He runs the barber shop "Takasaki Bar Hair Clipper", which is located opposite Ken's shop.His hobby is to cut the heads of customers (the shape of the horns of beetles and stag beetles), and eventually the hairstyle became popular, and a competition called Kabuto Battle, in which the beetles cut each other, was born, and it became so popular that the Kabuto Borg declined. I was proud.In an attempt to eradicate Kabuto Borg in Kabuto Battle, the program "Human Insect Kabuto Head 5 x 5 = 25" with him as the main character was aired in the play.
Borg to usePunch Power Permanent Max.. Its Special Move isBlind shampoo shock wave.
He is strong enough to defeat Ken and Katsuji, but because he was absorbed in Kabuto Head, his skill in Borg Battle fell and he was defeated by Ryusei.As a result, people's hairstyles were restored and it was forbidden to cut beetles.
Masahiko Mura
Voice- Kenjiro Tsuda
Appeared in Episode 43.An up-and-coming young businessman who is the president of the amusement company "Hard Cash".Kabutoborg is not good at it.
The Borg used is a collection of One Coin Borgs."Biggest Company New Wave".. Its Special Move isContemporary Independent Headhunting.
The "One Coin Borg", which is cheap and can be easily enjoyed anywhere, is sold and made a big hit, and it develops into a social phenomenon, but on the other hand, the Borg is illegally dumped and the Borg craftsman loses his position.Ryusei, who denied this and challenged the game, confronted Ryusei in an irregular rule battle with all the employees, but was defeated and was chased as president.At the end of the line, add "I don't care which one".
The Mommy
Voice-Yoji Ueda
Appeared in episode 44.A mysterious mummy man from the Egyptian pyramids.The first person is "Wale" and the ending is "Thai".
Borg to useTutankhamen Cleopatra Scarab.
Play against Ryusei at the Borg Battle Tournament.Called a prophecy, Ryusei is turned upside down and wins one, but in the second battle it does not work and he is eliminated.
Santa Claus
Voice- Kazuhiko Nishimatsu
Appeared in Episode 47.Listen to Ken's desire to make her and spend time with her by Christmas.
After that, he confronts Ken in a Borg battle begging him to part with Makiko and wins.
The borg used is a reindeer typeThe Shining Coedian Rudolph, Its Special Move isLittle drummer jingle bell.
Makiko Honda
Voice- Fumiko Orikasa
Appeared in Episode 47.The daughter of the Honda Yamae who runs a large Kabutoborg company famous in Kyushu.With a selfish personality, he boasted that he could control everything and do whatever he wanted.He hunts down Ken mentally and confronts Ken who wants to part with himself in a Borg battle.The real purpose was to steal Ken's post in order to get closer to Ryusei, but Ryusei even said that his personality and everything was ugly and he was defeated.
Borg to useCrusher Beauty Elegance, Its Special Move isSilent Winter White Wonderland.
Add "Tetsuyuka" in front of the lines.
grim Reaper
Voice- Hiroshi Iechu
Appeared in episode 49.Shinigami who appeared before Katsuji.Normally, humans cannot see it.
His job is to manage the death of a person, and he informs Katsuji that the girl Hinano and his friends who met on the southern island are about to die, and confronts Katsuji who is trying to change her future in a borg battle that literally bets his life. And defeated.Although the Hinanos survived, Katsuji's lifespan was short, creating an opportunity for him and Hinano to reconcile.
Borg to useBlack hole death sickle, Its Special Move isJudgment Deep Crash.
Rebecca Goldberg
Voice- Michiko Neya
Appeared in episodes 14 and 52. In episode 14, there was no dialogue yet and the name was unknown.After the death of the Black Gold leader, he becomes the acting chief.
Ryusei, who inherits the blood of the Big Bang, finds evil qualities and is refused to invite him to the new chief of the Black Gold team.
After that, he attacked the Municipal Coliseum and confronted Ryusei who came to stop him, but he was defeated.
Multi-legged type black borg that does not use tires,Shelter the MadnessTo use.You can make irregular movements such as moving at a right angle or riding on the opponent's borg.Its Special Move isScarlet Ink Ribbon Rose,Burnout Spinning Crash.
Voice- Seiwa Iwasaki
Appeared in episode 52.The Borg to use is unknown.Its Special Move isHard rain tackle..Madness Rolling G executive.Age, Charlie, and Junichi are easily defeated.
Jackal Sasaki
Voice- Koji Yusa
Appeared in episode 52.Chief of Madness Rolling G, an evil organization that once attempted to conquer the world.
Borg to useUnflag Crescendo Throw.. Its Special Move isRolling Sky The Strong Thunder.
She is a neighbor of Ibaraki Age's house and her childhood friend Chikako (voice-- Erino Hazuki), Jackal Sasaki confronted Age who was crazy about Borg battle.At the end, he was exhausted in the fight with Age, which triggered him to retire from Boger.

