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🌐 | South Korea suspends "with corona" and strengthens epidemic prevention policy = South Korea net repels "standards are messed up"


South Korea suspends "with corona" and strengthens epidemic prevention policy = South Korea net repels "standards are messed up"

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As a result, restaurants, cafes, study schools, movie theaters, event halls, self-study rooms, internet cafes, indoor athletic fields, museums, art galleries, science museums, libraries, massage shops, etc. will be newly covered by the epidemic prevention pass. rice field.

According to the Korean media No Cut News on December 2021, 12, the infection status of the new coronavirus in South Korea is ... → Continue reading

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Internet cafe

Internet cafe(British : Internet café) Is chargedインターネットCan accesscomputerIt is a facility where you can use.WesternThen it's also called a cyber cafeJapanThen.Cyber cafe,Necafe,Internet cafeIt is also called by various abbreviations such as.


JapanThen.1990 eraThe Internet, which was not yet widespread in the homeWWWAs a facility for browsingAkihabaraIt was open in the electric town.2001 Since then, the price of the PC itself has been reduced, the introduction cost has been reduced, and deregulation has been implemented.ADSL modemStart of introduction of sold-out system[1],Telecommunications carrierThe modem installation, which was only allowed for installation work, can now be installed by individuals, eliminating the complexity and eliminating the complexity of the Internet.Always connected(ADSL) Has become widespread with an environment in which it can be used for a fixed fee.Due to these factorsCartoon cafeThe introduction of a personal computer that can use the Internet was promoted as one of the attached facilities of.

People who do not own a personal computer at home, cannot use it due to a breakdown, do not have an internet connection environment, and cannot use a personal computer while traveling or going out (especially a stationary desktop type) Feel free to use the internet environment,online gameConventional with the introduction of compatible personal computersCartoon cafe OfComicBook ・magazinePopular as content for attracting customers alongside.As a new business, many companies have developed a chain of Internet cafes that combine comics and the Internet.In response to growing consumer needs, the number of stores opened mainly in large cities has accelerated, and Internet cafes have become generally recognized as amusement facilities.

Traditional cafe-style sales are disappearing in developed countries due to the problems described below.Developing countrySince personal computers and communication charges are still expensive, they often connect to the Web through Internet cafes, which is said to support the spread of the Internet.Now the poorest and strongestSpeech controlThere are many internet cafes in urban areas of developing countries, except in countries where this is done.As a feature of Internet cafes in developing countriesIP phoneIn many cases, telephone services using telephone services are listed as the main service, and international calls are especially available at low prices, so the utility value of travelers is high.However, in some countries, IP phones are illegal, even though many stores are open to the public.

South KoreaThen.PC bunch(PC van,PC roomMeaning),TaiwanThen.Internet Cafe(One car,Net[Internet]CaféAbbreviation for [Coffee shop]),ChugokuThen.Internet cafeIt is called (Wǎng Bā), Korea, China (Taiwan),Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEtc. by young peopleInternet gameParticipation in is more popular at internet cafes than at home.north koreaThere is also an internet cafe, but it is said that the usage fee is high and many ordinary citizens cannot use it.


Store features and usage

If you stay for a long time, the pack fee is applied and many stores are cheaper.Some stores automatically apply the pack fee, while others require a declaration when entering the store.There are many stores that are combined with manga cafes and stores that offer late-night services.The main users are young men and women and middle-aged men.In addition to using the Internet for work, entertainment, and hobbies, it is also used for meetings and killing time, and many people use it as an accommodation facility as described below.

