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Acorp(A Corp,A-COOP) IsAgricultural cooperativeOne of the purchasing departments (living business) of.supermarketIt has a store network of about 1000 stores nationwide in the same business form as.


"A" is an acronym for Agriculture, which is used by farmers.Consumer cooperativeIt has an aspect as (COOP) and sells its own brand "A-COOP mark product".

Because it is sold at stores, it is possible to shop even if you are not a member, just like the stores operated by the so-called consumer co-op.In addition, ECOPE does not carry out any business other than selling daily necessities.Controls A-COOP chain member companies nationwideJA ZennoThere is a national A-COOP cooperative organization as an organization within.

In addition to directly managed stores of each unit agricultural cooperative (including operations by subsidiaries or affiliated companies of the unit agricultural cooperative)JA ZennoCompanies under the prefectural headquarters (such as Ecorp Miyagi), orNorth tohoku-Kanto-Kinki-West Japan-KyusyuIs developing chain stores by group companies (A-COOP East Japan, A-COOP Kinki, A-COOP West Japan, A-COOP Kyushu) under the JA Zen-Noh National Headquarters.Although it is organized as a "national A-COOP chain" as a whole, it is basically an independently profitable system for each unit agricultural cooperative or each operating company, and point services are not common throughout the country.Many of the stores directly managed by the unit agricultural cooperatives are relatively small stores located in mountainous areas, and like supermarkets operated by general companies, areas that have closed or withdrawn due to unprofitability have begun to stand out since the 1990s.Some of them are outsourced to other companies' organizations[1][2]Let or convert to a convenience store[3]There is also an example.

In the days when the directly managed stores of each unit agricultural cooperative were the main business format, they were not called ECOOP but called "Kumiai Mart", "Kumiai Market", "Kumiai Life Center", "Agricultural Cooperative Purchasing Department", and A-COOP and "Kumiai Mart". There were stores nationwide that also called "Kumiai Market", but as the development of chain stores by group companies progressed, the store name was unified to A-COOP.Even now, some agricultural cooperatives do not call it A-COOP, but "Kumiai Market".[4][5], Or "A Mart"[6]There is also a store called.Regardless of these official names, there are many cases where they are generally simply called "agricultural cooperatives" as well as "co-ops".

Farmers market (farm shop)

Apart from A-COOP, there is a "farmers market" (agricultural products direct sales office) as a facility where producers nationwide sell agricultural products directly without going through the market.Of these, the one operated by JA is called the "JA Farmers Market" and there are about 1700 locations nationwide.There are stores where "JA Farmers Market" is incorporated as a sales floor in A-COOP, and such stores are2016 From April, the store name has been changed to "JA Farmers XX", "JA Farm XX", and "A Corp Farmers XX Store" instead of "A Corp Farmers XX Store".[7].

However, since the name of the group company is "Ecorp", the name "Ecorp" is no longer used in these stores, and the theme songs for in-store broadcasting are being broadcast as they are.Road StationHas been renovated toRoad Station Yubari Merodo(HokkaidoYubari), But because it is run by the agricultural cooperative, even at the roadside station, the signboard of "A-COOP" is displayed.

In some cases, JA, which operates a direct sales office that does not use the name of A-COOP at all, has withdrawn from the management of existing A-COOP stores and handles PB products of the A-COOP brand.

convenience storeIn some areas, A-COOP stores are open in the form of fresh food such as agricultural products in tie-ups with chains, and store formats are diversifying according to location conditions.

National A-COOP Cooperative Organization

  • National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (Zen-Noh)Product supply and stores to the supermarket "A Corp", which is the center of the "living business" (supplying and providing daily necessities (food, daily necessities, clothing, durable goods, etc.) and daily services), which is a part of the business of For the purpose of strengthening the management and operation of2006 (18) October 10, the old organization "National A-COOP Chain"[8]Was established in the form of developing[9][10].
"Prospects for transfer and integration of JA stores[9]2005 (17) Results: JA stores --Sales: 2820 billion yen, total number of stores at the end of the period: 464 / Integrated stores --Sales: 3422 billion yen, total number of stores at the end of the period: 540 / Total --Sales: 6242 billion yen, total number of stores as of the end of the fiscal year: 1,004 Expected 2006 (18): JA stores --Sales: 2576 billion yen, total number of stores as of the end of the fiscal year: 400 / Integrated Stores --Sales: 3406 billion yen, total number of stores as of the end of the period: 533 / Total --Sales: 5982 billion yen, total number of stores as of the end of the period: 933 Expected 2008 (20): JA stores --Sales High: 1356 billion yen, total number of stores at the end of the period: 170 / integrated stores --Sales: 4569 billion yen, total number of stores at the end of the period: 670 / total --Sales: 5925 billion yen, at the end of the period Total number of stores: 840 "JA stores" are stores that are not directly managed by the "integrated company" designated by the "National A Corp Cooperative Organization".
  • With the prospect that sales will decline in the future, the National A Corp Co-op Organization was established with the aim of encouraging store consolidation while promoting the conversion to a wide-area company in order to further strengthen the management base by expanding the scale.[9].
  • Unlike the former "National A-COOP Chain", this "National A-COOP Cooperative Organization" aims at "store management by an integrated company", so there is a strict qualification for participation.[10].
    • Only the "integrated company" or the prefectural headquarters can join the Zen-Noh prefectural headquarters.
    • Stores should have a certain percentage of A-COOP mark products.
      Operation with strict penalties-Caution, warnings, etc. are given, and strict contents such as a recommendation to withdraw from the membership are included.

