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📦 | Director Chunichi Tatsunami A talk show with an audience "Is it Omicron stock ... something troublesome has come out"

Director Shin Tatsunami (Tokyo Sports Web) who talked about his enthusiasm at the photo talk show

Chunichi / Tatsunami Shin Director Audience talk show "Is it Omicron stock ... something troublesome has come out"

If you write the contents roughly
Let's say that there is no shortage of opponents, I will enter from a very tense game, but I will stick to my own policy as a total for one year, so please support me patiently. "

Chunichi Tatsunami Kazuyoshi (XNUMX) held a fan appreciation event "ONLINE Ryujinsai XNUMX ..." at Nagoya Baseball Stadium on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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