Other characters

Voice- Hikaru Yamamoto
Appeared in the first episode.Ryusei's class Madonna.Ryusei tries to stop Ryusei, who lost confidence before the Galaxy Cup final, but her words help Ryusei recover.
After that, multiple Madonnas of different colors will appear, but with some exceptions, they have the same personality and role, and are called "Madonna of XX" every time.One of them has been repelled by Ryusei's Special Move.
Sayaka herself reappears in episode 32.
Katsuji's mother
Voice- Azusa Nakao
I am worried about Katsuji's illness in episodes 2 and 8.
Katsuji's mother, who appeared in episode 21, was Count Borg in disguise and tried to steal the Electrical Speed ​​Wagon.
In episode 31, King Amaral took him to the Kingdom of Amaral.
In episodes 48 and 49, Katsuji and his grandfather went on a family trip.
Ryusho Rinrin
Voice- Yuka Terasaki→Mika Sakenobe not allowed(# 35-)
Appeared in episodes 3, 8, 14, 20, 32, 35, 47, 48, and 50.Ken's sister.
Take him to the scene where Ryusei and Katsuji are training, and encourage Ken who is afraid of the game.[5], Made a Chinese steamed bun for Ken fighting against the Black Gold team, and saw Ken off while almost crying[28].
A daughter of a Chinese restaurant, she is an ambitious person who is passionate about making sweets.When his father was hospitalized with a tight back, he ignored Ken and completely renovated Shoryuken into a sweets Shoryuken.At that time, the three Chinese brothers were restructuring, and Ken was pushed out of the stall.[48].
Kabuto Borg is just a play, and one of the few who considers Boger to be unfamiliar, but in episode 3 he himself persuaded Ken, who hates to settle things in Borg Battle, and recommended that he settle in Borg Battle.
Madame Jennifer
Voice- Yoshiko Iseki
Appeared in episodes 4, 10, 32, 36, 38, and 51.
The hostess of "Madame Jennifer's Shop", an information store that receives information on Borg battles around the world.
Johnny's information to Ryusei and others[6][32], The existence of my brother, the galaxy[34], Information on Hamada Misao[14]Taught.
He acknowledges Ryusei's ability and manhood.
Shigekazu Nishiyama
Voice-Akira Nakagawa
Ryusei's classmates.It looks like Ken says he has a serious face.Appeared in episodes 4, 32, 36, 38, 41, 42, 48 and 52.It often appears after being attacked by Johnny and the Big Bang.Lloyd calls him "Waist"[6].
He has some taste for Kabuto Borg and often has a Borg battle with some friends.According to a friend, I bought a great machine[35].
The identity isInternational Criminal Police Organization (ICPO)Arrested Johnny, a boy detective who belongs to CITES and violated the Washington Convention[32]..I keep it secret that I am a detective.
Voice- Azusa Kataoka
Appeared in episode 5.Ryusei's class idol.Wearing a uniform-like vest.Although he attended a cram school run by Ryusei's father, he was worried about the disturbing rumors about the cram school, which led Ryusei and his colleagues to investigate.
Although the number of turns is small, it reappeared with Sayaka in episode 32.Also, as an idol in the next class, her different color girl Ayumi (voice- Nakai Erika) Appears in episode 21.
Ichi Ishida
Voice- Sachiko Nagai
Appeared in episode 9.Ryusei's classmate and son of Yurie Ishida.My mother became a bad housewife, and she was forced to do household chores and had no time to study, so she forgot her homework.I'm dating Tomoko Soma in the same class.
Tomoko Soma
Voice- Mari Yamada
Appeared in episode 9.Ryusei's class leader, a slightly tight girl.Ryusei and Ken want to be scolded by her, but she herself thinks they are blurry, vulgar and wild.
He is dating Ishida Ichi and consults with Katsuji that Ishida has recently neglected his homework.
Voice- Kaori Shimizu
Appeared in episode 11.OL who is a lover of Boger X. 22 years old, Virgo, AB type.
Two years ago, a girl who gave up on Boger X because she didn't have the optional parts, but later learned that he was in the dark.After Boger X was defeated by Ryusei, he came to live with Boger X again.
Voice- Akemi Okamura
Appeared in episode 12.Lloyd's Brooklyn-era friend.A member of the organization Big Apple, he leaves the organization to get Lloyd to stop Robert.
Reunited with Lloyd at Madame Jennifer's store and explained the situation, but refused.After that, he is captured by Robert to lure Lloyd.
Borg hermit
Voice- Bunmei Tobayama
The first appearance is episode 13.Live in Takao MountainhermitSo, I led Ryusei to learn the special move.
In episode 24, he gave the timid Ryusei a unique secret.
Black Gold Leader
Voice- Tetsuo Komura
