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🌐 | VTuber boom is over? Related words have almost disappeared from "Net Buzzword 100" ...

Photo VTuber boom is over? Related words have almost disappeared from "Net Buzzword 100" ... (C) FIFO

End of VTuber boom? Related words have almost disappeared from "Net Buzzword 100" ...

If you write the contents roughly
However, if you take a closer look at "Net Buzzword 100", two VTuber-related words, "Nijisanji Koshien 2021" and "Zhouo Coral", have been nominated.

"Net Buzzword 100", a project to determine the most popular words on the net, will be held again this year. November 11… → Continue reading


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Net buzz 100

Net buzz 100(Net Ryukou Gohyaku)Dwango[Note 1]とPixivAn event jointly planned by[2].

Selection method

For a particular phraseNico Nico EncyclopediaとPixiv EncyclopediaThe number of accesses to the articles listed in is totaled, and the number is listed up to the top 100 for nomination."" Common to the names of both encyclopediashundredIs the origin of the name of this award.New Word/Buzzword AwardWas the annual grand prize at "Sodane, Etc., which have a unique tendency, such as words that are ranked high in the existing buzzword award are excluded.[3]..In addition, the "niconico award" and "pixiv award" will be awarded as independent categories.[4].. For the niconico award, the word with the most votes is selected by voting from users by the Niconico questionnaire. For the pixiv award, the words with the most tags attached to works posted on pixiv that year compared to the previous year are selected.


年度Annual Grand Prizeniconico awardpixiv awardTop 20 Word AwardsSource
2018 Pop Team EpicUnko-chanRei Furuya[5]
2019 Bisonji sjiShamikoIs badDemon Blade[6]
2020 Oni Mai Tsuji 󠄀 MiserableEating songDisney Twisted Wonderland[7]
2021 Uma Musume Pretty DerbyMagic round[8]

Award Ceremony / Award Ceremony


August 2018, 12,TokyoThe award ceremony for "Net Buzzword 100 2018" was held at Nicofarre in Roppongi, Minato-ku.The award ceremony is for a special presenterToru Furuya, ModeratorChiaki Matsuzawa, Of narrationKen AyukaiIt was proceeded by the staff. "Pop Team Epic" won the 1st place annual grand prize, and the 2nd place "Pop Team Epic"Virtual youtuber"Including,"Kizuna eye","Electric brain girl Shiloh","Moonomi HareMany virtual YouTubers ranked in[5]..The 19th place "Princess BowsetteHaniwa, who is said to be the inventor of the award ceremony, commented at the award ceremony.It was later reported in foreign media that he received a glass trophy at this award.[9].


On December 2019, 12, the award ceremony for "Net Buzzword 15 9" was held at TUNNEL TOKYO on the 100th floor of Sumitomo Realty & Development Osaki Garden Tower, Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.The award ceremony is for a special presenterToru Furuya, ModeratorHaruka MoriHas progressed. "Nijisanji" became the first place, and.LIVEVirtual YouTuber related words such as etc. ranked in as in the previous year.Also, in 2019, many words related to "Kimetsu no Yaiba" were nominated.[6].


On December 2020, 12, the award ceremony for "Net Buzzword 15 100" was held at TUNNEL TOKYO as in the previous year.The moderator isKatsuyuki KonishiAnd Haruka Mori. "Ultraman ZBy the nomination ofUltraman ZetThe person and the main directorKiyotaka Taguchi,Akari TsujinoBy the nomination of the voice actor in chargeMegu UmezawaAlso appeared[10].


The award ceremony was held on December 2021, 12, and Katsuyuki Konishi and Haruka Mori were in charge of the moderation as in the previous year.As a result of the nomination for the anime "Tokyo Revengers", the role of Takemichi HanagakiYuuki Shin, Net meme "Yabai Kramer's SUSURU TV" nominated for the original YouTuberSUSURU, The planners of "Funingasu" also appeared[8].


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