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📦 | Tourism information magazine "Umitoyama" launched, real and online [Toyama Prefecture]


Sightseeing information magazine "Umitoyama" launched, real and online [Toyama Prefecture]

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In the Shinminato / Uchikawa area, a nostalgic landscape that is picturesque no matter where you cut it spreads, and the sight of the Benizuwai crabs, which were lifted in September, lined up at the Shinminato fishing port and spread out red carpets.

The tourism information magazine "Umitoyama" was launched, and it was published online in real life. The tourism information magazine "Umito ...", which disseminates seasonal information on Toyama Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Shinminato Fishing Port

Shinminato Fishing Port(Shinminato Gyokou)ToyamaImizu City(OldShinminato City) Type 3Fishing port.

It is composed of the west district and the east district.


Long time agoUchikawaWas used as a mooring place for fishing boats, but it was decided to develop a fishing port to accommodate the motorization and upsizing of fishing boats.First, as a local rescue project for rural culture associations1932/From October1934/The construction of the east-west breakwater and the renovation of the revetment of Uchikawa were carried out in the current west area.[1]..in the end1940/Completed in March,1952/May 12It was designated as a Type 3 fishing port by Toyama Prefecture.

On the other hand, in the eastern area, in order to respond to the further increase in size and modernization of fishing vessels,1974/We started maintenance from the beginning,1987/It opened in July.

After that, in both districts,2002/Since then, the wide-area fishing port development project has been promoted and the scale has been gradually expanded.


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  1. ^ "History with Shinminato" (October 1997, 10, published by Shinminato City) 31-158, 159.

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