Appeared in episode 14. At 12 o'clock, he planned to release 200 billion black borgs to conquer the world, but when he learned that Ryusei and his friends were advancing to their home base, he changed the plan and at 11:30, 86 billion black borgs. (Because, as a result of independently analyzing the defeat pattern of the evil organization, it was decided that "stick to the plan that was originally made and do not change the plan even if you become inferior" will be the cause of the defeat).
According to the narration of the next announcement in episode 14, the organization was destroyed by the Big Bang Organization, which returned from the basement to the ground, although it was about to conquer the world.
Turned out to have died after the plan failed[13].
Makumo Nayo
Voice- Risa Mizuno
Appeared in episode 17.Responsible for the live performance of the Borg Battle National Tournament East Block Tournament.A returnee from Yogyakarta, a quasi-queen of the Great Lakes Sexy Cup.Self-proclaimed D cup.
In the 19th episode, we covered Ryusei, who became the Borg Battle Japan Champ.
Voice- Shigeru Sugimoto
Appeared in episode 17.Borg battle journalist.Responsible for commentary on the National Tournament East Block Tournament.
Matsushiro Gonzaemon
Voice- Kamibeppu Renji
Appeared in episode 27.Belongs to the Japan Kabutoborg Association Strengthening Committee.Interested in Ryusei, the representative of Japan at the World Championships, and teaches Ryusei who lost to American children the cause of their defeat.
Voice-Hiroshi Shimozaki
Appeared in episode 27.A subordinate of Matsushiro Gonzaemon.
Voice-Yoji Ueda
Appeared in episode 27.Chief of Matsuyama Borg Machine Research Institute.He developed Tomcat Red Beetle V with R & D for Ryusei to advance to the world championships and tried to deliver it to Ryusei, but he was attacked by American rogues and seriously injured.
At the end, I entrusted Tom Cat Red Beetle V to Kozue Araki and exhausted.
Kanahara, Tanokura, Shirokane, Kozue Araki
Voice- Takahiro Hirano,Rei Naito,Takehiro Hasu,Nakagawa Rie
Appeared in episode 27.Research and development staff at Matsuyama Borg Machine Research Institute.I went to deliver Tom Cat Red Beetle V to Ryusei with Kodama, but the machine was run over by a car and wrecked.
Voice- Kikuchi heart
Appeared in episode 29.He stole Ryusei's Tomcat Red Beetle V to earn money for his sick mother's treatment and challenged a dark battle, but was defeated by champion Pluto.
Mooncake (Geppei)
Voice- Yuko Nakamura
Appeared in episode 35.The waitress of Sweets Shoryuken.In college, belonged to the Texas Amarillo department.The graduation thesis is the lever action of the right hand in Texas Clover Hold.
He has no knowledge of Kabutoborg, and sprinkles baking powder on Ryusei and others who come to the store to drive them out.
President Nakajima
Voice- Naoki Bando
Appeared in episode 37.The owner of the Borg factory on Nakajima Island, an acquaintance from Lloyd's Brooklyn era.I am blessed with the money and Tome of my twin daughters, but my wife (voice-voice- Suzuki Masahito) And divorce.He asked Lloyds for help to stop the fight between the daughters, but it was out of control and forced him to marry in order to succeed Katsuji.
Voice- Ai Maeda
The stewardess that appeared in episode 39.Ask the borgs on board for help to eliminate the timed borgs that nest on the plane.
I had a bad image of Borg, but I changed my mind after seeing the activities of Borgs fighting the timed Borg.
Bando Kabuemon
Voice-Tetsuo Komura
Appeared in Episode 43.The 11th generation of Borg craftsmen since the Edo period, a living national treasure.After the war, the demand for imported Borgs decreased, and the distribution of One Coin Borgs shook up and decided to quit the Borg craftsmanship.Entrust Ryusei with his own Borg "Old Nostalgic Perfume".
In place of Masahiko Mura, who was later defeated by Ryusei, he became president of Hard Cash.
Ruri Higashi, Yayoi Nishio
Voice- Mika Ito,Yoko Nishino
Appeared in Episode 48.Ryusei's classmate, Higashi belongs to a swimming club, and Nishio is called the No. 1 sport in the class.The swimming test is a special grade.
Therefore, Ryusei and Ken, who are aiming for their summer vacation homework, are entangled, but thanks to Lloyd, they escape the difficulty.
Voice- Sawa Ishige
Appeared in episode 49.A girl that Katsuji met on the southern island, one of the dancers of traditional performing arts.My father sells goods in the market.They have a good relationship with Katsuji for the first time, but because they don't understand the language, they have a terrible relationship.He was destined to die in a car accident, but Katsuji put his life to a halt.
Later Katsuji was her younger brother Corki (voice- Kikuchi heart) Has been handed over the Electrical Speed ​​Wagon.