Participating organizations of the cooperative organization

Below, as of April 2021[11]

Broadcast in store

  • A-COOP song "You and my A-COOP" (1978)
  • A-COOP's song "The usual smile A-COOP" (2009)
    • Written by Yumi Matsumoto (publicly recruited. A Co-op Nakata store (Kanagawa横 浜 市) Housewives using
    • Supplementary lyrics "New A-COOP Song" Production Committee (The copyright of the lyrics belongs to JA Zen-Noh[13]
    • Composition / Arrangement Kunihiro Kawano

(This item authority A-COOP's song has been renewed for the 30th year"Agricultural Cooperative Newspaper" December 2009, 12 Agricultural Cooperative Association)

The 1979 version has been used since the production of the 2009 version, and both songs are in the state of being broadcast.

Other "A-COOP"

  • Hokuren Agricultural Cooperative Federation
    subsidiaryHokuren fertilizerSome chemical fertilizers manufactured by A-COOP are supplied with the name "A-COOP".[14]Has been done.
  • All agricultural logistics
    In connection with the company name "A-COOP Line" when the Company was established, the name of some of the owned ships is named "A-COOP" and it continues to this day.
    As an example, with usMatsumura KaiunIt is named "Daiichi A-COOP" in the name of the shared ship with[15][16]..The ship will be responsible for transporting feed, fertilizer, wood chips, sugar, etc., with the main route between Kyushu and Okinawa / remote islands.[17].
    The 2016 launch of "Daiichi Ecorp" is the second generation.Completion of the first "Daiichi A-COOP"1995 7 month.

Related item

  • AEON Kyushu - ionOwned storeEcorp moves in as a tenant dealing with groceries.
  • Ecorp Ehime --Integrated into A Corp. West Japan.
  • Miyagi Consumer Cooperative --"A & COOP Matsushima store" by Coop Matsushima Co., Ltd., which is a joint investment company with A-COOP Miyagi (the store on the former Miyagi Co-op side is called "Coop Drug Matsushima store" by the same operating entity.Drug storeThe store continues to operate).
  • Life cooperative in Nakafuda --An organization that reorganized and launched the "Agricultural Cooperative Market", a lifestyle purchasing business of the Hokkaido Nakasatsunai Agricultural Cooperative, into a consumer cooperative system.2012 Dissolution of the organization in October.


[How to use footnotes]
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外部 リンク

Jacom Ishikawa

Jacom Ishikawa Co., Ltd.(Jacom Ishikawa)IshikawaAt the innerSupermarketIt is a company that develops "A Corp". Radioso"Kazuo Miwa As a sponsor of "Song Direct Flight", you can listen to commercials on TV stations, so you can listen to commercials in Kanto, Hokkaido, and Tokai.


  • 1969 (Showa44) --The first store directly managed by Keizai Ren (Kumiai Market Fresh Matto Store) opens.Established "IKE Foods Co., Ltd." with 1% investment by Keizai Ren.
  • 1973 (Showa 48) --Ishikawa Prefecture A-COOP chain formed (7 stores).
  • 1985 (60) --CI introduced in A-COOP chains nationwide.In line with this, the company name of "IKE Foods Co., Ltd." was changed to "A-COOP Ishikawa Co., Ltd."
  • 1998 (Heisei10 years) --Acquired 4 commercial supermarkets.The Keizai Ren Food Department has started contracting the operation of JA stores for regularization.
  • 2000 (12) --The Keizai Ren Food Department (Chain Headquarters), A-COOP Ishikawa Co., Ltd. (directly managed stores), and A-COOP member stores of JA in the prefecture were consolidated to establish "Jacom Ishikawa Co., Ltd."
  • 2001 (13) --Opened 2 new stores.
  • 2004 (16) --Of the 21 stores in A Corp. in the prefecture, 17 stores (12 directly managed, 5 outsourced) have become regular.Opened a new store in the Kitayasuta district of Hakusan City (next to Chiyonohigashi).
  • 2006 (18) --Opened a new store in the Uchihisumi district of Kahoku city.
  • 2007 (19) --Opened a new store in the Yoshino area of ​​Hakusan city.
  • 2011 (23) --New store opened in Sumiyoshimachi, Nonoichi City[2]

List of stores

  • A Corp directly managed store
    • Yamanaka store
    • Kikyogaoka store
    • Yamashiro store
    • Awazu store
    • Imae store
    • Kagano store
    • Shin-Asahi store
    • Yasuhara store
    • Kasamai store
    • Wakunami store
    • Tsubata store
    • Kitayasuda store
    • Kahoku store
  • Other
    • Matsuto Soy Sauce Factory
    • Fruit and vegetable center


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