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📦 | Sainsbury's, UK introduces Amazon's cash-free payment system, the first time outside the United States

The price is automatically settled just by scanning the QR code displayed on the photo app and entering and leaving the store.

Sainsbury's, UK introduces Amazon's cash-free payment system, first outside the US

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Sainsbury's is the first to link its own app with JWO.

Sainsbury's, a major British supermarket, has announced that Amazon's cash-free payment system "Just Walk Out (JW ...)" → Continue reading

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Sainsbury's(Sainsbury's)United Kingdom Ofsupermarket..In the UKTesco,AsdaIt is the second largest company after, and is a part of BIG4.Holding company J Sainsbury (J Sainsbury plc), And the company has supermarkets and Sainsbury's Bank.


1869 , John James Sainsbury (John James Sainsbury) ByHolbornFounded in.1922 Became the largest grocery chain store in the UK and maintained its position for a long time,1969 sinceCEOSupported the company asJohn Davan Sainsbury 1992 When you retire to, the successorDavid SainsburyConfused management,1995 Handed over to Tesco as the largest supermarket[2].David SainsburyAfter abandoning the management of2003 ToWalmartBeing overtaken by Asda under its umbrella and ranked 3rd[2]After that, the battle for 2nd place with Asda continues[3].

2018 In April, it announced plans to merge with Asda in consultation with Wal-Mart.[4], Due to opposition from the UK Fair Trade Commission2019 Withdrawn in April[5]. CurrentlyQatarThe Qatar Investment Authority, a state-owned holding company, holds about 2% of the shares.[6].

We have more than 600 supermarkets and more than 800 convenience stores in the UK[7].


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