Story setting

The stage of each story is mainly in the Musashino district.Also, in episode 46, it is clear that the era setting is 2010.

Appeared in episodes 2-13, 15-19, 21-27, 32-38, 40-48, 50, 52
Kabuto Borg parts shop run by Lloyd.When Lloyd answers the store's phone, he says "Lloyd's store."Ryusei and others often hang out, but there are few other guests.There are almost no scenes where you buy Borg machines and parts, and you can't see any of them except when Katsuji's grandfather in episode 8 bought them as adults.However, sales are not so good, and there is a stance toward sales, such as lamenting the sluggish sales of Borg machines and trying to introduce one-coin Borg vending machines.I have a lot of Borg-related friends, so I'm not in trouble purchasing parts.[17]..I can't see any rival stores, but they closed when the ordinance prohibiting staple foods other than rice was issued.[8], The store has been damaged[51].
It often appears at the beginning of each story.The inside of the store is large to some extent, and there are also borg rings and rest spaces.
Municipal Coliseum
Appeared in episodes 1-3, 13-15, 20, 35, 42, 44-47, 50, 52
Ordinary Coliseum.It is used for Kabuto Borg tournaments such as the Galaxy Cup and district tournaments, but in episodes 2, 20 and 35, it is also used in personal Borg battles in a chartered state.In episode 14, it was abandoned by the Black Gold team, and in episode 42, it was in danger of being refurbished.
Ken's house.Chinese restaurant.It is run by Ken's family, but the taste is not good and the number of customers is not so many.Until now, the opening of rival stores to tenants across the street has caused a management crisis, but each time Ryusei and his colleagues have resolved it in a Borg battle.This shop often appears at celebrations and celebrations.It was renewed to Sweets Shoryuken in episode 35, but soon after that it returned to its original state.Ryusei seems to like the fried rice at this restaurant.On the other hand, when it comes to ramen, they complain that the taste has dropped.[17].
Madame Jennifer's Information Store
Appeared in episodes 4, 10, 12, 36, 38, 46, 51, 52
It looks like a Western building (the place is also Western flavored).It is unknown where it is in Japan, but it is in the city of Ryusei from the dialogue in the play.It is a bar where you can find information on Bogers from all over the world.Madame Jennifer runs the store, and Ryusei often visits to gather information.A borg ring is installed outside the store.
Big bang organization
Appeared in episodes 5, 14, 24 and 41
The activity base of the Big Bang.I run a cram school in a skyscraper.