Easy-to-use always-on Internet environment (ADSL,optical lineFor those who do not have (etc.) at home, or who are traveling or on a business trip電子 メ ー ルConfirmation ofWeb pageIt is often used to browse and create documents.Only the built-in TV and radio can be usedcapsule hotelCompared to, the price is almost the same or cheaper depending on the usage time, you can use the Internet, you can watch TV, manga, magazines in some, you can play games, and the Internet cafe where you can drink all you can drink is more convenient, so capsule hotel There is also a customer base that uses it instead.Businessmen and self-guided tourists, especially in urban areasjob huntingLocal college students[2]This applies to those who want to reduce travel expenses such as accommodation expenses to the utmost limit, such as travelers from low-income groups.In addition, since there is no service for the clerk to inform the customer immediately before the end of the usage time that the usage time is about to end, the extension fee will be automatically generated even if the usage time is exceeded due to negligence such as oversleeping.

Some are so-calledInternet cafe refugeesIs in a mid-settlement state calledDay laborerAndRunawaySince it is also used by boys and girls, it has become a social problem.In addition, because of the environment where an unspecified number of people come and go, unauthorized access and the InternetscamSuch ascrimeIt may also be used for.An increasing number of Internet cafes are checking their identity when entering a store or registering as a member to prevent online crime and shoplifting of store equipment.Even after registering as a member, when entering the storeIdentificationSome stores ask for presentation.Depending on the store写真Some require a packFinancial institution OfCash card,Credit cardIn some cases, it may be as much as a hospital examination ticket.This required level depends mainly on the strength of regulations and store policies, and in some areas and stores it is mandatory to submit a public identification card.

You can specify the seat (personal computer) to use.There are stores designated by the store and stores with open seats where you can freely use a vacant computer without specifying a seat.It is often divided into non-smoking seats and smoking seats.KanagawaSince the Passive Smoking Prevention Ordinance has been enforced, smoking is prohibited in all rooms or smoking is completely separated.

Depending on the store, the audience seatsLANOpen the terminal to the customer,無線 LANBy setting up an access point for customerslaptop,Mobile information terminal(Tablet,SmartphoneSuch),handheld game consoleThere are cases where you can bring in such items.In the case of wireless LAN, there are cases where the store installs its own access point and cases where the store is specific.Public wireless LANAn access point may be installed by contracting with the service.

For job hunting students from rural areas, industry groups are considering strengthening their response as a business opportunity.[2].

Main floors-an example of audience seats

Laws on regulations such as sex business and optimization of operationsAccording to (Fueiho)area5m2belowPrivate roomWhen setting up a seat, the prefecturePublic Safety CommissionNotification to is obligatory.

Single private room seat
A format that occupies the mainstream of floor seats, which has been the mainstay in recent years.Since it can be used without worrying about the line of sight of the next seat such as an open seat, users who care about privacy often use private room seats.In addition, it should be noteddoorIn many cases, it cannot be locked, but as of 2020, there are stores that can be locked, and some stores use auto-lock.Some stores cannot provide private room seats to minors (those under the age of 18) due to ordinances and self-regulation.
High spec seat
The basics are the same as single seats, but high-performance personal computers are installed for online game users who often require high performance.For this reason, there are cases where Internet cafe-limited benefits and events are set for online games.
Pair seat
A seat that is supposed to be used by two people.Depending on the store, it can be used for single use.in Japan2006 According to the revised Fuei Law, couple seats that are close to being treated as private rooms in closed rooms will be exposed to the interpretation of the law.If you do not remove the closed door that you can not see the inside of the couple's seat, you will be obliged to report as a customs business, and in principle it will be open until midnightTo be regulatedMetropolitan Police DepartmentAn industry group that received guidance fromJapan Complex Cafe AssociationAt the member stores, the closed doors that cannot be seen inside the couple's seats have been removed, and the doors have been changed to open doors such as Western doors and doors with windows that allow the interior to be seen.Depending on the prefecture, the door itself cannot be installed due to regulations such as ordinances. Two PCs may be installed in one room so that two people can connect to the internet at the same time.
Flat seat
ZashikiFlat seats like.Take off your shoes and go up.You can lie down or stretch your legs to relax.Some stores charge a surcharge, while others are available at regular rates.
Popular with people who go to bed with night packs.
Reclining seat
You can relax by tilting your back.There are chains that collect extra charges and chains that can be used at regular charges.
Massage seat
AuthenticMassageChairs are available.There are chains that collect extra charges and chains that can be used at regular charges.
Living room
A large room that is convenient for families and groups of 3 or more.
Open seats
In Japan, the number of open seats with PCs has decreased due to the popularity of private room seats in recent years, but many stores have secured open seats as a space for reading manga.Some ordinances limit the use of open seats to persons under the age of 18, and a certain number of open seats are reserved in such areas.Some stores have high-spec open seats for online gamers.Often cheaper than other seats.