Trends after the end of the broadcast

Animax2008 May 8In, "Laughter Anime at the End of Summer Kabuto Borg SP for Adults" was broadcast, and about this, an anime researcherRyusuke HikawaSays, "Among my recent jobs, it's a pretty burning job (laughs)."[55].. Same yearMay 12 From midnight to 0 pm, "Kabuto Borg Best Ten Selected by Adults of a Higher Grade" will be broadcast continuously for 5 hours, and each episode selected up to the best 5 in the ranking by fan voting will be broadcast. The first place was the first episode.After that, it was rebroadcast several times.

2010 May 11FromVideo sharing site"Nico Nico DougaThe video software sales company that is the maker of the DVD of this workSupervisionThe official distribution of the main story has started on the video channel "Fullani MAX" provided and opened by.The first delivery is episode 1-episode 3.After that, every Friday at 18:00, one episode is added, and at the same time, one episode is switched to paid distribution.However, only the first episode will continue to be distributed free of charge. All episodes were delivered on October 1, 1, and from November 1, it was called the second week, and every Friday for a week, the second episode was switched to free delivery one by one, but in 2011 On September 10, due to the closure of Fullani MAX, all videos became unviewable.

ス タ ッ フ

Each story staff

Number of storiesscriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
1Akatsuki YamatoyaHiroshi Ishidan
Han Young Hoon
Hiroshi IshidanMasayuki Tanaka
2Hiroshi Ishidan
Hwang Young Sik
Shinoyuki HiroKim Jin
3Akitsu Minami
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioMo Jung Hee
4Hiromitsu Morita
Han Young Hoon
Han Young HoonJang Kil Sun
5Namba Nitoshi
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKang Min Wook
6Kento ShimoyamaNaNaKoHwang Young SikRyu Se Hyoung
7Urasawa YoshioAkitsu Minami
Hwang Young Sik
Shinoyuki HiroKim Jin
8Katsuhiko ChibaHiromitsu Morita
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioMo Jung Hee
9Urasawa YoshioYuji Himaki
Han Young Hoon
Han Young HoonJang Kil Sun
10Katsuyuki SumisawaHiroshi Ishidan
Hwang Young Sik
Shinoyuki HiroKang Min Wook
11Akatsuki YamatoyaMasao Okubo
Han Young Hoon
Hwang Young SikRyu Se Hyoung
12Suzuki Yukio
Hwang Young Sik
Suzuki YukioKim Jin
13Katsuyuki SumisawaHiroshi Ishidan
Han Young Hoon
Han Young HoonJang Bum Chul
14Katsuhiko ChibaAkitsu Minami
Hwang Young Sik
Hiroshi IshidanMo Jung Hee
15Akatsuki YamatoyaShinoda Yoshino
Han Young Hoon
Shinoyuki HiroKang Min Wook
16Urasawa YoshioHiromitsu Morita
Hwang Young Sik
Hwang Young SikRyu Se Hyoung
17Katsuhiko ChibaHan Young HoonJang Bum Chul
18Kento ShimoyamaSuzuki Yukio
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKim Jin
19Urasawa YoshioAkitsu Minami
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioSeo Seong Jong
20Akatsuki YamatoyaSuzuki Yukio
Satoshi Shishikura
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKang Min Wook
21Kento ShimoyamaMasao Okubo
Hwang Young Sik
Hwang Young SikRyu Sea Hyung
22Urasawa YoshioHan Young HoonJang Bum Chul
23Katsuhiko ChibaHiromitsu Morita
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKim Dae Hoon
24Katsuyuki SumisawaHiroshi Ishidan
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioSeo Seong Jong
25Urasawa YoshioMasao Okubo
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKang Min Wook
26Kento ShimoyamaSuzuki Yukio
Hwang Young Sik
Hwang Young SikRyu Sea Hyung
27Akatsuki YamatoyaHan Young HoonKim Hyeun Ok
28Akitsu Minami
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaLee Jae Han
29Katsuhiko ChibaSuzuki Yukio
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioSeo Seong Jong
30Urasawa YoshioHiromitsu Morita
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKang Min Wook
31Kento ShimoyamaMasao Okubo
Hwang Young Sik
Hwang Young SikRyu Sea Hyung
32Katsuhiko ChibaHiroshi Ishidan
Han Young Hoon
Han Young HoonKim Hyeun Ok
33Urasawa YoshioHiromitsu Morita
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaLee Jae Han
34Akatsuki YamatoyaSuzuki Yukio
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioSeo Seong Jong
35Katsuhiko ChibaYoshihisa Matsumoto
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKang Min Wook
36Akatsuki YamatoyaMasao Okubo
Hwang Young Sik
Hwang Young SikRyu Sea Hyung
37Urasawa YoshioHiromitsu Morita
Han Young Hoon
Han Young HoonKim Hyeun Ok
38Akatsuki YamatoyaToshiya Shinohara
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaLee Jae Han
39Katsuhiko ChibaSuzuki Yukio
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioSeo Seong Jong
40Urasawa YoshioAkitsu Minami
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKang Min Wook
41Akatsuki YamatoyaMasao Okubo
Hwang Young Sik
Hwang Young SikRyu Sea Hyung
42Katsuhiko ChibaHiromitsu Morita
Han Young Hoon
Han Young HoonKim Hyeun Ok
43Kento ShimoyamaHiroshi Ishidan
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaLee Jae Han
44Urasawa YoshioSuzuki Yukio
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioSeo Seong Jong
45Hiromitsu Morita
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKang Min Wook
46Akatsuki YamatoyaMasao Okubo
Hwang Young Sik
Hwang Young SikRyu Sea Hyung
47Kento ShimoyamaAkitsu Minami
Han Young Hoon
Han Young HoonKim Hyeun Ok
48Katsuhiko ChibaMasao Okubo
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaLee Jae Han
49Suzuki Yukio
Han Young Hoon
Suzuki YukioSeo Seong Jong
50Akatsuki Yamatoya[Annotation 3]Hiroshi Ishidan
Hwang Young Sik
Toyoaki NakajimaKang Min Wook
51Masao Okubo
Hwang Young Sik
Hwang Young SikRyu Sea Hyung
52Hiroshi IshidanLee Jae Han

Theme song

Opening theme "Beetle Power!" (2nd maxi single)
Ending theme "VICTORY ROAD"
Lyrics / Composition --MB / Song --Pinky Piglets
Pinky Piglets
Anime theme song first challenge.The opening and ending are all in English, which is rare in children's programs.After listening to the pre-viewing of one episode and the later story after the adoption was decided, he said on his blog that he rewrote the lyrics for Kabutoborg and that katakana English is for children to see. There is.In addition, the self-cover song "Naked Blue" of the opening theme "Beetle Power!" Is included in Pinky Piglets' album "HOPPING !!".

List of stories

  • The numbers in "()" are the names and voice actors of Madonna (which can be judged) for the week.
  • For the time being, the uncolored "○" wins and the colored "●" loses.If you don't know the outcome, omit it.
Number of storiessubtitleGuest heroine (Madonna)Match victory or defeatAirdate
1Beyond my father! Rising prominence of courageSayaka (Hikaru Yamamoto)○ Ryusei vs. Gulf Stream Sasamoto ●
○ Ryusei vs. Big Bang ●
May 10
2Farewell Friend! Tears Metallic Gigaton Crash!Katsuji's mother (Azusa Nakao)○ Ryusei vs. Katsuji ●May 10
3Protect! Iron Wall Psychic Dragon MasterRyusho Rinrin (Yuka Terasaki)● Katsuji vs. small and medium ○
○ Ryusei vs. China ●
○ Ken vs. Ochu ●
May 10
4Rivals are here! Deadly Variable Lourdes WaterHaruko (Nakagawa Rie)
* Voice actors in EDShinobu MatsumotoIs misprinted
○ Ryusei vs. Johnny ●May 10
5Wake up! Boulding triple screw!Minako (Azusa Kataoka)○ Ryusei, Katsuji, Ken vs. Tajima, Sakurai, Nakamura ●May 11
6Cry of the Soul! Twilight Friendship SoulBeauty secretary (Namiki Noriko)○ Ryusei, Katsuji vs. City Hall Service Center ●
○ Ryusei vs. Ken ●
○ Ryusei vs. Mayor Yoneda ●
May 11
7Tearless Pasta! Over the RainbowAmiko Itari / Venetian (Rumi Shishido)○ Ryusei vs. Venetian ●May 11
8Requiem! Living Legend Good NightKatsuji's grandmother (Rie Nakagawa)○ Ryusei vs. Ken ●
○ Ryusei vs. Katsuji's grandfather ●
May 11
9Shine! Diamonds Diamonds DiamondsTomoko Soma (Mari Yamada)○ Katsuji vs. Ishida Mother ●May 11
10Brothers Showdown! Deep Galaxy AttackElina (Yumiko Hosono)△ Ryusei vs. Galaxy △May 12
11The strongest name! Madness Dupty Screaming瞳(Kaori Shimizu)○ Ryusei vs. Boger X ●May 12
12The days gone by! Charcoal Gray FolkloreCheryl (Akemi Okamura)○ Lloyd vs. Robert ●May 12
13Never give up on your dreams! Flash Dream EvolutionNoriko Kanonji (Mika Sakenobe not allowed)● Ken vs. Doctor Neo ○
● Katsuji vs. Doctor Neo ○
○ Ryusei vs. Doctor Neo ●
May 12
14Defeat and Collapse ... Lost World End RollRebecca Goldberg (no voice)○ Ryusei, Katsuji, Ken vs. Johnny ●2007
May 1
15Opening! Total Brilliant CharismaticMayumi Shinohara (Suzuki Masahito)○ Ryusei vs. Shinnosuke Shinohara ●May 1