Problems with Internet cafes

Theft crime

Due to the structure of the store, there are many blind spots, and it may be left behind or stolen.The store is not liable for any guarantees or compensation for theft damage.At the reception counters of Internet cafe chain stores, etc.Manage all valuables at your own risk", Etc. are posted.

PC security related

If the fee is prepaid, you can leave the room as it is after using it, but it is recommended to restart the computer and erase the usage history before leaving.2003 Was illegally installed on a computer in an internet cafeKeyloggerLeakage of the password entered on the computer[3]In order to prevent users from freely installing software and changing settings, it was decided to change the authority of the PC account of the Internet cafe to "standard user account".After that, hard disk initialization restoration software that erases the software installed by the user and the Internet browsing history when restarted was developed and rapidly spread to each chain of Internet cafes.bank,SecuritiesOnline account trading, email,ISPAvoid entering important information such as passwords and credit card information to access Internet cafes, or if it is unavoidable, restart the computer before use and restart after use. It will be an avoidance.

Unlike home broadband, it does not require a line or provider contract and is used by an unspecified number of people, so it is difficult to identify the user later, so it has been used for criminal acts such as online fraud.Problems such as slander to individuals and companies and writing criminal notices on bulletin boards have also occurred.For this reason, writing on the bulletin board site may be regulated by the store, or conversely, by the site.Computer virusRelease andMail bomb,DoS attackThere is also the possibility of using attack software such asFile exchange softwareIt was brought in from the outside because there are cases where the bandwidth of the line is occupied by the use ofSoftwareThe use of is often regulated. For slanderous acts that deviate from "freedom of expression", not only for mobile phones and personal computers at home, but also for writing at Internet cafes.Libel chargesThe case is being considered[4].

Hygiene deficiencies

healthThe aspect is also a problem in some stores.In particular, for 24-hour Internet cafes, large-scale cleaning such as total air replacement is difficult, and a large number of people stay in a closed space such as a room in a building for a long time.influenza,tuberculosis such asInfectionIt has been pointed out that there is a danger of spreading.

Deficiencies in risks originating from others

火災,EarthquakeEmergency situations such asHydrogen sulfide suicideThere is concern about measures against[5]..Due to the structure of the store, if a fire breaks out in a communal toilet or shower room or if hydrogen sulfide commits suicide, the general public will not only be involved, but will also be exposed to hardship and poverty.Internet cafe refugeesThere is a high probability that it will also induce suicide of regular customers.

Tightening regulations for crime prevention purposes by the government and police

OsakaThen.2006 From "RevisedYouth Sound Upbringing OrdinanceIs enforced[6]AndIdentificationRegulations have been tightened under the guidance of the government and police, such as prohibiting minors from entering the store at midnight by making them present or making a membership system.

In Tokyo2010 In March, we established the obligation to present and confirm ID cards.The regulations about regulation of Internet terminal use businessWas established, the same yearMay 7Enforced from, regulation by collecting ID copy is tightened[7], Most of the stores that agree with the view of the industry group "Japan Complex Cafe Association" have a membership system.Japan Complex Cafe AssociationThen, in the store management guidelines, "Adoption of membership systemDuty of effortIs included.Therefore, most of them are non-members who are members of the association (excluding the Hamamatsu store).Media Cafe Popeye(Sanko-Yoshimitsu-(I.e.-Times-Kakita・ Future Marketing ・ Horikawa Shoji ・Credit industry・ First Net (operated by 9 companies (only the company is not a member))2008 April (HiroshimaFrom March, the membership system was gradually changed to the membership system except for some stores.However,Manga Land,MamboSome stores consistently adopt a non-membership system and no need to show ID.[8].