16Beautiful! Resort Dangerous Sunsetpolicewoman(Shizuka Oodaira)○ Ryusei, Katsuji, Ken vs. old people in the guest house ●May 1
17Summit decisive battle! Climbing high riskMakuro Nayo (Risa Mizuno)○ Ryusei vs. Dangerous Kobayashi and 17 others ●May 1
18At the time of departure! Crying Lonely WolfTsugumi / Hibari (no voice)○ Ryusei vs. Bidet Tanaka ●May 2
19Brilliant! Twins Bust Waist HipsKaori (Miki Nagasawa) ・ Shiori (Haruhi Terada)○ Katsuji / Ken vs. Kaori / Shiori ●May 2
20Gourmet Hall of Fame! Leblanc Parsley Gravy SauceChizuru ()○ Montesquieu vs. Montesquieu ●May 2
21Unchanging love! Forever Lightning SymphonyRika (Satomi Akasaka)
Ayumi (Nakai Erika)
● Ken vs. Rika (Count Borg) ●
○ Katsuji vs. Count Borg ●
May 2
22Health First! Vegetable German SuplexLloyd's friend (Mika Ishibashi)● Ryusei vs. Lloyd, Katsuji, Ken ○
○ Ryusei vs. Lloyd, Katsuji, Ken ●
May 3
23Muscle Shonentai! Sweet Muscular PainBarbara (Mariko Nagahama)
Mariko Ibaraki (Erika Nakai)
○ Ryusei vs. Barbara ●May 3
24Trials! Wonder Miracle HeartHiromi (Arise Sato)○ Ryusei vs. Fake Ryusei 12 others ●May 3
25History! Night Sleep MorningPrimitive man (no voice)
Clementine (Mizuno love day)
-May 3
26Farewell Homeland! Never Fall In Love AgainNorimi (NorimiKimoto Orie)● Ken vs. Norimi ○May 3
27Wall! Highest Honor of GloryKozue Araki (Rie Nakagawa)● Ryusei, Katsuji, Ken vs. American children ○May 4
28New ally! Full spec worldwide responseFrancine Panna Cotta (Eriko Hirata)-May 4
29Danger Zone! Dark Battle SoldiersJudy (Kikuchi heart)● Judy vs. Pluto ○
○ Katsuji, Ken vs. Atlas, Pluto ●
May 4
30Howl! Africa Savannah KilimanjaroKameda Carmeda's mother (Asami Okawa)○ Ryusei vs. Kameda / Carmeda ●May 4
31The King is Absolute! Scandalous Majestic EgoismDancer (no voice)
Maid (Yuko Nakamura, Asami Okawa)
● Katsuji vs. Amaral ○
○ Katsuji vs. Amaral ● vs. Kelly ● vs. Enjolras ●
May 5
32Quarterfinals! Running, backbreaker, stopVenetian (Rumi Shishido)● Ryusei vs. Newton Curtis ○May 5
33Glory! Revenge Comeback Dried Flowergirl(Chieko Higuchi)
Principal (Mariko Nagahama)
Kindergarten A --D
(Mika Ito, Kokoro Kikuchi ,, Asami Okawa)
● Ryusei vs. kindergarten children ○
○ Ryusei vs. kindergarten children ●
May 5
34Kizuna! Hanging Another Executive DecisionChild A / Child B (Miki Left, Asami Okawa)
Picture book sister (Rie Nakagawa)
○ Ryusei vs. Polar Bear Peak ●May 5
35Strawberry Chuka Itte Yuka!Mooncake (Geppei) (Yuko Nakamura)
Bogers from all over the world (Asami Okawa,Kota Oshita)
○ Ken vs. Claude Chiaki ●May 5
36Invisible enemy! Romantic invisible moodSanae Yamada (Yuki Nakao)
Madame Jennifer (Yoshiko Iseki)
-May 6
37Midsummer Night Dream! Great Crazy CarnivalNakajima Tome Kane (Kimura Akiko, Chieko Higuchi)
Nakajima's wife (Masami Suzuki), nurse (Asami Okawa)
-May 6
38Takeshiden! Legend of Tangent DestinyFemale police officer
Nursery teacher B (Rie Nakagawa)
○ Ryusei vs. Manipulation ●May 6
39Crash !? Airborg Nine NineAmelia (Ai Maeda)○ Three Chinese brothers vs. Ryusei ●May 7
40Auntie lunch! Beautiful Wonderful StrangerGinji (Aunt of school lunch) (Akemi Okamura)○ Ryusei vs. Ginji ●May 7
41The Mind's Eye of Betrayal! Noise and Fantastic HarmonyMary Ann (Noriko Fujita) Amy (?)
Gloria (Rie Nakagawa), Sadako (Mika Ishibashi)
○ Ryusei, Katsuji, Ken, Manson vs. Sasamoto, 3 combatants ●
○ Ryusei, Katsuji, Ken, Manson vs. Big Bang Roses ●
May 7
42Hair clipper cutting! Hair clippers, hair clippers, thunderEdo River (Kokoro Kikuchi)● Ken vs. Takasaki ○
● Katsuji vs. Takasaki ○
○ Ryusei vs. Takasaki ●
May 7
43Mind! Saddon Lee Zoom Out ContinentalHard cash reception (Ryoko Ono)● Ryusei vs. Katsuji ○
○ Ryusei vs. Masahiko Mura and employees ●
May 8
44Flowing river! Scarab Flash Pyramid PowerGentleman's wife (Masami Suzuki)● Ryusei vs. The Mommy ○
○ Ryusei vs. The Mommy ●
May 8
45Three sisters! Gondola Alps Fried ChickenVenetian Tyrolean Canarian
(Rumi ShishidoNamiki Noriko・ Rie Nakagawa)
Venetian brother and sister (Mika Ito)
-May 8
46Everything! Select Your Final DecisionJanet Sasquatch (no voice)-May 8
47Creeping Holy Night! Silent Night Holy NightActress (Rie Nakagawa)● Ken vs. Santa ○
○ Ken vs. Makiko ●
May 8
48Thermal runaway! End of Summer VacationRuri Higashi (Mika Ito), Yayoi Nishio (Mika Ito)Yoko Nishino)○ Ryusei, Ken vs. 4 children ●
△ Ryusei, Ken vs. Lloyd △
May 9
49Sad tropical! End of Summer HolidayHinano (Sawa Ishige)○ Katsuji vs. Shinigami ●May 9
50Each way! Rise Your Iron WillBeauty (Rie Nakagawa)○ Ryusei vs. Ken ●May 9
51Complete burning! Growing up burning spiritVenetian (Rumi Shishido)-May 10
52Forever! Lastman Standing ForeverChikako (Hazuki Erino)○ Age, Junichi, Charlie vs. Balkan ●
○ Age vs. Jackal Sasaki ●
○ Ryusei vs. Rebecca Goldberg ●
May 10


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [56] Remarks
2006 May 10 - 2007 May 10 Thursday 18:30-19:00 BS Japan All over Japan BS broadcasting / Present:BS TV Tokyo
October 2006, 10-10 Tuesday 18:30-19:00 Animax All over Japan CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast

Internet video distribution


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注 釈

  1. ^ Million is one million, but in this match the number of charges was 100.
  2. ^ However, the mother and grandfather have not appeared except in the disguise of Ken and Lloyd in episode 34, and it is unknown whether they actually exist.
  3. ^ The script for episode 52 is non-credited for the main broadcast, but Yamatoya is credited for packages such as DVDs.

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