While there are opinions claiming identity verification by ID card, collecting a copy of ID card by an Internet cafe involves the risk of personal information leakage, so if it is a security measure, the user by installing a security camera There is also an opinion that the identification of[9]..According to this opinion, whether the user-specific method adopted by Internet cafes is to assist the crimes committed, whether by identification or by installing security cameras, Internet cafes There is no difference in the criminal and civil liability that he bears.[9]..If the Internet cafe is responsible for assistance, damages due to joint tort will be a joint liability of the person who committed the joint tort, so the address and name of the user could be determined from the copy of the ID card kept. Even so, it has been argued that Internet cafes will be liable for damages, just as if the user could not be identified.[9]..Regarding criminal liability, clearly indicate to the criminal authorities that it is not an aiding crime to not adopt the method of identifying the user by identification card, and for some malicious users. It has been argued that by voluntarily providing security camera images and logs to the police, allegations of aiding charges can be avoided.[9]..In the method of identifying the user, there is a risk of being accused of false accusation due to unauthorized communication in the background without the user's knowledge by setting a so-called "".Crime may be committed as an illegal part-time job using the poor, and there is a limit to crime prevention by identifying the user.[10].

Instead of crime prevention by strengthening user identification, a method by restricting access contents is also being tried.TottoriThen in 2008May 4From "Revised Youth Healthy Development Ordinance[11]"Hiroshima cityThen in 2008May 7From "[12][13]Is enforced, and those under the age of 18 (however, of the user)ageIf you cannot confirmAll ofuser) However, in order to prevent harmful information from being viewed through terminal equipment that can connect to the InternetFiltering softwareThe introduction ofobligationIf you violate itPenalties(Tottori prefecture.improvementcommandUp to 50 if not followedYenbelowfine) Or the name of the business operator (Hiroshima City).

Regulations on the structure inside the store are also being tightened. 2008May 5, The industry group "Japan Complex Cafe Association" said that some member stores did not comply with the store management guidelines that the indoor outlook should not be impaired.Document inspectionWas done.2008 May 2,Hiroshima Prefectural Policeas well as the Hiroshima Central Police Station-Hiroshima East Police Station TheHiroshima Prefectural Public Safety CommissionPartition the inside of the store with poor visibility without obtaining permission fromarea5m2belowPrivate roomHiroshima City, saying that it had set up and provided food and drinkNaka-kuMedia Cafe Popeye 2 stores (Hondori store, Ebisu-dori store) and operating companiesSankoTheLaws on regulations such as sex business and optimization of operationsViolation (unlicensed business of parcel seat restaurants)searchdid.So far, the Hiroshima Prefectural Police has instructed Sanko to review the facilities and business contents of the store twice, but since it did not improve, it decided to search for the first time in Japan.May 5, Sanko, the president and the store manager, etc.Hiroshima District Public Prosecutors OfficeToDocument inspectiondid.In response to this, an emergency rally was held in Hiroshima City, and a statement was issued to comply with the guidelines.

2010 In March, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly stipulated the obligation to present and confirm identification cards.The regulations about regulation of Internet terminal use businessWas established, the same yearMay 7Following the enforcement from, the following impacts have occurred.

  • Withdraw from business and go to another store
    Change your mood (currently: Geragera)According to the company, the business was withdrawn because "it costs 1000 million yen to introduce the system".[14]
  • Cartoon cafeConversion to
  • Removed some PCs and opened them to non-members
  • Introduced a function to lock the PC and opened it to non-members

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